Seattle Riots: What Are You Going To Do, White Man?

by Glen Shipman

In the photos linked below, please note how the Seattle Post-Intelligencer has disingenuously displayed a "balanced" selection of photos from the Seattle riot in order to downplay the minority violence of Fat Tuesday. Judging by the comments posted on various message boards, this manipulation of the photographic evidence successfully altered much of the public perception of what happened.

But eyewitnesses, local televised coverage and written news reports indicate that a disproportionate share of these violent assaults was initiated by two or more groups of minority 'wolfpacks' against individual White women and men.

It is true that White women bared their breasts, that White men stood upon vehicles and overturned one or two, and that an undetermined number of one-on-one assaults on Whites by other Whites did occur. However, it is important to recognize that although these acts were stupid, reprehensible, and deserving of condemnation, they were not equivalent to the disproportionate number of excessively violent assaults perpetrated by minority gang members and televised live to Seattle-area residents.

When one considers the fact that the "partygoers" at this event were, by some estimates, almost 98% White, then the disproportionate number of assaults inflicted by these minority thugs becomes clear.

The media will never show the complete, televised reports from this riot across the country. Neither will the race of victims and assailants be extracted from hospital and police reports and publicized nationally. Why? Because either one would demonstrate that the "benefits" of our multicultural wonderland are lies used to support an illusion created for complacent, mind-numb suckers.

White man, your enemies (and they ARE your enemies!) want to keep you ignorant of the facts of race and history, suffused with guilt, fearful, deracinated and soft. They do not want you organizing to protect your rights, or your women and fellows from being beaten into bloody paste by the fists, feet, and clubs of non-White males.

Your enemies want you immobilized by moral confusion and quivering in fear, with bladder draining, bowels loosening, and wondering, "Oh my GOSH, why is this happening to ME?" as those standing mere feet away pay the price for your cowardice and because they are White.

White man, your enemies LOVE to hear your pathetic excuses for not organizing and acting, particularly when these include the irrational, hyper-individualistic mantra of the brainwashed liberTOON platoon, David Horowitz & Co.'s neoCONservative puppeteers, and even "Good Ole RUSH" -- who must have half his brain tied somewhere since the other half is missing.

Non-White groups and their White Asian handlers recognize that your vaunted individualism is but a mask for political cowardice and a huge, neon advertisement proclaiming, "Beat Me, I'm A Freakin' Individual!"

Seattle was a small preview of the future, White man, but South Africa and Zimbabwe are far better examples of what your grandchildren will face. What will YOU do to prevent what is happening there and in other parts of the world from happening here, in the United States, when your grandchildren become a despised minority?

Do you actually believe that your enemies are not willing to maintain and increase their power by all available means, including the destruction of your ancestral genes, culture and the very nation that your forefathers intended for...yes, it's true...White Europeans?

How long must we wait for YOU to get off the couch, discipline and tone your flesh, sharpen your mind, put on a suit, and start doing something constructive about all of this?

Ten years?

Twenty years?

Thirty years?

Why not join us NOW, White man?

Glen Shipman Information Officer NAAWP of California (

*Click this link to view the riot photos published in the Photo Journal of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

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