Joy Ride

by Mark Rivers

John Dahl directed Joy Ride, and it was written by Clay Tarver and Jeffrey Abrams. Are they Jews? I don't know. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't. I didn't look them up this time, but you feel free to do so if you like. Just remember, even the hated goyim are allowed to make movies that fit the Jews' agenda.

But not every movie has a strong racial message, and, even if it puts money in the Jews' pockets, I would rather the White folks of the world saw Joy Ride than, say, Hardball, in which Keanu Reeves plays Walter Matthau to a bunch of little league niglets.

Believe it or not, I recommend Joy Ride. The negro count is low, and there is little in the way of making Whites look bad. The small amount of Jew propaganda in the movie is compensated by the fact that it is a fairly suspenseful thriller. True, the "Psycho-Stalks-And-Chases-Our-Heroes" theme has been used consistently throughout the last three decades (one similar movie that comes to my mind immediately is 1986's The Hitcher), but Joy Ride has a few twists here and there to keep us guessing.

Negroes are practically non-existent in Joy Ride, which of course is my favorite feature of any movie. Joy Ride stars Paul Walker as Lewis Thomas, a poor but honest college student at Berkeley who is enamored with childhood gal-pal Venna (Leelee Sobieski). He cashes in his plane ticket back to New Jersey just so he can buy a used junker and drive back, picking her up in Boulder on the way.

Lewis finds out that his wayward older brother, Fuller (Steve Zahn), is in jail in Salt Lake City, so he swings by there to pick him up. On a whim, Fuller gets a CB radio installed in the car, and decides to start playing around on it. The brothers run across a lonely trucker who calls himself "Rusty Nail" (voice of Ted Levine), and Fuller cajoles Lewis into impersonating a woman. Calling himself "Candy Cane," Lewis leads the trucker on until they drive out of range of each other. The brothers have a good laugh and forget all about it.

That night, while Fuller checks them into a motel, Lewis sits in the car, where he hears the creepy voice calling for his lost love. "Candy Caaaane...." Meanwhile, Fuller encounters a RACIST (Aiee!) at the front desk. The racist makes unkind remarks to the dot-head desk clerk, thereby establishing him as a bad guy. Lewis tells Fuller that Rusty Nail is still out there, and Fuller suggests that they, under the guise of Candy Cane, send him to the racist's room, where they hope the two will get in a fight, and maybe the racist will get his butt kicked.

Well, if you've seen the trailer for Joy Ride, you know that things go awry from there. Rather than spoiling the whole movie, though, I'll suggest that you go see it yourself. Other than establishing a "racist" as a guy who deserves to get beat up, Joy Ride has no racial messages. In fact, the only negroes are a California car salesman, a motel guest and a cop, all of whom take up less than ten seconds of screen time, and contribute nothing to the progress of the film (just like in real life). There are no Mexicans, featherheads, fags or other undesirables clogging up the scenery (the movie takes place mostly in Nebraska and Wyoming).

Joy Ride is probably putting money in the pockets of some Jews somewhere, so you might not see it on that score alone. But, since it is one of the few movies out there these days that is not negro-themed, it is one of the "lesser evils" that White people can choose over upcoming movies like Black Knight (the trailer for which was shown at Joy Ride, and marred an otherwise pleasant moviegoing experience). Black Knight is about a negro (Martin Lawrence) who travels back to medieval times, says "Yo, honky mo-fos, shee-it, Ah's goan gits a White woman, you know whum sayin, hyuk hyuk, let's dance!"

Remember, though...simply going to reduced-negro movies is not going to change the Jews' agenda. Eventually, all movies will be like Black Knight, and the White American zombie majority will shuffle right along with it. A couple of generations later, there will be no more White Americans; only semi-coherent, drooling mongrels swinging from chandeliers and running amok as the jungle vines creep in and take over what was once a flourishing White man's world.

This is what the Jews want, and we are not going to let them get away with it. Join the National Alliance.


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