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The Tax Revolt You Haven't Heard About

Tenn. and N.C... College graduation rate well under fifty percent. You can send everybody to college, but that doesn't change the fact that only 10-15% are college material.

Charges Filed Against Urinating She-gress

Find out why we call them animals... Here tools for wiggers, niggers and other vermin intent on defacing other people's property, raping their daughters, etc. In the spirit of Jeff Foxworthy, you might be a wigger, if.... Here 'groid killer gets stay. Here on Al Sharpton and the curious sex-web that produced the various hominids in his family.

U.S. Opposes Security Council Action in Mid-East

Why? Because the U.S. cares more about Jewish money than American oil supply, not to mention the people in the grips of a Jewish-perpetrated holocaust with no legal means out. Suicide bombing and rock throwing are the only means Palestinians have to keep their remaining land. Land of milk and honey? Land of nut-snipers and torturers... Here a new Palestinian news source. Here a pitiful and probably brainwashed German blond beseeching greasy yids for sex in Israeli airport parking lot.

Gearing for Battle, Hymie's

This kind of ethnic cleansing seems to be a new Jewish tactic. Just bring in the menacing tanks and wait for the families to gather their belongings and go to Jordan. Less bad PR than if they just bombed them and dozed the houses to make new settlements. We can only pray we'll have another Three Mile Island in what the Jews call "Israel." Hail to the brave Palestinians for not fleeing! What heroic people! They are the only large grouping in the world fit to be called "Aryan," even though they are not. What is wrong with White people? Why do they cower and call heroic men "cowards?" Why do they allow ethnic cleansing in the Middle East when they slaughter White Christians in Kosovo for trying to eradicate terrorists? Why? Because we have elected Zionist-controlled Democrats and Republicans, and because we have become civilized in a savage world and have not dealt with enemies and traitors accordingly.... The Jewdeo-Christians do not care that 40% of Bethlehem is Christian, or that evangelizing in Israel will net you a five-year jail term. Christians today worship Jews (the golden calf) as Yahweh and aid and abet the butchers of children and think it is moral and righteous. They have not heeded the Bible's warning about "false Jews." The Bible says that toward the end, the vast majority of Christians will be on the wrong track and will not be allowed into Yahweh's kingdom. Every Jewdeo-Christian out there thinks he is correct and is afraid to look to the truth "for fear of the Jews." I have news for them. They ain't going to Yahweh, they are going to their own tribal underworlds. They sure as hell will not be drinking mead in Valhalla. In the underworld, they will be chained by Hella and the serpent will drip poison into their eyes. But since they are traitors to their folk, there will be no Sigyn the Faithful there to catch the poison. They will be tortured worse than so-called Jews torture the family members of "suspected militants." Our feelings are best expressed by a short but pungent declamation from Children of the Corn II (or maybe it was III), "He comes for you, Malachi!" So it is written. So it shall be. Ah, the sweet susurrations of White antiphony, coming to you from...the Quiet Storm. Whazzup? Yeah, y'all know what time it is. No Jews. Just Right. From the steak house. To our house. To your house. Are ya feelin' me, Spittin' Jesse?

Haider Keeps Fighting

Ohmigod he's trying to "export" his nazism to other EU countries. Man the barricades, folks! Bobby Fischer interviews here. The chess genius, half-Jew, doesn't like Jews. Great stuff.

Schweitzer on Blacks

Pass this one on to your liberal, do-gooder friends... Here on ACLU and the Klan, two old buddies. If the Klan were in danger of being effective, the ACLU would flip sides.

Media: On the Agenda-Setting Power of the New York Times

Very interesting... ...what is not known is that the Times, far from being "objective," is subtly promulgating its own comprehensive worldview and value system, which runs counter to the personal beliefs of many Americans. Not known unless you actually read two or three articles. Worth listening to (download).

O, the Movie

CCC writer hacks up the folks behind it, including the Jew Tim Blake Nelson.

Danes Hold Mass Demostration Against Gang-Rapes by Non-Whites

It's the second demonstration this year....Danish resistance to the "blessings" of diversity is growing.

Mutilated Santeria Animals Found on Beach

Another reason why we say that the pro-White cause is the only cause that matters: because all else that we cherish -- the humane treatment of animals, the preservation of wild spaces, etc. -- is part of the Aryan legacy to the world, and will vanish with our race.

Danes Protest New Ambassador from "Israel"

Carmi Gillon, the appointee, is the former head of state security. In "Israel," that means not only knowing where the bodies are buried, it means having had a major role in putting them there. Meanwhile, Israelis surround Palestinian ghetto....just itching to reduce the Pals and their homes to the Stone Age. The only thing stopping them -- for the moment -- is fear that even with their hold on the media, such a massacre might backfire.

U.S. Blocks U.N. Observers for Palestine

After all, America has a "special relationship" with "Israel": we are the host, they are the parasite. We lend our "moral authority" to the Chosenites' program of genocide of the Palestinian people, while the fifth column of God's Pets in the U.S. prepare North America for White genocide via mass non-White immigration and a 24/7 stream of anti-Aryan propaganda.

Zimbabwe Newsmen Arrested for Exposing Cops' Role in Hate-crime Robberies

Mugabe's crime syndicate is caught with hands in the cookie jar, newsmen try to expose it, and are arrested under "false news" law. This is normal activity for Zimbabwe's police. They do much worse, however: not showing up when Whites call while under assault; then, they don't seek the killers, or perhaps they themselves organize the killings? European and American immigration authorities refuse to help evacuate Whites, even the White women, children, and the elderly who are particularly targeted for gang-rape and murder. The Jews are all either in the government -- under cover of Whiteness -- reaping profits from mines and paying off corrupt politicians, or have left for Israel or the U.S. with the loot, where they help set the stage for a future Zimbabwe in North America.

Negress Pol Charged with Urination at Public Meeting

Another benchmark in the process of "defining deviancy down."

D.C. Plans ID Card for Students

Read more about the real agenda here. Whenever you hear or read that something is "For The Children" you better understand that it is really *FOR CONTROL*.....The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has, for years, been conditioning children and parents for a national ID program beginning with young children....The national ID scheme, including children, is going nation wide. Your children or grandchildren will be subjected to this type of ID scheme if it is not stopped now. It will be conducted through the schools at first. Initially, it will be "voluntary". Gradually, it will become mandatory under justifications linked to public safety and social services....More here.

Book Review: Communities: Adventures in Time and Place

A look into what California third-graders are reading these days. The goal isn't education, it's to dumb-down and, most important, deracinate your child.... by guest writer Eric Euric

Movie Review: American Pie 2

Oh, my. The Jews have made another movie about bodily functions, sick "humor" and loose sexuality. I'm beginning to wonder about those people.... by Mark Rivers

Who Controls the Media? Jew-Controlled Conglomerates...

A big chart...slow loading, but worth waiting for. Here Irving fails to pay. Sharpen your knife, Shylock. Here ACLU backs Yahoo, as "French" Jews and other francophone haters attempt to censor American websites. The Jews say they support freedom, but at the end of the day the only freedom they won't abandon is the Scoutmaster dandling the little boy on his knee. More here.

Heroic U.S. Poisons Iraq's Water at Jews' Behest

The Jews are a dirty people, and we end up doing their dirty work, garnering the world's hate for no good reason but to save Semitic hide. Let the Jews pay for themselves, for once. Let the yids do their own well-poisoning, for once. Here Iraq vows to support Syria if Israel attacks.


The fey coiffuristas at Salon just can't understand it. The smell of something non-kosher's in the air. Oy gewalt! There's a disturbance in The Force... Vidal's hatred of the Media, that hideous octopus of conformity and mind control (Condé Nast's opulent Vanity Fair apparently excepted), seems to have been exacerbated to the point of mania by an incident he relates in which "Good Morning, America" talking head Charles Gibson pulled the plug on him when he dared bring up Waco as an explanation for McVeigh's crime. Whatever the reason, Vidal is led to sophomoric pronouncements like "Since McVeigh had been revealed as evil itself, no one was interested in why he had done what he had done. But then 'why' is a question the Media are trained to shy away from. Too dangerous. One might actually learn why something had happened and become thoughtful ... Hating the media? What's not to hate? Of suckpoops and stooges all compact, it's. What people are coming to see, and it disgusts Salon even to consider the possibility, is that the System really is irretrievably corrupt. And we saying that now aren't a bunch of mangy, disreputable, interested Jews, we are Normal White Americans. Dig it.

Jew Hypocrites Expel Kurds

White America must accept every colored creature that crawleth upon the Earth. Israel only takes Jews. One standard for Hymie, another standard for everybody else. One more time: See Jewish tolerance in action. Dirty yids! Hasten thee to Gehenna... Here squabbles over reparations and Zionism-is-racism.

Vilsack's Buddies Improve Iowa

Not one of the turds mentioned in this article belongs in America. Here on molesters in the church. Did you ever hear of an atheist busted for molesting kids? Why is that? Religions come and go. Atheism persists. Atheism is the Rock, not Peter. The Church, why, yesterday it supported slavery, today it supports diversity. Like leaves blowing in the wind are its positions.

Whiteness Studies

Latest Jewish academic fad aimed at setting up yet another academic money-sucking indoctrination "discipline" where Jewish leftists can preach White genocide on the White dime.

Jews Support Freedom of Speech

For themselves. In title link Jew calls for Palestinian sites hosted in the U.S. to be muzzled. Here Jews pollute Peru. Here Jew claims may be five suicide bombers a day.

Canada: More Queer Books for Kids?

It ain't sex ed -- that would only take a few days. It's sex indoctrination.

Immigration Killed America

What comes next? You can have minorities, or you can have standards. One of VNN's staunch supporters makes two points about this story: 1.) "Responsibility" is a dirty word today. Nobody is responsible for anything today except politically incorrect views. 2.) "Standards" are disappearing. Today I read in a Time or Newsweek about an aircraft maintenance firm that fasified data on their overhaul of a 747 cargo plane. Ten years ago, this would have been unheard of. Here British asylum speakers continue to refuse food. Here government considers closing VA hospital. The government has many enemies among Vietnam Vets who were promised complete medical coverage when they returned, and then looked at quizzically when they turned up for help. A reader writes, mentioning the dismissive subtitle: I assume the writer is a typical "brie and Chablis" elitist journalist. It wouldn't surprise me that his father was a draft-dodger type. These people have nothing but contempt for the "unwashed" of the working class. My Point: 1.) I've mentioned the resentment veterans have when they see the "solemn promise from your Uncle Sam to you" flushed down the toilet with contempt for the vet. 2.) It bodes ill for the regime if they think they can display this kind of arrogance and get away with it. This attitude will eventually bite them in the ass. If they were intelligent, they would, at the very least, try to make their actions "look good" or "sugarcoat" it. They're to the point where they don't think they need to do this anymore. That's stupid. Could the dollar be screwed?

Ugandans Use Cream to Lighten Skin

Racist lotions must be outlawed!

National Alliance Active in Alaska

More here. If distributing fliers isn't against the law, why do coppers want to talk to the distributors? Cops have no right to censor what private citizens choose to read, nor question what fliers they pass out. Here the UN monkeys lecture U.S. about racism. More of what the NA exists to fight. Here the UN site on the conference.

Why You Shouldn't Send Your Daughter to a Nigger-Filled Public School

Niggers are nothing but poison. She doesn't know of other white students who faced similar problems, and doesn't know why she was targeted. Her mother wonders if it was her fair skin and blonde hair, and a fashionable sense of dress that was seen as "rich" -- and extra White. The harassment first kept her from participating in high school activities, such as trying out for sports teams, she said, then reached a point where she would skip class rather than face her many tormenters. She and her parents said they consistently tried to make school staff address the issue, without success. " There was no place she was safe," her mother said. This is such an utter bullshit report, "she doesn't know of other white students who faced similar problems." Utter garbage. Ask any White high-schooler who's attended school as a minority and he will have plenty of tales to tell you. Nigger and other minorities hate Whites because they recognize Whites are superior and because the Jew-doctored textbooks they use encourage them to.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Cancel Israel Stop

Don't stop, continue!...

Paris Nogs Run Wild

Doesn't matter where you put 'em, this is the result. Typical lying-yid report, as you'd expect from the Jew-owned Newsweek. Whites not paying attention to nigger ghettos are to blame for nigger wilding. The Jews don't see fit to mention the gang-rapes of White girls these scrubhumans regularly carry out. Next stop Camp of the Saints. Oh, wait -- we're already there! Here on some of the junk going on in Britain today.

The Jew-Induced Invasion

Nobody says the obvious: the sewermen pollute our country and belong, if anywhere, in their natal septic tank. Here the GOP trains Hispanic activists. Who represents your interests, White man? Here on gooks remaking California suburbs. The idea is that Jews will do all the thinking, gooks will handle the tech stuff, and Whites will fade from the picture. Here's how Mexico deals with immigration from the south. It slams the door. Mexican authorities deported 150,000 Central Americans last year and another 100,000 during the first six months of 2001, with a notable increase in the number of Salvadorans prompted by major earthquakes in January.

Insanity in Britain

A 93-year-old woman can't put up barbed wire because it could injure burglars. We kid you not. Say goodnight, Britain.

Churchill and Irving

Review of his book in Spectator... Irving, however, although he writes about historical topics, is not a historian in the sense of one who seeks to discover the truth about the past. His response. To another yid here. Here on Mein Kampf, illegal in free and democratic Germany. Officially, the book cannot be bought in Germany, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland, but is readily available in Russia, Romania, the United States and the United Kingdom. Here Glasgow Herald review. Saying, as some of these clownpapers are beginning to, that Irving isn't a historian is like saying Debbie Lipstadt isn't an ugly Jew.

Click Here!

Nigger Population Grew Three Times as Fast as White Last Decade

Boolies, boolies, everywhere you look. Sixteen percent more of the porch-sittin', crack-sellin' double-fisted watermelon slurpers than there were in 1990. The NBA can't employ 'em all, so get prepared to work even harder to set the little jazzbos up on welfare, White man. More here. Here on the school problems caused by niggers and the Jews who subject White kids to them. One good thing about our surfeit of negroes is that we'll never run out of stories like this. Niggers: they sort of look like humans, but really, they aren't. This nigger thinks he ought to be reimbursed by a hotel because a shark thought his leg was a nigger McNugget. Nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger -- are you desensitized yet? Just trying to counterbalance the nigger-on-a-pedestal you get from every non-VNN source. Niggers suck. And the Jews who promote niggers suck even worse. Nigger is symptom, Jew is disease. Memorize that, White man. It will come in handy. And you know what? You can put a nigger in France, and it don't make no nevermind, that bushbaby act jes de same, boss. Why can't a nigger act more like a man? Because it's a nigger. Deputy mayor says, of Columbus, "This part of the city has been lost." Never heard that one before. Wherever the nigger goes, pestilence follows. But don't blame the nigger folks, that's like blaming the sea urchin for prickly spines. Blame the Jews who subjected us to his depredations. Get rid of the Jews and the niggers will soon follow. We must retake our White nations from the Jew and restore them to health. NIGGER IS THE SYMPTOM OF THE DISEASE NAMED JEW.

Mexicans Don't Pollute, They Are Pollution

Jewish bullshit column, but between the lines you get hints of the utter disgust civilized Whites feel for the Mexican.

Nip Nationalist Koizumi Says U.S. Out

We like this guy. But the press doesn't. They think he is a fascist because: 1) He wants the raping and pillaging American troops to go home; 2) He honors Japanese war veterans; 3) He has a 70% approval rating; and 4) rallies in support of him remind liberals of Nuremburg rallies. The liberals want him out of office because he does not support globalism and he rejects the idea that if you lost a war that your war dead cannot be honored by their own nation. If he were the tyrant the libs say he is, they would surely have been killed by now. We can only dream...

UK and Immigrunts

Idiot politicians say the violence could have been prevented had the government built a community center for the Turdish asylum seekers. What do they mean? That they knew the turds would run around harassing White women if they didn't have something else to do? Could this have prevented the Scottish uprising? No, it would have pissed them off even more, since no one builds stuff or doles out thousands of dollars for economically deprived Scots! The Brits will never solve the problem if they don't identify it. Any efforts they make to help the illegal aliens will bring more trouble because the Scots will be angered that pols never tried to address poverty when the community was all White. It's ethnic gangs in Australia.

Zimbabwe: Chimps in the Driver's Seat

When blacks vote, affenocracy is the result. Affen is German for "monkeys." Affenocracy is rule by monkey. Affenkultur is...well, you get the idea: hip-hop. And the doctors are on strike. So they've got that going for 'em. Here and here White farmers in Zimbabwe arrested for crime of defending themselves.... Here good WND LoBaido article on South Africa and the White Horror. This will happen in America too when the demographics change enough. The only problem is that LoBaido is a Christian dope convinced that the problems in SA are not racial but not enough 70-IQ niggers reading the third epistle to the fuliginarians. But ignore his cross-wisdom and concentrate on his facts. We must stand with a man when he is right, and depart from him when he is wrong. Who said that? Note the claim that the Boers have nukes. For God's sake, Boers, if that's true, use them on the niggers and retake control. Really, LoBaido is truly mentally numbed; he keeps repeating the same tired garbage we hear about "civil rights" everywhere, that it wasn't meant to turn out this way, with animal niggers, ANC cadres, raping four-year-olds. Well, it did turn out that way. You're a fool if you believe that wasn't the intent. Leave the LoBaidos to die with their false god; think and fight, White man. Those will see you through.

New America, Not America

Muslims rent pools. Why are there Muslims in America? Here on separation of elite from commoners. Here Sowell on negroes and libs. Here on Klamath Falls. Here on blacks' percentage dropping at Florida college. Apparently they can't make it without special rules. So what were they doing there in the first place? What happened to the Whites whose positions they stole? What happens to a dream deferred? Here a mestizo bitch on her fifth child at 21 is worried that White people might not be forced to pay for special-needs Pablo. Is there anything lower than a Mexican? Besides a college administrator? Here on Detroit and Livonia. Niggers too dumb to pass tests? What does a good Semitically Correct college admissions officer do? You got it. Here on the hate t-shirts J.C. Penney quit selling.

Exceptionally Corrupt Rabbi

Oy! They're all over the place! Oy! Here's another one. Twenty girls... Good times, it's!

Israel and the Giblet-Free Whitemice Who Support It

How much better the world would be without Israel. Not one drop of White American blood should be spilled, not one White American dollar expropriated to defend this miserable race of thieves and extortionists. The Jews are the people with a two-thousand-year memory who resent a fifty-year memory in others. Onward Palestinian soldiers! Here the Washington Times' Prudence Wesley manfully sticks up for the yids who steal from and laugh at us. You're a real mensch, Prudence. Wes will stand behind no man in demanding your last son and dollar be spent defending the Holy Land. Joe Farah, Cal Thomas -- on notice, boys! There's a new suckpoop in town, and Prudence is his name. Here God's favorite swindlers support freedom of the press.

Israel Murders

The assassination policy began in November. Since then more than 40 Palestinians have been killed, and nearly a dozen innocent bystanders. Hey, Weeping Wesley, have you heard about this? Where's your column? Try these Jews, now that's kosher!

Russia Needs Diversity Too, Say Jews

You can read this exact same Jewish Big Lie from the same sort of Jewish liar in your paper in London, Moscow, Washington, Berlin or Paris -- or anywhere. Russia's demographic crisis is real. But the fact is that closing our borders and oppressing non-Russians is not a realistic response. Quite the opposite. We should expand immigration on the obvious condition that steps be taken to make the new arrivals feel a part of their new homeland. Russia was never ethnically homogeneous.

Media: New American Spectator

Conservatism and futurism! -- get it? Here on ecoterrorism. If pro-White groups committed one-tenth the crimes the ecotics have, it would be front-page news daily. Here CNN talks with Limbaugh. More here. And here. Here on Afro-Celt music. A hearty blend 'o bagpipes, fiddle and o'erturrned paint drum 'tis, lad. Here on Whittaker Chambers, an interesting weepy depressive religious mope, and a reminder why there will always be atheists.

Brit Politicians Do It Again. . .

Win the pandering prize of the week, amidst brutal competition from other NWO multi-culti contenders like Bush, etc.: Idiot politicians in the UK say the violence could have been prevented had the government built a community center for the Turdish asylum seekers. What do they mean? That they knew the turds would run around harassing White women if they didn't have something else to do? Could this have prevented the Scottish uprising? No, it would have angered the Scots them even more, since no one builds stuff or doles out thousands of dollars for economically deprived Scots! The Brits will never solve the problem if they don't identify it. Any efforts they make to help the illegal aliens will bring more trouble because the Scots know that pols never tried to address poverty when thecommunity was all White.

Non-White "Youth" Rampaging through France

Not mentioned in this article: the ongoing problem of racially motivated gang-rapes against French girls . The usual excuses for the burning, looting, assaulting and rapes are blamed on racism, economics and the schools. The socialist government has taken the Tito route, to cover it up, outlaw White speech and bring in more wonderful diversity. We all know what happens next.

White Woman Teacher wins Lawsuit against "Minority" Racists

White women were used to our enemies' own ends by convincing them that the men of their race were the true enemy, by extending affirmative action to them and telling them their ancestors treated their horses better than their wives. Feminism is backfiring. Not only do women enjoy less male chivalry, they are now being turned on by their supposed allies. Angry White Female predicted three years ago that women would very soon be taken out of the "protected" class (after they'd served their purpose of their new masters), and slowly but surely it is happening. This article shows that if we are to appeal to women, we should make an issue of it every time a White woman is discrimated against by her alleged fellow victims. This story is not a new one. It has been going on for a very long time, but women did not come forward. This woman did, and the more other women see they have options, the more will take them.

Demographics of Religion

The drive to Christianize unassimilables began in earnest with the missionaries accompanying Cortez, and continues today with the bean-counting competition among the major (and minor) Protestant denominations and the R.C. Church for converts in the Turd World. One of the many vipers our race has taken to its boosom, the contingent of mud prelates and high churchmen (e.g. South Africa's Desmong Tutu) account for much of the destruction coming from inside the churches.

Movie Review: Zulu (1964)

A review of the old British classic available on tape and occasionally aired on American Movie Classics (AMC) Etienne Brule


From out the dank and dusty files, gather the little chilluns round for a Halliday Seth B. Epstein

Jewish World Government Wants Your Gun

It's against Jewish interests for White men to own guns. Latest on bursting Hymies here. Here on fed spies. Here interview with Hamas leader.

Nogs Increase in Scotland, Locals Angrier Than Ever

Go home, nogs. Not wanted. More here. Note that the local population swelled by 1/3rd overnight in an area with 40% unemployment. It's an INVASION! The Kurds were given nice flats and the locals watched as new refrigerators and furniture were delivered to the refugee flats. Notice how they call the Scots "whites" but don't refer to the Kurds as "browns." Here on growth of asylum seekers in UK. Here a Liverpool nog, like his Scot counterpart, finds UK more dangerous than homeland. So return, noggy-woggy...

Vikings in Minnesota?


Results of "Just Screw It" Culture Not Pretty

Hivvies with kids... Here on Texas Whites forced to pay for brown disease. Here Fontova on killing deer. Here: you knew it was coming: blackening Nascar. Great. More niggers with wrenches in their hands.

Zimbabwe: Mugabe Warns Whites Not to Fight Back

Can't we round up a platoon and retake this country in the name of civilization? Reed on democracy. Here Whites evacuated from Zimby. Here Monkey-in-Chief actually believes he is being haunted by rival's ghost. We don't make 'em up, folks, just report 'em. He serves ghost food at extra setting to placate it. These niggers are your equals, White man. Hymie says so. Here Kalgary Kops track name-calling.

Hoffman on Internet Radio

May have to download some audio software, but he's here... Here on hyper-yid Lantos, veteran of 88 gassings, and the UN racism conference and Swindler Central....

The Authoritarian Personality and The F Scale

Read the test questions, but understand the basis: Jew-funded Jews devise a test to help pathologize the loyalty, piety and moral regularity of the average White American. This test was instrumental in Jews' plan to break down Americans' belief in themselves and confidence in their society and pave the way to Jewish cultural dominance. That is exactly what happened -- the entire history of post-WWII America. We now think like Jews -- innuendo, neuroticism, sex-obsession, disloyalty, smarmy mocking, cowardice, whining infect everything we do. Oy!, how much freer we are, now that we can go on about our orgasms on Oprah. Heroicism, stoicism, privacy -- what need have we of they? We are all Jews now, and this mentality behind this bogus test shows one of the reasons why. And it never stops. Now that they control our culture, they like the taste. They push it further. "Hate" crimes is a complete intellectual joke, but they enjoy playing with it, criminalizing the opinions of anyone who might resist. We cannot live with Jews in our midst, White man. They are pure poison.

Nigs Harass Adam's Mark

Here Jewish Weekly Standard on Bush and pro-nog, anti-White policies... This article is so much tiresome journalistic barratry. The bottom line is that Jews control Congress, courts and media, and no major party will go against their preference that coloreds be accorded legally privileged status. Who fights for your race and its rights, White man? Nobody. Except National Alliance. Here Tali-rabs to execute Euros. Euros allow ragheads to warble freely from their minarets. Fired for being Confederate?

Jewish Media Heroes: David Sarnoff

Self-promoter -- self-mythologizer is more like it... Learning early the value of self-promotion and publicity, Sarnoff falsely advanced himself both as the sole hero who stayed by his telegraph key for three days to receive information on the Titanic's survivors and as the prescient prophet of broadcasting who predicted the medium's rise in 1915. While later described by others as the founder of both the Radio Corporation of American (RCA) and the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), Sarnoff was neither. Here sitcom-er Rafkin dies. This one man was "director of episodes of more than 80 prime-time sitcom series." Monolithic Jewish control of the media a myth, you see...


How many sewermen can we pack into America? Keep it up, Jews, Lutheran do-gooders, Republican vote-importers. Here, Salvadoran mendicants crowd into government offices to sign up for El Good Life. Where Whites once waited for mere minutes, waits now stretch into hours...Here another lively evening at Houston's La Michoacana, watering hole of the Hispanic dirt-culture Christians and conservatives labor to import at the behest of Jews. Here Raimondo blasts Truman. Poof Daddy has the 'what' down; wait a few years and maybe he'll get around to the Jewish 'why.' Globalization here.

Media: Salon Gets $2.5m Funding

Stays alive for now... More here. And here. Workforce has dropped from 175 to 55. Warnock, ex of Adobe, and Hambrecht of Hambrecht & Quist chip in. Any of you dot-com billionaires pro-White? Send us an email. We can work wonders with a smidgen of that money. Here Deseret News, a Mormon-owned paper in Utah, digitally removes cigarette from photo of James Dean. Now that is god-damned pitiful. How many other photos you see are digitally altered, White man? Here puss paper yanks "very Bolivian" description. This is a must-read. "I'm calling about a line in your column," said the copy editor. "The one that goes, 'How very Bolivian.' " "Yes," I replied. "What about it?" "Are you sure you want to say that?" "Yeah." "I mean, I know what you're getting at," the copy editor said politely. "The guy at the mike, everyone gone, I can see the picture, but do you really want to say that about Bolivia?" "Why not?" "Well, it might be offensive." What the copy desk was saying was that The Pilot's vast Bolivian readership might be offended if their government was compared to the Chesapeake City Council. They could have a point, but I doubt it. "Wouldn't you rather say something like, 'How Bosnian-Herzegovinan of them?' " the editor asked. "Not really," I replied. Like Beavis on Bon Jovi: Riding across the great plains of wussdom. We're a free country. You can think whatever you like as long as you keep it behind your teeth and out of your typewriter.

Man of Constant Sorrow

Oy! Smarmy yids rippin' off White kulcha! Oy!

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