Kris Kime and the Love Crime

by Angry White Female

Why, you ask, do I call a hate crime a love crime? Well it is because when hate crimes are perpetrated by angry black males, they are not classified as hate crimes. So then they must be LOVE crimes, right? This Orwellian mentality is evident not only in statements made by police, D.A.'s, politicians and other sell-outs, but by lemming White folks themselves whenever there is an outrageous racial incident involving a brown, black or yellow perpetrator. I scanned the newsgroups this morning and got a sampling of the lemmings' take. Some say that because some White guys were involved in melees that they are just as responsible as the blacks who attempted to murder several White people. Others said, "Maybe they deserved it," or that they "understand" why black people are angry. I am at a loss to understand any valid reason for RUNNING past a White woman, knocking her down, and then joining five other men kicking her as she lies on the ground. What possible reason for this?

I have been to some pretty rowdy parties, but NEVER did anything like this happen. Not even with the presence of several people under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The worst thing that ever happened to a woman that I recall is domestic violence. But within a few seconds, there were a dozen White men roughing up the offending male. In the European community, even under the influence of intoxicants, there is a sense of fair play and honor. I have seen women attacking men, but the vast majority of the time, the man backs off and says "I am not going to hit you."

The myth of the White wife beater...

I am veering into another area here, but I think it is important. Experience, rather than media propaganda, is the best teacher. Last night I watched 48 Hours. The show was about domestic violence. EVERY SINGLE male perpetrator profiled was a White man. The intended effect was to portray European-American males as THE perpetrators of violence against women. I do not deny that some White men abuse their wives, but the way this problem is portrayed promotes the myth that White men are violently dangerous toward their families. The television industry is usually careful to include non-White faces in just about everything. In fact, the only time we don't see non-White faces is when the message is negative. Look at the AIDS and VD posters in your doctor's office. Then take a look at the children's pictures. Whites are a minority when it comes to immunizations and big brother program ads, but are virtual poster boys for AIDS and venereal disease services. That despite the fact that 1 in 50 black men is HIV positive.

The same "White as defective" concept held true last evening as I sat in horror while a paternal black man interviewed a group of recovering wife-batterers -- all White. Three other stories were profiled, and in all cases the people were White. I was beginning to get very upset at this time when, almost on cue, they portrayed a White military male as the victim. The message was that only White people beat on their partners. According to a former police officer I know, about 40% of the domestic violence cases in the Bay Area involve black male perpetrators and White female victims. Another 40% are non-White disputes. Only about 20% are White-on-White. These numbers differ in other parts of the country, but you get the idea. The most violent segment of the population is portrayed as the least violent. Another stereotype they promote is the false idea that black males never comitt racially motivated crimes, and with that I continue with my story.

"Black Tuesday"...

It goes like this: Mardi Gras was being celebrated by a mostly European-American crowd in a beautiful old section of Seattle. Some of these European-Americans had a little too much to drink and got a little too rowdy. I offer no excuses for wiggers who fistfight in the street, overturn cars and break storefront windows, but it happened. Furthermore, some European-American women and girls engaged in behavior unbecoming ladies.

While I fully admit that the actions of drunken wiggers and White sluts led to the degeneration of this celebration, I cannot give a pass to the black racist gangs ("thugs," in mediaspeak) took the banditry several steps further, causing several injuries and the death of an irreplaceable human life.

Kristopher Kime saw that a young woman was being pulled to the ground by her hair by a black man, then was being kicked and trampled. He is the only White man who tried to protect her. As he tried to pull her body off the ground, he was struck in the back of the head by a black man with a beer bottle. After he fell, the racists kicked and stomped him until he was bloodied and unconscious. His friends transported him to an area where he could get some medical attention. He later died from swelling of the brain.

"Random" attacks...

This young man had been a soccer star in high school and was working construction jobs to pay for his college education. The police describe his murderers not as hate criminals, killers or murderers even. They call them "thugs" because they were black. The roving black gangs of Black Tuesday have been magically transformed. Even though blacks disproportionately were the attackers, the media have gone out of their way to mention White kids were doing bad things to distract from the racial nature of the supposedly "random" attacks. Whenever blacks target Whites, anywhere, it is called "random" street crime. You know when you read a newspaper account, when "random" is thrown into a sentence where it doesn't belong, there is something very unrandom about it. "Random" is a euphemism for "no motive." You can bet the blacks were not questioned about motives. Before the media even had any information, they began making excuses. Alcohol, party atmosphere, etc. You can bet the cops would not accept a "random" explanation from a White perpetrator. Something motivated the "random" gang attacks. I could see a White man "randomly" attacking another man because he pinched his girlfriend's behind. I may "randomly" harm someone if they attampted to harm a family member, friend, or even a pet. However, I would be required to explain why I "randomly" attacked another person. That is called "motive," and something other than "random crime" would be penciled into the "motive" box. The blacks, however, will not be asked to explain their "random" actions.

Those who would excuse the blacks' group behavior point out gleefully that White males were fistfighting in the streets, but fail to mention the White guys were not singling out members of other races and attacking them in groups. There are hundreds of witnesses and ample footage of this. One video clip shows a group of about 5 blacks kicking and hitting a White man with a ponytail. Another shows a black man with an afro stalking a White man as he backs up. Further, a photo of the same pair shows the black man hitting the retreating White. Another video shows several black males kicking a White woman after she had been knocked down (by a black male who "clotheslined" her). Subsequent information from different eyewitnesses has the blacks using racial epithets. Those epithets, which give rise to the motives, will quickly be dismissed if just one person says a White man returned a racial slur.

White men are conditioned to back down (even when they vastly outnumber the enemy) and watch their women being assaulted rather than defend their honor. The one man who did rise to the occasion lies 6 feet under. This signals a warning of what is in store for any White man who defends his women against the depredation of other races.

Only when other White men stand in solidarity with men of honor, such as Kris Kime, will this stop. Why was Kris Kime left to deal with this situation alone when there were so many White men in the immediate vicinity? Mardi Gras revelers in Seattle were in the vast majority, and still they allowed this to happen. When White Americans cannot go to a White celebration without being "randomly" attacked or killed, then there is a problem that goes deeper than interracial animousity. It used to be that we would simply avoid black or brown celebrations. Now we are supposed to live in fear of even attending our own?

Will you continue to be ruled by fear, White man? Because of this incident, will you be braver or will you fall deeper into the crevice of cowardice? If you don't put your foot down now, just imagine what is in store when your children grow older. If you don't respect yourself, or even your women, think of your children. They are already under attack in every city school where they are a minority. They are being taught that racial self-hatred and cowardice is honorable. How far will it go? When the other folk sense their cowardice and smell their blood, do you think this will bring them mercy? History in America shows just the opposite. The more you cave in, the higher the crime rate against your folk. It is open season, White man, and until you stand up, there will be no secure existence for your descendants.

Kristopher Kime and other upstanding White men will surely await for the final battle in Valhalla. Hail to Kris! He will be remembered as a man of honor.

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