Upping the Ante

by Andrei Kievsky

Victor Gerhard's prediction of our imminent loss of the Internet was disconcerting, but at the same time it should be encouraging. The stiff resistance we face is directly proportional to the degree that we are perceived as a threat.

A so-called "grass roots" movement is one from the bottom up, but the term merely refers to a movement that gets no official support from financial, governmental, and mass-media power structures.

What do you call a movement that not only doesn't get funded or encouraged, but one that the power structures actively suppress from all possible angles? This is way beyond merely "grass roots." Grass-roots movements are for free countries. What we have is a bona-fide resistance movement.

The ZOG has two choices. The first one is to continue ignoring us as much as possible. That's fine with us. In such a situation, we conduct active maintenance on the First Amendment. You only know you have a freedom if you push it to the limits, if you are a thorn in the side of the ruling group in exercising this freedom. The second choice ZOG has is to start actively suppressing us. If this happens, it's going to be initiated by private Jewish pressure groups like the Wiesenthal Institute working through corporations to suppress us.

Wiesenthal's Rabbi Abraham Cooper has already expressed his contempt for the White Gentile Internet, saying it's not supposed to be a "debating society." If and when Rabbi Cooper gets his wish and "ups the ante" on us, we absolutely have to "up the ante" in our turn. Our role is to "make a scene" whenever possible, to dramatize and publicize our struggle against this hidden power. America has been turned into a celebrity culture, a culture of spectacle and spectators not unlike the declining Roman empire. Jews have gained a lot of power under the new circumstances their media have done so much to bring about. But they have also gotten bloated and arrogant. When they started openly propagandizing miscegenation and devaluing the role of the White man as the proper mate for a White woman, they planted the seeds of a new generation of anti-Jewish resistance, and picked a fight with the wrong people.

Whites remain capable of thoughtful violence...

Just because Whites aren't out on the streets dealing drugs and doing shoot-em-ups with the spics and the blacks doesn't mean we are incapable of violence. All it means is we have been temporarily bought off. We have calculated that it is more profitable to go along to get along. The Jews have mistaken this for a permanent state of affairs. In history, the Jews have repeatedly underestimated the strength, determination, and willingness to resist on the part of their victims, and they are doing so again.

If we lose our Internet community, the only choice is to up the ante. How do we do this? My own answer is that if and when we lose our free speech via the Internet, we should cluster ourselves in one or two or three places around the country and make a real community of White nationalists. This doesn't mean living on a compound, but it does mean to live in the same county or at least a nearby county. Victor's idea of a racialist business directory is an excellent one. But since they have used their power to deny it to us, then we can accomplish the same thing by clustering in an area.

This begs the question, "Where should we cluster?" We talk about it a lot, and every racialist inevitably says, "We should all cluster right here in my town, because . . . " This is why I automatically rule out New England, since I have the regional bias in favor of it. I do have a suggestion, however. I think we should all cluster in a few counties in Minnesota. Here are the reasons:

1. Good farmland and plenty of water. No matter what happens, we will not have to import food into Minnesota.

2. A large population of artistically cultivated Aryans. I used to say that it was necessary to live near a city so you'd have access to good music schools and art schools and martial-arts schools. Part of the raison d'etre of the White community will be to preserve not only the White gene pool, but also White civilization. Every racialist must do his part to be a vessel of Western civilization, whether it's knowing how to play Bach harpsichord sonatas or Renaissance painting or homesteading skills. There are a lot of such people in Minnesota. I listen to Garrison Keillor talk about Lake Wobegon, and I realize that the White people in Minnesota are at least somewhat more educated and artistically and culturally active and alive than the Whites I grew up with. In New England, it's mostly Jews doing the arts, unfortunately. I know that Keillor's Lake Wobegon is fiction, but I did some independent investigation and confirmed that there is in fact a higher level of culture among Whites in that region. Garrison Keillor's flaw is that he is liberal and universalistic, or at least pretends to be, and therefore the world he talks of is not sustainable. Lake Wobegon is a place poised for destruction through Jewish "open the floodgates to diversity" schemes, and Keillor deceives himself in ignoring this. Lake Wobegon seems to be a place worth saving, but it will need a community of White nationalists to save it from utter destruction.

Some will argue that if we do this, the authorities will come down on us even harder. They say we'll be Waco-ed. If that's the case, with the surveillance abilities they have now they could do it to us anyway. It would be easier for them to get us without a cost, scattered as we are about the country. If we are clustered, then those who did not get arrested can stage protests, can scream at the top of our lungs. This is America, for heaven's sake. Third World dictators that are far more blatant about their power over their citizens have serious resistance movements that they haven't been able to crush. There is a group in China called Falun Dafa, a "breathing and exercise cult," whose adherents get arrested and tortured to death . . . over a period of several months. They are literally tortured for months, until they die. Falun Dafa shows no signs of attenuation from this; the persecution makes it stronger.

If we are to be a "persecuted group" and start getting arrested as "political criminals," so be it, folks. Fear of the unknown is the greatest fear, so read Alexander Solzhenitsyn's First Circle. It's shorter than Gulag Archipelago, and probably his best novel. It's a distillation of what it means to be a political dissident, and it's from an Aryan perspective. Probably the greatest strength of the novel is that it came from Solzhenitsyn's real life experience in Stalin's laboratory/prison for scientists, where he worked as a mathematician after WWII. But it's importance to us is that it provides some enlightenment as to what we face in the near future.

Resistance movements being attacked by powerful governments is nothing new and it's nothing uncommon. It's happening right now in other places, and it's happened before in America and among White people. When you see our struggle in the context of history, you'll have less fear of the unknown, and you'll see that there is much to hope for. People in resistance movements have better social lives, tighter communities, stronger bonds between one another. Great novels and great works of art are born out of resistance movements. When we are not being directly persecuted, we'll have richer, fuller lives, even if we have less money. We will rely more on our creativity, our resourcefulness, and our cooperation. And we will set an example for the masses of White lemmings out there who still need to wake up.

Finally, what are our chances of winning? There's something I think many of you out there don't realize that we possess as a strength -- we know what Jews do, we know how they do it, and most important, we know that they do it. The greatest strength of the Jews is an uinformed public, a complacent herd of goyim. That is the only reason they have been able to accomplish what they have. Even 500 of us working together as an organization of businesses and citizens in a small area can start using legal and legitimate means to attack Jewish influence, Jewish domination in certain industries like the liquor industry, and Jewish domination on school boards, town governments, and cultural institutions. One crank can't do it by himself, however clever, but several hundred of us clustered in an area certainly can begin working at this in earnest.


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