Behind Enemy Lines

by Mark Rivers

Apparently, Rupert Murdoch IS a Jew (on his mother's side, at least). So, any releases from 20th Century Fox, such as "Behind Enemy Lines," have that Jewish influence behind them, if nothing else.

The names of the producers, writers and director of "Behind Enemy Lines" don't sound very Jewish, except for co-producer Alex Blum. The movie's director, John Moore, is a former commercial director whose film debut is about as impressive as Michael Bay's entire career. Moore takes every opportunity to play with the camera and say, "Hey, look what we can do! Ain't this purty?" This includes the repeated slo-mo shots of rhinoplasty poster boy Owen Wilson running from explosions, and slo-mo shots of Gene Hackman walking toward a helicopter. A few scenes from "Top Gun" are ripped off, as are a couple of dialogue samples from "Crimson Tide."

In "Behind Enemy Lines," Owen Wilson is a Navy pilot who is thinking of quitting the service because it is too boring. One day, while on a recon mission, he defies his orders and crosses into the no-fly zone in Yugo-Serbosnia-Croatia or somewhere (the American public really doesn't care where the fighting is going on, as long as it doesn't impair their 24-hour access to TV and junk food). He is shot down, and has to run for the border to rendevous with his troops. Also, he has to retrieve a video disc that captured damning footage of civilian mass graves. The villains, you see, have been executing civilians for no good reason (hey, just like those despicable Germans, eh?). Our hero fights, shoots and runs, and finally makes it out of there alive, whereupon he decides to stay in the Navy, and Gene Hackman smiles and says, "I knew you'd come around, son." The end.

What I disliked the most about the movie was the presence of negroes (as if that should come as a surprise to anyone anymore). The token buck was a marine Captain who, as the leader of the rescue ops team, saves Owen Wilson at the end. The villains were Serbians and a White Admiral with a Spanish accent (I guess he was supposed to be Mexican, though he didn't look it).

Now, I haven't been keeping up with the Eastern European conflicts like I probably should be, but the movie portrays it as something like this: in that war-torn area, a group of White men is going from town to town, blowing things up and mass-murdering the innocents. They are being resisted by the humble villagers, who are made up of Arabs, Elvis impersonators, and young folks who just love rap "music." In fact, the twenty-something freedom fighter who assists Owen Wilson wears a T-shirt bearing the likeness of "Ice Cube," and says that he loves that particular negro, as well as "N.W.A" (Niggaz with Attitude) and "Public Enemy."

If you know anything about those three negro tap-dancing acts, you know that their lyrics are replete with anti-White sentiments, including subtle (and not-so-subtle) calls to their fellow apes to rise up and kill us for being the White devils that we are. Rather than list their anti-White lyrics here, I suggest you go to and check them out for yourself. Just be ready to see the word "motherfucker" a lot, and don't be surprised when the lyrics inform you that you, as a White person, are a devil, a cracker, a redneck, a racist, worthless scum and worthy of robbery, rape and murder for all of the slaveholding and oppression you, personally, have committed against our noble nubian brethren for the past 400 years or so.

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