The Costs of Multiculturalism

by Derek Powling

"Diversity is our strength!" cry the Jew media, the mud people, and racially ignorant Whites. Lemmings find diversity just sooo cool. They find it so cool that they ignore the costs involved.

They ignore violent crime, property crime, teenaged pregnancy, drug use, government handouts, worthless schools, and the degeneration of White society so they can go on pretending how cool it is. If you are not familiar with the sheer costs of violent crime committed against Whites by the mud people, please go to and click on the heading "Violent Crimes Against Whites." Also consider how the 911 bombings could have been committed without sand niggers freely going about in our society.

In this article I want to focus on just one of many costs -- medicine in the U.S. Actually, the costs are too high to comprehend. Drug overdoses, emergency room visits for routine care, nonpaying patients, uninsured patients, and many other related costs add up to far too high a number to comprehend. To simplify, I'll just focus on trauma. The economic burden of trauma on this country is over 100 billion dollars annually. Over 150,000 deaths occur due to trauma each year. Trauma causes more deaths among children than all diseases combined. (See references below.)

Go to a trauma center in a large Northern city. You will see Black after Black stabbed, shot, or smashed up from drugs or drinking. Whites pay the tab for these hijinks, both directly as physical victims of colored perps and indirectly as check picker-uppers.

Go to a trauma center in the Southwest. You will see Mexican after Mexican shot, stabbed, or smashed up from drugs or drink. Again, Whites come under both personal and pocketbook assault.

Think I am just using stereotypes? Then guess again, because I am a physician. The first gunshot wound I saw, a Black. The first stabbing, a Mexican. The last gunshot wound I saw, just a few hours ago, a Mexican. And in between.... Well, I do not recall a single White gunshot wound. The last stab wound I saw, a Mexican. Motor vehicle traumas, off the top of my head... Mexican, Mexican, Black, Black, Mexican, Mexican, Black, Black, Black, White, White, White, Mexican, Mexican, Black. Other White, the rest Blacks and Mexicans. Same goes for children; of the ones I've seen the past few months, hardly a White among them.

White society must be to blame. Since all races act exactly the same, we must be perpetrating some obscene plan to get them all shot, stabbed, and in accidents.

We Whites are not perfect. Plenty of White people use drugs, drink and drive, and engage in criminal behavior. But why, if where I have worked Whites make up the majority of the population, do I recall seeing so few of them in the trauma bay? Is it possible that Whites act differently and conduct themselves differently as a whole? The reason must be that Whites are not "socioeconomically oppressed." But wait, the majority of people living below the poverty level are White. What can the reason possibly be?

That's O.K. White American, it's only one-hundred-billion dollars. Don't bother thinking about it for another minute. Refuse to wake up, continue chanting "Diversity is our strength," remember that "ignorance is strength," take some soma, and turn your TV back on.


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