Rat Race

by Mark Rivers

Rat Race is about a group of Las Vegas casino guests who are scrambling after a two-million-dollar cash reward. They are put on their quest by the hotel/casino owner (John Cleese), who takes bets on their progress from his multi-millionaire gambler guests.

Rat Race is said to be a remake of the 1963 comedy It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Actually, the "strangers racing cross-country in pursuit of a prize" theme has been used several times since 1963. For example:

1) Death Race 2000 (1975),
2) Scavenger Hunt (1979),
3) Cannonball Run (1981),
4) Cannonball Run II (1984),
5) Million Dollar Mystery (1987),
6) Outrageous Fortune (1987) and
7) Speed Zone (Cannonball Run III) (1989).

What sets Rat Race apart, however, is NOT its high concentration of Jews and negroes. It was produced and directed by Jerry ZUCKER, and produced by Janet ZUCKER. It stars Jews Rowan ATKINSON, Wayne KNIGHT, Jon LOVITZ and Seth GREEN. It also stars negroes Cuba Gooding Jr, Whoopi Goldberg (real name: Caryn Johnson) and Lanei Chapman. By the way, according to my sources, actor Breckin Meyer, who also stars in the movie, is not a Jew.

So, Rat Race is not unique in that respect; you will find Jews and negroes in every movie these days. Rat Race is set apart from those other movies I mentioned because it had more anti-White moments and scatological "humor" than the rest. The movie also features animal cruelty, jokes about retarded people and the molestation of an infant.

The negress Lanei Chapman plays the well-to-do owner of a cosmetics company. She and her mother (Whoopi Goldberg) don't seem to be in the movie for any other reason than to ensure it complied with NAACP standards (all lead actors in ensemble casts must be at LEAST 30% negro).

Jew Jon LOVITZ and his Jew family stop at what they think is the Barbie Doll museum, but is actually the Klaus Barbie museum. The tour guides and other museum visitors are a couple of freaks, resembling runners-up in a Sid Vicious look-a-like contest. The Jews steal a Nazi staff car, and eventually crash into a World War II veterans' meeting, where Jon Lovitz unintentionally impersonates Hitler for the vets.

Negro Cuba Gooding Jr. has an altercation with a Spanish cabbie (not Mexican; if he had been Mexican, he would have mentioned "Guadalajara" instead of "Barcelona"). Cuba then talks a dumb, fat, White bus driver out of his clothes, and commandeers a bus filled with Lucille Ball impersonators (including one transvestite).

Jew Rowan ATKINSON plays a narcoleptic Italian immigrant who, at one point, drops his key in a baby's car seat. He is shown fondling and feeling around the baby to find it when the parents show up. "A-ha, I think I am touching it," he says, to the disgust of the parents. This was supposed to be a joke. The Jews actually think that a man fondling a baby is funny.

The rest of the movie follows the merry misadventures of the dumb, greedy White folks in pursuit of the money. At the end, they find themselves on stage at a "Feed the Earth" benefit concert, fighting over the bag of loot.

Suddenly, the lead singer of the music group Smashmouth appears. He thanks them for giving all of this money to the Feed the Earth charity. A couple of the Whites are reluctant, but after seeing the cherubic faces of the non-White recipients of the benefit funds, they acquiesce, and the crowd cheers: "Yay! Generosity is super! Smashmouth rules! Now the ladies will like you!"

Despite the presence of Jews and negroes, despite its anti-White moments, despite its torture of a cow and murder of a dog, despite the scene where the little girl defecates on the windshield of a state trooper's cruiser (Jews are sickos), John Cleese's performance was a breath of fresh air in an otherwise appalling movie. It was the only redeeming thing about Rat Race, in fact.

The end message is what really did it for me, though. The Jews are telling us that we owe something to the non-White population of the third world; that if we send in our donations now, we will make the children smile, the crowds will cheer, and Smashmouth will play a song for us.

The Jews are also releasing a movie called O in a few weeks. They also made every movie I've reviewed. Every single movie I have reviewed has had at least one Jew somewhere pulling the strings and calling the shots. Every movie has also had an anti-White message and an abundance of "jokes" about bodily functions and sexual perversion.

We must not continue to let them get away with it.


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