American Pie 2

by Mark Rivers

From Jew writers Adam HERZ and David STEINBERG comes American Pie 2, the sequel to American Pie, which was about a group of Midwestern teenaged boys who enter into a pact to lose their virginity by prom night.

In the original American Pie, Jim LEVENSTEIN (Jason Biggs) is the horniest of the bunch. He impulsively has intercourse with an apple pie after his friends tell him that's what sex is supposed to feel like.

Also in the original, mean White guy Steven Stiffler (Seann William Scott) feeds Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) a laxative. Finch has a loud, messy defecation, to the delight of the Jews and the unwashed lemmings in attendance. Stiffler later gets his comeuppance when he accidentally drinks a cup of another boy's semen.

Finally, Jim manages to have sex by desperately going for the only girl left who doesn't know about his embarrassing "premature ejaculation" episode with Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth), the sexy Russian exchange student.

Boy, those Jews sure know humor. In American Pie 2, the same bunch of students return from their first year of college, and spend the summer getting drunk and partying. Here are some of the sicker moments in this movie:

1) To help pay for their summer fun cottage, the boys take jobs as house painters. The house they are painting is occupied by two women, whom the boys assume are lesbians. The women, wanting to teach the boys a lesson, tell them they ARE lesbians, and that they will put on a show for them if the boys perform homosexual acts first. So, Jim, Stiffler and Finch kiss and fondle each other in anticipation of the lesbians' reciprocation.

2) Seeking sexual instruction, Jim contacts Michelle (Alyson Hannigan), the band geek who had bedded him in the original. He finds Michelle at band camp (where else?), and she agrees to help him. After a scene that makes fun of retarded kids ("Exceptional, my ass!"), Jim and Michelle get some time alone to practice sexual technique. To test his "threshold," she sticks a trumpet in his rectum. After they leave, a band camp administrator (George WYNER) comes in and plays that trumpet.

3) Jim masturbates to a porno movie, but he accidentally applies a strong glue to his penis instead of lubricant. He has to go to the hospital, where his flaky, yet loving father (Jew Eugene LEVY) comes to his rescue.

4) Stiffler is making out with a girl on his back porch. A Korean boy comes to the balcony and urinates on Stiffler's head. Stiffler, thinking that the girl is pouring champagne on his head, is turned on, and even starts lapping it up. Remember, this movie is from the same tribe that practices infant fellatio.

There are only a couple of negroes in the film (a cop who breaks up the party, and a "sexy" mulatto negress who gets propositioned by Stiffler's little brother), but there are Jews in primary roles, namely Eugene LEVY and Natasha LYONNE.

George WYNER is what I'm calling a "PJ" (Probable Jew). I haven't found any source that can confirm whether he is a Jew; all I know is that he looks like one, talks like one, and has played a whole lot of Jew roles throughout his career.

Chris KLEIN, despite his Jew surname, is said to be a "devout Christian" who even attended a Christian university in Texas. So this is what devout Christians are up to these days, huh?

Jason Biggs is not a Jew, but he plays one in the movies, most notably in this series and in Saving Silverman. What's important to remember, though, is that his character, JAMES EMMANUEL LEVENSTEIN, is the only one to find true love in the movie.

Oz (Chris KLEIN) and Heather (Mena Suvari) continue their relationship, but mostly just have phone sex.

Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) tries to get together with his old flame Vicki (Tara Reid), but it doesn't happen.

Finch pines away for Stiffler's mom (Jennifer Coolidge), with whom he had copulated in the original. They have explosive, tantric sex in her car at the end of the movie.

Jim, however, shuns the sexy Russian, who winds up with super-dork Chuck Sherman (Chris Owen). Jim declares his true love for Michelle, and they embrace before an applauding crowd at band camp. The teens, lemmings and wiggers in attendance laughed at the toilet humor, but were clearly repulsed by the homosexual scene. In time, homosexual acts in mainstream movies will no longer be a joke. They will be as common as...well, as people getting peed on.

Every time the Jews make a movie that pushes the envelope just a little further, White America sees it (or lets the kids go see it), and doesn't seem to mind that the standard is changing right before their eyes.

Homosexuality and miscegenation are acceptable to Joe and Jill Sixpack now. That is, they're not going to stand up and speak out against it, for fear of being called "homophobes" or "racists." Ironically, the Jews, although no strangers to homosexuality, are racists themselves, in that they practice the same sort of nationalist exclusivity that they condemn in Whites.

Bestiality, necrophilia and child molestation are a few more things the Jews have been practicing for the past several centuries of their existence. White Americans, with our full bellies, our 1.8 Gigahertz processors and our comfy recliners, have softened to the point of not caring anymore.

A few Whites have started figuring out what's really going on. Most of that number, however, don't do much beyond that. They sit in the barber's chair or stand around the water cooler with a few peers. They look over their shoulders to make sure big brother isn't listening, and they gripe for awhile about the state of the nation. Then they go home, pop open a cold one, turn on their televisions and let the Jews repeat to them, over and over, "You're a racist. Repent."

Even fewer of us have taken the next step.

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