The Australian Situation

by Rob Grey

I remember hearing David Duke once say that terminology was a very powerful means of deception. This statement is especially relevant to the issue of illegal immigration, particularly the choice of words the Australian media use to cover this issue. In the beginning these people were called "illegal immigrants"; later on they were referred to as "asylum seekers"; now they are simply "refugees." Clever isn't it? They have turned the criminal into a victim and they have made it a moral sin to deny these people instant and unquestioned citizenship. Illegal immigrants might be thought of as problematic and possibly undesirable but everyone loves refugees! The same name-changing and word manipulation also apply to the places used to contain this invasion: "processing facilities" became "detention camps" and "desert compounds" and even, yep, you guessed it, "concentration camps."

I noticed a number of Jews recently gathered in support of the "refugees" with a protest to condemn all forms of racism, never mind the fact that it's the racism of their cousins in Israel that has caused vast numbers of Arabs to migrate to Australia in the first place. These and other protests bring me to an important question: what has this issue got to do with racism? These are simply illegal immigrants; how is detaining them for processing racist? The answer is because the media have played the race card. Australians are subtly being told that to oppose immigration whether it's legal or illegal is racist, and racism of course is the biggest sin of all.

Australians have the media accusing them of racism, suggesting they are Nazis and endlessly calling for compassion, all because they process their illegal immigrants, who happen to be non-white. When you take these aspects and put them all together the media's real agenda becomes apparent. The media want nothing but white-guilt and unhindered non-white immigration. It's important to remember that it's the media that's thinking in racial terms. They are the true racists because they're anti-white and total hypocrites. The double standard was evident a couple of years ago when Australia received some genuine refugees from eastern Europe. They were promptly sent back as soon as the fighting died down, and without a word from the media or protests of any kind. White refugees? No thanks! Can't you see we're trying to darken Australia?

The morons who just stormed the Woomera camp and enabled about 50 detainees to escape are people who have taken the media's liberal drivel a little too seriously. They honestly believe that Australians are racist and the Australian government has racist policies. They have taken it upon themselves to "fight racism" while the media have given them the perfect target. Universities are the breeding grounds for this sort of bullshit, it's no coincidence that the "activists" made their assault during the Easter holiday, when they get a break from their anti-white studies. They think they are being rebellious and they think they are fighting the system but what these clowns can't understand is that the government secretly condones their pathetic little crusade against racism. The Australian government is actually anti-white and has an immigration policy that discriminates against people of European decent. Australia's so-called "strict policy" and "tough stance" is a charade; the "detention centers" were created to regulate the invasion -- maximum immigration with minimal disruption was the government's plan. All that has happened in recent times is a slight excess in the expected flow of non-whites.

It may interest some people to learn that the notorious One Nation Party (the party that every trendy Australian loves to hate) is not in favor of stopping non-white immigration. The One Nation Party merely wants to slow down non-white immigration and make the immigrants learn English when they get here so that they can assimilate. I find this idea even worse than the immigration policy we have now: English-speaking non-whites are far more likely to intermarry and produce mongrel children. In short, the One Nation Party is a fake alternative for any Australian whites with an inkling of racial awareness; there is in fact NO Australian political party willing to support the interests of whites as a group.

Do blacks in Zimbabwe storm prisons and tear down the walls so those white farmers can escape? Do Jews in Israel help incarcerated Palestinians break out? Can you think of any other race that actively campaigns for its own destruction? Wake up white man, WAKE UP!


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