The Age of Universal Deceit

by Ian P. McKinney

There can be no denial that we are living in what George Orwell termed in 1984 the "age of universal deceit," where obvious truth cannot be spoken solely for political reasons. This deceit becomes particularly apparent when presumably intelligent people make utterly absurd public statements that are nothing more than politically correct doubletalk with regard to situations involving race. More ominously, we see the same thing in increasingly common politically motivated reactions of police officials to race-related cases that not only border on the insane, but go out of their way to give the impression that dissenting from the media view on race or exposing embarrassing racial facts is somehow illegal and a federal crime. Maybe they assume everybody is either too stupid to notice or too intimidated to protest.

A recent example of this phenomenon occurred when a third-grade White girl in Boulder, Colo., was banned from presenting a project at her annual science fair using Barbie dolls to suggest that White children favor White dolls over Black ones. Basically, the girl first took two Barbies, one white and one black, and dressed them in two different dresses and asked a group of white adults to select the one they liked best. Then the dresses were switched and the adults were again asked to choose the one they liked. Of course, adults have been properly sensitized by the Jew-dominated media on race issues and, not wanting to appear "racist," gave the predictably Pavlovian response and chose the black and white dolls about equally. The problem started when the same test was given to a group of White children who, too young to be completely aware of the rules of Universal Deceit, overwhelmingly chose the white Barbie regardless of the dress. Anyway, when school officials saw the girl's science project, it lasted about an hour before the panicked officials shut down the display. They claimed the project's topic was "insensitive" to the coloreds at the school. Of course, the school couldn't care less about the girl's feelings.

The girl's parents and the school are still battling it out, but the comment I found the most ridiculous came from Mattel spokesperson Julia Jensen who was somehow dragged into the affair and attempted to explain why the White kids overwhelmingly favor White Barbie dolls: "When a girl purchases a Barbie, she may gravitate toward a certain one because it bears a resemblance to someone the girl knows, or because she likes the doll's hair, the fashions she is wearing, or the accessories that come with the doll." Hey Julia, I have news, it's no mystery. Did the thought ever enter your politically correct brain that that girls buy Barbies that look like themselves? That's about as obvious as the fact that Bill Clinton is a pathological liar, but, oh my, we can't say that, why that might be considered to be RACIST! Could Julia Jensen ever admit what is to any rational person an obvious truth? No, because obvious truth goes out the window to facilitate liberal nonsense when race is concerned. Worse than the mere disclosure that White children prefer White dolls, the children's response tends to reinforce the idea that racial consciousness is a natural human condition and not something learned as the anti-racists constantly claim. (And boy, do our enemies have to suppress such ideas as that!)

The following reaction of the Little Rock, Arkansas, police in this Age of Universal Deceit is also very remarkable and illustrates my second point. For several months that city has had a nigger serial rapist running loose who has raped eight White women at gunpoint -- at least that's how many women have come forward so far, there could be even more who are too embarrassed to come forward and instead have decided to suffer in silence. It's a story that's been pretty much blacked out by the national media for obvious reasons having to do with race. You know -- White victim-Black perpetrator. That's a big no-no for the national media. (Of course, the converse unwritten rule is that when it's White-on-Black the crime story gets non-stop coverage.) Anyway, the Little Rock police have been getting nowhere on the case and no arrests have been made.

In response to this situation, the local National Alliance unit in Little Rock carried out a leafletting campaign in the areas where the rapes have been occurring, warning the public of the fact that statistically Black males are much likelier to rape White women than White males, and that the White women of Little Rock should be on guard against Black males. Of course, the reaction of the media was immediately to denounce the fliers as "hate literature" and have some liberal spokesperson give the standard obfuscating bullshit party line that most White women are raped by White men. Certainly that's true because of the obvious fact there are many more White men than Black men, but it ignores the fact that Black men commit highly disproportionate numbers of rapes compared to White men, and that we have a Black rapist whose victims in this case have ALL been White.

But the most unbelievable thing about this rape situation is that the Little Rock police have contacted the feds and are also apparently assigning their own detectives to find out who distributed the National Alliance fliers! Can you believe it? The specifics of any charges were left unsaid, of course, since their distribution is most likely completely legal. Maybe if they bent the law they might find a way to charge them with littering at most. No concern about First Amendment rights, no way. The evil here is the police are deliberately giving public the impression that merely passing out literature that spreads the facts about interracial rape is somehow illegal, which it isn't, and not just a matter of local law enforcement, but of interest to the FBI. But anyway, the important point is that we have numerous unsolved rapes of White women by a still-at-large Black savage while the Little Rock police are calling in the Feds -- not to find the rapist, but to find those helping potential victims! Shows you clearly where the state's interests lie: It can endure any number of White women being molested by savages, but the tiniest threat to its Official Mythology and it's off and running.

Finally, a second example involving activity by a National Alliance unit, this time in Houston, Texas. The unit mailed hundreds of postcards to persons in predominantly White neighborhoods with the following message: "White? Concerned? Help protect Earth's most endangered species -- the White race" and gave contact information. That's all. No insults or calls for violence against Blacks, Mexicans, Jews or anything like that. No use of the "N-word." No mention of minorities at all. Yet the media carried a story on the mailings calling the postcards "hate material." Again, can you believe it? Yes, folks, even if you simply ask people to preserve the White race, that's considered "hate" by Age of Universal Deceit standards! Of course, if those standards were applied evenly, every minority organization including the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Hispanic La Raza (The Race), and the Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL) would be considered hate groups. But again the deceit exists in the form of double standards. The self-serving minority organizations are always euphemistically referred to by the Jewish-controlled media, their sychophants, and all others who are cowed by them as so-called "human rights organizations." The only difference, as if I need to mention it, is that these groups are organized for furthering and protecting the interests of everybody EXCEPT Whites. The message: working for the interests of non-whites is good. Working for White people's interests is "hate."

The worst part is not that this kind of situation exists, but that it will probably only get worse. And it will most definitely get worse as long as we put up with it. The question is how long can a society based upon such a level of lies and deceit survive? I don't know, and as the deceit continues that question becomes increasingly mute and superseded by the question of what, if anything, can be built upon the rubble of such a society, since it may very well be that the lies and corruption are so deep and ingrained and have been allowed to fester for so long that no reform effort can be successful. The simple fact that we not only endured, but twice elected, an utterly corrupt and morally bankrupt degenerate piece of filth to the White House tells me the end can't possibly be far off. Probably only complete collapse and destruction will someday clear the way for a sane and healthy society to be built, and hopefully will there be enough healthy and sane White people around to build it. Let's ensure that enough of us wake up to make that a reality. Breaking the grip of the Jewish media is the ultimate necessity, but for now we can all just say NO to the Age of Universal Deceit -- at least in our own minds.

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