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Relatives, Friends of WTC Victims Protest Bombing of Afghanistan

Most of them seem to be operating from the usual muzzy-headed grasp of what's really going on (one calls the policy of the U.S. 'isolationalist (!),' and references are made attributing 'hate' to 'nationalism'), but they do seem able to notice that there's something way out of kilter with the 'response' of the U.S. Probably the most salient aspect of these protests, however, is that they aren't getting much coverage from the U.S. media.

America's New What?

If a war is a conflict in which warrior fights warrior, this is no war -- it's a massacre of civilians and of warriors killed at a safe distance by video-game-like aircraft instrumentation. And it's looking more and more like the overature to Jew War III. The real motives of the U.S. are discernable if you pose the time-tested cui bono: a chance to get more direct control of oil fields, a way to make the world safer for 'Israel' -- and probably, in the end, allow its expansion into 'Greater Israel' (presently Arab-owned lands) -- but first and foremost, a quantum leap toward the One World Government Hymie and his gentile accomplices have been planning and plotting for over the last century.

Study Shows Death Penalty Deterrence

A really concise but comprehensive treatment of the topic here. Actually, deterrence operates in a much simpler but more profound way than the bean counters ever consider: the death penalty is a form of self-defense by a society, and it's also an unequivocal 'value judgment' than yes, there are certain acts which are so evil that whoever commits them loses any claim to a right to live. Any society which defaults on its obligation to protect its best citizens from its worst -- and anything short of the death penalty for truly heinous crimes is such a default -- is on the road to suicide.

Counting Human Genes

So far, it looks like the number is at least 70,000, but it may take years to be certain of the exact count.

The Occidental Quarterly

New online nationalist magazine, project of the Charles Martel Society, which seems to be a pre-Vatican II R.C. organization....for a bit of graphical humor, try the WCOTC Comedy Portal.

U.S. Bringing Terror and Death to Afghanistan People

Earlier in the day, a spokesman for the ruling militia told the Pakistan-based Afghan Islamic Press: "So far 160 bodies have been recovered, mostly women and children. This is not an exaggeration. More bodies are still being recovered." When the Day of the Rope arrives, will Bush and his controllers be ready to bite the dust?.... Defense 'experts' -- most of whom have never seen real combat -- are busy planning on how they'll put an end to Saddam....while the Propasphere editors at Frontline cut out critical parts of bin Laden's 1998 speech, thereby twisting its meaning 180°... Blatant scare-mongering over germ warfare, is the obvious mission Fox News performs for BigBro...See much of this sky-is-falling nonsense debunked here (scroll down to bottom under 'War').... Welcome to 1984, the 2001 version....

Senior German Official Calls 'Israel' a Terror-State

....which 'Israel' promptly illustrates....

Mossad Involvement in 911 -- Looks More and More Likely

....To fill in some of the blanks, read Hoffman....follow the money trail, and find evidence of pre-knowledge by the CIA (scroll down to list of articles) ....and Mossad operatives have apparently been caught in Mexico.

Secret Court Ready to Rip Away Rights

....the few we still have, that is....

New Cartoons

A new batch, just arrived. . .

Operation 911: NO SUICIDE PILOTS Update

Carol Valentine reports that she has received threats in response to her article and that police were involved in shutting down a supporter's Web site.

Networks Agree to Let Bush Dictate Their Bin Laden Coverage

Bushy doesn't want you hearing bin Laden's words unfiltered. So he and the networks made a "patriotic" deal to prevent you from hearing them. That's how the media work in a "free" country. No wonder the dimwits at "Free" Republic are confused.

NA on the March in Maryland

Kent Island, Bay City, etc.... We are everywhere! And we don't have AIDS!

Jewish War III

Prepare for body bags to come home. Most of the men will be White, since they are the keepers of the society. Under any other circumstances, you'd see daily racial slurs and jokes about the kind of men who volunteer to go fight for "freedom." But when there's trouble, the system depends on White men, as Kipling observed. Why do we take this crap? Let the Mexicans, Asians, blacks and others who are the inheritors of the country fight and die for it. If my people have no future here, why should I give a damn? Victory or Valhalla, says Omar (recent U.S. bombing killed his 10-year-old son). More here. And here. If the Jews are in favor of it, that makes it a Good War. Have you noticed that? It becomes one of those open-and-shut, black-and-white things Jews love to mock in any other circumstance. What special people Jews are. It's almost like they were chosen by god or something. VNN says, as always: No Jews. Just Right. Here the poll that shows 3/5 Americans, almost, can correctly link the attack to our support for Swindler Central. More attacks? Here Jew Soros lauds his familial deceptiveness and cunning. Al-Qaeda statement text. Libertarian classic here. Try again, little terrier! Invest in Viagra, VNN readers! Flagging wonk-wannabes like this will prop demand for years.

Izzy Delighted that Uncle Sam Will Make Her Enemy List His Own

We control America, as Jew Sharon said. Your day is coming, Israel. Sobran, the antidote to the yid-controlled stooges. "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." The old ad line is the official why of the new Good War. Watch the bube tube and prepare to take orders, lemmings! Laugh and be free, White man!


Feds want telcos to build them an impenetrable network.

Argentina Jew-Center-Bombing Trial

Jews don't believe in objective truth. If a lie works, that's good enough. No evidence? Proceed with the trial, maybe people will buy our claims anyway. Here on "hate" crimes.

DEA Targets Doctor and his Patients

The DEA is the twin of the ATF in every way that matters: a government which does not permit its citizens sovereignty over their own bodies is a dictatorship in all but name. The DEA has terrorized physicians for years, which has resulted in many a cancer patient's dying an agonizingly prolonged death. The fedgov lust for power over every aspect of your life knows no bounds. And -- as we predicted -- the WOD is working as a tag team with the WOT -- even to the point of coordination of mutually suppotive, twist-the-truth propaganda.

I Love White Folks Club on Yahoo

Check it out...

Burdi and Novacosm

From race to multikult. Go to right side of page and search "Burdi" under National Post search. Today, he works for his father's insurance company and scoffs at his fascist former friends. He lives near Etobicoke and practises a largely vegetarian diet. Novacosm's CD is coming out soon, and the band is starting to play gigs around Toronto. ... "There's no question in my mind that he's left the [neo-Nazi] movement," states Farber. "What Burdi hasn't done, however, is make amends -- he's never publicly recanted." On turncoat racist Lauder here.

Voz Editor Poisoned by Zionist Letter?

The yids hate Voz de Aztlan because it prints the truth about Hymie and his machinations in Los Angeles and elsewhere. One of them apparently sent a letter containing infectious material to Voz offices. On September 27, 2001 we received an e-mail with a message to shut down our website within 48 hours because of our anti-Zionist content or face the consequences. At first we dismissed the threat as another crackpot because we receive many run of the mill threats weekly. The next day, however, I personally received a second threat and this time the person gave my correct home address and said that he will be making a visit soon if we did not shut down our website. On September 29 the person with a e-mail address sent another e-mail saying that he knew every step I made and that he has been close to me already without my even knowing. A few days ago this same person sent a recent photograph of myself as an e-mail attachment in "gif" format taken with a telephoto lens. This last act led us to take this threat seriously and we have now met with the Whittier Police Department. A case file has been opened and Detective Rivera has been assigned to the investigation. Tomorrow, October 10, 2001 we will turn over the sealed "letter and envelope" we received on July 9, 2001 for a viral/bacterial analysis. Fight the real terrorists -- fight the Jews. Fight the real haters -- fight Israel. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. More on germ war here.

Obnoxious Canadian Yids Attack Concordia

What a loathsome race are the yids! Dishonest, malicious and criminally... ugly. The glass-jawed race of puler-rulers. Jews out. Earth for Whites. The deranged yids have filled Canada with the same third-world offal that pollutes America. More here. Now the border needs to be patrolled. Blame Israel! What a feculent race the Jews are. The Jews, truly, are our misfortune. Their presence is a curse. Here Rooster Liddy does his show from Israel! Yet another toe-the-line hero, standing up for What's Right. More Semitical Correctness here.

Anthrax Hoaxes in Germany

Letters with warning labels, but no spores found. Review of The Abolition of Britain here.


Humans have good and bad qualities, and they can be bred for, just as with other animals.

News Flash: Classical is for Smart Whites, Rap is for Niggers

Niggers eat grubs and beat on the White man's paint drum for "music." Niggers are apes. Site called "mediawhores" here.

Hippo Hate Crime in Mali!

They're huge, they eat heads of lettuce whole, and they hate niggers! Sign 'em up.

Giuliani Spurns Arab's $10 Million Contribution for WTC Aid

The donor violated Jew York City etiquette: "I believe the government of the United States should re-examine its policies in the Middle East and adopt a more balanced stance toward the Palestinian cause." Giuliani is every inch the fervid politician and pursues power -- to use a Hunter Thompson phrase -- like a rat in heat.... which makes him and his ilk deaf to the message: "Our Palestinian brethren continue to be slaughtered at the hands of Israelis while the world turns the other cheek."

The Coalition Trap

In its mad rush to fight and win a global war, the U.S. is making its usual Faustian bargains -- the same kind of agreements, promises, and bribery that made it the target of 'terrorists' to begin with. The fatal flaw in its logic: it can neither understand nor match the allegiance to non-profit ideals which makes a man willing to die for his people. This is because America is no longer a great people -- nor is it a people; rather it has become a polyglot hodge-podge of races and nationalities, a huge market, without unifying principles, without commonality of blood ties, without the sense of community with which racially/ethnically -based nation-states are inspirited. If the U.S. were a person rather than a nation, it would be a sociopath.

Bubonic Plague in Uganda

Africa -- Black Africa -- is now reverting back to its normal primordial condition.

The Primate Advantage

Humans and other primates have a genetic advantage which makes them less susceptible to cancer and fetal overgrowth; it also may make the cloning process easier for humans than for sheep and other non-primate mammals.

Sociobiology: Importance of Eye Contact felt right down to the neuron level.

Saudis Warned U.S. About Israeli Policy

Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia told Washington 10 days before the September 11 terror attacks that US policy towards the Arab-Israeli conflict had become untenable....Among other things, this means that Arab countries whom the U.S. has been buying off to keep a tight rein on their peoples' rage at 'Israel,' have started to find the deal they made 'untenable': the (righteous) hatred of the people for the tormentors of their fellow-Arabs has reached such a pitch that corrupt regimes like that in Saudi Arabia could be toppled. Since the U.S, has chosen the predictable course of suckpooping 'Israel,' America may find itself running from blaze to blaze, trying to keep the conflagration of anti-U.S./anti-Globalist hatred under control. Leave 'Israel' to its well-deserved fate! Better yet, take care of the whole problem by a simple change of targets for those bombing runs. . .

Jakarta Erupts in Anti-American Violence

They don't like fact, they hate our guts. Must be 'envy' of our (vanishing) freedom. . .

"Are They Crazy?"

As one of VNN's readers wrote, there must be loss of contact with reality to some degree for the fedgov to think that we can buy our way into the 'hearts and minds' of people whose nearest and dearest we've bombed into jelly, by mixing in food packets with the payloads we're dropping in Afghanistan. Only Joe Six-pack and his soccer mom spouse could swallow this kind of cold-blooded hypocrisy without gagging, and buy into war propaganda which is becoming daily ever more absurd. Americans, who cannot even locate the 'enemy' countries on a map (and probably not those of our 'allies,' either) cherish their God-given right to an opinion -- fresh from Hymie's smorgasboard of acceptable 'alternatives.'

White History: The Sarmat People

In the steppes near the Volga and Don rivers.... Sarmat warriors were massive, high (170 cm) and fair-haired with narrow faces and aquiline noses, some of them with a mongoloid touch....Herodotus's legend says that Sauromat people (the assumed predecessorsof Sarmat people) descended from horsewomen. The cunning Scythianes dispatched their best young warriors to them. The proud horsewomen gave birth to their children, but did not stay with the Scythianes and went away across the river Tanais (now the river Don).

Another WW2 Propaphere Morality Tale Bites the Dust

The story which turns out to be not quite as it was presented is the rule rather the exception for Allied propaganda, which demonized Hitler while canonizing his opponents. Probably the worst truth-twister was 'perfidious Albion,' with its cooked newsreel footage showing der Führer dancing a little jig at news of the fall of Paris, etc. Indeed, what Americans in particular 'know' about Hitler comes right out of Brit and OSS psych ops.

Movie Review: Joy Ride

There are two movies released in 2001 entitled Joy Ride. This is the one that did NOT come from Switzerland. It's actually pretty good, and it is officially the third recent movie I Mark Rivers

Click Here!

Between the Lines: Islam Vs. Judaized West -- a False Choice

VNN comments in blue on a Boston Globe article. We don't want Islamist theocracy OR Jewish pimping of our women. Semites out. We can make the best society for ourselves with Whites only, ourselves alone. White nationalists demand a Jew-free, colored-free space to work out our racial destiny.... by Andrei Kievsky

The "Culture of Critique" and the Study of History

A broadside against the Jewish academic establishment that killed the Aryan spirit of historical James Allen Knechtmann

NATO to patrol US coast

Another landmark on the road to the New World Order. . .

Canadian Dirt Charged with Inciting "Hate" Against Americans

Jews are the people who cause confusion. Jews are responsible for the Third World flooding Canada -- just like America. Jews are responsible for "hate" crimes legislation in Canada, again just like America. Now they use their bogus laws to attack one of their tools for departing from the party line regarding the WTC attack -- which, again, Jews are responsible for. "If you point to the factual record of U.S. foreign policy, you are now accused of spreading hate," she said. "It is really unbelievable." Here Jew judge allows feds to bust rogue radio station, seize its equipment. Only the Jewish message is suitable for airing. Here on the unmanning of Britain. Here Canadian White teen gets four months in jail for cross burning.

Israel, Our Enemy

Even freepers can see it... Not looking good, eh, zionists? Here one Christian perspective on Israel.

Landser Busted in Berlin

Police arrested the entire line-up of a skinhead rock band at the weekend, following an investigation into the group's racist and anti-Semitic repertoire and other alleged crimes. Singing criticism of Jews is a "crime" in our brave new ZOG. Fifteen-month investigation and police break-ins at 22 "flats." Europe is completely controlled by Jews, and that is as evident from the tone of the reporting as the risible intrusions described. Here on Italian nationalist music. Discussion of movement problems here. Here are the violent rap lyrics that are never banned anywhere.

Bound for Glory Flash Music Videos

The latest weapon in Bound for Glory's multimedia assault on the musical establishment, BFG TV presents several of the band's classic cuts in video form.

Chimps Battle Humans in Zimbabwe

Another bloodless article by the White-bashing Jew-fags at New York Times. Remember the pictures of the dogs and hoses down South back in the '60s? Check out the picture they use here; why its the whitebreadiest suburban shot you ever saw. The jewfags don't want you to see the pictures of bloody decapitations their reporting did much to bring about, even as they sit on Wichita-style hush crimes here in the U.S. Jew-fags are like that.

Seeping Sewage

Cut invaders, not rights, says Roberts...

Supreme Court Throws Out Anti-Gun Suit

A day late and a dollar short for Smith & Wesson, though, which bent down and grabbed its ankles and even helped the feds do their dirty work, rather than fight for its own and its customers' right to bear arms. . .

England and Germany Swoop Down on 'Terrorist' Websites

And what's a 'terrorist' Website? Anything you want it to be. . .

NA on the Prowl in Minnesota

Report refers to flier distributors as "perpetrators." If you call, a cop will come and collect them. Neat. Does that work for junk newspapers thrown on your lawn? Do the cops do waste disposal for any other group but the Jews? Here the mysterious "H. Millard" writes about the recent NA activity in Massachusetts.

Brave New World: Brainwave Monitoring?

Your thoughts and thumbprints belong to them. On Jew-controlled Free Republic here. Self-important and cowardly and Semitically Correct and über-ludicrous at once. Jim Rob's just sure that ol' Osama's out there tapping his Palm Pilot to download military secrets from FR. Here on new Office of Homeland Security. Could any more un-American name be imagined? It sounds like badly translated German. Here Jew pules to shut down the First Amendment. You can bet his data were supplied by one of the professional Jewish hate groups.

Ostrovsky's Opinion

This is the ex-Mossad agent who wrote By Way of Deception, a must-read for those who wish to understand Israel's real attitude toward the U.S. Mossad's motto: "By way of deception, thou shalt do war." Classic yid flip here. Here on Jew Sharon and his crimes.

Over There

Good Fisk column at title... Here Blair gives interview to Arab TV station Al-Jazeera. Here on European and other countries and their military commitments to our war. Here on bin Laden's video. Here Syria celebrates 'victory' over Israel. If Jews are so wonderful, how come everybody despises them? Phase one was the bombing; next up ground troops and phase two. Typical result of "doing good" here. Excellent Jewish photo selection here, if one's intent is to demonize Arabs. Long analysis here. Text of bin Laden's speech here.

Wiesenthal Retires at 92

Who says hate'll kill you....judging by the Chosenite's Hate champ, it might be the key to longevity. . .

Balancing Foxman and an Apple-Mouthed Pig

Here, Jewish hate-group leader Foxman clues us in on the consequences of supporting Israel. "Until now, we had largely escaped the brand of radical, hate-filled terrorism that has challenged Israel since its founding. Its arrival here will have consequences for all Americans." 6000 dead so far. Thanks, Jews. Note that the canting yid yawps for freedom out of one side of his twisted yiddish mouth, while out the other pour feculent, halitotic, dare I say lunatic ravings about the feds being "hamstrung" in investigating Jew-critical groups. As Edmund Burke said, but never bothered to reduce to print, All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. What are you doing, White man? Most agree: let's rethink support for Israel. Let's take it a step further and rethink Israel altogether.

Anthrax Exposure #3

America needs a good delousing. Jews and discoloreds -- 'raus. More here.

The Pimpernel May Have Been Scarlet, But He Was Definitely a Jew

He's here, he's there, he's everywhere! That damned elusive Pimpernelowitz! Classic Jewish all-sides-at-once chaos-spreading. First, they take over our government and media to insure support for Israel. Second, they rip down our immigration barriers to flood the country with dirts. Then they cleverly shift the focus on the cause of terrorism from themselves to Arabs. Here they demand that nothing meaningful be done about the situation. Jews played this cruel "toss-cockroaches into-your-clean-kitchen-and-then-ban-insecticide" game when they turned the niggers loose on us, too, remember? Sometimes we at VNN think that Yids do this just for fun. Are Jews like that? Indeed they are...

Every Yid a Survivor...

On the front lines, they are, with pencil, pad, probing look! In the wake of the World Trade Center attacks, "New York's psychotherapy community has been drafted en masse to deal with these traumas!" Endless suffering, which only Jews can fathom, assuage, bill for. "A daughter of Holocaust survivors whose childhood was plagued by nightmares is once again dreaming of dark basements and the thud of combat boots." We'll sue!

Tapeworm Israel

Here Jews, clinging desperately to our leg, beg for their $5 billion per year. "The truth is that America and Israel are allies, not because of some cabal of Jewish lobbyists, but because their two peoples demand it." Huh? "America and Israel share a deep community of values," insists our destructive, alien parasite. The New White Media are making a difference, though. Despite a complete blackout from conventional, Jew-controlled sources, there is still "finger-pointing in the wake of the September 11 terror attacks, seeking to blame the atrocities on America's supposedly misguided support for Israel...there's enough of it to be worrying." Israel is a tapeworm. Time to expel it.

Know Your Enemy, #342

Take a good look at the face of your mortal enemy, White man. Here, a Jew named Mock, on her way up the "hate" career ladder from B'nai B'rith to become "executive director of the Toronto-based Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF). Her three-year appointment was announced by the office of Hedy Fry, Canada's "multiculturalism minister," who became famous for announcing nonexistent "burning KKK crosses" on the lawns of Prince George, B.C. Even Jews called then for the ridiculous Fry to be sacked; this Mock appointment may be intended to smooth ruffled Yiddish feathers. Mock feels that "if there's a group that's determined to kill you, I don't think that you sit down and dialogue. It has gone beyond that." We at VNN couldn't agree more, Karen.

Ukrainians Down Flight?

Fifty-one Israelis now swindling in Gehenna. Let's see that still leaves the yids ahead by seven million minus fifty-one. The murderous yids have a looooong head start, we'd say. In any case, it's fun to see Jews furiously pissed off for a change, reacting instead of instigating, railing against Ukranian Army, which may have shot down a planeload of God's Chosen People by accident. "A contradictory combination of corruption, negligence, inferior equipment and lack of credibility...characterizes the Ukrainian army...[which] has the complex problem of reporting the truth in the field to the command level." Yow! "Despite the inferior state of the Ukrainian army, it has the ability and the tools to hit a plane by accident." Not nearly as bad as Israel intentionally committing an hours-long assault on its American "ally's" ship, just to see how much it could get away with. Remember the Liberty...

The International Jew

Read the whole book online.... Here the Jew filth up to its old tricks, crying about David Duke email circulated by Arab club. No one anywhere at any time should be allowed to do anything Jews disapprove of. Here a yidcon whines in National Review about Oprah being insufficiently disrespectful toward Islam. All the yid multiculturalism flies right out the windows. No Jews. Just Right. The future is ours, White man. Here comments on Protocols.

Yids Flee NYC for Tel Aviv After Bombing

Jews are not a normal nation. Toppling the Taliban not that easy. Confused wackiness in the D.C. metro here. Prison for Sudanese sewermen beater. This psyops WTC site might interest. No Hitler sign on lawn. Here on American concentration camps. Here a suitable-for-framing photo of the head of a suicide bomber. Die young and leave a good looking kopf, as they say... Send your English wife to a wog doc, and this might be the result. Time for Judaism and zionism to separate. Is that possible? O.J. in court again. Here on Mumia and real racism in America. No Iraq til you eat your Afghanistan, Bushy tells Jew Wolfowitz.

Gov't Doesn't Make You Safe, Gov't Makes Jews Safe

Canadian yids earnestly try to convince us that the World Trade Center was destroyed because Americans have too many satellite dishes, cheeseburgers, Glade Plug-Ins. "If people in the western world live better, enjoy life more and are generally more successful, jealousy takes over and scapegoating begins." Nothing to do with Israel, that's for sure... Here's a page with info on "mass layoffs."

Burger King Offers Fillet of Sole

Diversity training mishap, if that isn't redundant. The New Moronicism, courtesy of the Jews. If people can be brainwashed into believing that "diversity is our greatest strength," they can be brainwashed into believing anything.

Shoot-to-Kill for 'Omega' NYC Cops

Insane clown posse, coming soon to guard a mosque or synagogue near you. Hide your brooms... Here on an odd hijack attempt in New Mexico.

Media: Channel One

If your kids are in public school, they may be forced to watch this stuff. Check out this list of song titles radio giant Clear Channel considers questionable in the wake of the WTC bombing. From Sinatra's ditty about New York to Red Hot Chili Peppers' Aeroplane to AC/DC's entire playlist. What about War Pigs, which one of our writers recently requested? Nope. That's banned too.

Media Jews: Schmuel Gelbfisz

Cash register for a heart... More on Goldwyn here.

Archaeology: Nip Dirt-Digger Comes Clean

Fabricated 42 finds...

The Costs of Multiculturalism

Coloreds get trauma care, Whites get the Derek Powling

Movie Review: Hearts in Atlantis

Neither hearts nor Atlantis appear in this film. We just get to see Anthony Hopkins playing a lobotomized Hannibal Lecter for 100 minutes. Yippee.... by Mark Rivers

Movie Review: Zoolander

Jew Ben Stiller made a movie about a dumb White guy. Jews are becoming very, very skilled at that sort of Mark Rivers

Rosenberg Speech Translation: Battle Between Creation and Destruction

Theoretician Alfred Rosenberg lays out the nationalists' case in depth in this 1937 speech....translated by Allen Knechtmann

Afghans Count Dead and Vow to Resist

As has become S.O.P., U.S. pilots -- whom the media no doubt will call 'heroes' -- are dealing out death-from-a-(safe)distance while Afghanistan refuses to hand over bin Laden: The Taliban have persistently refused to surrender Bin Laden saying he is a guest and the United States has not provided any evidence against him....of course, the Propasphere's happily reporting 90% approval from the sheeple....but hatred for the U.S. and its puppet-master 'Israel' is growing around the world: an angry mob gave a Brit-staffed U.N. office a well-deserved burning in Pakistan, where the U.S. has pressured the governent to support the war -- and where, as in Indonesia, a government which has given in to Uncle Sugar's arm-twisting may find itself out of power unless it breaks with Tel Aviv West. Whether the protests are in the small Moslem state of Kashmir, or from the more tactful Lebanon, everyone sees the truth of the matter: the U.S. is playing the role of henchman for Hymie. Anger against the U.S. and whichever corrupt governments are supporting it will probably topple some of those regimes.

Full Text of Bin Laden's Statement

What the United States tastes today is a very small thing compared to what we have tasted for tens of years....But if the sword falls on the United States after 80 years, hypocrisy raises its head lamenting the deaths of these killers who tampered with the blood, honour, and holy places of the Muslims.... The least that one can describe these people is that they are morally depraved. They champion falsehood, support the butcher against the victim, the oppressor against the innocent child....

White House Fingers Internet as Bin Laden Command Post

See, that's what you get when you allow an open and free Internet.... No doubt something will have to be done about that....

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