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Black Promoter Resuscitates O.J.

Remember the reaction? Remember the glee in their dark faces? Blacks hate Whites.

More on Jewish Hate Group ADL

Their campaign against Lyndon LaRouche is a fair specimen of their work: enemies of the truth -- friends of Pollard. By their fruits shall ye know them. Jewish fruits are bitter. Spit them out.

Guns and Crime in Australia

Virtually no weapon is legal in Australia...

Bush Keeps Pushing for Mexican Trucks

Who fights for your race, White man? Imagine a country where proud, clean, honest White men were in charge. Imagine a country the Third-World wasn't allowed to infect and infest. Imagine a country where jews didn't control the courts and force White schoolgirls to be bused to schools to be insulted and raped by negroes.

Panoply of Crooks: The Evil, Criminal Jewish Hate Mafia/Private FBI Called ADL

These Jews shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the police. But there they are, pressuring the cops they've been convicted of suborning to hire them at outrageous rates to indoctrinate their men with anti-White lies. Jews are your enemy, White man. We are all Palestinians to the Jews. Hell, the truth itself is a Palestinian to the Jew.

Media: Jewish Publishers Breaking Down White Morals

Women's mags pump sex that no one wants. Why? Same reason Jews pump loose sex everywhere else, because it breaks down White cohesion, makes it easier for Jews to obtain and then maintain control. Don't take their bait, White man. Reject Jewish propaganda. Don't patronize it with your dollars.

Rockwell on Home-schooling

Good stuff...

Media: My Dog Cal Ousted from San Diego Paper

Union-Tribune dumping cons, no matter how hard they suck for Israel... The promotion of Osborne to Senior Editor is also seen as a factor in the newspaper's political shift. The source lamented that the Union-Tribune was once regarded as one of the most conservative dailies in the nation and is now "not much different editorially than the Los Angeles Times."

Nigeria: Nigs at Work

There are tens of thousands of animals who think just like these things already living in your country, White man.

Zimby: Nigs Release Foot-and-Mouth onto White Farms

Band and fight the nigger, White man.

Freepers Try to Understand National Alliance

At least a couple of the discussants likely work for the ADL, which is bent on eliminating the First Amendment, which it sees as a threat to Jewish interests in completely controlling what the average White has access to read, see and listen to.

UN Hates Whites

London's Daily Telegraph calculates that the nation's white population has shrunk to perhaps 50,000 people, the average age of whom may be 65 or older. This white flight has dried up foreign investment, devastated the economy, and produced food shortages in a nation previously known as "Africa's breadbasket." And the worse things get, the more fanatically Mugabe and his followers cast blame onto whites and move to seize White property. His latest diatribe, reported the Telegraph on August 18, is that these geriatric white farmers "are scheming with the British to recolonize Africa." But monkey Mugabe will be welcomed at the conference, given a platform.

Idaho: White Man Sent Up for Hate Crime of Defending White Woman from Crazed Nigger

Whites are third-class citizens in this Jew-run country. Jews are first class, niggers and assorted discoloreds are second, Whites are third. There is no way out but through the Jews. Semitically Correct Roberts won't tell you that, VNN will. A nigger's physical assault on a White woman gets nothing, but the White man who leaps to her defense and uses the term 'nigger' gets five years.

Denmark: Refugee Parasites Named in Paper

White-haters go crazy... The far-right Danish People's party has caused a row by taking out a full-page advert in a national newspaper naming every immigrant given citizenship this year, to highlight what it regards as an alarming influx of foreigners. Good work, Danish People's party. Send the paks back to their mudhole. It is not the responsibility of the White West to do what God himself couldn't: turn a Paki into a human.

Britain: One Standard for Coloreds, Lower Standard for Whites

Special treatment for scrubhumans. Whites have to wait. More fodder for Macedonia. Latest from Zimby. Here Slate has collected a large number of Zim articles, weblog style.

Britain: Cops Spend $10 Million Protecting Nigger Festival

Notting Hill carnival, annual ape jamboree chock-full of violent nigger shenanigans, is protected by cops to the tune of four million Pounds. Last year the apefest produced two murders and nineteen stabbings. Come on, niggers -- is that the best you can do? A reader notes that in recent years the sooties have taken to robbing and beating Asians. Diversity is our greatest strength. Jawohl, Herr Fischlipz.

Spain: Filthy Jew Ecstasy Kingpin Nabbed

He stamped the Star of David on his product...

Jews Target Bombers' Fathers

Guilty until proven Jewish... Here an Arab responds in Jewish rag to Irishman Kelly's and German Will's full and complete suckpooping support for Hymienic ethnic cleansing in God's country. Discrimination against non-Jews is grounded in Israeli laws, regulations and practices, which have created a system similar to apartheid in South Africa -- but different from apartheid in that its goal is not to rule over but to remove or expel the indigenous Palestinian population. Like Beavis watching a fire, Will practically ejaculates over his yid heroes' complete destruction of whatever Palestinian infrastructure lifts two feet off the ground. Sucking poop for Israel is Georgie's meal ticket. That's the way the System works, White man. Read Curious George: the little White man who thought he was a Jew here. Curious George, a small monkey owned by a man with a big yellow star. Shake your tin cup, Georgie. Organ-grinder needs his money!

The Invasion: GOP to be Destroyed?

Nope. Too much money at the stake. The deracinated WASPs who front for the moneyed Jews who control it will simply move to the left, dupe the Dems in buying minority votes with shrinking Whites' money. Count on it. What short-sighted folks like the author here don't get is that Jewish interests, which you can tell control the country by the way they are never gone against, are completely happy with a duopoly of oligarchs who won't fight on the essential issues of race and culture, content to putter with marginal tax rates. White America cracks up, Jews keep their cultural integrity and their political dominance. Bushies continue to slurp champagne and Bushies Jr. keep getting admitted to the Ivies. Who fights for your interests, White man? VNN and National Alliance. More here.

Francis on Burnham

Review of his book... Sobran on Jefferson Davis. Here on freshman re-education at college. Bierce on women. "Would that we could fall into their arms without falling into their hands." Who said that? To match all living things He'd made Females, complete in all their parts Except (His clay gave out) the hearts. "No matter," Satan cried; "with speed I'll fetch the very hearts they need" -- So flew away and soon brought back The number needed, in a sack. That night earth rang with sounds of strife -- Ten million males each had a wife; That night sweet Peace her pinions spread O'er Hell -- ten million devils dead!

Government Screws Up Telecom and the Economy

What comes next? Yacht races.

Good Site for Writers:

At the title link, see the difference between 'one another' and 'each other.' Very good site for checking spelling and usage. Use it.

Sewerpirates Slash Canadian

Mexicans don't cause pollution, Mexicans are pollution. White women beware -- nigger rapist running wild in Jewtown. Asian wilding on White women in Britain.

Media: NYT: Rap Is Good

A day after panning White power music, a paean to crap. Rap has a range of reference and ease with tradition, from Schopenhauer to Langston Hughes, rarely found in American popular culture -- even if Ja Rule's Latin is misspelled and Machiavelli is more referred to than read. Where most contemporary music is fixated on romance, the black CNN features Bildungsromans of self-improvement ("I've got to do the right thing for shorty/and that means no more getting high, drinking 40's") No, this is not satire, this dumb she-nigger or Jew is serious. MTV has brainwashed Japanese girls into admiring niggers. Here on nig Kweisi and the NAACP's shakedown of tv networks. Any time we hear of a nigger "leader," we must assume he is corrupt. Here yids brag about running two Canadian websites "out of Canada." Here on death of classical music. It can't survive in a world of nig-promoting Jews.

Jew World Order in Action

How long before the same standards here?

Jew Agrees: ADL Sucks

The ADL is a Jewish hate group, Israeli spy network, and private FBI. Its existence is a threat to White people everywhere. I overheard one of them say to the other: "That is exactly why our kind has trouble with their kind." Upon hearing this, I didn't find myself offended; at thirteen years old, I found myself agreeing with them. Today we have our very own national Jewish basketball mom. Just as shrill, just as petulant, just as obnoxious, and useless to boot. Our advocate, armed with a $50 million annual budget to ensure the meanies never get us, is Abraham Foxman. Foxman heads the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a once proud, worthy and worthwhile protector of Jews and their faith. Under Foxman's brand of leadership, the ADL has devolved into an opportunistic, intolerant, grief-grubbing stench ­ a "rights" group for any and all who wish to feel offended ­ one which, in bottomless efforts to remain PC-safe, unconditionally aligns itself with groups like the Black Caucus and NAACP, both of which strongly support the pending anti-Semitic U.N. Conference on Racism. Think about that. You hate me, so by all means I support you. Why? Because I'm pathetic.

Farah's Wife: All Parents Who Possibly Can Should Home-school

Exactly right, although she throws in some "Holocaust," whatever that is, suckpoopery. Government schools exist to inculcate in small people the lies that please the rulers. As our government is ruled by yids through purse and press, the government school propagandizes little Johnny in promiscuity, anti-Whiteism and lachrymose Jewish mythology.

Movie Review: Rat Race

Here it is; another anti-White propaganda film disguised as a summer comedy; produced by, directed by and starring a whole lot of Mark Rivers

Different As Ham & Eggs

A libertarian writer lays out the truth about Jews, and about their fanatical attempts to prevent Normal White America from learning Carol Ward

Zimbabwe: White Farmers Ordered to Leave Land

We all knew it would come to this -- and that worse is probably just around the corner. VNN's vote for Race Traitor of the Year: Nicholas van Hoogstraten -- multi-millionaire "British" donor to Mugabe's party and an enthusiastic supporter of the head ape's policy of theft, rape, pillage, and murder against White farmers. One has to look back into English history -- to drawing and quartering -- for a punishment appropriate for this kind of creature.

WSJ's Gigot Endorses Mexification of U.S.

Gigot makes the absurd argument that Mexicans are "like Italians" -- probably because Spanish and Italian are related languages. That's like saying that Haitians are like Frenchmen. Good send-up of Gigot's silly thesis here.

Racial Differences #4315: Onset of Puberty

The age at onset of puberty for all U.S. females has been steadily dropping -- probably due to Gawd alone knows what environmental toxins and agribiz practices. It's now not uncommon to see 8-year-olds with breasts and menses -- a condition which should be telling us something ain't right. But even within the framework of this pathological situation, the race-based differences between blacks and Whites can be seen.

Syrian Prez Gave Irving 250,000 Pounds, Italian Paper Says

According to the newspaper, Assad told his confidantes that the money was earmarked for "humanitarian aid" for Irving. Irving suffered bankruptcy after an English bank obligated him to pay huge reparations. The connection between the two was made by Ahmed Rami, a Syrian resident who operates a Swedish Internet site which contains anti-Semitic information. Rami was the conduit through which the money was transferred to Irving's bank account.

Smurf Attacks Jew!

Kopold is a smutty bastard, but the dwarf does write a good column, especially here where he grinds yid special-pleader Goldbug into pyrite dust. Here's Jewish-non-American logic: "America's claim to Texas and the Southwest is certainly far less morally compelling than Israel's is to its land." That's what happens when Jews are allowed to excrete and vapor in "conservative" publications. All Jews care about is what's "good for Jews." All they ever have cared about and ever will. No man who refuses to name the Jew as the enemy is on our side. Congrats to the miscegenating smurf for taking on the perfidious yid directly, which runs against his career interests. Lew Rockwellians take note. With the delivery of Burl Ives: Courage! More on Goldbug, citified Jews, here from Vdare.

National Alliance Everywhere

Coming soon to a Jewish suburb near you. Time to pack, Jews. You know the routine.... If it's "No place for hate," why's Sharon filled with chosenoids? Oh that's right: Jews are inveterate liars. Fact is, Judaism is a hate religion -- read the Talmud -- and Jews are the most hateful people on the face of the planet. And note that this Boston lit-distribution has been reported as widely as Idaho and Florida. Why? Because Jews matter. Whites don't. Jews are a recognized group with interests that must be protected and kowtowed to. White interests -- even to use the term marks you a "hate" criminal -- as provided for in special laws based on model statutes written by special people. Jews are your enemy, White man. Stand up for yourself. Stand up for your race. Speak against the Jew in public. NA active in Chicago and D.C. too. We are everywhere! YOU can be one of us too. Just visit or and read up on the revolution with your interests at heart. We aren't Republicans, we aren't conservatives, we aren't little terriers. We are Whites.... More Jewish self-hate. When will it end, oh Lord. When? More Boston here.

Britain: Subhuman People, Subhuman Practices

Diversity likes to snip the clits off its teenage girls. Diversity is our greatest strength, eh, feminists? Estimated 3-4,000 cases a year -- in Britain. Arabs and Africans do it. Yet another reason muds belong in mudville. Totalitarian Britain to install thousands more cameras. How quickly things change. White and free yesterday, discolored and despondent today. Here NWO currency distributed to banks. We're getting close to blood time, people. Either we fight, or tomorrowman will be born into complete and utter slavery. Something history's never seen before is just over the horizon: vealman. Here a British view on nig Sharpton running for president. More anti-Whiteism in Scotland. Here on patenting DNA. What if Monsanto owned the rights to the White race?

Canada: Government Leaps to Investigate Websites at Jewish Behest

Can you just phone up your government, White man, and get it to investigate your enemies? Jews can. That's what ZOG means. No Jews. Just Right.

Ag Minister Orders Whites Off Farms

A human shall never say No to an ape. Tourism in Zimby? You've got to be kidding. Used to be a popular destination, but with monkeys in charge, it is dropping like a rock. And exchange rate has plummeted as people reject Zimbabwe dollars. We can pretend niggers don't exist, but the fact is -- they do. Here on imprisoned farmers getting bail.

Click Here!

Israelis Solve Elevator Problem

God's people doing God's work. Do you realize that the Earth is looked down on by other planets because its surface is spotted with Jews? No UN monitors in Israel, says U.S. -- just everywhere else. Good letter here. Jews practice racial profiling in Israel. One standard for Jews, another standard for the rest of us. Here Jews strangle Palestinian peasant agriculture. Jews are like that. The evil Jews do... Icktheos' prodigies; taking names, kicking gonads... There must have been 20 television cameras and a score of photographers running level with the Shin Bet intelligence boys as they dragged the man screaming up the road towards Orient House, kicking him in the chest and forcing back his head until he choked. The moment he was in the back seat of a police van, an Israeli plain-clothes man in a red shirt set upon him. As he was held down, the Israeli kicked him again and again between the legs until he was crying in a high, animal voice. It was, as one of the foreign protesters muttered, enough to turn a Palestinian into a suicide-bomber. That's what Jews ARE, White man. Do you imagine because we're funny we're joking? The Jews really are the evil, hate-filled, White-nation-killing bastards we say they are. No joke. And these smug, pudgy-faced yids who control all the "right-wing" magazines in the United States back their Israeli fellow roaches to the hilt, and call you an anti-Semite if you don't whip out your wallet to supply them with additional billions to torture the honest folks they stole their country from. Jews are vile and murderous scum. Fisk wins VNN's award for courageous reporter of the year. He continues to report from yidville even though there's a very good chance the yids will kill him for his honesty. Congratulations, Fisk: You are the true Anti-Farah. Scenarios here.

Zimby Whites Appeal to South Africa

British eunucon garbage. Who cares what's in the interests of Africans? White men are what matter. The niggers are so many two-footed tse-tse flies. More here.

White Would-Be Ebay

Jews can't ban stuff here. Thanks for the market niche, hateful yids. Info-warfare betwixt U.S. and China. Great move letting all the gook cannibals in. That will surely pay off in the long run. Here WND's Daugherty tries to think about race. Actually, upon further review, the Daughterty column isn't good enough to waste your time with. Skip it.

Japan Sticks Up for Its Own

A great nation, Japan... China sees war over Taiwan.

Israelis Pin Anti-Semite Label on Raimondo

Less than even money that this thread is gone before you read it, in which case we will post it ourselves. Note the way the professional Jew(s) named "Distant Voice" conflate anti-imperialist with us racists. Jews are the enemy of all good men. The Jew is your enemy, White man.


Get many a rich jest out of: Other People's Hate Mail... Here on Hillary Clinton's no-good brothers. What an awful family.

Invasion of the Sewerpeople

Love what they've done with Mexico. We need more of that here. Fox, Bushy meet to discuss border problems in South Texas. Fox will continue to flush his turds onto America, and Bushy will agree to swallow them. Who represents your interests, White man? The Republican Party? Here Juarez booms, El Paso goes bust. We send Mexico jobs, they send us fat, sloppy Mexicans, defective trucks, disease, smuggling, sewage, smog. "Not the American dream, but the border dream." Such a deal! Here Cleveland imports Asian Indians to teach its chimps. All this is happening because we haven't obeyed Thomas Jefferson's warning that "the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government." The Jew is your enemy, White man. Mexicans aren't Americans. It's so simple and obvious that even some Mexicans grasp it. More here. "We've added 33 million people to this country in 10 years -- 70 percent of them immigrants." Think about that, White man. And note the Jew's casual slur: Who wants to go back to white bread, when we can savor 100 different varieties? Maybe the people who built the country, Jew. Here on the con game.


...jes' leave this long-haired country boy alone! Space, distance, privacy, loneness, independence -- these are White values, utterly foreign to yids and their discolored tools. They will creep and teem in America until everybody's standing on one leg gulping for air. The Jews who are destroying us must themselves be destroyed, White man. There is no way out but through the Jews. Here Seattle paper writes usual bilge about hate crimes, without mentioning murdered local Kris Kime.

Jewish Hate Factories Called 'Schools'

Schools, like tv, are far more dangerous than you think. Home-schoolers score 80 points higher than government stooges. ...more kids learn at home than attend all the public schools in Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming combined.

Media: L.A. Times Blasted

The Sacramento Bee, the San Jose Mercury New and the San Francisco Chronicle have easily outpaced the Times in the biggest stories connected to the energy crisis, largely because the Times cannot bear to report on the ineptitude of the worst governor in California history. Here CBS features first transsexual on prime time! Whee and whoopee! Break out the champagne it's, now, a girl! They take your freedom and this is the crap you get in return.

Studies Cast New Light On Origin of Europe's Jews

We at VNN never did buy the 'Khazar Theory' of the origins of European Jewry -- the same behavior is repeated in an unbroken line from today back to Old Testament days, and there was ample reason to doubt it for historical reasons as well. Now the genetic evidence is pointing to what common sense always suggested.

"...And Next, We Go for their Families"

Israel's deputy minister for internal security, Gideon Ezra, said today security forces should "liquidate" the fathers of Palestinian suicide bombers to discourage further kamikaze attacks....Some lives are more equal than others: one standard for God's Pets, another for everybody else.

Israel a "Vital Interest"?

VNN, an international relations major back in the day, recalls being yelled at by a prof: "When, boy, when are you going to grow up and recognize that 'vital interest' means a matter of life and death?" If Israel lives, if Israel dies -- hey, either way we Normal White Americans raise both middle fingers and keep on gunnin', although the destruction of Israel would certainly help our fight. To put it another way, a wise man says that this is perhaps the most ridiculous piece of pro-Israel apologetics in the history of kosher conservatism. That's mighty bold talk for a one-eyed fat man. Chomsky on tribal warfare.

Veterans Try to Revive Patriotism

Won't work. It's not a nation any longer, so who wants to defend it? Do you want to take up arms to defend the rights of every itinerant gook and Mexican who can creep across the border? What has some 84-year-old chink grandma living in San Francisco got to do with me? What has some 16-year-old barrio chito got to do with me? What has some 28-year-old, do-rag-wearing porch monkey in Anacostia got to do with me? Nothing. America is still, for now, a political unit, but it's not a nation any longer. Folks just haven't awakened to the fact yet. Patriots never will because they can't think. Says a supporter who sent the link: These groups are based on patriotism, pride in your country, and pride in your service to your country. Patriotism is dead because the "country" is dead. It started dying 40 years ago and it's just about expired. These guys wave the flag, but most vets under 60 realize that what that flag represents is dead. Why celebrate the fact that you've served an entity which no longer exists. If you talk to people my age, most will tell you that they wouldn't fight today for the United States because it's not their country anymore. It's just where they live and work. These are guys that are mainstream -- they don't share our views. They do realize however, that flag waving is just a Pavlovian trick to get them to salivate. They refuse to play that game anymore because they're not stupid anymore. Here on Klamath Falls and the spirit of revolution.

They Come for the Music, They Stay for the Race

Jew York Times report mentions Hammerfest. Completely hypocritical column, as NYT and other Jewish shitpapers fawn all over the latest anti-White expression of black rage. But we don't whine like the eunucons. We control our anger and grow stronger, biding our time, waiting our chance. The day is coming when there are no more Jews and blacks in America or anywhere in the White West. White power music IS alternative music. Have you come out of the closet as a racist? "Mom...Dad... There's something I have to tell you! I won't be watching Ellen's new show!" We're here, we're White, and we're going to cut ZOG into little bitty pieces. No Jews. (Holds mike out to audience) "Just Right." We are the vanguard. And the derriere-guard at the Fag York Times is going to get it up the ass, which they'll probably enjoy.

Spain: Biggest One Day Round-up of Illegals Ever

The invasion continues. Camp of the Saints is here. If it ain't White, refuse delivery. World economies starting to creak. Australia receives second-largest shipload of asylum seekers.

Scotland: Scenarios of Racist Attacks on Colored Invaders

The government imports wogs that aren't needed and stirs up hatred of natives. Could be anywhere in the White West, couldn't it? There are now more than 7,000 asylum seekers in Glasgow and twice that number are still expected. The Jews won't be happy until there isn't a White spot left on the map. The Jew is your enemy, White man -- whether you live in Australia, Scotland or America. Britain is intolerant of silliness, says leaving Cleese.

Boston Jews Wake to White Opposition

The National Alliance is on the prowl... You can be a prowler, too, White man. Sign up here.

Jews Sell White-Control Vehicles to Zimby

Kikes dismantle Rhodesia, then sell military equipment to the nigger savages to oppress remaining White residents. Zim speeds up land grab. More here. Are White farm invasions coming to Namibia too? Thumb scan technology here.

"Should Extreme Racism Be Declared a Mental Illness?"

Such a declaration -- desired by a number of parties -- follows to the jot and tittle the Jews' policy when they captured Russia and formed the U.S.S.R. Any opposition to Jewish genocide is prima facie evidence of mental illness and corrupt character. Jews bring light to the world. They tikkun olam what we mere mortals screwed up. To oppose them -- who but the crazy and base would do that? If you think I'm joking, you don't understand the Jewish mentality operating in history. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) does not list racism in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the bible of psychiatrists worldwide. Most psychiatrists believe that racism is a cultural and social problem, not a matter of individual pathology. Harvard University psychiatrist Alvin Poussaint thinks that's a mistake. "Extreme racism is treatable, and sometimes even lesser forms of racism are treatable because they have psychodynamics to them," he told Nightline. "They don't exist as a social problem, they exist as psychological problems inside the individual." You may remember Poussaint as the clown who used to doctor Cosby Show scripts. Imagine not only being able to criminalize your political opponents' views, but to use the very existence of those views as proof of a "disease" that only doctors schooled in a pseudoscience concocted by your side can treat -- all reimbursable by the government. Sound absurd? It existed in the Soviet Union, and it exists in a lesser form in the U.S. today.

Cops Arrest National Front Supporters En Route to Protest

National Front had the legal right to protest for 15 minutes. They never showed up, because UK police arrested 30 while en route on a train, claiming "preventing racial unrest." Are the NF train-riders charged with disturbing the peace? What did they do? Is it now illegal in Britain to take a train while White? The presence of the "anti-Nazi League," a communist group, does not mean NF members are Nazis. Remember, "ANAL" -- Anti-Nazi League -- did the same thing at a BNP picnic.

African Freedom of Speech

Imagine this decision in America. Not hard, is it? Nobody wants to join LAPD these days. What happens when cops are told to let niggy do his thing. Here on evolution. How many things you know aren't true, White man? Evolution deniers, evolution promoters; "Holocaust" deniers, "Holocaust" promoters. Devolution is established fact; evolution is far from certain. How does an eye evolve? A wing? Survival of the fittest... How do you know it's fitter? It survived. No independent criterion for measuring fitness. That makes "survival of the fittest" a tautology. There was a time when there was nothing on Earth. Now there's, more or less, something. What happened in between? Nig Sharpton for president?

More Jew Attacks on Palestinians

Jews are murderers. Non-Jewish babies? Pre-terrorists... Here a poll of Israeli Jews shows many believe Palestinian killers should skate. We are all Palestinians to Jews. The Jews are not only the Palestinians' misfortune, they are our misfortune as well. Here on transcripts of Clinton's talks with Barak about Marc Rich. Here what they claim is the text of the transcripts. Why aid to Israel should be ended: separation of synagogue and state. One standard for Jews, another standard for the rest of us. That's another small part of what Zionist-Occupied Government means. Here on Israel's assassination policy. More kids put to sleep by God's favorite murderers.

Klan Rally in Minnesota

The Klan's message is repugnant, says the Jewish paper. Mixing disgusting Hmong and violent niggers into a bunch of peaceful if pathetically naive Swedes -- what is that? That's not repugnant? No, it's more genocidal. It's "good for Jews," and that's the criterion our country is run on these days. Jews are your enemy, White man. They know it -- do you? Here's the way the German nationalists looked at it: 4. Only members of the nation may be citizens of the State. Only those of German blood, whatever be their creed, may be members of the nation. Accordingly, no Jew may be a member of the nation. They were the Israelis of their time!

Blacks Unhappy About Being Replaced by Browns in Big Cities

Hisps are marginally smarter and harder working than negroes, and have already passed them in income and, soon, absolute numbers. Nigs don't like this. Not all races are going to pay tribute to niggers like raceless Whites. Note that many Mexicans are dual citizens of U.S. and Mexico, which is legal by Mexican rules. What nation ever improved by adding Mexicans? If Mexicans were a contractor, would you hire them? Who looks at Mexico and says, Yeah, I want some of that? Why are Mexicans here when the vast majority of real Americans doesn't want them, and never has? The answer is that our immigration policy is controlled by Jews, who sought to destroy America by filling it with Third-World coloreds. Things are proceeding exactly as they planned, and every single Jew out there pules for more of the same, whether it's David Horowitz or mush-faced Jeff Jacoby or any other anti-American neocon. Here Iowa goes to Spain to recruit Spanish teachers. Here on Jesse Jackson, world-class piece of shit. Hey, Jared Taylor -- next time you're on "Queen" Latifah or BET, why don't you call Jesse what he is: a nigger. You'll get fifteen times more press than you'll get in a decade's worth of op-eds, you'll be right, and you'll be effective. A huge publicity and White-support bonanza awaits the White man with the guts to describe things accurately. Look at the support milquetoast middle-of-the-roader Bill O'Reilly's gotten. Here reaction to Gigot's piece bashing Brimelow and the idea of America as distinct from Mexico. Still, the letter writer doesn't get that any White male is foolish to vote for the Republicans. As Bushy Jr demonstrates, the party is happily anti-White, and given demographics will never change. Change cannot come from inside a completely corrupt system, only from the outside. If you are young and reading this, join the National Alliance and get out there on the street and fight for your race. If you are older, support the NA and alternative media like VNN with money. Here's the way the German nationalists looked at immigration: 8. All non-German immigration must be prevented. We demand that all non-Germans who entered Germany after 2 August 1914 shall be required to leave the Reich forthwith. Sounds awfully reasonable and good, doesn't it, White man? Imagine: a nation consisting of, run by, and run in the interests of White men. It can happen. It must happen. And as soon as we take care of our Jewish Problem, it will happen. Here on Crown Heights. Here G.I Jose. Bushy will phase in amnesty, waiting until after 2002 election. He doesn't cheat on his wife. Name another difference between Bushy and Clinton.

Boston: School Uses "Anonymous" Survey to Target Pro-Whites

The Jews rig the laws against Whites. Then they criminalize Whites' speaking out against the rigging. They imply that White recognition of anti-White rules and regulations and laws is "perception," which they play as connoting "hallucination." Don't resist The Force or you will be ostracized, jailed, or possibly killed. That's why VNN says: No Jews. Just Right. Either you name the Jews as the enemy, or you're just another Jared Taylor.

FBI: Pure Government Evil

Cops and robbers for big boys too small to make the NFL. So this is what they spend their time doing -- on your dime. Dumber and dumbest: American schoolers graduate by half-grades these days. Would you want your kid indoctrinated with the nostrums and Jewish racism beloved of the Dershowitzim? Then teach him at home.

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