A Few Steps at a Time: White Activism

by Angry White Female

Fellow White Activists: I want to share some things I have learned in the past few months about being an effective activist for your people.

Many are turned off to Euro-Activism because most of us have learned so much over the years, we forget what it is like when the first awakening occurs. We tend to try and teach the algebra before the basic math. Through trial and error, I've learned that is a mistake.

Crossing the bridge.... The analogy I use is the Bridge. When you are hiking and come to a unstable bridge that crosses a river, there is a natural fear of crossing it because you don't know if it is stable or not. Your apprehension of this bridge stems from your fear of falling in and getting swept away by the current. Anti-White groups know this fear and use it effectively. They say if you do go near the bridge you will be swallowed up by the tide (of hatred). It makes matters worse when a strange hiker (i.e. White activist) comes up and yells JUMP ACROSS IT DAMMIT! Most people will take the safest route and not go near the bridge. But there is middle ground. A gentle voice urging you to take a few steps, then a few more, then a few more.

That is how I learned to overcome the fear of becoming pro-White. I could have been writing abour racial issues ten years ago, but I didn't because the wrong approach was used by White activists. This was in combination with the anti-White propaganda warning of the "tide of hatred." I feared being anything but anti-White and pro-everyone else. One day I came across a newsgroup post communicating White activist views. The post was from a man who was clearly advanced in his knowledge. I felt it was my obligation to prove how "good" I was and counter the "racist" posting. I did not understand the racial algebra because I hadn't had the basic math.

It was only a couple years ago when I became a White activist. My liberalism was entrenched like cancer cells in a chemotherapy victim. Because I was a consistent liberal, I would not compromise on issues important to me. Without going into details, I eventually came into conflict with others who put political correctness above all else, even to the detriment of their own core issues. To me, this was not logical and I began questioning them. Their response to this questioning was so hysterical that I began researching both sides of each issue. Eventually, I was called a racist by my fellow liberals. That utterly shocked me because at that time, race had never been an important issue to me, beyond the obligatory support of minority rights. My denials of being a racist were not taken at face value. I was being pressured to change my convictions (where they interfered with minority interests) to placate the liberals. Because I was a strong-willed person, I refused to be bullied into submission. All the hysteria ended up making me more curious about the taboo, so I opened my mind to other ideological viewpoints.

Eventually I began taking a more conservative stance on minority issues. At this point, I was still a non-racial individual. I didn't buy into Jesse Jackson's solutions, but I was still concerned about minority underachievement at that point. I believed that bringing in millions of poverty-stricken Mexican immigrants hurt existing minorities as well as the ideal of zero population growth. I refused to compromise. Not once did I, as a White woman, consider that maybe immigration and affirmative action hurt the White working poor as well.

Eventually I came into contact with a few White activists who made statements that seemed a little radical to me. I recall mentioning that kids are kids, regardless of race. An activist said something to the effect that "you have no kids, our birth rate is less than two per woman and everyone else is breeding like rats." I began to notice on TV that schools in the news always had a vast majority of non-White kids. I researched the demographic information and saw the truth. At that point, it was still merely a small matter.... Later, another White activist pointed things out to me like hate crimes against Whites. I laughed at the concept, because I thought only White people ran around beating up on other races. Then I checked out the interracial crime stats and realized the activist was right. I began looking around at my own community and witnessed this racism first hand. I began remembering incidents in my own life which I apparantly had blacked out for fear of "thought crime." From there it was a fast learning experience on all issues racial.

Strategy.... Awakening your fellow Whites is not an easy task, unless they have taken at least a few steps on the bridge. I like to gauge where people are on the bridge before I determine strategy. For instance, one man I attempted to broach the issue with said, "You aren't one of those hardcore racists, are you?" He was attempting to chill my speech and force me to surrender to fear of the smear. His words were in response to a statement I made regarding the daily threats and attacks faced by White children in today's public schools. I thought that since he was a concerned and involved parent that he would understand. As it turned out, his son attended an almost all-White suburban school. His kid had never been chased down, taunted with racial slurs and beaten up by gang of roving racists because he was White.

I failed to LISTEN and adapt to the situation before walking him across the bridge. His knowledge of racial issues came straight from the lemming tube. He had internalized the often-repeated myth that people who complain about minorities have simply never experienced diversity. HE had never experienced the wonders of diversity beyond having a brown friend at work with good family values. Unprepared to respond to the "You aren't one of those hardcore racists, are you" question, I shot back. "No, not hardcore". I had lost him.

Striking while the iron is hot... One-on-one activism is always a good way to enlighten your people. But the quickest and most effective way currently within our means is striking while the iron is hot. We don't have access to the mainstream media beyond an array of hatemongers determined to crush any White resistance. Too often we are forced to resort to soundbites on fliers. Most of those fliers convey messages similar to the guy yelling "JUMP ACROSS THE BRIDGE!" Most people will not react well to a flier that says "help stop non-White crime." Those reading it don't have the statistical data and can't make a decision based on soundbites. The news media highlight White on minority crime, but do their utmost to conceal the facts when it is the other way around, which it is, the vast majority of the time.

Given the nature and repetition of what the mass media communicate, it is impossible for us to compete with them on their terms. They have the upper hand. White lemmings have internalized the anti-White mindset and are as open to suggestion as if they have been hypnotised. The enemy doesn't need to resort to distributing flyers and prowling the Internet; they have 95% of the power. The hearts and minds of our people have been co-opted, and they are conditioned to react strongly against Euro-Activism. The reason the enemy fears us is because they know we have natural racial instincts. They have worked hard to rechannel those instincts into a different kind of tribalism, that of the Orwellian "unity in diversity." They have created a virtual army, but they know the truth will cause many to go A(ryan)-WOL.

Passionate, rightous indignation is always a great way to counter those who react against your convictions. After all, they were moved to the land of the lemmings FIRST with incidents that prompted righteous indignation. The dragging death of James Byrd by former jailmates was a sensational (and rare) event which rallied the masses. But anti-White activists struck while the iron was hot, and succeeded in turning a large number of Whites against their race. Through the intelligent use of the few anti-minority incidents each year, the enemy is able to convince people that White racism is commonplace. Through censorship of horrible racial crimes against us, White indignation is held in check. In other words, the enemy is fighting with both fists, while our hands are tied. But the rope around our hands is slowly becoming unraveled. At this time, we can only agitate locally through one-on-one contact or the Internet. In plainspeak, we can only agitate locally, and we must do it intelligently.

Case study: "Black" Tuesday in Seattle... The subject of my last article was about the Mardi Gras violence which left a chivalrous young White man dead, and several others, including women, severely injured. Clearly, there were organized attacks against Euro-American targets. The enemy attempted to censor the truth by showing White thugs jumping on cars and one-on-one fistfighting in the streets. They would have succeeded in covering up the racial angle if it weren't for the predatory nature of the media. They wanted to "strike while the iron was hot," so they made the mistake of filming several acts of violence. On two or three live clips, they caught large groups of black males attacking lone White men and women. And they didn't catch even 2% of it.

The lemmings saw these clips and began to think independently. Some were placated by the visuals of White men acting badly. But others noticed that the White men weren't attacking in packs and kicking women while they were on the ground. Suddenly, the people of Washington were discussing racial issues from a European-American point of view. The lemmings have short memories, but they do recall the buzz about serial black rapists targeting White women and other "random" acts of violence where the police state "we have no evidence that this is of a racial nature." The cumulative effect of these incidents has empowered people to at least discuss race from our point of view.

Recently, I was directed to a Seattle news station's forum page about the Pioneer Square violence. My intention was to introduce the racial angle. To my surprise, the webmaster was having a hard time censoring all the pro-White posts. Usually, I end up being the only White activist on such groups, forced to mouth off and run for fear of having to spend all weekend answering opponents. This time it was different. Due to the sensationalism of the riots, everyone and their brother was debating about the racial element. There are still ongoing efforts on the part of the enemy to "redirect" the discussion into past slavery, segregation and "racism," but the White people aren't buying it anymore. We have framed the debate with some success and we now hold the moral high ground in Seattle.

The enemy victimizes us 89% of the time when there is interracial violence. Sure, they have the media, but more and more people are getting on-line. Due to this communications opportunity, more and more people are awakening, forcing the mainstream media to at least partially address non-White hatred against our people.

Missed opportunities... In Alexandria, Virginia, White residents were rudely awakened to racial realities when little Kevin Shifflett was murdered by a black racist. This is the worst hate crime in the last decade. Imagine the $dollars$ and miles the Rainbow (or is it now rainBLOW) Coalition would have gotten had GREGORY DEVON MURPHY been a White man and his victim an 8-year-old black boy playing in his yard! At the Greek Picnic in New Jersey, hundreds of Whites awaken when each year when gangs of blacks target lone Whites to administer beatings to them. At black Spring break, mobs of blacks were attacking anything that looked White. I could go on and on, but the point is that only White activists and people who read the local paper knew anything about the racial angle.

I foresee that smart activists can raise the level of awareness by the simple act of finding a fairly large local discussion forum (wherever hate crimes occur against us) and expressing our outrage and indignation. If there are enough people on there, believe me, the community will become more aware. I believe these forums are more effective than letters to the editor because the level of censorship on the Internet is low. If you manage to get a letter published in a paper, they will take the meat out of it until your letter looks like it was written by "white bread." If you do take the letter route, try to encourage readers to join the local discussion group.

Choosing our battles wisely... When we succeed in making a public issue of anti-White hatred, we put the snivel rights groups on the defensive. The left taught me that to succeed you must be the one to frame the debate. If you are not in a position to frame the debate, then reframe it. When minority leaders start sweating, you know you have made inroads. In Seattle, black activists are making public statements, trying to excuse the behavior of their racists. Their denials and calls for "tolerance" piss the White people off. It pisses them off even more when they don't apologize, the way White communities do if a resident so much as uses a minor racial epithet.

No more Mr. Nice Guy -- now it's Mr. White Guy... We have been taught to show mercy to our enemies. Decades of conditioning will be hard to overcome, but WE SHALL OVERCOME. As a knee-jerk reaction, the do-gooder liberals (of all races) will tell you to not get uppity about these hate crimes. They'll speak of colorblindness and "it's not anti-White crime, it's just crime." When Buford Furrow went postal at that Jewish Community Center, did they say "it's not a hate crime, it's just crime?" When Matthew Shepard was murdered, did they say "it's just crime, not anti-gay crime?" They say, "Be a part of the solution, not the problem." But you will never catch them saying that when a White man is the perp! Call them on it. Rub their noses in it. Show them the error of their ways and force them to repent of their sins against their people.

The time has long passed to start playing hardball. Be aggressive rather than defensive. Bullies don't back down to Pillsbury Dough Boys. They pinch, roll, knead and cook them. Talk of "tolerance" is an invitation to be kicked in the teeth. A shark does not back away when you bleed, he moves in for the kill. When the enemy is on the ropes (as in Seattle), knock his sorry ass out of the ring!




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