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Poll: Many Americans Do Realize Israel is Source of Our Problems

Not quite the way MSNBC puts it... Here on special security measures being taken, especially in Hollywood. Here Arafat calls for help against Israeli terrorism. Here Jewess Schluessel says Arab-Americans aren't loyal patriots. Takes one to know one, Jew bitch. And the rags you despise wouldn't be here in the first place, save yid-devised immigration policies. Here Jew Feder attacks Powell. There is only ONE THING Jews care about: "Is it good for Jews?" Here you can read Hitchens and Chomsky go at it.

Israel's Bloody, Bloody Hands: Sharon

Most of the ruling elite in "Israel' have 'made their bones' just the way Sharon did -- by acts that exceed in craftiness and cruelty the 'terrorism' which has arisen to fight them.

FBI Involved in Investigating Anthrax Cases

First it was just the one it's two (patient #1 is now dead). The thing is, anthrax is so rare that the last human case in the U.S. was 25 years ago. . .

U.N. Plane Shot Down over (Russian) Georgia

Chances are there'll be more and more stories like this in the days ahead.


Of course American support for Israel has cost this country dearly. Any fool can see that, though in some quarters only a fool would say it out loud. Here Limbaugh announces he has gone deaf.

Was Hitler An Impotent Fag?

More agitprop from the tee-hee crowd...

Media: How It Demonizes the State's Enemy in a Democracy

Guardian analysis...

'Asylum-Seekers' Throw Their Children Off Ship to Drown Unless Whitey Rescues Them

As one reader remarked, this is Camp of the Saints Aussie style: these turd-worlders must have been taking emotional blackmail lessons from Hymie, who used almost the same ploy to get taken ashore in Palestine after WW2. Let's hope that Australian Prime Minister John Howard hangs tough.

Jews Work to Make U.S. Keep Syria Out of U.N. Security Council

Leaving aside for the moment the NWO nature and agenda of the U.N., and the fact that a sane White Society would neither belong to it nor let it headquarter itself on its soil, the one good thing that can be said about it is that it provides a sort of world theater where the machinations and string-pulling by which 'Israel' controls U.S. foreign policy are unmistakably obvious: Syria is running unopposed for an Asian seat on the council in Monday's election. Its candidacy has evoked only a smattering of criticism, mainly from Israel and U.S. Jewish organizations. Rep. Eliot L. Engel, a New York Democrat, collected congressional signatures Friday on a letter to President George W. Bush which said allowing Syria's council membership after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks would send "precisely the wrong signal to the international community."....Notice how policy discussions of any sort these days always incorporate some reference to "sending a message" ? That's the Jewish, talmudic mind set, where every move has several layers of interpretation and innuendo, the only constant being the hint of coercion just around the corner.

Update/Corrections: Operation 911: NO SUICIDE PILOTS

We've replaced the original article with Carol Valentine's updated and corrected version.

A Report from the Academic Gulag

Somebody is spying on a budding nationalist academic. No worries.... by Paul Fallavollita

Pro-Germans March in Berlin

Several hundred NPD supporters participated...

D.C. Fireniggers Steal Equipment from Pentagon

These are only allegations, of course. Of course.

Fliers in Roxbury, "Hate" "Experts" "Called In"...

What is "hate"? What is an "expert" on "hate"? What do you "call in" someone to do about passed out pieces of paper? Jews believe they are beyond criticism, that's all you need to know. But they aren't, as they discover every day at Kind of sucks, doesn't it, Hymie! The Jew is your enemy, White man. He knows it. Do you?

A Parable for Bush II

Apt... Here an AP vehicle is shot by Izzies. Yids celebrate WTC. Jews are a racial crime syndicate. The only thing they care about -- "Is it good for Jews?" Their Talmud tells them that non-Jews are animals and fit only to serve Jews and then be murdered. Negroes getting off the reservation. Not everybody wants Israel's to-do list. We pay them AND we do their dirty work? How long are we supposed to carry Hebe Central? Reese here on problems to expect among the Pathans.

EU Uses Terror Excuse, Too

Evans-Pritchard on "twin-headed Europol"...

Washington to Wolfowitz: Wolfie Wants Military Used Domestically

Gentile Washington: Stay out of entangling alliances. Jew Wolfowitz: Here's a list of Israel's enemies -- sic 'em boy! I'll be over here in the corner sipping taxpayer-funded champagne. NO BLOOD FOR ISRAEL! Any threat to Israelis, in Swindler Central or on the op-ed page, must be rooted out and destroyed on your dime. The Jew is your enemy, White man.

Media: Still More on Coulter Imbroglio

Yids and their tools, at war. But agreed on the big points. Here Jew Kurtz, the media critic at the WP, chips in.

Boy Suspended for Showing WTC Drawing and Grinning

Psychology combines the two elements these social engineering NEA types love most : a way to feel power over the very soul of their charges, and the power to indoctrinate.... "How a child handles that drawing could be just as important (as the drawing itself)," Helt said. "Some drawings can be therapeutic and others can be offensive."

Brit Dies in Florida After Contracting Anthrax in States -- U.S. Press Stays Mum

Don't want to cause a panic about germ warfare, right?... Even though the fedgov and media both have been telling us that we may have to get used to the idea of giving up 'some' freedoms to save ourselves from any number of Doomday scenarios. . .

Schindler Widow Dies in Poverty While Jews Mint Money from Her Story

Just Jews being Jews. . .

White History: The Scone Stone

Symbol of Scotland's spirit and history. . .

A Mossad Op?: Operation 911: No Suicide Pilots

The Waco Holocaust Museum's Carol Valentine -- one hell of an investigative reporter -- and one who's got Hymie's number -- makes a plausible, even convincing, case for the Mossad's Carol Valentine

Bullet Holes Found in Downed 'Russian' Plane, Says Salvage Captain

As the original news story about this chartered Russian airliner making monthly flights from Tel Aviv to Siberia (isn't there something just a little strange about this??) mentions, about 76 Chosenites bit the dust when the plane exploded, then exploded again as it hit the Black Sea, under whose 300-foot depth it now presumably is resting. Speculation is rife about the possibility of a 'terrorist' attack (because of its precious cargo of God's Pets) or a mishap (along the lines of Flight 800?) from military missle exercises in the Ukraine.

The Jews Control America -- But Not Completely

Time is not on their side. The future is ours.

Jew Publishing Houses Won't Touch Bukovsky Book on How USSR Used Western Journalists

You don't say...

Palestinians Respond to Continued Israeli Attacks

That's not what the headline of the title link story says, but it's what the story's substance tells you. We at VNN are beginning to sense that the situation -- in terms of the Propasphere -- may be starting to slip out of Hymie's control.

Hitler's Air Force Adjutant's Book Out

Below remained an unrepentant, unreformed, unregenerate nationalist to his death. He didn't flip sides like the yehudes in East Germany did when democracy became all the rage.

The Jew Problem Abroad

Just like we can't blame blacks -- racism -- we can't blame Jews -- anti-Semitism. So our search for explanations begins and ends with their enemies. And Jews have the media power to impose this framework. Except at VNN. Thank you to everybody who has supported us, we appreciate your gifts and your trust. We hear the VG media people are overwhelmed by your response. Again, this is greatly appreciated. VG deserves to keep being hammered and keep having funds withdrawn until they take their hand out of the cookie jar. Here's an interesting weblog by a guy who had an epiphany about Swindler Central. More reasons the U.S. is hated abroad and attacked at home.

Vanguard Group CEO Brennan Speaks to CFR

Member?... John Brennan's a member of the deracinated White elite. His type, in partnership with the Jew, is responsible for the destruction of our country. Here VG offers "socially responsible" fund. Freedom of speech is socially irresponsible in the NWO. More on Brennan here. And here a picture of Vanguard Group headquarters. Company overview here. Second biggest mutual fund company in the country. And it has to pick on little ol' VNN. Now what do you suppose 'tis that agitates Herr Brennan so about our venture in alternative media?

Britain: "Freedom from Hate"

What is "hate"? Why, it's anything that Jews don't like. Your opinion, for example. Facts, for another.

Bush Rebuffs Sharon for Typical Chosenite Behavior

We think there was a little bit more behind Bush's icy rebuke than a response to the usual rhetoric of victimization reported in the title link; we think that Sharon's outburst the other day about the U.S. being under Israel's firm control just might have had something to do with it. Could Bush be growing a pair? Don't count on it.

Ebola-Like Fever Breaks Out on Afghan-Paki Border

Who knows from which source the Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever emanated?...

Media: L'Affaire Pufferfisch Continua

Oy! The yumanity... Liars and publicity-seeking check-chasers, they're. Note the weird way in which Jew Golberg equates declaring jihad against Islam with being Politically Incorrect. They get you coming and going, these Jews. Conservatism is pureed hash when they're done with it, just another Jewish hotdog stand. Pudge does a good job in making the lanky, dyed Coulter come off the lying publicity hound. How pitiful the right has become. It used to have quality magazines that printed reflective articles. Now it's completely yiddized inside-politics bilge unfit for human consumption. Here CNN alters quotation. In reporting, the more precise the better, one would think -- but not if reporting on coloreds and their malfeasances.

Bus Nut

They're coming out of the woodwork. What next? Low-budget, low-altitude hijacker, Croatian copycat with a box cutter -- an alien here illegally on an expired visa -- slashes bus driver's throat, seizes wheel, overturns bus. Now bus passengers will be delayed, searched, frisked, metal-detectored, airport-style. This is the uncontrolled-immigration "open society" yids insist we'll have to get used to. Thanks, Jews.

Drug War Unaffected by 'War on Terrorism'

We didn't think it would be: the two wars, like Kipling's Colonel's Lady and Rosie O'Grady, are sisters under the skin; both are ways that Big Brother can exploit to slip his tentacles right into your life and around your neck. So the fedgov hasn't cut one cent from the WOD budget in favor of the WOT budget....Taxpayer money includes the 2 million plus handed over to serial perjurer super-snitch whose crimes the DEA for the the views of Bush's nominee for drug war 'czar' (no one in the fedgov should be a 'czar,' and definitely not someone executing a war on what is none of the fedgov's business)....Good, de-demonizing article about opium and its derivatives here.


Pictures of bombed towers here and there...

Nationalists on the Prowl in Houston

Pro-Whites fight yiddish lies... Good job, boys.

Taylor Criticizes Israel

Good column... Does President Bush really imagine Osama bin Laden saying to his men: "Those Americans are just too damn free; they've got too much opportunity. Let's kill as many as we can"? The idea is absurd. Islamic militants have a grudge against us because of our attacks on Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, and the Sudan. But the main reason they hate us and want to kill us is that we support Israel. Can anyone deny that if we were not Israel's enthusiastic backer those thousands of Americans would still be alive? Here Suckpoop Joe keeps sucking like there's no tomorrow: Israel First, Last and Always!

America -- the New Israel?

Not the least bit shy, are they? Congenitally maneuvering for advantage in the most horrible situations, Jews welcome the WTC carnage. Damning article that leaves no doubt whatsoever that Israel intends to drag us forever through its neverending mess, clinging, whining, begging for money, and making our lives hell. "Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, said that while some Americans will blame the strong U.S.-Israel relationship for the disaster, history suggests that the nation will reject that argument." Abe knows a sucker when he sees one. "David Harris, executive director of the American Jewish Committee, said an even bigger challenge will be preparing the American people for 'certain changes in our way of life...the Israel experience teaches that the fight against terrorism demands changes to everyday life -- changes that will certainly be inconvenient and may run afoul of the personal freedom Americans have come to expect as their birthright." "'The terror will bring Israel and the United States closer together... it will bring home to people the reality of what Israel has been living with on a day-to-day basis -- at a very high price,' said Foxman." AMERICA IS NOT "THE NEW ISRAEL." THIS ISN'T YOUR BATTLE, WHITE MAN.

More on Doug Collins, Deceased

In 1999, Collins became the first person found to have violated B.C.'s anti-hate laws. A tribunal ruled that his columns in the North Shore News were likely to expose Jewish people to hatred or contempt. Jewish actions and behaviors are the real source of their problems.

Click Here!

Multikult and Terrorism

Not the problem, the solution! Whodathunkit?

Brit Banks to 'Know Your Customer' Their Depositors, Too

It's all part of the 'War on Terrorism' -- the NWO/ZOG's newest ploy to ratchet up the control of its citizens a few more notches. And the discovery of a new basic 'human right' is part of the recipe: He [Home Secretary Blunkett] said that because "one of the most basic freedoms of all" was "freedom from hate", UK law was currently not providing sufficient protection to victims of religious hatred....and apparently the hostile reaction of British subjects to the proposed national I.D. card, which made the government retract its tentacle temporarily, hasn't fazed Blunkett: Mr Blunkett also told BBC Radio 4's World at One that suggestions he had decided to rule out introducing identity cards to the UK were wrong.... "On 14 September, I said 'We're thinking about it, we're going to think about it at length, it's not an immediate response to the attacks on the World Trade Center, it's much more about citizenship and entitlements and that position holds."

Mexcrement Named 'Poot' Gets $700,000 from Oregon Hospital

All too typical. Go back to Mexico, sewage. America is for Whites only.

Media: The Growth of Asian Media

Read what is said here and think about it, and substitute 'White' for Asian. Observe yet again how openly other races may discuss their interests, whereas Jews prevent us the very acknowledgement that Whites have interests. Here interesting facts on Workout tips for Whites here.

Jew Sharon Brags: We Control America!

Palestinian report on Izzy cabinet debate... Here on the origins of the struggle for Palestine. Here's what Israel costs us.

The Worst Defense is a Defense

...which is the reason why some of the pro-Whites brought to trial for clearly political offenses have lost. The title link analyses three pro-Whites faced with prosecution for their racialism: two lost and one was victorious. The same principle holds in the courtroom that's valid in the general political arena: once you've taken an apologetic, we're-not-racists stance, you've lost already because you've tacitly embraced the enemy's values.

'Homeland Security' Being Used to Shut Down Three Web Sites

It hasn't taken them long, has it?...., the web site which archives all Radio Free Eireann broadcasts, has been taken down because the web service provider was threatened with seizure of their assets if they continued to host "terrorist" radio programs. Travis E. Towle, the Founder and CEO of Cosmic Entertainment Company, which put up IRARADIO.COM, was told by their internet service provider, Hypervine, that they had been "strongly advised" to take the web site down.

MALDEF Files Suit over Redistricting

MALDEF -- that's the Hispanic snivel rights groups that's received the kosher seal of approval -- is whining that current Congressional district maps are drawn to keep Whites in office. Even if that were true -- and we doubt it -- the beaners are breeding faster than roaches, so any alleged White advantage is going to have a short shelf life.

Bush Backs Palestinian State

Sounds great, right? But if Bush continues to pump billions each year into Yid-rael and just gives lip service to the idea of a Pal state, then what will have really changed?

Indonesians Threaten to 'Sweep' Any Americans They Find

The Indonesian government is trying to keep the lid on the rising anti-American feeling which has been percolating since the announcement by the U.S. of the plan to invade Afghanistan, but the situation's volatile.

Anti-Racism Council Successfully Sued for...Racism!

We love these stories, and not simply because we like to see these smug self-righteous busy-bodies hoist on their own petard; we think this kind of balls-up illustrates that these groups are working against the grain of human nature with all the single-minded determination of an idiot trying to force square pegs into round holes.

Why Men Are Taller

One of the genes which can contribute to height is located on the Y (male sex-determining) chromosome.

Wolves, Coyotes, Foxes, and Dogs

An Derek Powling

America 2001: A Day Among the Self-Liquidating Elite

America's egalitarian overclass is corrupt and confused, and it's up to quick-breeding, quick-thinking White Racial Loyalists to finish it Andrei Kievsky

Upping the Ante

The stiff resistance we face is directly proportional to the degree that we are perceived as a Andrei Kievsky

The Jews Are To Blame!

An original translation of a Goebbels speech from late 1941. The Jews must be separated from the German national community, because they endanger our national unity. Exactly as they have endangered American unity by pressuring for the reversal of our immigration laws, so that we are flooded with Third Allen Knechtmann

Zimbabwe: Judge Approves Chimp Farm Seizures

Rule of law? Nope. Law of the jungle. That's what happens when we play pretend with chimps.

Jews on Freedom

They're against it. Here their latest whine against the Catholics. Here a long article on Islam. Here ZOG steals $80,000 from gook, never charges him with any crime. Here in Britain, Home Secretary wants further restrictions on White speech. Campus blowback for the Jews, here. They trained Whites to hate America in the sixties; now that Israel's threatened, we're supposed to turn back to loving it on a dime. They do that with morality too, have you noticed? It's dirty tricks for them, and traditional morality for you. One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else. The Jew is your enemy, White man. Here Jew Straw argues for restrictions in Britain. Here teachers are warned to combat racism.

Israel Won't Make It

Who wants to live there? Just a bunch of swindlers and terrorists. Not worth defending, it's. Jew Weinberger advocates war on Iraq. Cui bono? Latest Sobran. ... President Bush, threatening to "eradicate" terrorism, is rather like a socialist central planner threatening to eradicate a black market.

Oregon Report Says Skins Capitalize on WTC Attack

The emerging groups, Volks- front and Intimidation One, share a white-power doctrine, rooted in Norse mythology, called Odinism, according to a report to be released today by Oregon Spotlight, a Portland civil rights organization. The groups advocate an all-white homeland in the Northwest, implying a race war, said Randy Blazak, a Portland State University sociology professor who co-authored the report. Here an Angry Asian magazine. So go home, slant-eye.

National Alliance on the Move in Florida

Fliers in St. Petersburg blame our Israel "alliance" for WTC... NA and Billy Roper mentioned here.

Microsoft's FrontPage Sofware License Bars Use to Promote "Hate" or "Racism"

Yet another way Jews imagine they can control speech. The Jew is your enemy, White man.

Canada: Jews Try to Control Resistance at Concordia

The Jews import wogs, now they are having a hard time keeping them on the reservation. Remember that the minister of immigration is one Jewess Kaplan.

Interview with Resistance's Gliebe

Comments on Middle East and much more... Reed's Southern-flavored whimsy here.

Hate Crimes Are Rare in U.S.

But interracial nigger-on-White crimes are common... Here some WTC whining from the Holo-snots. Here on how to win a political trial. Here on remilitarization of Mexico border. Here an Arab hate-crime hoax.

Germany Begins Muslim Profiling

One odd aspect of Germany is that, although by any measure a super-regulated country, there is massive resistance to a census, supposedly they don't want to be "counted like sheep" because this was what Hitler did. Over three million Muslims, most Turks, live in Germany. Why? Because the Jews who control Germany, many of them located within blocks of the WTC, want to pollute Germany with foreigners to destroy it.

Australia Battles More Boat People

Non-Whites suck. If their countries were any good, they wouldn't be invading ours. Send them back or, better, just shoot them.

Sweden: Hymie Rages Over Circumcision Law

A law passed by the Swedish Parliament restricting the circumcision of boys goes into effect on Monday. Circumcisions will now be allowed only under anaesthetic, and with a doctor or nurse present. The filthy yids' practices are killing kids. Do NOT circumcize your child, White man. This is a Jewish practice that is 100% unnecessary.

Ladens Shipped Out by FBI

"Two dozen members of Osama bin Laden's family were urgently evacuated from the United States in the first days following the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, according to the Saudi ambassador to Washington." What are all these suspicious Arabs doing in America? Ask Jews. They're the ones who wanted our immigration laws torn up. Here on the Bush-bin Laden connection. "War is a racket," said Smedley Butler. And so it is. Here some interesting security-industry commentary on the implications of WTC. Were the letters the FBI found forged? Here on the Egyptian doctor behind binnie.

Libertarians and MacWhorter

Jews have indeed screwed up the black race, but that's no reason to put black interests before White interests. Separatism is good; segregation is good; niggers in Africa is really good. Here gov't screams for more wiretap power.

Prison Rape

Colored on White prison rape is another way that the sick Jews anatomized in Ben Stein's View from Sunset Boulevard destroy the White race and enhance their own power. Lover of perversion and degradation of their enemies are as Jewish as lying and swindling. Here a bear breast-feeds an Iranian tot.

Media: Alternative Radio

It's growing... Here the firing of Ann Coulter, a tempest in a teaspoon. On Maher's ABC show, Coulter accused National Review of having "censored" her by refusing to run the follow-up column. She said yesterday that National Review Editor Rich Lowry and his deputies "are just girly-boys." Coulter, on the other hand, is a man's man. Would that Swift were alive to record this infamous battle of the pufferfish. Here on All Quiet on the Western Front. Here the wily Coulterfish resurfaces at Frontpagemag. What cheeky zest the gal exhibits, saith Jew Horowitz. Oy! We can feel the gefilte fish rising in our throat.

Jews Cause Wars, Don't Fight Them

Three percent of the population, .4% of the casualties in Vietnam. Only 269 Jewish casualties there. Jews cause and profit from the wars that kill White men. They're at it again. Jews are the problem. This libertarian wants to relocate Swindler Central to Utah-Nevada region. Rockwell says to speak up now: Yes, denounce the Jewish warmongers and their Smitherses. Here on attack motives that blind, deaf and dumb American lemmings don't care to know.

'Holocaust' Myth in a Nutshell

Simple answers, from David Irving...

Beginning of Sea-Change in U.S.-Israel Relations?

StratFor speculates...

What Did Israel Know, and When Did She Know It?

She knew about the Marine corps barracks bombing before it happened -- and didn't tell us. That's the kind of friendship and loyalty our $100 billion buys. Israel is our enemy. End aid to Israel now. No blood for Israel. More here.

Groupthink All the Rage

Prove Hitler signed off on the "Holocaust," whatever that is, win a prize.

Doug Collins Dies

Lone Canadian with guts to criticize Israel is gone. Field completely given over to the trucklers and the dirty CJC yids. His last column here. Here, auf Deutsch, is an essay on what the Goebbels diaries tell us about the "Holocaust," whatever that is. See here how the yids are spreading conformist historian Evans's lies about Irving and the greatest sob story ever. Evans is a flat, dull, boring, venal, corrupt conformist who willingly sold his soul to the Devil and will be forced to keep his part of the Faustian pledge for the rest of his life; while I am at liberty to write what I want, inspired by the knowledge that there will always be free souls and spirits like yourself out there who are keen to get to the bottom of things, because not even the Evanses of this world have succeeded in destroying your natural curiosity and idealism.

Welcome to Afghanistan

Nice die.

White History: Zentmayer, the Microscope Maker

"America is a nation of immigrants." Absolutely right; and those immigrants were once, by law, predominantly White. Here, high White science, in the persona of one Joseph Zentmayer. "He came to America in 1848, in the 24th year of his age, hoping to find a free scope for his notions of freedom in the western Republic." Zentmayer, whose "musical education, as well as his artistic, made him an appreciative critic," was "a man of high intellectual acquirements, refined tastes, pure morality and a sincere amiability." Could one say the same about the Sudanese "Lost Boys" being imported a century later by insane, deracinated Lutherans -- many of whom, like Zentmayer, are also of German descent? Would Joseph, "the look of deep thought impressed on his... face, alone with his big dark-colored working microscope before him," have understood the commotion on the street outside as a nigger burned a White woman with cigarettes and sexually assaulted her? Shame!

Telavivision: Schwartz

Endless, neurotic Jewish self-fascination, self-absorption. Writer Engel "refined his Jewish comedic sensibility as a child growing up in Riverdale and New Rochelle, N.Y., listening to comedians such as Woody Allen and Robert Klein." The result? Alien, culture-destroying TV for Whites.

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