Different As Ham & Eggs

by Carol Ward

Jews have had a good run. For a couple thousand years they've employed a singularly effective control mechanism on their children, which was a high-minded, but ultimately misguided effort to insure their long-term survival. Their brand of family values served two purposes. First, they created obsessive-compulsive membership in their extended family and ethnicity when they as a group were outnumbered. And second, they insured perpetual victimhood for the group, since the methods and behaviors they employed were so heinous in practice, they guaranteed a fresh supply of enemies in each succeeding generation.

As self-made extruded victims, Jews exact undismayed allegiance from even their distant membership. With disparate groups of Jews embroiled in perpetual blood feuds and jihads all across the planet, they can, however, recruit desktop Zionists to fight from their keyboards thousands of miles away from the action, should some local publication escape their influence or guardianship. No local animosity goes unnoticed, no trivial slight un-catalogued -- from one end of the planet to the other. That's because their particular brand of tribal psychosis insures loyalty under duress. And generational duress is a given when your tribal world-view is that you -- as .02% of the world population -- can, should, and deserve to manipulate the laws, the courts, the economies, and the culture of the other 99.98% -- all to benefit your worldview. Übermenschen excepted.

It's a tall order. That's why in every breath they take, and every move you make, they be watchin you. Think of them as psychotic lemmings. Wherever they live for more than a couple hundred years, they create armies of blood enemies -- and legions of disenfranchised who have become psychotic lemmings, but with a parallel dedication to removing Jews from their neighborhood.

This worldview is by definition enigmatic -- perplexing even, for the average American of normal intelligence who was never schooled in tribal politics as a child. Who, you ask, could behave this way?

- Jews -

And they even taught the technique to American blacks. And American Indians. Palestinian teenagers strap bombs to their chests based on the Zionist model as well. The tribes identify only as a persecuted group -- as extruded victims. It's been drummed into them since childhood. They are victims surrounded by ruthless enemies. It's perpetual war. A strict matriarchy -- only children born of their females claim proper membership. It's their life -- their total reason for being. The Bloods and the Cripsteins.

Mr. or Mrs. average American has no tribal loyalty to anything but individual liberty. We have no genetic memory of conquest and survival -- no developed strategies for survival in the wilds of competing belief systems. We are like innocent children -- as different from Jews as ham and eggs.

Breakfast is a day's work for chickens. A lifetime commitment for pigs.

Heck is where people go who don't believe in gosh...

White Americans are doofuses by this groupthink. We write off losses, shrug off slights. We don't identify ourselves as members of a group, other than Americans, so we can't employ stealth nepotism to advance only our own. And -- get this -- we actually open our country and homes to the less fortunate, in the misguided belief that our system of individual liberty and self-determination can LIFT ALL BOATS! --- bloody duffers.

dummies dummies dummies

Jews and their client socialists laugh at us. And they don't want our help -- they want our cash -- so they can catalogue slights and wounds, plot revenge, and exterminate their enemies with weapons they stockpile from us. They install their own in our government, to supply money for the task.

Imagine the calories expended by these Energizer bunnies, just trying to wrest advantage from the rest of us in friendly card games and employee picnics. THAT'S the kind of focus you must have if you're gonna survive 4,000 years of actively converting neighbors and friends into blood enemies for fun and profit.

I think young Jews have a cause of action against their parents for child abuse. They should be compensated for the cost of future therapy, when they discover they don't even like themselves. Hell, dinnertime indoctrinations in just K through 8 could be enough to turn what might have been a decent little fellow into a Bernie Weismann -- shudder-shudder.

Can you imagine the horror of nightly sit-down dinners where conversation is confined to active instruction on how to obtain and keep unfair advantage for your .02% of the population? Exchanging backslaps for selling a pregnant cow, then returning to the buyer to take back the calf, [with proper indignation], once the unsuspecting buyer had fed the gestating cow for months? Dedication to this level of repugnancy takes generations of incubation.

This just in from Oregon --

School board member says 'Jews running everything'

Derry Jackson's remarks stem from a feud with a Jewish board member over the severity of past ethnic atrocities

Saturday, July 21, 2001

By Michael A.W. Ottey of
The Oregonian staff

Portland School Board member Derry Jackson said Jews run the country and the school board, at times to the detriment of African American students.

"I do not see the Jews struggling to get over the achievement gap. I do not see the Jews struggling to feed their families . . .. In fact, I see the Jews running everything. They're four of them on the board. This is a group that came into this country equal to, if not less than, African Americans. And today they run the country," said Jackson, who is African American.

He made the remarks in an interview with
The Oregonian last week and then repeated his views in another interview Friday.

Jackson's comments are an escalation of the recent harsh words exchanged by him and board member Marc Abrams, who is Jewish. Abrams declined to comment Friday.

. . .

-----------Oops, better summon the ADL. Looks like one of the help has run off the plantation. Of course, Abrams had better wear his asbestos suit. He'll be called a racist, the minute he opens his mouth.

They sure did train them well, didn't they? But this is the very behavior that will be the salvation for the rest of us dodos. Jewish methods make all members of the coalition hate one another as much as they hate US!!

And THIS from the Jerusalem Post:

Interior Ministry tightens immigration rules

New immigrants who have converted to Judaism will no longer be able to bring non-Jewish family members into the country, according to a new rule set down by the Interior Ministry.

The rule went into effect several days ago, following an order issued by Attorney-General Elyakim Rubinstein, according to an Army Radio report.

The decision is expected to cut by half the amount of eligible immigrants to Israel.

Herzl Golan, head of the ministries' population registry, termed the step 'revolutionary,' and said it would have far-reaching consequences on the scope of immigration to Israel.

. . .

Do my eyes deceive me?

Do we have a double standard going on here? Even a kosher press can't stop the occasional gaffe like this. But no matter. The following are actual clips of the conversation that followed this story, by the Jews who man the threads at freerepublic.com, force-feed the Israeli perspective, and sound the abuse button should some goy become too influential to the contrary:

Why is it okay for Israel to have strict immigration laws, but not the U.S.? Jewish organizations have historically been in the front lines pushing open immigration policies in America, but are conspicuously silent about their Jewish homeland's policies.
1 Posted on 09:25:16 PST by AshleyMontagu

In Israel it is a matter of survival. The U.S is not quite there yet.
6 Posted on 11:09:21 PST by Publius6961

The influx of Russians during past few years has brought many unwanted future troublemakers. Some of the exposed moles have been quietly returned to Russia but a great many have escaped detection.
8 Posted on 11:15:27 PST by cynicom

Now, did you really want to discuss the politics of the Law of Return, or was this just an opportunity to take a crack at the Jews?
9 Posted on 12:19:36 PST by Fabozz

Resolution 181 stated, "Jewish State". The Balfour Declaration stated a "National Home for the Jewish People". If the U.N. itself sanctioned "Jewish State" (even though it was only a General Resolution) then that is prima facie evidence for the right of that state to maintain its Jewish ness (however that is defined internally). The U.S. and Canada are not defined as Christian states (although de facto the majority are Christians and many will often state these are Christian states), or Irish, or Catholic, or Italian, or Islamic, etc. It's the particularization of the premise of Israel's statehood, which differentiates itself from other nation-states.
25 Posted on 07:34:13 PST by Lent

Lent, if your side can say "Is it good for the Jews?" we can certainly say "Is it good for Americans?"
Posted on 06:54:27 PST by Rocky Oyster


America Should Battle Minorities and Aliens the Way the Israelis Do!

By Rev. Bobby Singleton

As a life-long admirer of the Jewish people and supporter of the state of Israel, I have always taken the Jews to be a pattern for my own life and my relationship with the Almighty. Now, as I watch prophetic events unfold in Israel, I am stimulated to believe that it is time America learned a policy lesson from the Jews and applied Israel's solutions to our own domestic crisis.

I am of course talking about the Negro/Afro minority amongst our beloved nation, as well as the aliens from Mexico who threaten to inundate us at our border.

Increasingly, predominately black cities in America are no-go zones for Americans. We are raped, robbed, assaulted and even killed when we visit. These acts of terror spill over into non-black towns and cities. As a result, Americans are not safe on their own land! Meanwhile, Catholics from Mexico invade our country, undermine the Protestant character of our nation and perpetrate more crime and terrorism. There would seem to be no end in sight to the violence perpetrated by these groups and the violence must end!

The Jews in Israel use the following methods for curtailing Palestinian migration and violence, and we should do as the Chosen People of God Almighty do.

1. CLOSURE. Cities with a black majority are sealed. Blacks are not allowed to leave their towns and they may not enter our towns for employment or any other reason except certain cases of medical emergency. Whenever there are clashes with our police and an outburst of violence from Afros or Latinos in America, we should seal ghettos and barrios the way Israel sealed the Palestinian cities at the beginning of 2001. This way we can enjoy relative security while collectively punishing all the blacks and Mexicans for the violent clashes their leaders agitate and condone. I recommend this for Christian Europe as well. When violence erupts, Germans can close predominately Turkish towns in Germany, the French can close African areas of France and the British can seal Brixton and Bradford, closing access by minorities to the outside world for months on end, like Israel does.

2. DEMOLITION. Once having closed these areas, American intelligence agents can pinpoint the homes of the most violence-prone black and Mexican gang-members and rioters and demolish their homes, leaving their families on the street where they belong. The Israelis have had great success doing this for years to the Palestinians. House demolition is a real deterrent not soon forgotten!

3. ENTRENCHMENT. After closure and demolition, entrenchment is the next step. In late February and early March of 2001 the Israelis completed excavation of a two-meter deep ditch encircling the Palestinian city of Jericho. The entrenchment of other Palestinian cities is under way. This ditch prevents not only cars driven by violent Palestinians from leaving Jericho and entering Israel, it keeps any Palestinian from driving any car out of the town without permission from Israeli authorities. This is a fabulous idea for Watts, Harlem, the south side of Chicago, portions of East Los Angeles and many other areas in America with a predominately Afro or Mexican population. It is a well-known fact that, like the Palestinians, minorities in America are fond of using automobiles in the commission of drive-by shootings and similar violence. We can prevent this by digging a deep ditch around their communities, just like the Israelis do!

4. SHOOT RIOTERS. Any time a black or Mexican child throws a stone at an American policeman they should be shot! Policemen should try to wound rather than kill these children, but if the police in America kill a few dozen black or Mexican children every year, it is the parents' fault for allowing their children to be out in the streets. The US State Department reports that in the year 2000, Israel shot more than 11,000 violent Palestinians, including hundreds of violence-prone Palestinian children. The Israeli police and army killed almost 400 Palestinian demonstrators and rioters. We need to implement these policies in the US. We have muzzled our police for too long in the face of black and Latino violence. Let's teach these coloreds in America the way the Israelis are teaching those heathen sand niggers in Palestine!

5. CITE THE EXAMPLE OF GOD'S CHOSEN. When supporting the implementation of these measures in America (or Europe), be sure to tell your Congressman, or member of the Bundestag or Parliament; your teacher, pastor, priest or media person, that you have learned these tactics from Israel and believe this is the best solution to minority violence, as most Jewish solutions usually are.

To ensure the success of our campaign to end minority violence in America, it is important to stress the teaching role model of Israel. If you do not, there is a good chance that human rights activists will denounce you.

By citing the Israeli model you can win powerful allies to our cause. Human rights groups like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Morris Dees outfit, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the media, will not condemn our plan for minority and alien crime control if they know we are only doing as Israel does.

Without the Israeli parallel, our platform to counter minority violence would be rapidly denounced as racist and neo-Nazi. However, as soon as the Human Rights groups understand that we are merely imitating Israel, our program will be immune from all but token criticism!

After all, the Israelis have been able to do all these things to the Palestinians without being stopped by anyone and without incurring any meaningful protests from Morris Dees, the ADL, Wiesenthal or the media. In fact, these groups are all assisting Israel in one form or another in her campaign to end Palestinian violence at all costs, as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has said.

In an effort to keep Israel safe from minority violence, the great Sharon himself has had to kill thousands of minority and alien civilians in both Israel and in Lebanon. We can do the same thing in America to the violent minorities and aliens here, if we carefully emulate the policies of God's Chosen People. If it's good for Israel, it's good for America too!

33 Posted on 16:30:17 PST by Paddy O'furniture

Cripes. What little nazi pit did you drift in from, brownie? First that distasteful writer-something with the vanguard following, and now possibly the vanguard site owner. You two close friends, perhaps? Now, shouldn't you be out there training for the phineas priesthood or something silly like that, instead of venturing out among decent folks?
18:53:39 PDT by DistantVoice

It's not the Jews' fault that your life has turned out so poorly. It's your fault and no one else's except maybe whoever gave birth to you. Drunks? Were you abandoned as a child? Emotionally abandoned? Are your parents Klansmen? What caused you to be so unhappy and such a failure? Whatever it is, it brings me great joy. Keep bitching and moaning and entertaining me.
18:38:01 PDT by sakic

Hopefully the Palestinians will leave Israel, to their own state somewhere in the Middle East, and they can turn that into sewer, as they have the areas they control in Israel. Leave the Israelis to live in peace and prosperity. I don't think you got that quite right. Let me correct you. Hopefully the Jews will leave Greater Germany, to their own state somewhere in Madagascar or Palestine, and they can turn that into sewer, as they have the areas they control in Poland and Ukraine.
Leave the Germans to live in peace and prosperity. Ooops! Now those couple of corrections makes you sound like Hitler and Goebbels. ;-) As we can see from the sentiments here, ZIONISM IS A FORM OF NATIONAL SOCIALISM.
Posted on 06:54:27 PST by Hermann

The comparison to Nazi Germany is idiotic. But what else would one expect from a man named "Hermann." You clearly have a Germanic thing going.
Posted on 15:31:54 PDT by don walgreen

. . .

End of discussion. Desperation emails to Jim Robinson and his kosher keepers. Thread disappears with accounts of apostates closed by the dutiful Webmaster.

To the surprise of many, the absolute veto authority of Jews controls much of the World Wide Web. Zionazism may not be criticized, questioned, or revised, sometimes under penalty of imprisonment. Anti-Zionist forums are ghettoized. Writers are blacklisted. Sponsors are brought under a strict code of endorsement of content that might be offensive to Jews. Offending content could just be a proper accounting of how many they've killed that day. Or photographs of ethnic cleansing in Ramallah.

There are scrupulous methods of tracking critics, disrupting their careers, professional reputations and finances. No betrayal of Israel or her creed goes unnoticed or unpunished. Remember, it's all a matter of degree. If you're Dr. William Pierce, you are tolerated at the margins, but you will never find a publisher or radio station for a regular venue. If you are Matt Drudge, you are an irritant to the larger scheme of your tribe, but you CAN enjoy a larger viewing audience for, at the end of the day, you are still a Jew.

The net is in its final incarnation as the Wild West of communications. Soon even this venue will be lost to apostates. Child porn in graphic detail is the weapon of choice to herd the grass eaters into some consensus to rid us of that last pesky amendment. Mothers from Calgary to Santiago will demand nothing less than monitored, qualified "speech" once Jewish pornographers have saturated the web with the necessary levels of kiddy porn and pederasty.

So often I've heard Jews grouse that critics are just jealous -- jealous of Jewish abilities, achievements, even jealous of their dedication to each other and what they believe. They are surrounded by deceivers and hounded by grudging wannabes.

What I see is Jewish prominence, unremarkable but for the flatness of the earth around them. They create deserts from fields of flowers. They are consumed as a people by their own appetites. They self-govern only when sated on the blood of enemies. And they wouldn't recognize the grand-but-temperate enlightened self-interest of gentile America if it set fire to their crotch. ®


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