America 2001: A Day Among the Self-Liquidating Elite

by Andrei Kievsky

The other day I read in the newspaper about an Arabic word, taqqiyah. Taqqiyah means dealing with people whom you hate while keeping a smile on your face, and it's a concept extremely alien to Aryan peoples.

The Aryan word that deals with this concept is the term 'straight shooting.' We value honesty in debate and in business transactions. We know that if everybody steals from everybody else, we'll all be poorer. Aryans understand that cooperating honestly with one another makes everybody richer, and not only financially richer, but culturally richer, spiritually richer. Racially homogenous societies can tolerate a degree of socialism that 'diverse' societies cannot. Socialism depends on the collective honesty of the populace. Socialism fails on the one hand if most of the individuals are dishonest, even if they are racially homogenous. The most extreme case in point of the latter would be terminally corrupt and kleptocratic black African countries. Socialism fails also in multicultural societies because diverse groups try to 'get a larger share of the spoils' for their groups, and it follows that a spoils system simply does not work as well as the more transparent and honest system of the sort that a White society creates.

Socialism works in Scandinavia, precisely because these are racially homogeneous, White societies. This is not to debate the merits or deficiencies of socialism, but to point out that 'straight shooters,' so to speak, create more successful societies no matter what form of government they pursue. The second point is that being a 'straight shooter' is a distinctly European and Gentile trait. America became wealthy and powerful because it was dominated by European settlers who were, more or less, 'straight shooters' with one another.

The third point is that the quality of being a 'straight shooter,' which gave us the strongest nation in the world, turned out to be a weakness when Jews immigrated to America and started to attack us from within, all the while pretending to be one of us. It's why the Jews say, "Our day is over; we must give it all away to the underprivileged minorities." Enough 'straight shooting' White Gentiles eventually fell for this deception (with lots of help from the Jewish media monopoly) that we now face the prospect of extinction as a race and as a civilization.

Which brings us to America 2001. I take my daughter to a private school that emphasizes music, languages, and arts and crafts, and has a somewhat 'Luddite' aspect, which I like. It is also very Eurocentric. You won't find African masks or other examples of 'diversity' around this school. Also, there is not a computer or TV in the whole place. In a world gone crazy, it's one of the last schools where they educate more and indoctrinate less. The people who go there are mostly upper-middle- class or even upper class 'white' Christians, and of course, lots of Jews. These aged hippie elites and hypocritical liberal white-flighters consider themselves an island of sanity in a world gone crazy, but of course they share the egalitarian ideology (multiculturalism, international communism, Marxism, liberation theology ­ whatever you want to call it) that destroyed White America in the first place. A comrade calls this a 'self liquidating' society, and that seems a very accurate term.

Their children and mine are the same age, but I am by far the youngest parent in the group. The youngest of them are in their early forties (I'm not kidding) and I am 31 years old. They grew up believing in peace and love and equality, where I grew up believing in the iron laws of nature and the fourteen words. They are wealthy yuppies who went to college in the 70s and early 80s, did a career afterward, and then when they hit their forties they realized, "Oops, I forgot to have kids!" I had a kid with a Russian woman whom the INS was trying to deport, all the while barely enforcing immigration laws on the torrent of non-whites that have been pouring into America for decades. Even now the INS refuses a tourist visa to my elderly Russian mother-in-law who has only seen her granddaughter once, while letting hordes of non-white terrorists and HIV-infected rapists into the country. There is a huge generation gap between myself and the other parents, because America has radically changed in a very short time and they are too old to realize it.

This morning I had to help with an arts-and-crafts project, and I sat across from a woman in her forties. We talked about our kids, and all the activities I have my daughter doing such as music and gymnastics. We started talking about our own childhoods, and it turned out that she was the daughter of a diplomat and she'd grown up in Africa.

Naturally, I asked her what she thought about the situation in Zimbabwe and South Africa. I told her how farmers are getting raided by 'black war veterans' and I started to tell her what the blacks do to White farm families and she interrupted me with, "I don't want to hear it." I nodded and asked her if she had supported Mugabe and the Communists back in the 70s. She said she had, and I asked if she realized now that it was a mistake. She said, "Well, I'm a more left-leaning person, and therefore I support black liberation movements."

I asked, "But didnšt you think that maybe it would have bad consequences? If you could go back in time, would you still support Mugabe and the Communists?" Amazingly enough, she said she would, but I could see that she was growing increasingly uncomfortable. I said, "I think sheltered liberals support political movements simply because it's the fashion of the day, and they don't realize the real life consequences of what they are advocating. There are horrible things happening to real and decent people right now in Rhodesia and in South Africa as a result of black liberation, and nobody talks about it and the media is totally silent about it. "Do you know that Boers in Southern Africa are the single group most likely to be murdered, and England and the US won't even grant them political asylum? I'd be happy to have a White farmer from Rhodesia or South Africa immigrate to America, but no. We take every exotic tribesmen from Outer Timbuktu who says he has a "fear of persecution," but we don't take White farmers from Southern Africa whose own governments have told them to leave or get killed. Robert Mugabe threatens the lives of the farmers openly, and I don't hear any condemnation from all these human rights organizations. It seems like there is this attitude that the White farmers deserve to get raped, murdered, set on fire. Do you think they deserve it?" All she could say was, "I donšt want to talk about this." She stood up and told the mothers at the other table that she was leaving. The mother who had organized this project walked her out. They all act so close and personal with one another, empathizing and talking about their feelings. I have been in such situations with middle-class liberals before, and they usually try to get me kicked out of whatever group or organization that we are in. Reality, after all, is not a polite topic of conversation in nice society.

Then another mother, clearly a grown up hippie, started talking about how she'd grown up without any religion, then converted to Judaism and then to Christianity. I said, "Wow, you are fickle! What would God say?" The Jewess interjected with a smile, saying, "God would say she is on her spiritual journey and finding what is right for her." If it was a smile masking hatred, or the indulgent smile of a patient matron, I can't say, but I would venture there is at least a chance it was the former.

The Jewess left the room for a moment, and I spoke further with the convert of many religions. I asked her if she'd read the Talmud. She said, "No, that's just a long discussion of the laws." I said, "No, that's the essence of Judaism! If you don't know the Talmud you have no idea about Judaism." She said, "Well, the rabbi who was instructing me didn't seem to be really in touch with the spirituality of Judaism." I said, "But that's the point. Judaism is a worldly religion. It's about the community, about getting the Jewish people to unite against the the people of the host country." At that moment the Jewess came back into the room and commented, "Well, I wouldn't go that far," so I changed my tack a little.

"It's about having a strong community that cooperates really well. When a community of people cooperate collectively, as a tight, cohesive group in a country with a bunch of individualists, then they can really achieve a lot, even taking over whole industries and getting incredible influence with the government. It's very powerful. You'd have to read the Talmud to understand what Judaism is all about." The Jewess interjected again, saying, "How do you know about the Talmud?" I said, "Well, I was studying world religions in college and I read some of it. I found it quite shocking, and decided that I was a Taoist." I said this to sound shallow and throw her off the scent. I don't know if it worked. I changed the subject to klezmer music and hoped for the best. Smile, play dumb and change the subject -­ that's how the undercover White nationalist can get by in polite society.

Of course, I say this on a provisional basis. I have always known the value of practicing Taqqiyah in polite society, but I am never able to practice it for very long. I suspect it could be a congenital Aryan trait -­ we are not good liars. Not much time passes before we absolutely have to say what we know is right. Like the small boy in the story The Emperor's New Clothes, we have a hard time keeping our mouth shut in the face of a Big Lie. I don't know what will happen to me, and the track record is that the tribe of Jews and their sheltered liberal shabbos goy White race traitors and castrati will huddle and figure out a way to expel me from their society. But even if they start to do this, I will alternatively play dumb, or play the victim.

I have triangulated on all the weaknesses and contradictions of the egalitarian ideology. The only defense they have against us is to censor our discourse, to cast us out of society, to silence us with force. As you saw, the woman who grew up a diplomat's daughter in Africa could not even talk about Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, because it proved the falseness of all that she's ever believed about post-colonial Africa. The hippie woman who had gone out and experimented with all sorts of religions, and had actually converted to Judaism and was a 'Jew' for several years, but knows less about Judaism than your average Aryan Nations or National Alliance member (she didn't know what 'goy' or 'shikse' meant).

Now I am going to get to the point of all this, folks. The point is this: Nature abhors a vacuum. And a vacuum has opened up in America. The current ruling class of America is intellectually shallow. It has grown moribund, and it has lost all sense of direction. Everything it believed about egalitarianism has been bloodily proven wrong, especially in Southern Africa.

We must fill this vacuum, my fellow White Racial Loyalists. We have to have children, and we have to be determined to raise these children as a White Racial Loyalist ruling elite. If enough of us make up our minds to breed the future, and work together in doing it, we can beat this thing. The people who are destroying our civilization are totally clueless while they do it. This is a terminally sick multiracial empire in its dotage, and an angry, underground elite needs to rise up within its ranks and finish it off.

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