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What Can Overcome Islam?

Race can overcome it. But first White racists must overcome the Jews injecting their poison into our homeland.

Ban Santa? No. Ban Jews.

Good photo of Bill White's demonstration against the White- and Christian-hating Juden of Montgomery County. Jews are very easily put on edge; all their quarter-inch-deep paranoia rushes to the surface and they start gibbering and drooling on themselves the minute somebody takes a head-on look at their foul hive. Whatever you can do to make the Jews feel the heat is a good thing, White man. Be creative. Use your imagination. Don't give your money to Jews. If somebody asks you why you avoid a certain accountant or lawyer, say, "Oh, he's a Jew. Didn't you know that?" A Jew -- a low thing, worthy of loathing and avoidance and attack where it intrudes on White space. The Jew is your enemy, White man.

The Real Meaning of Diversity: Gang Rapes

It's not our greatest strength, it's our biggest lie. A 14-year-old girl has been gang-raped at knifepoint in a playground. She and a 15-year-old friend were first approached by the gang of four black youths near a fast food restaurant in Willesden High Street, north-west London. Nothing will change until the Jews responsible for letting these niggers into civilized White neighborhoods dangle from ropes. Nigger gang rapes are the symptom, jew the disease. All that is necessary for jews to fail is for White men to do something. Do it: December 15, in front of the yids' embassy in Washington.

Oriental Mind

The weirdly literal, copycopycopy Oriental mind at work... Funny. Unable to distinguish reality from fiction, Nip travels to U.S., dies digging for "cash" she saw buried in a movie scene. Not even a good movie.

Pumping for Israel

Does any public figure ever oppose Israel? Not any pol who wants to stay in business. That's what ZOG means. None of the negative trends in America will change until the controlling Jews are destroyed. The Sharon-led sheenies are leaving explosives in Pal schoolyards while suckpoop Limbaugh's prating about "unleashing" Israel. Let me say something that's blindingly obvious: Israel could kill off every single Palestinian on earth and you wouldn't hear a peep out of American conservatives. "They deserve it," these cowards and slurpalong cassidys would say. Death to the Jews. That's the proper foreign policy towards Israel. The Jew is your enemy, White man. Don't listen to trained limbaughs, domestic retrievers all.

NA Mentioned

Jews have long felt the sting of racism. What about the racist laws they mete out for Whites? No mention of that sting. The day of the rope approaches. Dangle, Hymie, dangle... Here city of Paris names murderer Mumia honorary citizen.

Commentary Reviews New Book on Henry Ford, Anti-Semite

Criticize jews, you're an "anti-Semite." Whatever you say is "ravings." The "Protocols of Zion" is a "notorious forgery." Perhaps Commentary will release the original? The series began in Ford's paper, the Dearborn Independent, on May 22, 1920, continued for 91 successive weeks, and was published immediately in book form as The International Jew (4 volumes, 1920-1922). The result was a palpable increase in anti-Semitic discrimination: to cite but one example documented by the historian Leonard Dinnerstein, the number of Christians-only advertisements in newspapers rose sharply. Think about that, reader: When people were exposed to the truth about Jews, they responded -- just the way you are responding positively to VNN. It is quite clear from this end that people are as eager to know the truth about Jews as Jews are to suppress it. More: In Germany, Adolf Hitler read Ford's writings in translation in the 1920s and cited them approvingly. He subsequently hung Ford's portrait in the waiting room of his private office, and in 1938, as chancellor, awarded him the Verdienstkreuz Deutscher Adler, the highest honor given by Germany to distinguished foreigners. To this day, Ford's writings are sold in some Arab countries as well as in Latin America. All told, The International Jew has appeared in sixteen different languages and has been distributed in millions of copies. Like so many other classic works of hatred, it is now accessible to fanatics everywhere on the Internet. Ford ended up reading a public apology written for him by the yid head of the American Jewish Committee, but his views never changed. Shakespeare, Hitler, Ford, Edison, Pound, Celine agree -- the Jew is evil. Great minds think alike, and Hymie can squall and censor, but the fact remains. No Jews. Just Right. As you're reading the review, note the classic hymieism: Don't blame us -- blame that tractor over there! That's the real cultural change-agent. Sounds like anti-tractorism to me.

Book Review: "The South Was Right"

The cause and the constitution went down in flames, and all that's left is to uncover the coverup, which this 1998 work does J.R. Colson

Movie Review: 'Texas Rangers'

A movie produced by Jews, featuring a fully-integrated cowboy law squad against a mostly White outlaw Mark Rivers

Movie Review: 'Behind Enemy Lines'

Owen Wilson runs from explosions, and Gene Hackman puts on his acting Mark Rivers

Movie Review: 'The Man Who Wasn't There'

The Jews Joel and Ethan Coen are very talented filmmakers who have made a very good movie. But they're Jews. I'm Mark Rivers

Evil Kikes of Israel Slave and Sell White Women While U.S. Writes Them $100-Billion Checks

"Woman's flesh for sale, woman's flesh for sale," yells a man in front of the Hamashbir department store in downtown Jerusalem, offering up to passers-by the young woman standing next to him. The jew has one god: money. The solution? Death to the jews. One day the jews of Israel will forfeit in blood what they have stolen in geld. The world is on to you, Hymie. The countdown has begun. Get your reservations for Mars, because this time the expulsion's planetary. No Jews. Just Right. Milky Way for Whites. Make that your refrain, White man. Here on the way Hymie manipulates media to make himself appear the victim. " Political science has become a subservient category of the Science of Communications." Another way of saying, "media is politics."

Israel's True Intention in Removing Arafat

Analysis worth reading... Here the usual sheenies are outraged, as usual, about censure of Israel. So outraged they're even thinking of asking Israel to stop murdering and torturing goyim. Ha. Haha. Haaaaaahahahahahaha. Being a beanie-baby means crying and shaking your rattle, and nothing else...except long, loving slurps off the American teat.

The Lagos Chop Shop

Oooh, that spleen looks delicious! Find out why we call them animals: ...the demand for human parts is so high now that mortuary and cemetary attendants are making brisk business by selling the parts to herbalists searching for the vital parts. Do you know how many Nigerians are living in your country these days, White man? Some vital human parts in hot demand include: head, private parts, eyes, breasts, kidneys, heart, fingers, hair, blood and toes. Niggers are not human in the sense you and I are. Racial equality is the Biggest Lie. Bluegums haven't evolved to where they need be taken into account other than as physical threats. Here you can read about de Klerk's ex-wife strangled by one of the niggers he loosed on South Africa, to the delight of the Nobel comittee and White-haters running the Judenpresse.

Websense: Making the Web Safe for Jewish Hate

Here some background information on a growing, for-profit censorship monolith, brought to our attention by a VNN reader. "Websense customers around the world - including 255 of the Fortune 500 - download the Websense Master Database daily with the most up-to-date list of hate sites on the Net." Of course, Websense lies to its customers and the public. "...these sites float 'under the radar' and are not normally categorized by major search engines or portals. 'Hate sites are not only a major concern for our customers, but they also are a concern to us at Websense,' said Harold Kester, chief technology officer for Websense. 'That's because of the difficulty of finding and classifying these sites, which go through great pains to not be found by traditional means, but rather by someone with a specific agenda.'" Bullshit. Nothing could be more public than a web site, accessible to anyone -- IF NO ONE CAN FIND THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE, WHY IS BLOCKING, CENSORING SUCH A BIG DEAL? Answer -- just profit. America no longer produces actual, physical products, so "service"-sheister-scams like this have to suffice as a way of earning a living. We think Websense is a "hate site," and shall so categorize it in _our_ Master Database. So there.

Zimbabwe: Hand-Picked Chimp Judges Declare Land-Theft Legal

This is what White Rhodesians get for failing to realize A) the nature of the niggers bent on expropriating them; and B) the hatred of the global jew-media bent on White genocide. Too late for Zimbabwe, White man. What about your country? All that is necessary for Jews to fail is for White men to do something. Show up out front of the Israeli embassy on December 15th and do something.

Berlin NPD March Aftermath...

Jewish report claims 3,300 marched... Get this choice quote: One young member of the neo-Nazi group said he had no interest in speaking to the press. "You will only print nonsense," he said, holding a large NPD flag that flapped in the wind. Das stimmt! Here something about a hitlist, could well be Jewish agitprop. More on the march here. Here Jews bemoan death of early "Holocaust" promoter, an echt Don Koenig. Here diversity pollutes New Hampshire, always considered one of the nicer states because it was almost entirely White. Would you throw a turd into a nice pot of stew? What the difference with throwing a Mexican into New Hampshire? Name one thing that's improved by adding Mexicans... Here Jews pollute Dublin with a brand-new promotion center. Here, auf Deutsch, on possible Somalia attack by the "anti-terror" alliance. Here mature earlocked ratlings protest Israel. It is impossible to conceive a more unprepossessing group of ratlingen than these earlocked tarantulas. Everything about them is offputting. Still, we are impressed by their signs, which exhibit good grammar, possibly because they have nothing to do all day but study since White taxpayers subsidize their multitudinous, segregated New Squares. They make a good case against Israel, and a good case against themselves too.

The Hate Group Named 'Jews'

"Even the best of the gentiles should be killed." That's what Jews teach their larvae. That, and that subsidies are their natural right, and that any goy who speaks against them should be cursed as an anti-Semite. Jews anywhere threaten Whites everywhere. The Jew is your enemy, White man. The Arab knows it. Do you? Here a disgusting tale of yid treachery, namely the various Rosenbergs, the Pollards of the '50s, and just as much puled over by the red- and shit-filled diaper babies. Jews can't be loyal to anything but what's "good for Jews." Torturing Palestinians for fun is national sport in Israel, much like raping and abusing White girls who are imprisoned by the greasy sheenies as sex slaves. Death to the jews. Here ADL is shocked, outraged, horrified and generally blubbery about the remarkable phenomenon of spontaneous explosion affecting scores of Israelis weekly. However, the yid-crooks at the Jews' Own Private FBI cheer, applaud, support and generally condone the Israeli military policy of leaving explosives in Palestinian schoolyards. Do Jews hate non-Jews? Yes, Virginia, Jews do. As the late George Harrison once sang, Izzy in the sky with dynamite. As AC/DC still sings: T...N...T! Oy!...Oy!...Oy! Is Sharon a war criminal? Why, yes. Yes, he is... Jewish hypocrisy is so bad even Jews are starting to notice. One standard for jews, another standard for the rest of us. Here kikeweek lists fifty top kikes in America. Now the list is taken down for "security" reasons. A bunch of self-importantsteins, say we.

Lauck Charges Dropped

"Taxpayers' money was wasted for two years," a triumphant Lauck said after leaving the courtroom. "We have been debating German laws in an American court." Here on White separatist Masker (registration) in dispute in Idaho.

Media: Hate Jews Get Clutches on More Canadian Papers

Why are Whites brainwashed? In part because sheenies control what they read, hear and see. Nowhere more so than in Canada. Here read about Indigo CEO Heather Reisman who pulled Mein Kampf from her chain's shelves. Here B'nai Brith Canada is shocked and outraged, nine times before breakfast. Pretending to be shocked and outraged is 50% of what it means to be a Jew; swindling and lying are the other fifty percent.

Truth, Justice and Amway

Sobran on the idea that new ideas aren't necessarily better than old ones, and their advocates usually idiots. See, I'm breaking the old convention that a title has to have any traceable relation to the story. That's a "new" idea. Clever, isn't it? "There is nothing new under the sun." Now, that's something you can count on. Not counting cloned humans, of course. "A modern university is less the custodian of a heritage than a cauldron of fads..." Damn that Sobran is good! He is both humble and clever, an unusual combination. He is by long odds the best political writer anywhere near the mainstream. Read his columns, and you will learn how genuinely intelligent people think, which is entirely different from mouthing Correct conclusions. Else you can be a turtling Cavett, solemn-eyed crying for poower George Harrison, done in at the throat by Demon Tobacc-y. Fuck you Cavett. Not since a sixth-grader I went to school with bemoaned the concluding of the repulsive M.A.S.H. -- "It's an American institution!" -- have I so feared my foot was going to detach itself out of irrepressible lust for a kick rampage. How many among us wouldn't benefit from a swift, vicious boot in the ass. Few, ohhoho, very few.

Fleming Levels Vicious Attack on Harry Potter

Good little kids should be reading the craven Christian Lewis' Lying Bitch and the Warthog, right Flemmio? Only that will teach them to lean not to their own understanding, but submit to the divine wisdom of Jeezus, as mediated by the sweaty swagmen of servility, ministering greasily to our "spiritual needs" with their holeless palms and sickly psalms. I'm not a Christian, but I play one on tv. Who do you want to be today? Who do you want to be? Who do you want to be today? I want be just like -- someone on tv! Don't die cross, live happy. Perhaps a month of dried apricots and buttermilk would loose and leach the biliousness investing Captain Chronicles' innards. Try it, peabo. Anyway, one of the few interesting pieces we've seen on Harry Potter. If we were being fair we'd be forced to observe Fleming neatly traces the author's "inspiration" and lays out her careful stereotyping along lines comfy to the Semites and their leftist Smitherses. However, we are not interested in being fair, so we will conclude that although his work feels good to read, Flemmio is just another useless Semitically Correct pubic louse that is part of the problem because it is afraid of the solution. So it contents itself with masturbatory junk like potting Harry. Gee, that's great, and so necessary. Take on the Jew you dyspeptic Talibearded gloomster. It's time to put away the childish things and start hacking on the Jews, Flemmy. Playtime is over. Get with it.

Bushies Freeze Assets of Pro-Palestine Groups

Claim they're funding Hamas... Here they claim they've captured an anthrax-hoaxer.

White Literature: Lord of the Rings

A movie has been made of Tolkien's work...

White History: Alexander the Great's Last Supper

A good Taki story... Here try Thurber's " Unicorn in the Garden." Remember what Wonka said?: "We are the music makers...and we are the dreamers of dreams." We alone, said the Sinn Feiner, vrooming his cordless drill...

Boy Bitten By a Green Lizard

A great work by Caravaggio, and one of the inspirations behind VNN. The Jew is the boy, and we are the green lizard. More works by Caravaggio here. Marvel at the skill in his "St. Matthew and the Angel." Inspect the frightening brutality of the upside-down crucifixion of St. Peter. This is a real work of art; technical skill conveying emotional truth in historical context. He's not some yidhype faggot wearing shades lying on a beanbag watching pornos shloooking absinthe lite while his assistant rifles Hefties for a photogenic can, he's a skilled painter depicting matters crucial. Think about what was running through Caravaggio's head while the talent tremored through his fingers. This is a guy who'll fly planes into walls for you. Epiphany! How would he respond to one of these "Judeo-Christian tradition" schmhuckstables we can't get away from these days, leading our lemmings in the beaten path of jew-servility? What would he have thought of them? Why is it that you can find one hundred great artists who despised the Jews, and nary a one to defend them? Why do great men declaim as one: The Jew is poison - the Jew must be destroyed. Whether we're driven by faith in God or faith in race, that must be the upshot if we are to pass on our genes and culture, rather than allow them to be submerged for all time in a chink-nigger-mestizo dystopia. We need a new fighting faith, and the hard proof of race answers the quest in the White breast where the milktea of religion fails. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the White race; the same cannot be said of the church. Take ear to my words, Crabby Fleming. Your words lack the conviction, and you know it as well as I do. Like every other conservative, what you won't say drowns out what you will. Only the men who name the enemy 'Jew' are on our side. Only men who speak in the name of the White race are fit to lead.

Double Standards

White man gets seven years for holding local tv crew at gunpoint, demanding they pay him what they said they would. Here yet another Jewish crook, a swindler, cuts his jail time in half by fleeing to Israel. Jews should not be allowed to hold American citizenship. They view it as nothing more than a license to swindle. Here on Hissboolah. Jew-dictated immigration policies have brought Arab crime to Europe. Got jews, got problems. No Jews. Just Right.

Media: Cheering When Reagan Was Shot

An intern's story about cable-tv producers... Basically, Jews are shmucks and hypocrites. No kidding. Here sex deviants celebrated by highschool. Here analysis of idiot Freepers. Here black Parsons replaces Jew Levin at AOL. Here on Levin's legacy. Here Jews track people by fingerprints off newspaper. Here read the online comment the guy claims brought the secret snoopers to his door. Here McConnell on the media and diversity. A good rundown of all the reasons VNN exists; most important, that Semitically Correct wankers be discomfited. Still, McConnell, like the book he's writing about, won't delve into the real reason for Semitical Correctness in media -- Semites! Just another jerk job, as Chittum puts it.

Mikvah: Disgusting Ritual for Disgusting People

Oy! Who the difference between bubbele and bathwater tell can? Down the drain with, all of it...

The Jews' War

Chris Matthews speaks out against Bush going after Iraq. I have given up trying to understand the thinking of those who agitate for such a wrong and tragic course against Saddam. They try and fail to blame him for Sept. 11. They try and fail to blame him for the anthrax letters. Yet, their inability to nail him only adds to their resolve. They want nothing less than an all-out war with Iraq. They want American troops to march into Baghdad, take control of the country, "take out" Saddam, and create a post-Saddam government favorable to the United States. Of course, he knows very well who's pushing The Jews' War. Here an outside view of America and the WTC attack. Here on profits accruing to the Carlyle Group, with links to Bushes and bin Ladens alike.

Spitter Jesse, Sire of Bastards, Denounces Right-Wing Media

The best thing about being a nigger is that nothing you say or do ever has to make sense.

Genetic Omni-Dominance: The GOD Hypothesis

Thoughts about genes; a way to look at our racial struggle.

Decline of Disneyland

An article in the White-hating Jew Murdoch's own Jew-edited Weekly Standard. We've read before about the change from Disney-wholesome to Eisner-homo before, but this is about the physical changes at the California park. The bottom line is that Jew Eisner may be good for profits, but like the rest of his race, art is beyond him. The jew can't admit that there's no place for him in America, so when he remakes a park devoted to American idealism, he has no idea what to do. "Diversity" is nothing to celebrate, and real Americans like Walt Disney knew it. Here the Jew-owned Washington Post rounds up Disney critics.

Viking Blood in England

Celt blood too; more than thought before (register).

Domestic Spying

It will occur and be directed at targets in proportion to its being "good for jews." Personal helicopters would be revolutionary, souped-up scooters aren't.

America First

Salon interview with Pat Buchanan... Birdman battles for right to feed pigeons.

More NA in Massachusetts

General link; story appeared December 3. The pamphlets target Music Television, better known as MTV. The literature claims the MTV network, which caters mostly to young teens, has been conspiring to promote AIDS in young white girls by making "race mixing fashionable," and that its owner, identified as Murray Rothstein, "rubs his hands together and laughs when teenaged shikses (non-Jewish girls) catch AIDS." You can tell the reporter is not fully skilled in the art of the smear, as this report more or less keeps a neutral tone, although the assumptions are the default Jew-liberal ones, such as most people contract in public schools. Jewish egalitarian lies = VD for the mind. You pay to infect your children. There is no way out but through the Jews, White man. Spic rapist rages through Boston.

Jews for Jesuscide: The Santa Caper

Jewish hatred of Christians: the hate that dare not speak its name. Jews hate Arabs too and would kill them all if they could get away with it. That day may well be coming. The Jew is your enemy, White man. The Arab knows it -- do you? Was anthrax an "inside job," or is this planted disinformation? What did the Jews know, and when did they know it? Here Millard-Siporen on "Utopia." More on Fischer here. The US and Israel have been slaughtering the Palestinians for years. Now it is coming back at the US. Here Buchanan urges Bush to break with Sharon. Note that Buchanan is writing a new book, Death of the West. Here Hackworth provides cover for Jewish warmongers. Saddam might have a nuclear weapon; Israel has hundreds. Israel attacked and murdered 34 Americans on the Liberty, and withheld knowledge about the Marine barracks bombing. Iraq has never done anything like either of those to us. The truth is that Israel is our enemy, and our government is controlled by its agents, American Jews. Thus we enjoy a "good for Jews" foreign policy. We are taxed for hundreds of billions of dollars to support racist Jews, and enjoy nothing in return but freshly minted enemies in the hundreds of millions.

Con on Constitution

Kaput ist. Good collection of quotations on the nature of government, originally compiled by Mencken. More here. Here incisive invert Raimondo on "Torquemada" Ashcroft. This man is the harbinger of the American Counterrevolution: the liberties the patriots of 1776 fought and died to establish are being systematically disestablished by John Ashcroft, a Torquemada for our times. Contains one interesting tidbit: Goldbug, the head of NRO, married a Gavora, who is speechwriter for Ashcroft. Raimondo is worried they're on his tail. Reread this column about his old disputes, and note that the pooftertarian says exactly what we do: Jews are afraid to debate; they can only win by smearing. So left, right or center that's what they do: The neocons want to stay as far away from the issues foreign intervention, globalism, immigration, the power of the lobbyists as they can. Instead, they prefer to make their antagonists the issue. This is what happened to Pat Buchanan, when he started to question the bipartisan internationalist consensus during the Gulf War the War Party unleashed such a torrent of vituperation that for a few weeks Buchanan, and not the war, became the issue. They couldn't answer Buchanan's arguments to even acknowledge the issues he raises would be a significant defeat. Instead, the War Party simply ignored them, and called him a lot of names. The Hate Jews must be stopped. We do that by forming White parties, White interest groups, White media. And naming the Jew the enemy. Nothing short of that can work. The Republican Party, Fox News, "Free" Republic, David Horowitz and Frontpagemagazine -- all these are traps set for White men who don't know they're White. Be different. Join National Alliance. We want power, and we know what to do with it once we get it. 2002 is going to be a barn-burner. Join us. The next NA rally is set for December 15 in front of the Israeli Embassy. Be there.


Not from these faces... Let me candidly admit that Toni Blair makes me sick. That fruity fake-earnest delivery; that hyper-alertness that reminds me of a prairie dog standing guard outside its hole. Look at the color photos of the creatures now populating wide stretches of the island thanks to his Jew-set immigration policies. These subhumans from the subcontinent should be back home slurping the filthy Ganges with their brother disease-peoples. Irving's diary, here. The guy is a real trooper: we are impressed at his ability to carry on despite the obstacles placed in his path by the traditional friends of the Big Lie. "The great masters of the lie," Schopenhauer called them. Great minds think alike: Jews are low things. As this diary entry shows, when you deal with Jews, you are dealing with crooks. Look at the underhandedness of the sheenies running the you-funded "Holocaust" Promotion Center and Gift Shop. To say Jew is to say swindler.

More Baby-Raping Niggers in South Africa

Niggers. They're not just for breakfast any more. Niggers are animals, of a most unprepossessing sort. Pens and cages they require. Thank god we have the Lutherans to import these 70-IQ housepets. Do you feel good about yourselves, fools?

Media: More on New Goldberg Book "Exposing" CBS

Just another Jew angling for profit. Jews produce the news. Then they write the exposes. Just another profit venue, it's. "Why is it that when journalists write something tough about other people it's called 'news,' but when someone writes something tough about news people like Dan Rather it's called 'intimidation'?" Interesting, this unrelated bit from same column: Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol used to work for George H.W. Bush, but the former president denounced him in the New York Times Magazine last week for a "vicious slander." Bush called Kristol's assertion that Colin Powell opposed the use of force against Iraq in 1991 "a grossly unfair, insupportable lie." You can't trust Jews. "Good for Jews" is all they care about. Here MSNBC cuts staff; 9% of 200. Interesting quote: ...Steve Ballmer raised eyebrows in June when he said that despite MSNBC's success, he would likely not have joined the venture if the decision had to be made again, because technology firms like Microsoft should stay out of the media business. Here Jewess bans "Mein Kampf" from her shelves. Google competitor here.

Rosie O'Donnell Marries Janet Reno

The obese lesbian will lend her tongue in support of the shivery incineratrix.

Culture of Critique Preface...

Lots of good stuff.... Here some Hitler quotes; some real, some spurious.

The English Department

Trends in liberal arts... Here on usage.

The Defection of George Burdi: Lessons to be Learned

The weak are winnowed; the strong Doug Vandinan

Between the Lines: Whack 'Em

Ethnically insulting arcade game? No problem - as long as the target is an enemy of the Andrei Kievsky

German Nationalists Hit Streets in Record Numbers

Thousands of neo-Nazis held their biggest demonstration in Berlin since the end of World War II yesterday, rallying to challenge a public exhibition claiming the German army had been involved in wartime Nazi atrocities.Police stopped the neo-Nazis parading through Berlin's traditional Jewish quarter following protests by the mayor and other leading personalities of the German capital.Police also managed to prevent a confrontation between neo-Nazis and anti-Nazis, using water cannon and tear gas grenades against anti-Nazi militants protesting the march by some 3,500 Nazi sympathizers who had arrived in special trains from all over the country. More here.

Poetic Justice: Johnny Cockroach's Nephew Murdered

Where was The Juice?

Bobby Fischer Applauds WTC Attack

Interesting stuff. Fischer hates Jews. But by Jewish law, he is one.

26 Swindlers in the Arms of Yahweh

Slight population decline in Swindler Central recently...

AmRen Schedules February Conference, "In Defense of Western Man"

Jared Taylor tried to get Newsmax to run an ad for this D.C.-area conference; it refused for content. "Respectability" gets you nowhere. And why say "Western" when "White" is what you mean? The descriptive material starts out: "In all parts of the world, whites are afraid to speak out in their own interests." Yes, including the people who named the show, who refuse to identify in the clearest and most accurate terms what they defend and whom they defend it from. Speakers are: Taylor, Rushton, Francis, Guillaume Faye, Levin (Jew), Glenn Spencer, Nick Griffin, Gordom Baum and Sam Dickson.

The Jews' War

Jew Krauthammer celebrates our great victory. On to Iraq, says Jew Cohen. On to Israel, we say. Let's destroy the major source of terror in the world, Yahweh's Country. Here, wonder of wonders, is a genuinely stupid column by Thomas Sowell, normally quite astute, in which he simply repeats the now-standard "They hate us because we're beautiful" line. Come on, Sowell, you can think harder than that. Here Jew Glazov celebrates Jewness and the glorious bloom that is the Jewish race. A harder-working more intelligent and creative agglomeration of people could scarcely be subsidized. Here on potential dissension in Britain if the Jew-controlled Americans turn on Iraq. Which of course is to ignore that we've been bombing it pretty much daily for ten years now. Here Will browntypes for Israel. What's Sharon, Georgie, if not a terrorist? Here Christian ass-licker Cal Thomas chips in. And Farah does the same. How does traditional Jewry treat women, coward Farah? The hack needs to read some Shahak before he goes off spouting stupidly about our "Judeo-Christian tradition." Ever hear of sex through a sheethole, Suckpoop Joe?

Maryland Town Bans Santa Claus

Heavily Jewish county in suburban Maryland outside D.C. If Jews offend you, that's "civil rights"; if you offend Jews, that's "civil rights" too. Heads they win, tails they win. When you listen to a Jew, you are hearing a lie. Or, as a Roman put it, two Jews, three lies. The Jew is your enemy, White man.

Feebs Have an Ear at Every Keyhole, Cable Modem and Congregation

Really, why should the FBI be restricted in any way at all? Why shouldn't it be allowed to search and seize for any voguish velleity? And hold without trial? And torture? I mean, it's protecting us from terrorists; we need to give it a little leeway, right?


Good article explaining what's wrong with it.

Click Here!

Jewish Yumor

"Sharon unleashes charm offensive"... Yeah, the monstrous tumorous gangrenous dripping halitotic liverspotted mass-murdering kike of a jew-turd is rightnowthisveryminute over here sweettalking Our Bush, or mating with Ling-Ling, poor two-toned bear. Ughh. I sincerely hope there's a chaperon, because the product of either foul union is sure to scare the purple lederhosen off an oompa-loompa band. Jesus, if something goes wrong we might end up with Infarcted Dick as honcho maxissismus. Let's hope they stick to the chaste game of mumblety-peg on the official blotter and stay off the porch swing.

Rabbi Yitz May Be Out on His Tuchus

After the revolution quick-eyed, swift-fingered geldschluchers like Greasy Greenberg here will be raked up into one big stinking, swindling pile of yuckishkeit, and all the money they stole from you and me will be given back, not unlike the Grinch giving back the stolen presents. Happy Hannukah, yids. Next year in Gehenna, eh, boys?... "Rabb Irving 'Yitz' Greenberg is unlikely to be reappointed in January as chairman of the governing council of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum." "Mine, it's!" No, no, mine!" It's a "tricky political task, "running a museum that is located on the National Mall in Washington but often serves as the playing field for internal Jewish political squabbles." VNN is sure that Jews are up to the difficult challenge of disbursing tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer money to serve Jewish ends. Have they ever failed us? Hey, if I go to Tel Aviv and demand $100 billion to build a memorial to the White Christians murdered by the kikes of the Soviet Union, do you think the Knesset will pony up? We do, White man. ZOG is a reality. Death to the Jews. Long live the neo-Cossacks.

Nasty, Nosy Jews

Not to die for, they're. It was always amusing to watch the rich Jew-girls at high school leave in June with a tremendous schnozz, return in September with a little retrousse' button. Had the summer in Florida to heal, you see. Now, "Jewish women [are] asking for their bumps back. 'After the Holocaust, Jews wanting desperately to fit in, felt pug noses were the ticket'...Now, a hook nose is a desirable commodity." Es is schwer, a Yid zu sayn! It's hard being a Jew! Nose in! Nose out! Nosarobics... Buy your Kike-Bo tapes! Only $20 apiece, they're!

Jews Are Weretermites

In human form they chomp up social institutions like their termite form chaws wood. Both ways they eat out the foundation of civilized White order. "Jews must live," after all. But Jews must be destroyed if we are to live. If termites wrote newspapers, do you imagine they'd tell the truth about what they like to eat? Well, Jews either...

Night of the Living Jews...

The news today is a nasty cocktail of kike depravity -- taken from their own greasy, dishonest pages. Can you imagine what's going on they're not talking about? Here we enjoy an internal report on hook-nosed, whining, special-pleading "pods" spreading, cracking to life throughout White West. Canadian Jew whiskey-moguls bankroll Halifax propaganda outlet. "The...Bronfman Foundation donated money to build Pier 21's theater, which screens a film documenting the plight of Jewish orphans who arrived in Canada after the war." There's more! "A national museum addressing the issue of Canadian inaction during the Nazi genocide has been debated in Ottawa for several years.'We're still at it...We're the only country in the Western world that doesn't have a [Holocaust] museum or a memorial in its capital.'" Another truckload of pods arrives... In every home a sacred shrine/In every yard a grotto/If you don't have hebe-worship spots/Then your name must be Otto. Death to the Jews!

Jew-Christian Tensions Rise

Jews do evil, and more and more Christians are noticing -- and protesting. Encourage this, White man. If you are a believer, pressure your church not to provide safe houses for illegal brownskins, but to attack the Jews for their racist viciousness in Palestine. Israel is Goliath and Golem rolled into one, fed and sponsored by us. Let's stop. The Jew is your enemy, White man. The Muslim knows it. Do you? Jews are dangerous to children and other living things. Remember Sabra and Chatila, the Jew-fostered massacres carried out in 1982. Do Jews lie and massacre their enemies? Yes, Virginia, they do. More on the things Jews perpetrate here. Every White man should do everything he reasonably can to avoid doing any business with Jews. Always point out the Jew in public. Jews hate this, because their essential lie is that they are "just like us." They don't believe it for a minute, but that's their public cover story. Rip the mask off. Call them Jews and their faces will redden for shame. Jews never stop. They have to BE stopped. By me. And you. And us. Join the National Alliance. Or go bounce beach-balls with the Republicans.

"The Whites Are Coming!"

Yet another half-baked, boring, repetitive, canned article about White groups making hay off 911. Do these guys ever do their own thinking or reporting? Are they even capable of such? It doesn't seem so. How many "news" reports can be written off two or three private email comments flatulently analyzed by the Pitcavage/Potok/Dees doof brigade? Roper's 'testicular fortitude' quote has made its way around the world six times already, but it's still grist for these busily grinding, whining little jew-mills -- you know, the same ones that couldn't find even ONE story in the Wichita Massacre. Here, White slavery -- as Jewish as lying. No Jews. Just Right. Here Jews try, fail to get rid of Russia's National Bolshevik Party. In Britain, applications for asylum continue to rise. Whites are evil and racist, and they've got great welfare benefits too, free even to nogs like me who practice muti and keep close lookout for dastardly penis-stealing witches. They're everywhere, you know.

The Jews' War: Did CIA Guy Start the 'Prison Riot'?

Who knows? British are saying Mr. Spann was no innocent. Was it a simple massacre, rather than a riot? A bunch of Arab cartoons here. I like this one. And this one too.

Jew Sharon, Mass-Murders, and Media

His Jewish supporters don't seem to mind. Listen to Jewish words, watch Jewish actions. Note the gap. Evil Knievel would be afraid to jump it. Here the reaction of Jews to the Afghan massacre. This priceless Jew says, "Some people emit outrage like elephants' piss..." Talk about the yid calling the hebe a kike; a better description of the Jewish attitude could hardly be made. Just what exactly is going on over there? Hard to say, but lots of prisoners are being slaughtered. Well, as long as they aren't Jews. More here, including tidbits on corpse-plundering. Here ADL cries about Arab hate, blaming the Arab media for fomenting anti-Jew sentiment by doing things like citing the man Israel elected boss for perpetrating mass murder on their fellows. The Jews have no problem with Sharon murdering thousands; what they don't like are Arab tv shows mentioning it. Jews are biters who don't like to be bit. Jews can dish it out, but they can't take it. Latest ADL-collected reaction sampler here. Nice piece here on raw power and the Jews who wield it, denying Whites law licenses and gun permits simply because they can.

Jews Cry About Post-911 Immigration

Yids upset at post-9/11 immigration crackdown, which "has sent a chill among Israelis, and threatens to end what has become a popular Israeli rite of passage in recent years...Relying on a well-placed network of extended friends and family (an estimated 200,000 Israeli immigrants reside legally in the United States), the travelers haul boxes for moving companies..." We noticed. There seem to be Israeli "movers," with false papers, video cameras with footage of high-rise buildings, and large amounts of cash, popping up all over. Mossad? Naw.

Aid to Israel, What it Costs Us, What it Buys

Let's file this away, pending reimbursement day. Most Americans are not aware how much of their tax revenue our government sends to Israel. For the fiscal year ending in September 30, 1997, the U.S. has given Israel $6.72 billion: $6.194 billion falls under Israel's foreign aid allotment and $526 million comes from agencies such as the Department of Commerce, the U.S. Information Agency and the Pentagon. The $6.72 billion figure does not include loan guarantees and annual compound interest totalling $3.122 billion the U.S. pays on money borrowed to give to Israel. It does not include the cost to U.S. taxpayers of IRS tax exemptions that donors can claim when they donate money to Israeli charities. (Donors claim approximately $1 billion in Federal tax deductions annually. This ultimately costs other U.S. tax payers $280 million to $390 million.) When grant, loans, interest and tax deductions are added together for the fiscal year ending in September 30, 1997, our special relationship with Israel cost U.S. taxpayers over $10 billion.

New Intelligence Report is Here!

Morons and education majors everywhere rejoice... Kool Mo, penis-kisser extraordinaire, is up to his usual tricks, chaining everyone to the left of Attila to cement blocks and pushing 'em in the the pool. Articles off this main link on: the tiny Utah town that rejects the UN; "hate" crimes data collection being mostly a bogus deal; 911 reaction; Eric Rudolph, and more. Don't miss the Rudolph article, very interesting. RUDOLPH: They had wall-to-wall bookshelves in the living room that were filled with books on philosophy and evolution, among other things. They subscribed to Thunderbolt magazine [a crude publication edited by Marietta, Ga., white supremacist minister Ed Fields]. And Eric would get High Times magazine [specializing in marijuana and marijuana cultivation] and Soldier of Fortune. They couldnt pick up much TV. Eric loved philosophy, especially Nietzsche. The whole family was into philosophy.

Why Conservatives Always Lose

I'm not going to tell you, just read Fleming's words and figure it out. Here, again, on the girly boys at NR. Skateboarding is not a crime. Opposing the jewish agenda is.

Pod Pumps for Israel

So many bad things will happen to America if we don't do whatever Izzy demands. Here Hymie spreads misinformation in Latvia. Notice there's no section detailing the connection between Jews and communists. Jews are persecutors, not victims. Jews are your enemy, White man, whether in Latvia or your country. Speculation on WTC collapse here. Here another guy gives up his life to kill Jews. Boy, what a great people they must be when so many others are willing to DIE to stop them. Kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it? Not Hymie. He just stands up there at the podium like a Middle Eastern Sally Field.

Odin Really Existed?

So says Heyerdahl. In ``The Hunt for Odin,'' Heyerdahl says his archaeological digs by the Sea of Azov in Russia backed evidence in 13th century sagas written by Snorre Sturlason that Odin was more than a myth.

Semitical Correctness

Just read this report on ridiculous goings-on at public library.

Snoop Software

More on the debate among vendors over whether to help out the FBI with its 'Magic Lantern' spyware. Here a small taste of airport security lunacy.

ADL on Voz de Aztlan

The number of racial nationalists waking up to the jewish threat is growing. Here Jews try to destroy credibility of Hector Carreon and his Southern California-based Aztlan movement. Keep in mind when you're reading the ADL's background information that the Mexican irredentists wouldn't exist in the United States if the ADL and other Jewish hate groups hadn't led the way to the overturn of traditional immigration policy. Quotes here.

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Different view than you get in the miniseries. Comments and more here. You can bet your bottom dollar that any historical interpretation that touches on Jewish concerns and is presented on the televitz is full of lies. Here on Euro-problems.

The Kikes and Their Microscopes...

A reader writes: Have you noticed how Jews always position themselves above Whites, earnestly affect to study our "peculiar" behavior? Here, an example of the tiny, hook-nosed bug studying _us_ through a magnifying glass. Nothing unusual about wearing work clothes to work, but Jews peer at it, call it "odd." We suppose it must be to those who do not earn their bread "by the sweat of their brow," but by conniving, handling, manipulating. Normal, to the itinerant Jewish swindler, is a pocketful of false papers and a _tuchus_ full of diamonds, against the day Whites see through the Yid-scam. That day is coming, Jews. Pack your bags -- you know the drill. Jews out. Earth for Whites. Look here at the way the clever Jews use the words they've put in some Catholic group's mouth to make the "Holocaust" appear real. Remember, the Jews wouldn't fight so hard to outlaw their opponents if their own lies were true. Jews can't handle the truth, that's why they invented "hate" crimes and push for speech codes. Jews cannot survive in the light. Think about how cockroaches operate. Jews operate pretty much the same.

Coon Conference

America owes us, says Nigger Sharpton. A ride back to Africa, that's about it. More here. It is time for a reverse Camp of the Saints armada. These coons will jeer and hoot and drive you right off your land the way their brothers have in Zimbabwe, White man -- if you give them the chance. Here on rapidly spreading AIDS.

One in Two New Yorkers Speaks English

Non-Whites have no allegiance to this nation. They don't belong here; they only came for the benefits, and they were only allowed in because Jews control our immigration policy. Remember when America was White and civilized? Me either. Too young. But it was, and it will be again. But first we must see that justice is done to the Jews who destroyed America.

MTV's Baneful Effects Evident in England

Nigger gangs aping the bangers on the channel of ceaseless lies are creating the same havoc in England they've already spread across the U.S. Niggers and Whites cannot live in the same government, said Thomas Jefferson, and he was proven right. In England, America, Australia -- doesn't matter where: niggers kill civilization. Whites know this, but the Jews who control our countries force integration, which in time becomes White genocide, already on display in Zimbabwe. Nigger depravity is the symptom, Jew the disease. No Jews. Just Right.

Media: Jew Goldberg Coming Out with "Tell all" Book on Media Bias

So says Jew Drudge about Jew Goldberg. Sounds like a Jew attempting to harness the O'Reilly wave (Oy!, Critisism of media, they want? We'll sell it to them!); how much do you want to bet their won't be a word about Jewish influence?

Jews Are a Race

Just like Disraeli said. Jews are a race and a racial crime syndicate masquerading as a religion.

Mexican Rapes Kid for Years

Diversity is our greatest strength. Do you live next door to a Mexican. Is it raping your daughter? Are you sure? Do your realize that there wouldn't be any child-raping Mexicans in this country except for Jews? Mexican child-rapers are the symptom, Jews the disease. Jews enjoy reading in their papers about the hated White goyim raped and molested by colored refuse. Do you imagine I am kidding or exaggerating when I write that? Then you don't understand Jews yet, because I assure you they do. They think this girl and her father and family deserve it. All that is necessary for pedophile-supporting Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. Do something. If it's bad for Jews, it's good for the rest of us.

Angry Jig Offs Sheriff-Elect Rival

Diversity is our greatest strength. For the hard-to-grasp abstraction of "diversity" substitute "niggers" and the meaning of that Marxist slogan clarifies quickly: "Niggers are our greatest strength." Which niggers might those be? The ones selling crack, collecting eight welfare checks per house while you work, murdering their political rivals, practicing muti, attending conferences hooting that "America owes us"? Just which niggers form our "greatest strength," Jew liar?

Blacks Harass Humans

Jewish "civil rights" = White flight = black schools = chaos. Here, incompetent Philadelphia nig-administrators give up on buildings filled with uneducable, hooting nigs, ask Whitey to save them. Again. Result -- niggers protest "poor education" not by trying harder, but by walking out, blocking traffic, "demonstrating," which is all they're good at. Eight hundred and ninety-four gingillion zillion dollars poured down the drain called "ed-you-cay-shun," and that stingy White man is still holding up the parade. If niggers were all given two-bedroom suburban houses, one new car per person, and $100,000 per year each, they'd still riot -- "You cain't buy us off! We demands dignity!" "The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government."

It's Supposed to be English Lit, Not Jewish Lies

In another ten years, public schoolers probably won't read anything that wasn't written by lying Jews. We're that close already. All kids read are a bunch of "Holocaust" lies and the odd story such as "To Kill A Mockingbird" that reinforces the White guilt the Jews inculcate and pass off as "education." White genocide is "good for Jews." Jewish genocide is "good for Whites." Mars, Hymie. Look into it.

White Anthropology: First Brazilians from Australia?

So they're claiming, based on evidence from NE Brazil site. Images of giant armadillos, which died out before the last ice age, show the artists who drew them lived before even the natives who greeted the Europeans.

Jewish Culture: Stupid, Nerotic, Necrotic, Necrophiliac and Just Plain Smutty

In short, Anti-Culture... Where is the Jewish Shakespeare? I want to read him. Where is the Jewish Twain? I want to read him. Where is the Jewish Mencken? Wilde? Dostoyevsky? Dickens? Poe? Where? Where? Where? I'll tell you where -- NOWHERE! Jews can only twist words, they are incapable of making art from them. Jews are the original elephant-dung artistes. Jews writing novels -- laugh I. There is not a single important Jewish novel. And no, no matter what Hymie Bloom says, Jews are not Westerners. Jews writing about Jews (usually writing Jews) for Jews selling through Jews who advertise in Jew papers for Jew readers. It's one big schmuckcycle, one big stinking steinowitz clusterfuck of neuroticism, no talent necessary, just add promotion. Self-publishing heralds the death of Jewish mind control, and that's a "good thing." The stuff you Jews write is of shit and lies all compact, and don't think the intelligent among us don't see and laugh at your scam, Hymie. The novel died about the same time Jews took over arts and letters, didn't it? And wasn't that about the same time painting died too? Why, bless my soul, believe 'twas... Jewish cultural contributions are on the level of whatever yid set up the gallery for Mapplethorpe to vend his anal bullwhips. Shit, Ubu, shit... Here, the endless Jewish self-absorption continues, with Novick studying Dickstein's (that's right, Morris Dickstein -- we don't make these names up) comments on Simon, with stops at Odets, Kazin, Miller, Brooks, Roth, Kaufman. Did we miss anyone? Astonishing facts emerge. "Performing comedy...can be a way to turn Jewish uncouthness into an asset." Perfume on a rat. Did you know that "American comedy in the 20th century was mostly a Jewish phenomenon. Comedy is the weapon of the powerless." We've noticed how helpless Jews are. That's why "...the Jewish jokes that Freud collected...the tirade of insults that ventilate aggression...the 'edge of pain and giddiness that borders on hysteria'," blare at us ceaselessly from the radio, TV, books, newspapers, magazines, movies, tapes, from satellites whirling around in space -- to the exclusion of all else, to the point that we must shut it off, off, OFF or go mad. Saponify Seinfeld, liquidate Letterman. Kill your Televitz, White man." Jewish art and intellectualism: imagine a group of fifteen of the ugliest homo sapiens you've ever seen seated around a table poking, pointing, dissecting and discussing -- in that unmistakably yiddishly earnestly pretentious way -- the ingredients of a turd one of them recently shat. Jewish culture? To eructate at, it's!

Movie Review: 'Shallow Hal'

Two-and-a-half Jews star in a "comedy" that transforms itself into a Semitic sermonette about how we evil goyim should not judge people based upon their Mark Rivers

Airports Gone Postal

"Security" and passengers stink Carol Ward

Between the Lines: Boycott Belgium

Belgium's pushing to try war criminal Ari Sharon, and the yids are starting to Victor Wolzek

German Nationalists Prepare to March Against Jewish Hate Exhibit

This is the new, improved "Crimes of the Wehrmacht" promotion that was shut down a couple years ago when it was discovered that Germans were being blamed for the crimes of the Jew-laden NKVD. Of course, those were no mistakes, those were typical Jewish falsifications, and it is likely that no matter what they say now, the exhibit contains more of them. Jews lie. It's that simple. Misrepresenting their atrocities as the work of others is "good for Jews." The Jew is your enemy, White man.

Russian City Says: Foreigners, 'Raus!

China won't even let Middle Eastern men onto its planes as passengers; we're still letting them in to attend suspicious little "flight schools." You can't even control what Bangs, Paks, Chinks, Mex, nigs move in next door to you, here, Russia closes entire city. "Norilsk's mayor, Oleg Budarin, stated that he welcomes the order and declared that the city is presently 'full of unwanted nonresidents and foreigners.'" What do our enemies know that we don't?

Belgium Wants to Try Eric, King of the Jews

Sharon should be hanged live on public tv as an example of Jewish hate the world is best rid of. He is a war criminal, and prides himself on it. Unfortunately, it is far less likely that Belgium will get to try him than that he will end up killing off every last Palestinian. That is indeed what Israel aims to do. The bleeding hearts will support it when it comes down to it. It will cost Israel some good P.R., but as long as they have their headlock on World Media, they can live it down in time. After all, there's a relative handful of Palestinians for the Jews to kill compared to the tens of millions they killed via the USSR -- punishment for which they completely, entirely and 100% escaped. Punishment, hell -- they never even got blamed for their crime. Nobody ever heard of it. VNN formally offers to pay $200 for a bar of saponified Sharon. We will even chip in $50 for the rendering. The 5' 6", 235-lb piece of shit's probably good for a zesty case or two of Irish Spring Bloodsport, wouldn't you think? Belgium wants to try him/We say saponify him! Saponify Sharon!

Jewish Ants

They enslave others and parasite off them and whine when someone points it out.

Many Anne Franks in Palestinian Camps

The time is coming when Sophie and Sol are frog-marched through camps showing what their fellow soapsters did to real humans. Jews are the persecutors. Jews are the war criminals. Jews are the haters. Jews are the Problem. No Way Out But Through the Jews. Learn it, know it, live it, White man... The kike killer Sharon needs to be put to sleep. VNN volunteers to pull the switch, pull the trigger, kick out the chair, toss in the pellets -- whatever it takes. Get thee hence to Gehenna, killer kike.... And, as you read it, consider the story this way: Add some weird background music, a few weeping survivors, a young Palestinian girl's diary -- and you've got a first-class, nazi-like "war crime," the subject of a few hundred future docu-dramas. But that's only, of course, if the Jews who run Hollywood find the subject of Jewish atrocities worth filming, which seems, to put it mildly, unlikely. Here read a different view on Ari from an apologist at Jews' Own National Review. Here's an excellent review of Culture of Critique, well worth rereading.

Secret Service Harasses Girl for Anti-Bush Poster

Bow before the cross-eyed idol; anything else, Harry and Martha show up at your door, wanting to look around and talk and look around. "Ma'am, we've gotten a report that you have anti-American material," the male agent said, according to Brown. Could they come in to have a look around? Basically, this colored bitch was playing her hip-hop too loud and the cop who came to tell her to turn it down duly reported the "anti-American" poster on her wall to his bosses, who patted his head and gave him a Scooby snack.


Doesn't matter where you go these days, cops are granted extraordinary powers to search, seize, detain, piss on, drop on head, anally insert nightstick -- anything that can be dragged under the protective undercoating of "anti-terrorist." In the title instance it's British cops and asset forfeiture. If you walked by someone with a marijuana-leaf t-shirt, you should lose your house. And here's a charming little story about senior Home Office clowns going out and getting drunk, leaving 300 pages of documents in the bar. Documents showing they're conspiring to boost the conviction rate by means other than honest police work -- i.e., lying, fudging, falsifying stats. Do governments do that? Governments do... Here the government opens yet another weep center, this one to a nigger niggered to death by niggers. Of course, the latter part of that misfits the weep template, so we just cry and cry and don't ask why. Every nigger is ventilated for a reason, my sunday school teacher told me. Oh, the dead nigger, that he might walk again amongst us. I miss him. Don't you? Yes, the Nigger of North Peckham...god save his soul, we'll miss him. Godspeed, slim gilt boy, not made for this world's pain.! Why, yahweh? Why? Not the Nigger of North Peckham! No! It's not fair! Here ATF busts Kentuckian, steals his computer and guns because of a petty theft back in 1966. That is not a typo, that is your tax dollars at work. Here McAfee helps the feebs spy -- screw the customers. Here on the "Magic Lantern" snooping software the FBI is building. Here Jews' Own Johnny Mac wants to take away your gun. Look in the little nap's eyes, you can see he's plumb cuckoo, as Paglia pointed out.

No Privacy in Public

As teams of aliens crash airliners into huge buildings, Big Brother wires the city with...cameras to watch ordinary people walk down the street, blow their noses. That's "doable." Here, group maps camera locations for public. Spy-bugs don't like. "Alex Mathieson, marketing manager for video systems at Sensormatic Electronics, suggested privacy zealots 'should stay at home.'"

EU "Considers" Plans to Outlaw Racism

Non-Jewish racism, that is. No one will be confiscating Talmuds, so the cutwurms can sleep tight. RACISM and xenophobia would become serious crimes in Britain for the first time, carrying a prison sentence of two years or more, under new proposals put forward by Brussels yesterday. Holocaust denial or "trivialisation" of Nazi atrocities would be banned, along with and participation in any group that promotes race hate. Can you say Brave New World?: the list also a covers a wide range of activities that sometimes fall into the sphere of protected political speech, such as "public insults" of minority groups, "public condoning of war crimes", and "public dissemination of tracts, pictures, or other material containing expressions of racism of xenophobia" - including material posted on far-Right internet websites. Pritchard says the EU appears to have accepted Germany's code, the strictest, as the basis for the entire continent. How 'bout that? And don't worry about speaking your mind because spokescunt Leonello Gabrici, the Commission's judicial spokesman, denied that there was any intention of curbing political expression. "This totally respects free speech. It will be up to judges to decide where the balance lies" he said. Like, you can say whatever you want, dude, except like against other people. Like why would you want to anyway? Let's like go downhillsnarkelsnurfboardriding, dude. Ok? Like, we'd better get some new rules pronto, ok, or we'll just be bogus too... That's...very close Leonello. What is Leonello, a lion-shaped pasta? Annette's plumber?

Jews Out of Afghanistan

A heart-warming Hannuka classic, it's... Two bearded men tug back and forth on an ancient scroll. "Mine, it's!" "No, no, mine!" they squabble. Tired of the noise, "Taliban police confiscated the Torah and hauled both men off to jail. After that, the dispute grew even more bitter." Here, a Jewish bedtime story for the ages, a quintessentially sick, ugly, hateful tale. "The last known members of Afghanistan's once-thriving Jewish community do not speak to each other, except to exchange curses across a courtyard. Each maintains his own synagogue in the dilapidated compound, while accusing the other of abandoning the faith." Let's meet the contestants! "A rabbi, Mr Levy said he once made a living lending money...Mr Simonto...owns a store that sells carpets, jewellery and animated man with an ample paunch, he wears a yarmulke, sits cross-legged on a chair and talks a mile a minute." The eternal Jewish wanderers -- moneylenders and middlemen, present everywhere, not welcome anywhere. Sheesh! A whole nation to swindle, all by themselves, and they can't even get along!

The Jews' War

Like Ari, like Afghan... We are becoming war criminals, says Fisk. Here Iraq says it "always expect[s] evil and aggression from the U.S." How pifitul we have become because we have strayed from Washington's path. Now we kill anyone who looks at us funny, infect his water, kick his dogs, base our raping negroes in his seaports, drip our jews' lurid MTV into his children's eyes. And then when he counterpunches we squawk and squall like a bunch of old women. The U.S. in the grip of the jews is an ugly thing to see, and it is no wonder that it is widely hated. Regarding the "prison riot," Angry White Female comments: I wonder what made these guys want to riot? They surrendered because they didn't want to die. Now why would they try to escape, when doing so almost ensures a massacre? Perhaps fear of death because they were being tortured by the N. Alliance (the "Castrators of Kabul") at the direction of the CIA guy "gathering intelligence?"

New Republic on Whites and Arabs Finding Common Ground

White supremacists and Islamicists like Osama bin Laden just plain agree on a lot of things--in particular, that globalism and multiculturalism are the uber-enemies, and that separatism and cultural purity are the answer. Fairly straight piece; the author and her readers would like to laugh at the irony of Aryans defending raghead muds, but they aren't quite sure where it's leading. Here's that Maclean's article again, in case you missed it the first time. Same topic: white-right benefiting from 9-11. Excellent Fred Reed piece here. He describes our Jewish Problem quite accurately. A veritable cornpone Culture of Critique -- although gratifyingly less so than usual. He just leaves the 'Jew' out. On purpose.

"Haven't We Had Enough of Israel?" Asks Raimondo

We certainly have... This is a must read. The poofter gives the beanie bullies what-for, pulls together all the evidence of their duplicity and coverup. Delish, it's... You know, the Internet is a much smaller place than people imagine. The fact that anybody may write and post what he wishes -- I mean that in a technical sense only -- in no way raises the number of competent writers and editors. The number of writers and pieces worth reading out there is actually rather small. Which means that the intelligent folk all read the same stuff, commie to nazi to neocon alike. And even though half the good ones are afraid to say what they really think for fear of Hyperventilating Hymie, they notice that others aren't. They imbibe the points we anti-Hymies make, and they soak in, and over time they become part of the way they think. And then one begins to see hints of same in their work. The process begins to snowball. More and more people are coming out of the woodwork, standing up, and saying, I oppose Israel. I declare the Jews the enemy. I am willing to defend the White race. More and more people every single day. The future does not look bright for Hymie. Your day is through, Jew. Maybe there's an opening for swindlers on Mars, because we here on Earth are onto you, and we've had enough of your game. Yep, same old story, Hymie. Except this time you won't be kicked out of a country, you'll be kicked off a planet. The Jew is your enemy, White man. To spread that truth is the reason VNN exists. You won't hear it on CNN from "diarrhea makes me human" Mouth of the South, or that diminutive lying "King" kike, or from one of the lipstick-and-pantsuit airheads who knows the outside of her head's 300% more important than the inside. No, all you get from those sources is the same old stillborn blather, where everything between the poles is "legitimate" and the poles are 1/4" apart. VNN is what freedom means. We use it. You use it too...

The Invasion

Haitian-flavored teeming refuse thought to have drowned on the way here, creating a thoroughly emitic bouillon-du-nig of the Florida Straits. Shark powers, activate! Who says we don't report good news? Is that "hateful"? Well, not if you know the sort of things Haitian animals actually do when left unsupervised. Would you rather I b.s. you like Semitically Correct P.J. O'Rourke and say that we need these brave souls to enhance and improve our land, carry on its proud immigrant tradition, and that we ought to be down there on the shores to greet them with martinis? Do you think PJO believes that himself, or knows that it sells? Hmm... Haitians are good for sharks, not America.

Toffs Whinge for Wider War

More unspeakable than fox-hunters, fake conservatives fight Baloney Pony Toney for prime yid-Bush ass-licking position. Find out why we call them "Kosher Cons." Whatever mellifluous farts their cocked ears detect escaping from the Jewish anuses of the East Coast Mafia across the Big Pond, quick to gurglegargle in tune to, they're. Sad country. Here Muslims discuss septic think-tanks teeming with Jewish hate turds pushing for wide, wide war. All that is necessary for hate Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing.

Media: British View of Hollywood-Bush Warprop Teamup

"About 40 industry members have been recruited to work on the war effort. They include senior representatives from all the major film and television studios." They are going to work on "Real World Dar-Es-Salaam," with an all-Arab cast, including MUhammed who likes girls, MuHAMmed who likes goats, and MuhaMED who likes MUhammed. And a bunch of slutty unveiled oasis cuties. And then the puling jewfags will present themselves in downtown Mogadishu with a one-page menu featuring two options: daisy cutters or Daisy Fuentes. It's real simple, when you get down to it. You want to be a moronic worldbeat Consumer, or you want to get ionized into leetle beets? Remember that Joe Stalin said if he had Hollywood he could rule the world. Think about that. Joe Stalin's no two-pump chump when it comes to knowing what it takes for good dictating. "Media is politics" -- it really is. Here on porn industry meeting; note the Birch Society's writer's dig at David Duke in the last paragraph. The Birch Society is controlled by Jews; it functions much the same as Jew Horowitz and the fake "conservatives" -- to channel Whites away from their racial interests and keep the Jew in the driver's seat.

Media: Farah Complains AOL is Stealing WND's Content

Interesting story about how the big work to crush the small and independent. Either you're in the system, or you're shat on by it. People who had cache problems when VNN switched servers should read this article.

Media: Jew Chernin Ready to Take Over at Fox

Murdoch is sick, this guy may get the reins. Here Paul "Pee Wee" "Should have gone to the movies!" Herman Reubens is busted by LAPD, which seized 2,000 video tapes, very possibly containing strange images to excite the jaded fancies of boy-enjoying young hebes like the aforementioned playhouser.

Mobs of Crazed Benin Bush Bunnies Burn Up "Sorcerers," Problems Cease

Just kidding about that last part... "Mobs in the West African nation of Benin killed five suspected sorcerers over the past week whom they accused of making men's genitals disappear." Not only that, but "Three other people in Benin, suspected of abducting children and stealing motorcycles, have also been burned alive in the past week." Interesting that American Whites are supposed to unquestioningly accept the most peculiar, dangerous imported niggers of any variety -- diseased Somali "herdboys" and Sudanese Bin Laden sympathizers -- as "brothers and men," while, in enlightened Benin, "angry crowds regularly target foreigners, Nigerians and Congolese in particular." Even niggers don't like niggers. Don't look at us.

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