Are you a wigger? Don't worry -- it washes off...

by Chuck Pearson

* As I walked towards the exit of the K-Mart, I noticed the pimply White youth ahead of me. His spindly arms and legs protruded from vast, flapping black "warmups." His baseball hat was on backwards. His red hair was closely cut, nearly shaved off, and an earring dangled from the pierced lobe of one ear.

He moved with a slow, arrogant "pop" to his walk, a sort of strut in which he jerked at the end of each step. He went through the door ahead of me -- and let the door go in my face. Then, he stopped right outside the door to block my way, standing with his back turned to me, observing the parking-lot sky.

White nigger.

* I cycled down a quiet residential street, all small single-family homes in a White area, the embodiment of the American Dream. It was not long before Christmas, and people were putting up decorations. Suddenly, I heard a loud, distorted blast of the awful noise I've been moving away from all of my life -- Negro "rap," chanted commands and threats. I turned, and saw a White man in his thirties out on his lawn stringing Christmas lights on his neat brick home -- to the accompaniment of a grunting "boom box."

White nigger.

* As I waited to cross the street, a small car pulled up to the stoplight, driven by a young White girl. Her hand went to a knob on the dashboard. "MUUUU. OOOON." said the car stereo, loaded with some Negro CD. The car body buzzed and rattled like an overloaded washing machine. "Here I am! Look at me!"

I did look at her -- straight down my nose. I'm sure I had an expression on my face as though I were examining an especially nasty grade of excrement. I put my fingers in my ears. My fingers, my ears.

The hand streaked to the dash again! "THUPP THUPP THUPP THUPP THUPP!" shouted the offended car as it sped away.

White nigger.

* As I walked through the beautiful suburban park, a group of White teenagers moved out from a park bench to block my way. These "nonconformists," these "rebels," were all dressed identically in expensive, baggy "FUBU" suits, Air Jordan sneakers, backwards hats. As a "ghetto blaster" shouted a litany of filth, a youth gripped a girl's buttocks, and they began to make slow, grinding movements in imitation of the sex act. "F**k her in the a**!" shouted one White boy, hardly old enough to shave.

White niggers.

* The White boy sat on the stage of the TV show, his "hip-hop" clothes hanging off him in great folds, a faint stubble on his adolescent face, staring out over the audience with his mouth open. A large, glittering marijuana leaf emblem adorned the front of his baseball hat.

"Don't you know what you look like? Who's going to give you a job?" asked the show's host.

The boy stared, saying nothing.

"That's a marijuana hat. You're telling everyone you're a drug user."

The boy stared.

"That hat, it, it just came into the house before I could say anything," whined the boy's alleged parent.

White nigger.

It is the goal of Jews to compartmentalize Whites, to split one generation off from the next so that young people will not learn from the experiences of their elders. As one generation "rebels" against the previous one, its wallets empty into Jewish hands.

It works well, and we have seen Jews seize control of and exploit each new technology to further this end. Records and movies made the "jazz craze" of the Twenties possible. Then there was a Depression, then a fratricidal war, during which Jews -- who got to stay home, produce records, make movies, and make fortunes as government contractors while Whites fought each other -- laid the groundwork for what was to come.

There is nothing the Jews hate like the image, the very idea of America in the 1950s: a cohesive, 90% White nation enjoying economic prosperity. We cannot escape from the endless kike mockery of Whites: "Ozzie and Harriet!" "Mom and Pop." "Ward and June Cleaver!" "Whitebread people in a whitebread town."

Do you really, genuinely understand how much Jews hate you, your family, and your way of life, White man? It took only seconds to find the following on the Web, the lies and spittle of some unknown Jewish writer, and it's so typical --

In 1948 the booms were on. Three of them: babies, bucks and belligerence. Fortune magazine proclaimed as much, as early as 1946. "This is a dream era, this is what everyone was waiting through the blackouts for. The Great American Boom is on.

The unprecedented affluence produced a magical world of comfortable and secure sameness. Even without the harsh will to conform, imposed from above by red-baiting politicos and fear-mongering right-wingers, the great sprawling American masses found just what they wanted in the new suburbs with their celebratory backyard barbecues on the reliable squares of green grass that always needed trimming. This was the true promise of American life. If it looks bland and regimented fifty years later, be wise. Back then this was utterly liberating.

The suburbs and small towns were great places to raise kids. After decade-long economic chaos and a terrible war, parents sought refuge from it, in the safety of suburban cocoons. There was a trike on the front sidewalk, a baby-pool in the backyard, and bottles sterilizing on the stove -- it was an earthly paradise for the vast majority of those in or about to enter the middle class.

Naturally, the Cold War's icy hand had the boom by the throat. Right down to the cookie-cutter suburbs and the conformist values. But scarcely any suburbanites cared all that much that no blacks and few non-WASPs were allowed. Or that absolute rules banned fences, clotheslines, unapproved paint schemes and uncut grass. (They cut it for the slothful and sent the bill).

No matter that this same postwar period was also when hundreds of thousands of Jews left New York City and flooded the "cookie-cutter" suburbs around there, and also moved to new developments in Florida and Southern California. One standard for Jews, another standard for everyone else.

One could write a thesis -- web search on "Adjectives Used by Modern Writers (almost invariably too young to have experienced them) To Describe the Fifties." In moments, I had-

* rigid (has standards)

* repressive (enforces standards)

* boring (no drive-bys, drugs, AIDS, pregnancies...)

* conformist (adheres to standards)

* "kids brought up to act middle-aged" (quiet, intelligent, responsible)

* enforced conformity (order)

* uncreative (no grafitti)

* "cookie-cutter identical people" (White)

* "ticky-tacky little houses" (places where White people live)

A Jewish teacher had us singing that "ticky-tacky little people, little houses" song in grade school. "And they're all made out of ticky-tacky and they all look just the same."

Gosh. I wonder who that song was about...

It was about you, White man. Help the Jew, he mocks you in return. No matter that the Jew prospered from our sweat, lived in the houses we built, drove on the roads we paved, drank the water we filtered. Tikkun olam -- Remaking The World! Our safe, stable society does not suit the Jew; he works assiduously to tear it down. '50s Jew Hollywood set to work pumping out Elvis and "rebellion" movies about duck-tailed, switchblade-wielding "juvenile delinquents."

The '50s became the '60s. Jews, bent on altering America's racial composition to make themselves feel safer, succeeded in weakening our immigration laws in the early '60s; this was followed by the "Let slip the niggers and cry 'Havoc!'" of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The cities began to burn; in response to that, the Gun Control Act of 1968 was passed to make self-defense more difficult.

As blacks chanted "Burn, Baby, Burn," hypnotized Whites high-fived with them and chanted, "Tune in, turn on, drop out." Jewish political agitators like Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman told Whites to kill their parents, and the Jewish entertainment industry packaged and marketed the music, the silly clothes, the beads, bells, pipes, and papers of this Jew-engineered "rebellion." Today, the "radicals" freely admit their tactics. "The country wasn't coming apart at all. We just kept saying that until it did."

This wave washed over us, and, in its wake, Whites discovered that taking LSD doesn't provide an income. Jews distracted us again with the "disco" fad -- more loud music and flashing lights! Whites were still gyrating to that tune, filling Jewish money bags by buying more stupid clothes and records and flocking to "clubs," when Jews decided to package and market another product to the next upcoming generation -- the nigger.

As always, Jews are in the forefront of any new communications technology. First records, then movies, then radio, TV...now video rentals and satellites. Jewish media control is an established, documented fact, not open to argument. The Jewish entertainment industry has used the power of satellites to transmit the American Gang Nigger worldwide. Weird, senseless nigger clothing styles like "saggin'," lumbering around with one's pants down around one's ankles, are copied, copied, copied all over the world.

* I heard a thumping, and glanced down a gangway between two buildings. There, on a piece of dirty cardboard spread on the ground, White youths in the regulation Negro gang attire jerked to the pounding of a "box," spinning around on their backs and kicking their legs in the air like dying cockroaches.

White niggers.

Like the "hippie" of the '60s, the white nigger is a complete consumer package -- the expensive-to-buy, cheap-to-make sweatshop clothes from the perennial Jewish "rag trade," as Jews call it, the "music" and gang movies that pour billions of White dollars into outstretched Jewish hands. It's called "disposable income" for a reason -- money that Whites are throwing away. Let's not forget the made-in-Israel, smuggled-by-Hasids "Ecstasy" pills made to dissolve individuals into one great big sweating touchy-feely, aracial mass, twitching and jumping on the floor of a Jew-owned night club as the silly lights flash and the cash register rings frantically. Five dollars for a small bottle of water! Such a business, it's! Jews need rakes to pull in your money, White boy.

With the clothing and the noise and the stupid behavior come the stupid attitudes, the self-destructiveness and self-hatred, the Jewish poison spooned down us. Concidentally, I looked up from writing this to see a Frontline special on PBS titled The Merchants of Cool about precisely this subject.

Typically, a program such as this can go on for hours showing us one hooked nose after another, subjecting us to one abrasive Jewish voice after another directing, inventing, promoting, selling, researching -- and never once use the word "Jew."

The Merchants of Cool showed us how the current niggerization of youth, the coarsening, the dumbing-down, the filth, violence, and sex are all products of the same mega-Jewish "entertainment" corporations. One character on Murray Rothstein's ("Sumner Redstone") MTV is "The Mook," Tom Green, who specializes in idiotic behavior, vomiting on cue, striking himself in the crotch with a stick, waving his rear end back and forth while walking on a table. In one scene, "Mook" goes "poo diving." He dons flippers, face mask, and snorkel, and leaps into achurning brown tank of sewage at a treatment plant.

One finds oneself cheering on the possibility of hepatitis, TB, meningitis, flesh-eating staph. Go, microbes!

The show whined that the poor teens are "trying to invent their own culture, all to themselves," but that the "greedy corporations" keep taking it from them and "commercializing" it. In the first place, children have never created and run their own culture. In healthy, racially homogeneous nation-states, there can be continuity, with several generations living under one roof and children learning from parents and grandparents. Normal human life flows as a continuum; it does not progress in a series of Jew-driven commercial jerks with new clothes, new "music," new "causes" every ten years. Old and young are not each other's enemies.

Secondly, there is no low point beyond which Jews will not go. The program showed how teens have become louder and louder, more and more vulgar and obscene, with "rage rock," desparately trying to swear loud enough and act repellent enough and paint themselves weirdly enough that "society will leave them alone." It showed how the loudest and filthiest of teen bands one day...was appearing on MTV the next.

Kids, it isn't possible. You can't out-dirty a Jew. No matter what you do, Jews will eagerly scoop up your filth, package it, and sell it back to you.

While White teens watch 15 hours or more of "professional wrestling" every week, lumbering around wearing convict headrags, biker boots, and carrying baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire and injuring each other in after-school fights based on the contrived nonsense they see on TV, Jewish kids are studying like mad to ace their SATs to ensure that they end up hiring these Whites to mop floors in a few years. Get ready to serve a sharp little Jewish boss, White boy -- if he'll have you at all. The Mexicans and other aliens Jews are flooding our country with work a lot cheaper than you do.

Hip-Hop White Boy, you're a hip-hop sucker. While you slide down someone's expensive railing on your skateboard (that you bought from a Jew) and then split your head open on the cement, and stagger around saying "Oh wow, oh wow," Jews are banding together to take over entire towns, stealing money and fiddling with the census figures so that taxpayers will support segregated Hebrew schools where Jewish kids can learn WITHOUT HAVING TO SIT NEXT TO IDIOTS LIKE YOU.

You can't out-dirty a Jew -- but you can outsmart him. If you'll listen to the older White men the Jews are trying so hard to make you hate, we'll tell you how to do it. We're not like Jews -- we have nothing to sell you. We will give you a future, though.

Want to have your own culture? Then do so. Reject the Jew, the criminal nigger, the alien. White culture is the greatest culture the world has ever known. Proof? Look at that stupid TV (that Whites invented). LOOK at it. The whole world is wearing blue jeans and T-shirts and sneakers and ball caps and carrying handy little backpacks, or wearing business suits and shirts and ties. Everyone wants a car and an air conditioner and a refrigerator and a computer...all White inventions of the last few centuries in the greatest upsurge of technological innovation ever seen. The whole world wants to have what we've built; all the blacks and Chinese and Mexicans put together did not do, could not do in 10,000 years what we've done in 100.

Don't buy expensive, silly clothes made for pennies in Jew-run foreign sweatshops. Don't buy music, support causes, or watch programs that teach you to hate yourself, your family, and your race. If you want to rebel, REBEL AGAINST THE JEW WHO CONTROLS YOU, right down to the clothes on your back, everything you're taught in school, and everything you're allowed to see, read, hear, and buy.

Many of your parents are also victims of what Jews have done to our society; they are often as confused as you are, as full of self-hate -- as the rebel, you may have to lead the way in your family. Do everything that Jews don't want you to do! Stay away from booze, drugs, and promiscuous sex. Dress simply, be kind and respectful. "Please," "Thank you," and "I'm sorry" do not mean weakness, and they will be repaid many times over. Did a Jew ever tell you to cultivate spirituality in yourself, to learn the value of cleanliness, quiet, and order? Learn to use tools, to live and find your way in the outdoors, to fix and make and grow things; let the fools run to the mall and spend all their money on nigger CDs and makeup and baggy clothes. If your parents won't or can't teach you these things, get books and teach yourself and friends.

Jews aren't cool. They're parasites, manipulators, speculators, middlemen who live by buying and selling the work of others. We don't need them for anything. Niggers aren't cool either. Niggers know how to break bottles and make gang signs and pee in other people's hallways. I'm a middle-aged White guy. I'm cool.

I don't smoke. I don't drink. I don't do drugs. I'm normal, not queer, and I don't screw around. I don't gamble. I don't hang around dangerous places with stupid people. I don't waste money on Jew-pushed, foreign-made consumer junk. That's why I don't have cancer or cirrhosis or AIDS or huge emergency room bills. I don't have lawyers after me for child support and collection agencies after me for unpaid bills and loan sharks after me for gambling debts and drug dealers ringing my bell wanting their money.

I don't have a hangover or a system full of toxic, made-from-God-knows-what drug residue to get rid of. I exercise, walk, run, ride bikes. In the winter, too. Niggers laugh at me -- from heated buses. Can't catch me. When they're doubled over gasping and puking up McDonald's and KFC, I'm fine, good for another twenty miles. I don't eat that stuff. When niggers are crying about cold, bundled up in their huge down "Starter jackets," I'm wearing shorts. White people are hard, fast, strong, tough, resilient. Don't let TV-Jews tell you any different or put you down. Niggers just play basketball -- Whites invented it.

I don't sit and watch other people do things on TV. I do things for myself. I know how to put a computer together and how to sleep outside, how to build a fallout shelter, how to kill and cook a rabbit. I can make a camera from scratch and take pictures with it and develop the pictures. I can not only take the pictures, but I can write and edit the whole magazine and run the printing press. I can build radio equipment. I can run almost anything in a machine shop, and make almost any kind of tool, often from discarded junk. I know how to use microscopes and Geiger counters and welding torches. As SF writer Heinlein said, "Specialization is for insects."

I am so cool that I screw caps back on fire hydrants and pick up trash from the street and call to get traffic lights fixed. I am an asset to everyone around me, and I have improved every place I've ever lived, just by being myself and doing the things that responsible White men do. What did your nigger "friends" ever do for you except borrow stuff and not return it, steal money from your parents' dresser the second they got into your house, and try to screw your sister?

I am one of the people who helps to design, build, and maintain our civilization. I'm way cooler than any finger-popping nigger ever was, and I know it. That's why I'm so quiet you hardly know I'm around. I don't need a loud car stereo or a ring in my nose -- I've got a life. You don't see me much down on the corner, clutching at my genitals, shouting obscenities, and beating up parking meters. I'm at work, or at home, listening to classical music and trying to help my race by writing material like this, to try to make Whites feel good about themselves and to get them to spit up some of the Jew-poison we're soaked in day and night.

You can have a life too. Start NOW to make yourself a future; if you're going to "collect" anything, make it gold and silver coins, firearms, items of intrinsic value, not some Jew swindler's worthless baseball cards and phony autographed bats. Don't laugh at "materialism;" by the time you're 45, you'll want some money in the bank and a house in a quiet, safe area very badly. Don't throw it away on dope, on stupid clothes, at the "raves," or in living high in some "hot area." Trust me on this.

Get a grip on your world; if you understand the past and present, you'll have an easier time shaping a future. Turn off the TV -- it is poison. Study some history -- just the recent history of America. Start with the last 50 years or so, and work back. This country has changed for the worse so much in the last few decades that it's almost unbelievable. Seek out and study census figures showing the immense racial changes that have been engineered by Jews.

Save and cherish your family history, the old photos and scrapbooks. Old people are a priceless resource. Talk to them. They can tell you what was across the street before that ugly mall was put in, how people used to live, where and how they worked. You will always be glad that you spent time with them, and you'll always remember the things they can tell you; fifty hours or fifty years of MTV contain no value at all and will be forgotten in no time. Look at maps and aerial photos on the Web, and historical pages. Try to find old books, magazines, and newspapers that will show you more accurately what American society used to be like before MTV. Many libraries have old magazines like Good Housekeeping and Popular Science on microfilm. Use these resources to challenge the crap, the Jewish-controlled lies you're being taught in school these days.

What was really wrong with The Merchants of Cool? The premise of the program was that we should calmly sit down with Jews and discuss their unparallelled destruction of White culture as the destruction continues. What was right about the show? It proved, yet again, why Jews have no place in civilized society. Thanks, PBS, for the pictures of underage girls gyrating in whipped-cream bikinis, the images of idiots vomiting on themselves and swimming in excrement, that leave no doubt as to what must be done for White culture to survive.

It's not fair to you kids, but there's a war on. We're sorry it's gotten this far, but we're working against a very powerful enemy; the Jew makes up for his tiny numbers with his tenacity and his racial cohesiveness. Jews stick together like glue, and Whites must learn to do the same.

Don't be a white nigger. Just Say No -- To Jews.

Ed. note: Information on the February 27, 2001 Frontline program, The Merchants of Cool, can be found on the PBS web site at-


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