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Haider Broaches Compensation for Evicted Germans

Millions were killed/transferred after WWII. By millions, I mean millions more than the Jews claimed murdered by the controlled media. What you hear about has little to do with what happened.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews in America

Non-Jews are scum worthy of swindling to these earlocked shysters, who have no qualms at all about cheating us out of as many tens of millions as we'll stand for. We exist to be made use of by them. That's their doctrine, whether you believe it or not. Their behavior backs it up.

Diversity Breeds Distrust

Mixing races doesn't work. That's why it's policy. A study finds that L.A., because of ethnic diversity, is one of the least trusting areas of the country. The best places are the Dakotas. Until recently, they haven't had any niggers or Mexicans. Once they arrive (remember the insane Lutherans importing Somalis?), rapes/murders/drugs will follow, things will change. The plains will become as nasty and suspicious places as the coast. But it's good for the Jews. That's why we're here.

Media Manipulation

Tricks from Gary North...

Latest Gun Control

Would ban firearms within 1,000 feet of holy federal lands...

Supreme Court Approves Klan Cleanup

They get to pick up highways, like Jaycees and Rotarians and nigger chain gangs.

Byrd Uses Term 'White Nigger'

Must have read our story. That makes two recent lib pols using 'nigger.' Oh, the horror. But the lib media can overlook anyone's past if he's leftist now. Byrd is ex-Klan. Just like David Duke. But the Jewish media doesn't tag him with it in the opening paragraph.

Francis on UN and Upcoming Racism Conference

Decent analysis...

G8 Pump for Global Warming

Warming is a hoax. But useful pretext for extending controls. Here on copper thieves in Berkeley. Can you say, Third World America?

Canadian Freedom, Oxymoron

Freedom to do what the Jews on the Human Relations Council say you can.

Nigger Dentist Charged with Raping Patient

K.C. dentist takes advantage of sedated patient. True story: Once knew a girl who went to a nigger dentist -- degree from Howard -- who allowed him to put 14 unnecessary fillings in her mouth. It would be racist to assume that a nigger "professional" wasn't the equal of a White, right? Some libs really do believe their own b.s.

Bushy Just Says Yes to Salvadoran-Americans

Eighteen months to breed nasty little brown ones, thanks to "conservative" president...

South Africa: ANC Savages Refuse to Release Crime Stats...

...and denounce those demanding release as racists. Savages can't be accountable. They are savages. We don't let kids play with matches, so why do we let niggers play with government?

Zimbabwe: Mother of Murdered Farmer Murdered by Seattle Savages

The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature has drawn indelible lines of distinction between them.

New Zealand: 1/3 Polynesian by 2050

Fruit fly growth rates are much rapider than Whites'.

Canada: Jews Push for Internet Censorship

In the name of human rights...

Moldova: Jews Help Restore Communism

Same people doing same things.

White History: Our Viking Forebears

Great warriors, great travellers... Latest discoveries here.

Jews and Germany

Unmitigated hate, even as they pocket the check.

Jewish Conspiracy Timeline


Arabs, Christians, Media Distortion

Not all Arabs are terrorists. Not all Arabs are Muslims.

Black and Taki

Jerusalem Post report on dispute. Here, again, Taki backpeddle with correct link this time. All his money, still someone else's dog. You're in the right, Taki. Press harder. Our forum is yours for the asking. Our readers would like to know what you really think about the Jews. Here freeper comments. Here on the latest Jewish murders we're just guessing Black doesn't mention with all his bruiting about double standards and blood libels. If it moves, shoot it. Rule number one in the Israeli army handbook. Black has no problem with Rich -- part of the same swindler set. He has a problem with criticism of Rich.

Lesser Known Pardon: Al Schwimmer

Besides the financial swindlers, Clinton pardoned this Israeli arms smuggler. Schwimmer "deliberately broke the law to help create the Jewish state."

Cops Trained in Spanish.

New York? L.A.? -- Tennessee.

Wichita? No, Let's Run Another Holocaust Piece

Endless dredging up. Endless whining. Endless guilty others. Jewish publishing isn't all fun and games. In a typical year, the Washington Post and New York Times ran over 800 (eight hundred) articles on the Holocaust. But Jewish media control is a myth espoused by kooks.

Hymie's Cut

Wherever money changes hands, there's Hymie, collecting his percentage. Even if he has to catalyze the transfer through moral grandstanding and bogus law.


First, Republikaner site. Home page here. Here (scroll) rightists set up soccer clubs. Review of last few months of rightist German activity here. Here paper on right-wing extremism.

Campus "Hate" Crimes

Here an Oklahoma editorial. And here on a Rutgers photo exhibit. Without seeing it we can predict that none of the shots features a colored-on-White hate crime, even though blacks are 2.2 times likelier to commit violent hate crimes against Whites -- and that's using extremely anti-White government data.

Darryl Gates on Rodney King: Brought It On Himself

Before his career is over, VNN predicts King will be indicted for murder.

Media: American Spectator Shifts Coverage to Tech, Finance and Internet

Radical change for conservative journal. A sad day, because while there are a host of good mags already covering the new ground, there are virtually no mags covering literature, politics and philosophy the way the Spectator used to. The right has almost totally abandoned learning and thinking and literature and history to cheerlead for market materialism. Not coincidentally, it now believes anyone can be an American, as long as he thinks green. Like Jack Kemp, we are all bills now.

Freeper Insects Buzz About PC

A couple good comments... The word Jew is used nowhere, yet PC would not exist without Jews. PC was created by Jews, hence the proper term is Semitically Correct. No other group has the incentive to create the divisions PC has sown, nor the media power to make the false labels stick.

Philadelphia Mardi Gras Riot


Fiji Nationalists Just Say No

They refuse to be swamped by foreign aliens. Second report here.

South Australia Looks to Censor

Would illegalize anything cops (read: Jews) determine offensive to a child. Really.

His Jewish Publisher Attacks Taki

First read the Taki column here. Note what he says about Hymie and how it was cut without his approval. Now, the reaction: "Worthy of Goebbels," says Conrad Black... Taki, he claims, says the Jews have suborned the U.S. government (i.e., ZOG). "He presents the universal Jewish ethos as brutish, vulgar, grasping and cunningly wicked." In other words, no kidding! When a billionaire bon vivant and a tattooed skinhead say the same thing, it's likely to be true. When I was walking on the stair, I met a man who wasn't there. He wasn't there again today. I wish, I wish he'd go away! We at VNN gladly offer our page for you to descant about the All-Stars, the kid-snipers as you choose, Taki. The unfortunate truth is that you are too mild -- you don't go far enough. If Jew Black wants to censor you, we will print whatever offends King Hymie in double-size type and Old German font. But here even the too-rich-to-worry Taki backpeddles, "furiously" asserting he is not an anti-Semite. Silly, silly Taki. Embrace the charge. Rob the dart of its poison. Anti-semitism? Natural reaction to Jewish behavior. Anti-Semite? Someone Jews hate.

Sobran on Jewish, Israeli Hypocrisy

No right of return for non-Jews.

Where We're Headed: Bush, McGovern, Mugabe....

It's over. We lost. So says Carole Ward.

More on Nigger Attacks on Whites in Seattle

Photo gallery at title link gives you a feel. Even she-niggers are beating up White males... Still suspect the pics were culled, as most show cars tipped, cops, and only a couple nigs stomping on Whites... Leadership of Seattle already lying that violence was about crime, not race. A White man, Kris Kime, was killed after being set on by niggers as he defended a White woman. "The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government," said Thomas Jefferson. This is what he meant. Don't listen to seducers and liars like Communist Jew David Horowitz. Believe Jefferson, disbelieve Jew Horowitz. Jew Horowitz' path leads to the grave. Jefferson's path leads to renaissance.

America Renaissance: Censorship in Europe

Free download of page one of latest American Renaissance. Cover story by Jared Taylor on thought crimes and censorship in Europe. And he does it all without mentioning the Jew. That must be what Goethe meant in saying the master shows himself by his limits. Just as a good comedian can evoke laughter without working blue, Taylor can explain European censorship and "hate" laws without recourse to organized Jewish pressure grouops. Remarkable.

Pierce on Politically Correct White Sentencing

Niggers can rape, murder, armed-rob, but what the system really cracks down on is pranks committed by Whites.

New World Order

Decent analysis by typical libt-con, afraid to speak to Jewish issue... Here on Clinton-as- psycho. Here on Clinton screwing Rich Jewess.

Gestapo Chief U.S. Spy?

New papers supposed to be released this month...


An old congressional speech on the fraud of the Federal Reserve...

News Flash: Blacks Are Stupid

A matter of categorization and discrimination, that more blacks are in "special ed." Of course not. Their stupidity is bone deep. They are good at forming nig-packs and attacking Whites, maybe that could be classified as a form of intelligence.

Literature: Savitri Devi

Online works on Aryanism and the East...

Latest in Publishing

E-books and books printed on demand... Here some words on Philip Dick. Dick wrote some good SF until God spoke to him, and he got all morose and broody. Good work, God. Guess the Chosen wasn't enough for You, huh? Here on con men.


More. And more. More here on his new collection.

Heroic Churchill

The little mass-murderer the littler waterbugs venerate. How does he stack up against Hitler now, 'bugs? Every day we ask that question, every day the answer grows plainer. How does sodden Winnie stack up now, 'bugs? Now that you Anglomaniacs' beloved Britain bans shirts and speech, guns and groups, imports Paks and Bangs and Chinks by the boatload? -- presided o'er by crumple-nosed sheeny Straw, chortling like Fagin, binding sons of 'never-shall-be-slaves' to august Belgium? How now proud cons? We freemen at VNN look in your eyes, and we smell you. British jealousy and hatred of Germany may well have been the rock on which the White race foundered. But we pro-Germans are bigger than you, and we will swallow you, and we will eat you, and then we will bind up and make whole again. ... Must-read column by Taki (scroll down).

British Slaves

Cops have guns, people don't. Government may speak freely, people may not.

Britain: Jews Support New Law's Censorship

Get this: Jew Jack Straw will present a list of "terrorist" organizations, and if Parliament agrees, it will become a crime to belong to one of them. That's Jewish freedom for you; Jewish "civil rights." "Civil rights" is the Jewish lie-term for your right to associate with anybody a Jew thinks you should. Where Jews appear, freedom departs.

Mexican and Jew-Fostered American Scum Seek to Complete Destruction of U.S.

The shitskins are invading, and we aren't doing a damn thing to stop them.

Censorship at Berkeley

Steam Valve Horowitz censored at home of "free" speech. Apes go ape, hooting, jeering, beating chest, throwing bananas, ripping up papers. No word whether Koko joined in. Here actual ad. Here Daily Californian's mea culpa. Here, in a truly Orwellian letter from the editor, the Mexican-in-chief says that freedom of speech is compromised when it is bought. In other words, we won't publish your views because they are Semitically Incorrect, and when you try to buy your way past our censorship (and succeed due to our slipup or greed for ad revenues) we will turn around and denounce your speech as unworthy of protection because it was bought -- which buying is "unfair in that it does not allow an opposing view to directly answer." Shake your head and call it Mexican logic: If I run a paper that only allows one side of a debate, and you sneak past me (yeah, right!) a bought ad that brings up the other side, then I denounce YOU as having offended against freedom of speech because the paper was only 99.9% instead of 100% one-sided. Yep, that's the going rate at Berkeley these days. Horowitz response here. Debate on a Berkeley forum here.

Public Massholing Kosher, Says Court

Sperm-burbling Barnie can pull over and give his madam a blow, and it's perfectly legit, say robes-pierre. It's in the Bill of Rights: No Boy Scouts on public grounds unless they're fellating each other. Just another example of the price we pay for allowing Jews to teem amongst us unchecked.

Clinton, Jew-Pardoning Scum

Good Cockburn commentary on all the day-late lib hypocrites heaping criticism on Bill now that it's too late... Note also what he says about Reps pardoning Armand Hammer. Not a dime's worth... White is the only way. Here Clinton aids claim Barak got Rich freed.

UN Attacks the Family

Breaking down the normal family: eternal leftist goal. Teachings of father impede state brainwashing. The government, your enemy.

Click Here!

Montana Refuses to Let Hale Take State Bar

Injustice, plain and simple. Corrupt state bends rules to aid friends, injure enemies. Here on Hale speaking in Connecticut. Here Nichols denied new trial. Good political cartoons here.

Anti-German Government Claims Pro-German "Crimes" Up Sixty Percent in 2000

Jews out! Germany for Germans! These sentiments are spreading, and the Jews and Jew-toadies are responding by outlawing: speech, arm movements, shoes, jackets, t-shirts, music CDs, websites. All in the name of freedom, mind you. Fuck you Hymie -- Whites are going to win in the end. Better keep the pressure on, because this is your last chance.

Jew-Controlled French Court Sentences Brunner in Absentia

Keep in mind that plenty of octagenarian Jewish war criminals are pleasantly drooling out their lives in Jerusalem at this very moment, having murdered hundreds of thousands of non-Jewish Ukrainians and other Eastern Europeans. Nobody sings those songs. Nobody gets paid $25K a pop to go around in chauffered limo squeezing out fake tears for schoolchildren about them. They just happened.

White People: Sign Up for Brainwashing Here!

Become a change-agent in spreading Jewish hate. It's easy! Socially approved! Tax-deductible! (Home page here.)

Germany: Firms Still Lack No Re-Sue Guarantees

Bet your bottom dollar, once yids collect, they'll be back.

Movies: Africans Enslaved Africans

New film on subject... Here upcoming on Russian-German sniper duel in WWII. Here a resource site for newspapers. Here on Afrocentric lies.

Crime Worse in Britain, Australia Than America

Jewish-fostered gun control, "civil rights" and open immigration to blame...

White History: Scotland, Moonshine and Nascar

Good article on White love of freedom, still alive in some places (outside Seattle).

Why Publishing and Literature Are Screwed Up

Too many S.C. yids promoting themselves and talent-free (but properly colored and invaginated) minorities... "Out to displace what they can neither tolerate nor match." Second, what's a good novel or review against the latest neo-yid wonk droning on policy, anyway?... 'Narcissism, politicis and philistinism rolled into one.' American literature has been hijacked by the same Hymie-led revolutionaries that have messed up damn near everything else. Jews out. America for Whites only. Repair to Israel before it's too late, Jew.

South Dakota Orders Squaws and Negroes Out of State

About time...

400-Student Brawl: Diversity Is Our Greatest Strength

Mexicans and niggers get along like Dayaks and Madurese... How does it feel to attend this school as a White minority? Why do we allow niggers and Mexicans to stay in this country?

Global Demographics: Graying Whites, Booming Coloreds

AIDS notwithstanding, colored populations are growing quickly. White populations are aging. There would be more Whites if their money wasn't taken at gunpoint by government-led do-gooders intent on saving jungle babies. Take money from civilized people so fruit flies can breed. That's wise policy.

Censoring Zündel in Canada...

Just what is a Canadian free to do? Very little...


An illiterate article on Duke's organization... Here on narrowly defeated Utah "hate" crimes bill. Note the reporter opining that one rep "knuckl[ed] under" to constituent pressure. You are noble when you pursue the Jew's agenda against the wishes of your district and knavish when you vote its wishes, according to reporters Burton and Israelsen. Utah's main paper, the Salt Lake Tribune, is as liberal as any other big-city daily. Second report, with bill-sponsor Suazo picture, here. Here on pro-White activity in Idaho. Our presumably Jewish reporter "Kurt Friedemann" starts off: "Anita Pressley had a hard time sleeping Sunday night." See, she was faced with the horror of reading a National Alliance flyer somebody left in her driveway. Just imagine this Idaho newspaper reporting with similar mawkish emotionalism on the White women and men who got beat up/killed by nigger gangs in the Seattle Mardi Gras riot. Just imagine. Good picture of the NA brochure, anyway... If you want information on the NA, click here. All that is necessary for the Jewish media to triumph is for White men to do nothing. What are you doing?

England: Nig-Nogs Can Call Queen 'Bitch'

Special speech rights for niggers. See, it's their culture to call women bitches and hos. But here lots of yipping about racism in European soccer. It's one thing to insult White queens, another to criticize God's own nig-nogs....

England: T-shirt Terrorism

It's T-shirts in the U.K. and jackboots and bombers in Germany. Illegal clothing. Europe goes insane. Dominated by Jews for so long, any idea of freedom has disappeared. Nobody's freedom is safe where Jews are at large.

Jew Swindler to be Extradited to U.S.

How long 'til he's pardoned?...

Jews Outnumbered by Palestinians by 2050 -- UN Report

Today there are six million Jews and 3.2 million Palestinians. Projections are 10.1 and 11.8 in a half century. Here Jews getting close to invading Palestinian territories. That will cost money, so get ready to work extra hours, White man. Israel fears an "armed and hostile" populace. Just like Jews do in the U.S. How about that, White man. Should you be disarmed that Hymie feel safe? Are his feelings more important than your safety? your freedom? Seems like it.

Good Grief: Another Jewish Nazi

Another deeply confused All-Star....

White Nigger

He's everywhere these days, and often enough he's a she. But there's a better way. Just say no to the Jew and the TV-culture he's vending, and reclaim your heritage, White Chuck Pearson

Censored at Feeb Republic: Nigger Apes Attack Whites While Seattle Cops Sing Koombaya

Here to see pic of five niggers assaulting lone ponytailed white man (hopefully a deracinated liberal). You won't read about it on feeb republic because honorary Crip JimRob's already pulled it... Good work you gutless little jerkjob-site operator... Hey, niggers! Open season on whitey in Seattle! What ya waitin' for, dog?! Git up dere! Here are the S.C. comments feeb republic let stand. Here are A FEW of the ones it censored (provided by a VNN reader, thank you very much). [Readers note that it is VNN's standing policy to publish anything that Cowardly Jim censors at Feeb Republic. If he pulls it, we'll post it....] CENSORED AT FEEB REPUBLIC? READ IT AT VANGUARD NEWS NETWORK...

Canada: American Niggers Kidnap, Pimp 11-Year-Old White Girl

Niggers are the symptom, Jews the disease. Note how careful this Canadian paper is in not revealing the racial facts of the situtation. If you can read between the lines and guess that "Jabari" and "Mistenda" were probably not named by White parents, you can grasp what's being hidden here...Don't miss freeper comments at bottom, exceeding even their normal high level of moronicity.

England: Niggers Gang Rape White Woman

Hard to get at the race of all involved, but at least two perps were niggers. One in ten Britons is a nigger these days. Denouncing the fact is illegal under the new terrorism act.

Utah "Hate" Crimes Bill Defeated

Jews and queers still whining, but for now it's dead...

Infected Queers

Stay away from them. Queerness is not an alternative lifestyle; it's more a death sentence than anything, as the stats show...

Jews and Pollard: Loyalty Eternal

Internal Jewish article includes song lyrics about Dearest John.... Jews are not constitutionally capable of being loyal to the host country. It will be on to the next carcass when they've sucked us dry.

The Myth That Keeps on Giving

A Jew glories in the mainstreaming of the Holocau$t... Yes, Jewish agitprop is around the world before truth can get its boots on.

South Africa: Overrun with Rats and Roaches and Niggers

Vermin of a feather flock together... If niggers are equal to Whites, are cockroaches are equal to niggers?

The Age of Universal Deceit

Orwell's term fits our times... Three examples of the fear and loathing the government and organized media evince in the face of undeniable racial Ian P. McKinney

Savages We Love: The Dayaks

Unlike cowardly whites, these savages aren't going down without a fight. And, fighting, it appears they aren't going down at all -- rather their enemies are going down, yes, literally down their throats. In tasty chunks...

Jewish Terrorism in Palestine

Special bullets for special people....

Tips for Protesters

Put these leftist tips to use in your activities...

Beachball-Bouncers: Wear With Pride!

You've got a Rush coffee mug! Now, prove your stupidity in public! Your "conservative" heart will beat with vicarious, purchased pride under this fine-quality T-shirt praising a liberal, aracial drone of a President who intends to keep flooding America with Mexicans!... Here yet another Hillary bro under fire.

Jews Get Canadian Show to Cancel Speaker

Hymie leverages private pressure on trade show exhibitors when management initially refuses to cancel Mullins speech. Hymie can't handle criticism, so he moves to outlaw it. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. No free speech for non-Jews in Brooklyn. Why is it that Hymie can't handle criticism?

ADL on Duke in Russia

"Bullshit" says rep, in response to ADL lies... Give Evil Abe and the Foxmen hell, Duke. Visit Duke site here. Here Selma moves confederate monument to placate savages.

U.K. Independence Party's McConnachie Defends Irving, Yids, Waterbugs Shriek

Freedom of speech is anathema in Semitically Correct Britain ruled by the ilk of Jew Jack Straw....

One in Ten Brits Isn't

Turning into North Portugal rather rapidly...

No Criticism, Please -- We're The Two Percent Majority

Carole Ward wrote a column on black reparations and touched on the Jewish Problem. This occasioned the usual responses, to which she responded in "My Best Jews" at the title link. (The column that set off the mess here.) Carole recently wrote us, asking that we publish her columns, which we are happy to do. She has her own site here, and her words appear also in Etherzone. It will be interesting to watch the folks at the latter squish and squirm as Hymie applies the public and private screws to censor her... But anything she writes will always have a home here at VNN, where unlike the milquetoast Semitically Correct environs of LewRockwell, WorldNetDaily and Frontpagemag, criticism of Hymie is unrelenting. Aye, while ye live, draw your neck out of the collar, people! Eschew the spineless nematodes, the beachball bouncers, the stridulent yidulators of the Coffee Mug Right. Eat the gute Speise we lay out at VNN, and be filled....

U.S.S. Liberty: Murdered by the Jews They Slaved to Subsidize

List of Americans killed by the Jews of Israel, who subsequently lied about the attack and covered it up. Jews are like that. "Is it good for Jews?" is what they care about. You are just a blood source to the biped parasite.

Israeli Tick Worries Rich Pardon Will Constrict Bloodflow

There's five billion dollars a year in U.S. giveaways to Israel at stake, and the tribe of tacky ticks risked imperiling it for the sake of one of their own. No worry -- they'll get both Rich and the $5 bil. Americans are suckers. We failed our Sucker Test when we didn't instantly nuke Tel Aviv after the attack on the Liberty. "There are many ugly aspects to the affair of the pardon granted by former U.S. President Bill Clinton to Jewish millionaire Marc Rich. The aspect that should be of great concern to Israel is the incredible lack of thought displayed by senior Israeli leaders, who spoke so highly of Rich and who took no notice of the impact their words of praise could have on American-Israeli relations."

How Dayaks Treat Alien Invaders

They burn them out. Unlike Americans, who sit by and watch as Mexican sewage overflows the septic tank called Mexico. Here Chinese know what to do with that aborted fetus. Blob of tissue? Person? Neither, say the gooks -- just good eatin'.... How many of these squinty fetal feasters are now living in California? Do we really want to pay to surround ourselves with shifty-eyed yellows lurking behind doctors' offices with a crockpot?

South Africa: Crime Stats

And here a list of Zimbabwe info sources. Read your future White European, White American...

JDL Leader Joins Libts

Rubin believes Americans should be free -- involuntarily to subsidize Israel.... Oy! Gevalt! All of a sudden the people who have been conducting a war of extermination against White America for 100 years "need liberty." The Jew is a chameleon, White man, He will say anything, do anything, become anything "if it's good for Jews." Democrat! Republican! Libertarian! Only about six million Jews out of 280 million in the U.S., yet whichever way you turn, a Jew! The White Nationalist movement is getting to be full of 'em too. Forget Metzenbaum and Boxer and Feinstein and all the other Jewish gun-grabbers. Do nothing about Jewish support of Democrats; instead, pollute another political party with further Jewish ideology "as a response." Result? Two Jew-filled parties instead of one. Such a deal, it's! No loss -- novelist "Ayn Rand" originated the aracial "objectivist," "Libertarian" movement. What was her real name? You won't find it on sites like Use a search engine and find out, White man.

Jew Swindler Gurin

Jews take to financial scams like ducks to water...

Israel: Criminal's Paradise

According to French media...

Jews Buy and Sell White Women

Perfectly legitimate enterprise according to Jewish moral teachings... Yes, Israel is a haven for swindlers, a home base for White slavers: "The price of a woman in Tel Aviv today," said the commander of the Tel Aviv district, "varies between $5,000 and $15,000."

The Jewish Double Standard, Part 1204: Border Fences

Fences are bad when they keep Mexicans out of the U.S., good when they keep Arabs out of Israel. One standard for Jews, another for the rest of us.

The Jewish Double Standard, Part 188: Self-Sufficiency, Not Globalism, for Israel

Jew "globalists" wipe out our domestic industries, make us dependent on products from other side of the world. Israel, however, is terrified of even buying gas from a nearby country, for fear it'll be shut off. Global trade for us, hard, pragmatic isolationism and self-sufficiency for Israel. One set of standards for Jews, another set for everyone else.

Greedy "Holocaust" Parasites Sue Austria

Too much isn't enough for these extortionist "sufferers." Here Hasidim want you to pay for their sows' fertility drugs: yep, the next brood of earlocked swindlers is on you, White man.

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