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April 2002

The Australian Situation

Same sleight of terminology as practiced by Global Kikemedia/American division: colored invaders become heroic Rob Grey

England-Hating Wanker

Diversity is our gweatest stwengwth. Pakanogians impwove ouw countwy. Put on your helmets, dobos, the bus will be here shortly.

Americans Say No to Israel

Most Americans believe the United States should halt or reduce economic and military aid to Israel if Prime Minister Ariel Sharon does not immediately withdraw troops from Palestinian areas, according to a Time Magazine/CNN poll released on Friday. The poll of 1,003 adults also found most Americans back Secretary of State Colin Powell's Mideast peace mission, although they expect few results and consider Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat a "terrorist" and an enemy of the U.S. More protests against Israel, everywhere. Here Jews plan massive anti-American rally for D.C. Here kikes accuse Pals of using their murdered fellows for political advantage. When they murder your brother and you don't get him out of the street quick enough -- yep, anti-Semitism, it's! Heck, isn't the existence of non-Jews, any, anywhere, objective proof of jew-hatred?

Ethnic Cleansing

Crying and screaming when it's a White video game, nary an eyeblink when Jews do it for real. More kike sobbing here. I'm unhappy as well--especially since I teach political communication--at Israel's unsophisticated, unplanned media policy. Since the Lebanon war, the seven squabbling Israeli ministries that claim to control press relations have been notorious for either ignoring or failing to understand the needs of modern journalism. One journalist noted to me: "The Palestinians will go to the news bureaus each day and pitch stories, and go out of their way to help arrange interviews and suggest places to shoot. From the Israeli government, all you get is statements, silence or red tape." Israel: brought about by terror and lies, what a pleasure to watch it die. Note that not a single jew has the courage to blow himself up to save Israel! No percentage in it; no angle. Here more free decorations for French Jews. Here we read about the deceitful izzies murdering -- massacreing -- hundreds of Pals in Jenin.

Israel: A Collection of Neurotic, Megalomaniacal Psychotics

Not that the horowitzim see it that way... Jews are hatable in Australia, too. Everywhere... Even Norway. Everybody hates Jews. Clearly, everybody is the problem! Buy a saddle, kikes -- you're jackasses... The Palestinians you let into Denmark hate you too. Here an Oxford poet has the right attitude: shoot Amikikes.

Latest Framingham Meeting....

Three of the four National Alliance members spoke at the meeting, but only one was identified, Robert Freeman. Each person was given two minutes to speak by Chairman Ralph Woodward. "It's really only white countries that feel the need to make foreigners feel welcome - it's white guilt," said Freeman. "In Mexico, they'd shoot you, and good for them. They're defending themselves, their people, their land. I'm ultimately trying to save white people despite themselves, and the suicide gene some of them seem to have." Here on who owns the media. Here on an "assassinated" sheriff in Kentucky.

Rule by Monkey Surprisingly Unsuccessful

South Africa... Here on a swastika carved on door of Idaho black history museum. Probably the work of a monkey. Here a bush baby swallows 87 condoms of heroin.

Is Jew Disney the Next Enron?


Israeli Apologists

Good Taki piece. Is the Israeli military stronger than the American? In many ways, yes. And it's all been built with White man's money. We'll believe it when we see it, but the first rumblings about izzy war crimes are surfacing. Here a petition to take away Peres' Peace Prize. Here an indict Sharon site. A free and unconstrained press is not in the jews' interest, especially when they're randomly murdering Palestinians while bleating about their "democracy."

Der Panzergraf

Story of Count Hyazinth Strachwitz von Gross-Zauche und Camminetz...

Niggers Try to Shake Down Cracker Barrel

Niggers are a curse to any nation they inhabit. You can't trust the government. Ramon Guerra, 53, of Aurora was arrested Friday -- 10 days before the April 15 income-tax deadline -- at his office, the Internal Revenue Service walk-in center on 17th Street in downtown Denver. Guerra signed a written promise not to audit the tax returns of Peter Kim, 42, or his business, Buckley Auto Center, in exchange for a $150.41 discount on repairs to his 1989 Jeep Cherokee, according to court documents. A corrupt government shitskin, masquerading as an American, how typical. Here on the she-gress who did her part to decrease the surplus nog population. The dumbness is in the jig, not the book or building. Here a nigger abandons its baby.


Mantras: Mexicans are off-brand people. I ask, not rhetorically, What ever got better by adding Mexicans? Nothing.

Siege Mentality for French Jews

Here on Antonescu and Romania. Jew media always spread the idea that treatment of jews is the sole measure of a society's worth. Classic jew crying here. What a loathsome race. Here the kikes dictate to Bush. What if America were controlled by Americans? Here we see Sharon referred to as man of peace.

Media: Globalization

New series underwritten by main suspects... Here family of late howler monkey, notorious N.I.G., sues the p-i-g-s for perishing their biggie. A small loss, we say. Here on AOL cutting anti-Sharon accounts. Jews believe all criticism of Jews should be outlawed. Jews can murder with abandon, but God forbid you criticize them: One creepy thing after another has happened. In the morning, I tried to log on to AOL and found my account "suspended" and the dialog box gave me a number to call. I didn't get around to that until the afternoon and had a bizarre conversation with AOL. You will go nuts. The short version is that AOL has literally "confiscated" both of the Sharon accounts--Indict Sharon and Arrest Sharon (the latter was the one created first, and then we converted to the Indict). Seems there was some type of a campaign against the two screen names, and AOL "suspended" my entire account in order to accomplish their goals with the Sharon accounts. Here is the story: AOL's "Community Action Team" decided, on the basis of "information brought to its attention," that the two screen names represented "a political statement." Moreover, I should understand that the "political climate in the USA has changed since September 11th," and that "a lot of people feel that targeting one person [Sharon] is targeting the whole group." The screen names are a violation of AOL policy "because they target an individual and by extension a group."

World War I, Waste

Here on Buchanan's latest book.

New promo here, and here in Portugese. Another great Sven VNN promo here, and here again in Portugese. Latest Herschel Danglestein cartoon here. Here on the Specialest race. New cartoon here. Another new promo here, and in Portugese here.

Moishe Makes Millionth Mockie Movie

This week -- what's it like to be Jewish? Well, tell fifty friends to come over with their cameras. Then form a great big circle and stand there filming each other and handing around money and prizes. That's entertainment! Here, Jewish writer on Jewish web site reviews Jewish movie about Jewish actors, made by none other than "Israeli director Arnon Goldfinger." "The backbiting among the actors as they competed to join the Yiddish actors association is made clear...the fear of plays being stolen was so great that performers were sometimes only given their own lines, not the lines of their fellow actors" -- but we're supposed to trust Jews. "As with any film about the Yiddish past, the film can't help but be bittersweet." Yeasty, earthy, and fermenting, too, we're sure. Their hairy hands raise high the rough, irregular glasses, filled to overflowing with the dark essence of five thousand years of Jewish suffering, the heady wine torn at such great cost from the unforgiving soil. "L'chaim! L'chaim!" they bellow to the lowering sky, hurling their fathers' faith into the very maw of cruel existence! On the very edge of the abyss, they fling their heads back like the lions they are, roaring out their eternal defiance! "To life!" Spare us -- and wipe up your mess. That stuff stains real bad.

Cloudburst in Cohenville -- It's A-Rainin' Quarters!

"A zeich'n! A zeich'n vum himml!" The bearded Hasid points skyward in wonderment, face aglow. Even drizzle a sign from Heaven itself. A Gentile reaches for an umbrella -- a Jew phones his "agent." Here, Jews with a record, a record to sell! "It's exciting to experience different weather patterns in one's lifetime," gushes some Greenberg or other. "They're great pop song triggers." A Jew will affect to be fascinated by the earth's rotation if he thinks there's money in it -- tugging at your sleeve, voice shaking in pretended awe. "Look! Look! The shadow actually moved!" Ever been to a flea market, seen some character trying to sell a cheap knife? He's the one handling it, wiggling it back and forth so that the blade flashes, attracts your attention. That's the shill, and that's the Jew. Yids are the original advantage-seeking, trend-sniffing, mercenary opportunists -- phony, thy name is Pinchas. Go "re-make" your own miserable world -- and be quick about it.

Jews Explain Away Blood Sacrifice

Here, a bit of obscure Jewish speculation that most of us would never waste a moment on. Enlightening, though. Jews are whatever Jews say they are, day to day, as circumstances dictate. "Leviticus is taken up with laws governing the Israelite Bronze Age sacrificial cult." Oh! Ancient precepts of our race, but nothing to do with us! Just some odd "cult." "The slaughtering of animals as part of religious practice is not regarded as edifying by any of us," thus the kosher slaughter of animals, as exemplified by the charming sign we saw in a butcher shop window -- "No Treyf [filth] Here!" "...And so we are confronted by the problem of what to make of these seemingly endless descriptions of cultic practices." Es is schwer, a Yid zu sayn! It's hard bein' a Jew! The best thing to do is to just lie about all of this inconvenient, barbaric seven-times-blood-sprinkling business. This is called "imaginative engagement with biblical texts using the technique of a changed narrative perspective." Got that?

Here "It" Comes Again

Heads up, Danglestein. Pack your bags. Stick those diamonds up your tuchus for traveling money, dig that second passport out from under the mattress, phone El Al. You know the drill. Your last rat-hole is starting to fill with water. Here, anti-Yid demonstrations escalate. "They all but drowned out a nearby Holocaust Remembrance Day observance and outnumbered pro-Israel counter-demonstrators by approximately three to one." Whee! "The Berkeley campus historically...has been...a lab for the development of important social trends, so [Jews] what happens as more than just a local curiosity but as potentially of national importance...[Jews] say the tenor of debate -- or lack of debate -- at Berkeley is a bellwether for spreading protests that are evolving...into complete delegitimization of the Jewish state." That's the best news we've had all day. White racial survival is not a debating point. Stop talking, start trampling. Besides, this is nothing -- merely a few Arabs who don't belong here in the first place, and a handful of affluent demonstrators-for-sport from the All-Purpose Left: the same shrill, boring people over and over again, waving different signs every day. They'd follow two stray dogs fighting over a bone if it looked like there'd be a chance to wear a mask and throw plastic bags of urine at the police, videotape each other, write down each other's license numbers. Where Big Trouble For Jews is concerned, these dilettantes are just a hiccup, an inconsequential gnat-swarm. Just you wait until the average working-two-jobs-to-survive White American gets sick of footing the ten-billion-dollar-per-year bill for tiny, hateful, useless Israel, gets tired of the world's 14 million grasping Jews lording it over the other 6,200,000,000 people on the planet. Oh-ho. You ain't seen nothin' yet. Alan? Alan! Hurry, now! The taxi is waiting! You'll miss your plane! Alan?


Thin, cheap, phony -- like the masking-tape-and-cardboard stage set for a grade-school play, it falls down a lot. Here, fat, smirking Jew Jennifer Rosenberg presents her "documented history" on the Web -- dignified with footnotes, references, as though it referred to something real. It's all just Yid stroking Yid in an endless, self-referring circle-jerk. Wartime Europe was an austere place, with shortages and rationing. Half-sawdust ersatz -- substitute -- sausage, bread, coffee were part of life. Meat, liquor, and chocolate, as well as items like tobacco and clothing, were valued, hoarded, and used as currency. They were saved up from Army rations -- when there were rations -- and mailed home by soldiers trying to help their families. Read this tremendous book -- which doesn't even contain the word "Jew" -- to get an idea of actual conditions.Yet, in Sobibor, Rosenberg would have us believe that "[a]...sadistic 'game' began when a thin prisoner was forced to quickly drink a large quantity of vodka and then eat several pounds of sausage. Then the SS man would force the prisoner's mouth open and urinate in it - laughing as the prisoner threw up." That mythical Auschwurst, again! We suppose that the hapless Jew was also tied up with unobtainable nylon stockings and forced to smoke numerous cartons of good-as-money American cigarettes to make him sick, while banknotes and antique jewelry were packed up his worthless behind as sadistic guards doused him with the priceless Chanel No. 5 that could have gotten them laid during a pass into town. Jews really think you're stupid.

Jews Hoist On Own Petard

Blat! Blown up by own bomb, are Yids! "Even as Holocaust Remembrance Day is marked this week" -- and is it ever not Holocaust Remembrance Day? -- "anti-Israel critics worldwide increasingly are employing Nazi and Holocaust imagery and analogies to describe the Jewish state's behavior toward the Palestinians." Cram bloated, reeking Auschwurst down people's throats all their lives, and then act shocked when they puke it back up -- that's the Jew, the quintessential crying, heartstring-plucking, Oi-we-can't-believe-this phony. Here, the yidn reduce the horrible problem posed to the world by continued Jewish existence to a mere semantic quibble. "Says Holocaust historian Michael Berenbaum: 'One of the reasons that many of us pushed for 'antisemitism' is because there is nothing literally known as 'Semitism' -- which the term anti-Semitism implies." How vastly overrated, the Jewish "intellect" -- this lecturesome, pointer-tapping, this-is-this-therefore-anyone-can-see-that-must-be-that droning that passes for "brilliant argument" while it carries you around in a great big circle, miles from any actual subject. Whee! Moishe's merry-go-round, it's! The "experts" affect earnestness, pretend to argue, mere wooden Jew-heads bobbing up and down as the organ plays and the money rolls in -- all a show for the shaygets! "How many swindlers can dance on the head of a pin?" queries the Talmud scholar. "Who cares?" replies VNN. We've stopped listening. You should too. No Jews. Just Right.

No Jewish Adoptions of Whites. Period.

It is an outrage that any Jew anywhere is allowed to get its hands on a White baby. It should be a capital crime for a Jew to attempt to adopt a White. Whether that child ends up in a matzoh, as a sex slave, or junked for parts that a greasy yid's innards perdure, no filthy kike can be allowed anywhere near a White child.

Wiesler Rips Norway

The kikes call Norwegians "arrogant" because of their disgust at the torture, terror and murder carried out by the Israelis. Really. Jews are becoming less popular day by day in France. I wonder why that is?


It ain't over, not by a long shot. Does more than a minority of White Americans really believe the country has improved since the Jews took over?

Pro-Palestine on Campus

More of it, and the Jews are worried. Using emotional demonstrations that depict the Palestinian struggle as one for human rights and justice, they have attracted support from other popular campus movements of recent years, including sweatshop opponents, affirmative action supporters and campaigners for a so-called living wage. Jewish illogic, Jewish demonstrations, Jewish immigration-invasion are all swinging round to kick Jewish ass. Here on the way Safire and Sharon work together against American interests. Here classic Jewish special pleading. Here old Sharon quotes, in which he promises to burn every Pal baby he can. Jews are like that. Here Semites pressure Bush to support Jewish murder.

Jews Press...Everyone, Always

Here, "Jews press Congress." Press! Pressure! Push, push! A nickel in the pushka, a nickel for Yis-ro-el! Plink! They're "considering a campaign urging Americans to buy Israeli products." Diamonds, "ecstasy," porn, gliders for crazy goyim to jump out of the World Trade Center like cowboys -- and those vastly overpriced tomatoes and peppers. Look for the "Israel" sticker and avoid. Yids are "hoping to raise millions of dollars for everything from armored school buses" -- while your kids are packed in with niggers -- "to crisis aid for Israelis afraid to leave their homes." Who's going to bring precious Jews their seltzer, their copy of the latest Vogue, while they nervously peer from behind their designer blinds? The maid quit, guys. Didn't want the Tweezer Man picking her out of the trees. Hard to get good help these days, hm? "We need someone who can work Saturdays." Good luck, in the middle of an intifada. As you keep telling us, "Welcome to the real world," Jews. Oh! Remember! There really isn't a web site in Israel that tells every Jew in the world to "press," to say the same thing at the same time. "Neo-Nazis" make all that stuff up.

The Murder of the Palestinians

Auf Deutsch...


The group had come full circle, adding a new level of existential desperation to their predicament. They'd been in the same vicious circle already but didn't recognize it; in an insular, uncaring world, they'd acted alone in it, as if they didn't need or want to relate to others, and then in the end found themselves in a spot where they got their wish -- and then continued on as if nothing had happened. A downer! cried the critics. Well, duh. Scriptwriter David's semiotic coup in this episode was to try, in a last parting burst, to get the audience to consider the implications of a show about nothing that dominated the most powerful medium of its time. Finally, almost in desperation, he criminalized the act. Sometimes, he was insisting, nothing is something. Sleep, obey, consume, watch Seinfeld. Or, kill your Televitz and foment White Revolution.

'Groid Tears

They complain about comic strip. Niggers. Stop the insanity.

Corruption Follows Coloreds

Wherever the sooty-skinned spread, this sort of story follows. Here San Diego, Nuevo Aztlan, renames main street after heroic cabbage chopper. Nicole Kidman, jig adoptrix. What a waste.

Skins Attack Semites?

So they claim.

De Stäel

Brilliant woman whose comment about prophilactic demonstrated the superiority of the 19th to the 20th century. We have the ludicrous euphemism "safe sex"; she knew of the condom: "it is a cobweb against danger and a breastplate against pleasure."

Our Enemy Israel

No one not paid or afraid thinks Israel is our friend. But let's state it positively: Israel is our enemy. We pay the piper, but the kike always calls the tune. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

Jews Cry Sweden Not Meeting Nazi Quota

Boo-hoo, blubs yahoodi, while Judeo-Soviet mass murderers snore and drool in Haifa rest homes. More here. And here. "Anti-Semitism," whatever that is, at an "all-time high," say Jewish "researchers." Not to laugh impossible, it's!

Raimondo Reams Reasonoids

He's joofteriffic as usual, pointing out the way hip youngish things like Virginny Postrel are sucking up to the neocons, against all principle... Is there anybody out there who can step back and see the sheer insanity of our supporting Israel in any way, shape or form? Can see that sticking U.S. troops in there is guaranteed death? And that suicide bombers are probably going to make their appearance in D.C. proper before long? More here from Raimondo on the perils of speaking truth to kikes. Watch out, headlines! There's a Raimondo behind you! Here PC Roberts almost makes the connection. He simply avoids mentioning that Jews demand racist, nationalist policies for their country and the nation-killing reverse for the U.S.

Evil Lutherans Import Nigger Rapists

We pay these delusional folks through the government to import these monkeys. If you are White and you are a Lutheran, quit the church. Tell them why.

Spielberg Spews Sempiternal Semitic Suffering -- Screens Standard, Sick "Shoah" Spectacular

The Schindlerscheisse plops forth. A "production," it's! Brown, singular, gleaming! A story a day, a story a day. Here, the nauseous, flickering Yid-glare of five -- count 'em! -- five non-stop nights of "Holocaust television!" Greasy smoke rolled from the chimneys as the SS hammered nails into my head and lashed me six million times, buried me alive, took my expensive wristwatch, and brutally packed my bullet-torn ashes upside-down into a flaming boxcar which filled slowly with poison gas as it rolled hundreds of miles to the excrement-smeared ovens, which were lined with barbed wire to rip the starved flesh from my bones as I slaved naked in the soap vats while pale hands clawed from the quivering, blood-soaked earth as the Diesel motors roared, my fat melting and running like water from the fake shower heads when the laughing machine-gunners kicked me with their red-hot jackboots, then pulled my mouth open with a steel hook and jammed the eyeglasses of the dead down my throat and set drunken police dogs on me to make me climb the electric fence to the gallows, where they hanged me with a whip atop a huge pile of blazing toys which were torn from the hands of the hollow-eyed, skeletal children who screamed and screamed and screamed, "CHANGE THE CHANNEL!"

Killers Killed

How sweet it is... And what a pleasure to fund the kike submachine gunners strolling through Palestine murdering whom they please. The only thing democratic about Israel is her soldier's choice of target. Hmm...should he shoot the nuts, the mom, or the ambulance worker? Tough decision, itz. Not to give these poor herschels, dragged from their studies, $20 billion a years is sheer anti-Semitism. Here blatant pro-Izzy agitprop. Hezbollah interview here.

Eat the Press

Latest from Carol Ward. Here some good Sobran fighting with some kike named Gould.

Lyin' Yahoodis

An Auschwitz photo album, it's! The photos in the album show the entire process except for the killing itself. If that doesn't leave you ROTFL then, per Wilde, you have a heart of stone. Here on the case against Walker unraveling. Here we see the kikes kikily kiking that Elvis was a nose-jobber. Truth as consensus lie - the yooish way, itz.

Jews Murder, Jews Terrorize

1. To Jew-worshippers, "human rights activists" and "Holocaust" educators in America: Don't you ever speak again of Nazi crimes, Hitler's racism or how terrible the "Holocaust" was. It is all propaganda and hypocrisy! Palestinian men, women and children are at this very hour being butchered and exterminated by the hundreds in cold blood, with TV cameras banned, in Jenin, Ramallah, the Gaza ghetto and Bethlehem, as if they were worthless rats and fleas and not human beings, and none of you gives a damn! Here terrorist Sharon's address to the hive.

Get Those Taxes in the Mail, White Slaves

Government's running low on chips.

Slavery Exists

Here on buying off coon criminals in Cincinnati. Here workaday monkey hijinks, pouring boiling water on a two-year-old. When freakins aren't getting their goat on, they're filching golden baubles. Here we can read about Latrinos who are going to "save" the Catholic church.

NA Active in Alaska

Letter to the editor... Here the Connecticut NA site. Here on Voz de Aztlan "hate" mail. Here on battles within Aryan Nations. More here on potential Penn. meetings.

Croats and Serbs

Interview with Tomislav Sumic. Here on nationalism. ...'Peoples and ethnic groups are like boughs and petals; they grow and decay, but seldom resurrect. France and England may evoke their glorious past, but this past will invariably have to be adjusted to their new ethnically fractured reality. Lithuania was, several centuries ago, a gigantic continental empire; today it is a speck on the map.

Old Interview with Burdi

November 01...

Mex, Spics, Nigs Fight Over Right to Name New School

This is what it's come to in America. Dirts battling to displace humans. Jews rejoice as White student attacked by nigger pack. Wherever colored disease spreads, Whites arm themselves. When they're not screwing goats, necklacing their enemies, stealing tea services, raping and murdering babies, niggers are very sensitive. The deluded girls here who import the goatherds love to claim that they're self-supporting. Not exactly.


Buchanan... Here on what our taxes pay for.

Izzy Airport Security Connection

More evidence... Here on IDF harassing press.

Global Jewish Agenda

"Crackpot conspiracy theory about Jewish media control?" "Anti-Semitic canard" spread about by "neo-Nazis?" Nope. Just a web site in Israel which directs every Jew in the world to say the same thing at the same time. Here on possible Mossad op.

Keller's Nationalist Cable Show Raises Notice in St. Louis

The nigs 'n' yids are up in arms.

Media: Scott-Townsend

Decent books available...


"Over 200 million White Americans now being sold out to multiculturalism." 365 Black at McNiggers...


Homo thugz... Thanks, Jews. Why do niggers wear their pants at half-mast? Because you never know when a goat will walk by. While kike hate groups promote rankest homodom and miscegenation, jewmedia browbeats White parents that their real worry is that someone will encourage their kid to take pride in being White.

Boston Christian Stands Up to Hate Jews

Compare the editorial treatment Shaw receives with that accorded Kievsky. Kievsky's is worse, of course, but it's a slippery slope. They start the campaign by implying that anybody who fights the Jewish agenda has a "Jewish problem," and take it from there. If the "suspect" continues to make his case, they resort to open smear. This undistributed middle -- you either support Jews' agenda or you're an "anti-Semite" shows what Jews really think about democracy. They're against it. They stigmatize and demonize -- always. That's the Jewish method of fighting, and since they control the media, it works. Shaw, a mousy, intense monk who still lives at the Society of St. John the Evangelist monastery behind the Charles Hotel in Cambridge, correctly notes that "you make enemies when you speak out about this situation." I don't know what's driving Shaw, but I'm impressed by his taking a stand. Emulate him, ye little sisters of the suckéd poop. Here on "anti-Semitic" flyers at Harvard, the anti-Christian, anti-White, anti-goyim school. Stop the hate, Jews. The next pope might be a monkey. If not a jew. Here on evangelical zionist suckpoops. Here on the "Holocaust," and keep it holy. An extortion like other extortions, yet perfect among them. Here on White slavery in Israel. More here on NA activity in Massachusetts, where they look at you queer if you don't want five-year-olds instructed in fisting. Then we've had the odd case of "Harmony Week" at the Holliston High School. We are told that this program, aimed at children "includes informational and educational sessions on sexual harassment and sexism, classism, heterosexism and racism." Frankly, I have far more problems with this agenda aimed at children than I do with the National Alliance's agenda aimed at a room full of adults. That's progress. The fact is, what the National Alliance preaches is normal; what the Jew-led fags running the Mass. schools and legislature push is the worst sort of corruption and degradation, passed off as enlightened education. Fourth grade sodomy is the symptom; Jew the disease.

Is Judaism Good for Christianity?

You'll never see it put this way. All the world's on trial, and the Jew is the judge, jury, executioner, D.A., court reporter, stenographer, sketch artist, mediator, probation officer, cameraman, radio announcer... Jew - the standard of all value, in its own eyes. Note that Kievsky is mentioned, as is VNN. Note the way Horowitz's (ex) Jew Poe slides around the way Kievsky and friend were attacked by a bat-wielding thug. Jews lie. If there's one thing you need to know about them, that's it. Buddy Liebowitz - can't trust 'em. What really bothers Jew "Poe," friend of the bat-attackers, is that Jews are now on the table, and there's nothing that he or his paunchy lying kike buddies can do about it. Jews are the issue. No Jews. Just Right. Here's something to keep in mind, Christian, when Jew "Poe" and Jew Horowitz come at you with the pagan bogeyman. They killed your Jesus. Jews are Jesus killers, just the way they're nation killers. They make their bread by setting class against class, brother against brother. The Jew is the sworn enemy of all mankind, the Romans said 2,000 years ago. Nothing has changed. Death to the Jews. Kike "Poe" is pure Jew: he and his Frontpage minions write three columns a day denouncing attempts to silence Kike Horowitz's nationwide campaign to further the cause of negroid repamarations. But here he weighs in on the side of the guy attacking others with a bat! America's Jewish Problem has one simple solution: No Jews. Just Right. How much better the world would be without Jews. Imagine it, and you'll see what I mean immediately.

Germany: Infiltration of Right Produces Unexpected Results

The Jews, quite rightly, are afraid of nationalist ideas outside their own race. So they seek to suppress them by means fair and foul. The way the Jew treats the Arab in his country is the way you should treat the Jew in your country, White man. The golden rule is wrong: treat the Jews not as you'd like to be treated -- that just makes you a sucker -- but the way their actions show you they should be dealt with.

Whites Being Phased Out

The deindustrialization of America continues..."A just-released study, 'Divergent Paths,' from the Russell Sage Foundation shows a shift in U.S. white male employment from high-wage manufacturing jobs to low-wage retailing jobs." Isn't it good to know that you can compete for those jobs with the Mexicans George Bush keeps fighting to bring in? He wants to "reduce illegal immigration" by making it all legal! Let's roll! Hoo-ah! Then there're the dirts which Lutherans love to import. Here, LIRS has the balls to ask that we write to public officials, plan events, start campaigns to demand that more valuable filth be let in! You can even order a videotape of niggers. GET UP AND WALK OUT OF THAT CHURCH, WHITE MAN -- AND BE SURE TO TELL THEM WHY! You can be White, or you can be Lutheran. Which one are you?

Rabbis Get Reality Check

Here, the "diversity" forced upon White countries bites its chief proponents in the ass. In Berlin, "[two 'American'] rabbis had come out of a synagogue and were on their way to the home of Chabad Lubavitch Rabbi Yehudah Teichtal when they were accosted by six to eight men who appeared to be Arabs. One asked the Americans [sic], 'Are you a Jew?' When the young man confirmed this, the attackers allegedly beat and kicked him to the ground." It's always funny when Jews stray out of the safe, privileged bubble they generally inhabit, and get a dose of concrete. Laughing? You bet we are -- just as hard as the Israeli "movers" who were caught videotaping the collapse of the World Trade Center. As Jews keep telling us after 9/11, "Welcome to the real world." Every Jew A Pearl.

Welcome Mat Always Out For Yidn

Argentina's economy has collapsed. Here, the locusts move on after having stripped another field bare. "An Argentine [Jewish] family of four who wants to move to Israel will receive about $69,000 -- $28,000 from the Jewish Agency for Israel, which handles immigration to Israel, and $41,000 from the Israeli government. That covers housing, education, basic living costs, transportation, shipment of belongings and a Hebrew language program." Es is schwer, a Yid zu sayn! It's hard bein' a Jew! Don't make us laugh.You'll never find a Jew living in his car. That's for you, White man -- after nine Mexicans move into the apartment you can no longer afford on your own. Thanks, Jews.

"We Are Well Treated. There Are Snacks Here. We Await Your Arrival."

Here, Yids stunned that anyone -- other than Jews -- would dare to profit from the "Holocaust." "Aesculab Reisen has been trying to sell $350 'oxygen biogenerators' and health mattresses as tourists are bused from the Czech Republic to Auschwitz in Poland. Daytrippers are shown a presentation of the health equipment after 'a tasty breakfast' and 'a fantastic lunch' on the way to the camp. The several hundred-mile round trip costs the equivalent of $4." Nice scenery, great food, lots of laughs! VNN is trying to confirm rumors that those who do not buy a mattress are never heard from again.


Because ethnic dishes can co-exist in a buffet, races can get along too. Because a black man can play basketball or beat on an overturned paint drum, he can govern a state.

Rush Limbaugh -- Outfall For Jewish Sewage

A story a day, a story a, standard Jewish material which was headlined on Rush Limbaugh's web site -- the world hates America because Americans have too many hamburgers, satellite dishes, SUVs, lime-green cell phones. Nothing to do with America's mindless, hypnotized support of sick, vicious little Israel, no, no! Here, Salon piece on the Jews who squeeze out this filth -- Jew writer David Brooks and the Jew publisher of the Daily Standard, William Kristol. Limbaugh, one of the prime enforcers of Jewish-dictated consensus reality in America, strives mightily to keep the lid on, protect Jews. "Rush has always said the reason the world hates us all comes down to economics." Who could be more contemptible than a man who lies to the families of thousands of dead about why they lost their loved ones? "The nations of the earth that have been around for thousands of years are simply jealous of the United States because it has only been around about 225 years, and yet it's so far ahead in any way you want to measure it - economically, culturally, and spiritually." Our economy, our culture, and our spirituality are all being unraveled by the Jew -- the cowbird which lays its eggs in someone else's nest, the otter which flips all of the fish onto the bank just to watch them die. Jews pretend to rip at Limbaugh so you won't notice that he's one of their best friends. The end result? Both Yid Franken and dupe Limbaugh sell lots and lots of books -- and we know who prints and distributes those! It's Good For Jews!

The Madness of Crowds

Yggdrasil mines the 19th century book about "extraordinary popular delusions" for nuggets of wisdom useful in our Euro-Nationalist struggle.

Jew Pushes Adult-Child Sex

While Christians fail to take notice... Another great cultural development, thanks to the Jew. Self-esteem, sports and sex for the shaigetz -- study and shekels for the Semites. If a Jew is speaking, what you're hearing is probably a lie, White man. Jew-promoted rap has made its inroads everywhere. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. Further evidence of the spread of jew poison - the approval by increasing numbers of adoptions by poofters and clam-jammers, spreaders of disease.

Jews Increasingly Unpopular in Europe

Day by day, Whites awaken to the danger Jews pose. More here. Here on the detestable Schneerson. What do orthodox Jews believe? According to this book, all non-Jews are totally satanic creatures "in whom there is absolutely nothing good." Even a non-Jewish embryo is qualitatively different from a Jewish one. The very existence of a non-Jew is "inessential," whereas all of creation was created solely for the sake of the Jews. Stop the hate, Jews. Norway's largest grocery store is boycotting jews. More here on Jews disliked in Europe.


Army study says it would take 20k U.S. troops to separate beanies and rags. Again, why do we care? Because "our" government is controlled by kikes. Here Fisk on the detestable Sharon. Here, for those who find USA Today a tad challenging, is Mr. Rogers/Romper Room version of why Israel is hated Why do people hate jews? No. Why are Jews hatable? Here's one reason: preventing ambulances from picking up innocent women the kikes have damaged. Here America-hating, White-hating, goy-hating Jews try to dictate U.S. foreign policy. Here majority of Norwegians supports Palestinians.

Israel First = America Last

The Jew is your enemy, White man. Here a Jewish house of hate burns. Jews in Canada are notorious for denying Canadians free speech, then they cry like Jews when the "non-humans" find other means of expression. Assuming a kike didn't do this itself.

America -- Hated Because of Israel

"America is not hated in that part of the world where we were once respected because we are democratic, prosperous and free. We are hated because of a deepening perception that the United States cannot conduct a policy independent of Israel's. We are hated because we have provided Israel with the weapons it has used not only to defeat Arab armies, but to annex Arab land and crush Palestinian hopes." Here Raimondo on anti-Americans, sickening succotash of Semites 'n' suckpoops. AmeriKwa, a Wolfowitz-Podhoretz-Gelbfisch production... Here Poddy.

Marxist Jews Control White-Hating Nigs

"The response of critics is indicative of white privilege..." -- Nikki O'Brien, MSU's coordinator for African-American Affairs, using code-speak -- Marxist technique of labeling any expression of resistance to the party line as a known, diagnosed fallacy. Only an inherently flawed mind -- in this case due to white privilege (a.k.a., "unearned privilege") could possibly object to blacks wanting their own, separate graduation ceremony (even though whites would be tarred and feathered as "racist" and "white supremacist" for wanting their own ceremony). The Jews perfected this class warfare in Russia years ago. One standard for Hymie, another for everyone else. Here, they pit the mollycoddled, overpampered and catered to spookaninnies against the evil white overclass. Here nigs get their own African-centered middle-school, where they will learn how to slice off clitorises and arms, the minutiae of muti, which goats and babies make the most succulent partners... Here a native criminal can NOT be deported, judeo-government rules. Here darkies and not-quite-as-darkies agree fewer darkies belong in prison.

Niggers Are Apes

"Tens of thousands" of Dee-troyt niggers loosed on humans with predictable results. Open jar of cockroaches, shake it over clean, White kitchen. How the Jews enjoy this sort of social engineering. Their hatred of everything White fairly drips out of them. It's all over tv. Nigger cons are the symptom, kike the disease.

Now High-Paid Jobs Are Leaving Town

Good for Jews, bad for us. Here we see Jews working both sides of the aisle. Here on how Denny's colorized.



"Just Say No" To Jewish Jeans From Jakarta

Levi Strauss to eliminate U.S. manufacturing. "Since 1997, the company had already closed 24 North American plants, shifting the work to cheaper overseas manufacturers and laying off about 13,000 employees." We wonder how many Americans this "socially responsible" company with its "best-firm-for-minorities" awards actually employed; many of the to-be-laid-off workers in Levi's(TM) Texas plants are probably Mexican anyway, and they're known for sending their money south. Who cares? Time to end the pretense, move the whole operation across the border -- in gratitude for 150 years of White money which filled Jewish coffers. There is no question that we must move away from owned-and-operated plants in the U.S. to remain competitive in our industry." Since further White dollars spent on Levi's products will only go either overseas or into Jewish pockets, there's no reason to buy Levi's. The foreign-made fabric used now seems much less durable than that of even thirty years ago. Levi's used to be like canvas, as stiff as a board, and had to be subdued through numerous washings before they were comfortable; they "wore like iron." Not today. The funny part of this denim debacle is that Jews have "hoist themselves on their own petard" -- blown themselves up with their own bomb. Bottom-feeding Yids popularized Negroid clothing, the vast, flapping pants of the ridiculous -- but oh, so profitable -- "hip-hop" fad, based on Los Angeles nigger gang styles of a quarter-century ago. That directly impacted Levi's sales -- here, Jews plot "viral marketing" to win back impressionable young customers. Always this disease metaphor around kikes. What does that tell you? No Jews. Just Right..

Media: All Jews, All the Time

Why should anyone else be able to get a word in edgewise? Here Salon kikes whine about Arab press not being completely jew-controlled. Here on Nietzsche. Israel intimidates the media, i.e., shoots at reporters, etc. Here on a prime rap howler monkey. Here an interesting article from a Saudi Arabian daily. Arab papers tend to be factually challenged, but at least they offer oddnesses you'd never see in our Gefiltered Fishwraps. Here on Weekly Standard. Book claims U.S. invented air attack on Pentagon. Here on Brandeis film festival. More here on ZOGistas.

Jews Terrified Of Free-Thinking White Resurgence

Here, Jew "Poe" (Pogrebissky) acknowledges that Christianity is essential to keep Whites down. Jews can't survive without the forbearance, funding, and endless forgiveness of the people of the New Testament, whose misapplied "religion of civility" -- which evolved so that Whites could help each other -- instead coddles, protects enemies of the White race. "'Followers of the Christian Right are among the most philo-Semitic citizens of this country,' notes Rabbi Daniel Lapin." True -- but hey, Falwell! Robertson! Here's what you get for all of the Holy Land Tours you run. "[A Jew] argues that Jews would fare better in a world without Christians. Many Jews quietly agree." Thus is Christian solicitude repaid with the horrendous Jewish assault on Christianity. Look, however, at what's happening! "With Christianity retreating before a blitzkrieg of secular schooling, parental indifference and ACLU law suits, Jews may soon have a chance to test Maccoby's theory, exploring a new life in pagan America." Oh, "Poe"'s not as worried as he pretends to be. Jews plan to replace Christianity not with dangerous "paganism," but with Nothing -- and it's going very well so far. The rugged "individualism" of Ayn Rand (born Alice Rosenbaum) will do just fine, as will skateboarding down other people's railings, jumping in front of cars, silly makeup, nigger boyfriends, "club drugs," -- anything that wastes time, costs money, prevents Whites from achieving the racial consciousness that dictates Jews' every move. But what if Jews slip on the tightrope they walk between profit and perdition? What if they lose control of events -- as they always have? "Nordic paganism does not always lead to Nazism. But...interfaith dialogue [i.e., Jews getting what they want] has a way of breaking down when you remove the Bible from the equation." There's hope for us after all! Thanks for the tip, "Poe." From now on, it's W.W.T.D. -- What Would Thor Do? Time for The New Hardness.

Jews Milk Sympathy

A story a day, a story a day..."In Wounded City, A Trip to Market Is Act of Courage." Jews expect us to wring our hands because things are slow at their favorite Jerusalem night spots -- "The music was too loud...for us to hear the blast on Hanevi'im Street." Ha. The real "act of courage" is going grocery shopping in areas of American cities where Jews won't live because their "civil rights" have made them too dangerous. Don't cry on our shoulder, kikes; "Welcome to the real world," as you insist on telling us. "Glancing outside as blasts were heard over Bethlehem -- too near -- she added, 'I never thought we'd be living like this.'" Enjoy.

Premier Urges Americans To Mobilize

What kind of headline is that? We don't have a premier. Oh! We're reading a Jewish paper! "Sharon Urges Jews To Mobilize." There. "Prime Minister Sharon called on American Jews this week to mobilize on Israel's behalf and help it win the battle for world opinion." There are no American Jews -- just Jews -- and Israel doesn't care about world opinion. Yids just want American tax dollars. Every Jew a shill, an agent, a lobbyist for a hostile foreign power. Shaking the pushka, the little donation can, for the contributions that pay his salary, "Abraham Foxman, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, has been saying in recent weeks that the situation for world Jewry is as bad now, if not worse, than it was in the 1930s." A nickel, a nickel, a nickel for Israel! "I'm a little hunk of tin/Every day a penny goes in/I go far and I go near/To help a poor Jew in despair/Clang, clang, jingle, jingle/The mitzva [good deed] is done!" Jews -- ya gotta love 'em!

Work -- For Those Who've Never Seen It

We recently heard a news item about Generation 0 taking its SATs. "So you know the definition of a word and I don't," challenged one sullen teen -- ignorant, yet filled with unwarranted self-esteem. "How does that make you smarter than me?" We're smarter than you are because we know the answer and you don't. Any other questions? White men always seem to be doing things you don't understand -- important things, involving power and gas and water, buildings and roads and factories. If they seem to know something you don't, it's because they know something you don't. Work, for them, is not answering a phone, putting a customer on hold, and then forgetting about him while you chat with your contemporaries about getting your nipples pierced. Work is not being fat, black, and stupid, getting welfare checks for sitting under a sign that says "Security Desk" and staring at ceiling tiles. Work is not arguing, demanding explanations every time you're told to do something -- one has to kiss ass, stroke, wheedle, "provide dignity and validation" to get a wastebasket emptied today, when a shout of "Let's go!" once sufficed to set hundreds into motion. Most work used to look like the scenes in this fascinating, multi-paged tour of the industry of the White West -- hard, exacting, responsible, productive work for men and women, not an "entitlement" for dull, ring-nosed whiggers and shrill bitches in platform shoes. Here, in a plant in the Netherlands, you will see order, precision, discipline -- and the sort of harmony found in monocultural societies where the next person at the bench is not an excitable spic with something to prove, not a nigger with the loud radio that substitutes for a brain. The only "tolerance" in this shop is on size -- + .0002", - 0". No "whatever" here -- either the part fits, or it doesn't. This is a situation inconceivable today, when many firms' "products" are made from thin air -- swindles, lies, and word games. Try bullshitting a micrometer. Everything useful which you touch, see, live under, sit in, and walk upon was conceived, designed, and produced by White Power -- one carefully placed hole, one calculated bend at a time. As the redoubtable Col. Jeff Cooper said, "In view of this queasy multiculturalism with which we are continually affronted, it occurs to us that Western Europeans gave the world to the human race, and there is nothing harder to forgive than a favor."

This Is Never Going To Stop

The "Holocaust" as product -- coming down the conveyor belt like six million cans of soup. "A number of primary Holocaust symbols were created, including portraits of mothers with their children (or the child alone), trains and train tracks, chimneys and smokestacks, barbed wire and the number six or the six-fold repetition of a symbol." Here, more cans rattle towards the reader; another product, a book! "Popular Culture and the Shaping of Holocaust Memory in America," by some Mintz or other. It's a book about -- other "Holocaust" books! "He compares two recent anthologies of Holocaust literature, 'Art From The Ashes' (1995) and 'The Literature Of Destruction' (1989), edited respectively by Lawrence Langer and David Roskies." Ah! Here! Another book to compare Mintz' book to. "Jeffrey Shandler hit the mark with the observation in his 1999 book, 'While America Watches: Televising the Holocaust,' that critics find either too much Holocaust consciousness in America or too little; 'Just right' is impossible to achieve." No Jews -- Just Right. Here, a third generation of Yids gears up to keep the soup moving. "Memory now falls to the grandchildren in their 20s and 30s, who, as their 'Second Generation' parents began to do starting in the 1970s, are making choices as professionals, artists and community activists based on their families' dark histories....the movement galvanized around Helen Epstein's groundbreaking book, "Children of the Holocaust." Then there's "Art Spiegelman's graphic novel 'Maus,' the "1984 documentary 'Breaking the Silence; The Generation After the Holocaust,'" and let's not forget "Pola's March." VNN anxiously awaits the revised, revamped release of "Holocaust Rediscovered; The Archaeological Excavation of Auschwitz, 3002." The book! The movie! The TV miniseries! This is never going to stop unless we do something. Too profitable, it's.

Moishe, Mandela, and Maori

As Jews suck dry one country after another, they seek to avoid the consequences of their actions by staying one step ahead of the Tweezer Man -- the worker who scrapes them off nightclub ceilings in Israel. New Zealand looks good -- for a while. "Moving here is just like crossing the road for South Africans. The lifestyle is very similar, but with no crime affecting the community." What of the horrible, tattooed Maori criminals? We're sure that Jews will do everything they can to "re-make" New Zealand, to set a Maori government in place to create another ungovernable cesspool like the South Africa they're leaving. Sometimes we think that Jews do this just for amusement.

Jews Organize Jewish Organizations

Here, story involving theWorld Jewish Congress, the Vaad, a Russian Jewish umbrella group, the Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, the Federation of Jewish Communities of the Former Soviet Union, the Jewish Congress of Kazakhstan, the Jewish Agency for Israel, and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. "We have to be like one fist, all Jews working together." What does a fist do? It strikes blows. "Israel against the nations!"

The Sheep Look Up

Earth-shaking news to north-of-the-border Yids -- even the baa-ing, usually docile Judeo-Christians, "social justice and peace groups from Canada's Catholic, Anglican, Reformed, Mennonite, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Quaker and United churches," are getting uncomfortable with Israel's latest offensive. It's headline material when the Holy Land Tour Guides don't automatically agree with everything Jews say and do. Even the Pope, that poor, exhausted man, weighs in against Israel. Here, Hamas is pleased with events -- "now using weapons-grade explosives instead of home-made bombs using fertilizer." We hear that the Yid-to-Pal casualty ratio is closing fast -- 1 to 3 now. Like you keep telling us, "Welcome to the real world," Jews. Your "movers" laughed at the WTC -- now we'll laugh at you. Hey! Shmuel! You look funny up there on the ceiling!

New Pro-White ad by Sven here.

Arafat and Hitler

Jew Blumenfeld muses, When you come to think of it, there is much that Yasser Arafat has in common with Adolf Hitler. Yes, another yidiot on heeb autopilot. He even manages to squeeze in a reference to the sacred "six million." "The two sets of valuations, good/bad and good/evil, have waged a terrible battle on this earth, lasting many millenia; and just as surely as the second set has for a long time now been in the ascendant, so surely are there still places where the battle goes on and the issue remains in suspension... The watchwords of the battle, written in characters which have remained legible throughout human history, read 'Rome versus Israel, Israel versus Rome.' No battle has ever been more momentous than this one." -- Friedrich Nietzsche. Enjoy your short-lived ascendancy, jew. The hammer is about to fall on your destructive, hateful, Christ-killing race of weasels. Sieg heil, you lying bastards. We Aryans are waking up....

Let's Play "Guess The Race!"

Urban Gorilla nicknamed "Pookie" rapes an abducted woman at gunpoint in broad daylight. She said he drove her to the 1800 block of Etta Street, where he parked and forced her to give him oral sex. At one point, she testified, he made a phone call to his wife. Third World savagery in American neighborhoods. A gift from the Jew to you, White Man. White revolution is the ONLY solution.

A Fatal Influence

The truth of the matter is that our present misfortune is not just media Jews or Zionist Jews, but Jews: all of them. Dr. Pierce knows it, and he doesn't mealymouth on the issue or backpedal and flounder around talking about "exceptions." No Jews. Just Right

New Cartoon here.

Nigger With A Badge

Eddie Murphy said it best in 48 Hours when he shouted to a room full of White people, "I'm your worst nightmare, a nigger widda badge!" It's a nightmare that plays out every day in every state, city, and town cursed with the Jew-spawned black plague, a two-headed monster of forced integration and affirmative action. Here, see decorated Virginia state trooper, William "Buck" Carter, exposed for what he really is - a 'groid criminal using his uniform to extort sex from vulnerable young women. Nigger cops, nigger criminals. Difference? None. You can dress them up in funny suits, but they're still crazed monkeys.

Moishe's Money Machine

Here, the teetering, monstrous juggernaut of Jewish organizations and associations of organizations and federations of associations lurches into action -- at the behest of the "UJC, which is an umbrella for more than 189 Jewish federations." Normal business goes out the window -- only one thing matters now, money, more money, endless money for Israel! "The North American federation system is hoping to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for Israel in the coming months...The previous effort" -- and is there ever not an effort going on? -- "called 'Israel Now,' has raised $90 million since September..." They're not printing this money in the basement, White man -- it all comes out of your pocket, one way or another. It comes from the sale of Levi's(TM) jeans, Seagram's(TM) whiskey, Revlon(TM) makeup, GOJO(TM) hand cleaner, and the products of myriad other Jewish-connected firms that give, give, give to succor their own kind -- all money that could have stayed in White hands to be spent in White neighborhoods. "In addition to fund raising, the campaign will also includes efforts to mobilize American Jews to advocate on behalf of Israel." There is no such thing as an "American Jew" -- see? There are only Jews, and every one is a shill, a representative, an agent for a hostile foreign power. Hey! Yids! Why not "advocate for Israel" by moving there? It's all laid out for you here. It's quick! It's easy! "Find a Home in Eretz Yisrael!" -- please!

The Good Ol' Hymie Auschpitch

Here, Yids are stunned that anyone -- other than Jews -- would dare to profit from the "Holocaust." "Aesculab Reisen has been trying to sell $350 'oxygen biogenerators' and health mattresses as tourists are bused from the Czech Republic to Auschwitz in Poland. Daytrippers are shown a presentation of the health equipment after 'a tasty breakfast' and 'a fantastic lunch' on the way to the camp. The several-hundred-mile round trip costs the equivalent of $4." Nice scenery, great food, lots of laughs -- up to a point. VNN is investigating rumors that those who do not buy a mattress are never heard from again.

Wounded Wetbacks Walk

Mangled Mexcrement take advantage of the White man's "religion of civility." Bring them in, wash them off, patch them up -- they run out the hospital door in pursuit of El Good Life the second you turn your back. Civility evolved so that Whites could get along with each other; the New Hardness is for dirt.

Movie Review: 'Blade 2: Bloodhunt'

Surprise, surprise. Just another attempt by the Jews who run Hollywood to set up a "strong black male" as a "sex symbol", remind us of the evils of white men, and rake in a few shekels from the cinema-going goyim at the same Alex MacDonald

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