Book Review: Communities: Adventures in Time and Place
(McGraw-Hill 2000)

by Eric Euric

This book is a "social studies" textbook designed for third-grade students in California, a state which has been especially targeted as the toilet bowl for the various dark-skinned countries of the world, into which those countries have duly defecated large numbers of their population.

This textbook is highly subversive of Aryan culture, and its subversion is not at all subtle. The producers of this textbook have concentrated their subversion primarily in the graphics decorating every page of the book, rather than in the text itself, which is bland PC pablum. They have concentrated their subversion in the graphics because they understand that graphics are more emotionally powerful than text. A photograph provokes a powerful and immediate emotional response, whereas text provokes no response at all unless it is both read and comprehended, an increasingly dubious proposition in today's classrooms.

This textbook is subversive not for any occult reason, but simply because it places before your child's eyes, on almost every page, full-color images of niggers, gooks, mestizos, mongrels, and other exotic anthropoids. It portrays an America that is dark, and it portrays it mercilessly. Your child will stare every day into the alien faces of these "others," these non-Aryans, with the consequent result that your child will, through this relentless repetition, begin to identify himself with these "others." This subversion will erode and perhaps eradicate your child's racial and cultural identity as an Aryan, and replace it with a manufactured identity as a mongrel citizen of the New World Order. Another textbook by McGraw-Hill states this proposition more or less explicitly in its subtitle, which openly proclaims its mission to be "Helping Students to Become 21st Century Citizens" (not AMERICAN citizens). That book is Adventures in Time and Place, a kindergarten "social studies" textbook.

I quantified the graphic subversion in this textbook by tallying the number of Aryans and non-Aryans portrayed in the textbook's first 100 pages and in its last 100 pages. I did not count those whose race it was impossible to identify, but most anthropoids clearly fell into the category of Aryan (ancestors all originated in Europe) or non-Aryan (one or more ancestors originated in someplace other than Europe). The results of my tally are:

        Total Aryans:              64
        Total non-Aryans:   120

Although alien images of Congoid monsters and greasy mestizos deface the entire textbook, one of its chapters is particularly revealing, because it strikes at the core of Aryan culture. This chapter is entitled "Communities Celebrate Holidays." The format of this chapter is to devote one page of text and graphics to an explanation of each of 12 holidays celebrated in America. The following is a list of the holidays that your child is now being taught to celebrate, along with a brief description of the photographs that accompany the text devoted to that holiday:

1) THANKSGIVING DAY: Photo #1: Brown people in a parade. Photo #2: A Mexican family eating a turkey dinner at home.

2) HANUKKAH: Two photographs of happy kikes.

3) CHRISTMAS: One photograph of a young female gook opening a present.

4) KWANZAA: One photograph of niggers lighting candles.

5) NEW YEAR'S DAY: Photo #1: A parade float (anthropoids racially unidentifiable). Photo #2: Gooks beating Chinese New Year drums.

6) MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY: A photograph of the nigger King with two young niggerlings.

7) PRESIDENT'S DAY: A photograph of an Aryan, dressed as Abraham Lincoln, standing over a bored-looking brown kid.

8) EID AL FITR: Two photographs of sand niggers celebrating a religious holiday.

9) CINCO DE MAYO: Two photographs of mestizos celebrating a Mexican holiday; also an image of a Mexican flag partially superimposed OVER the image of an American flag.

10) MEMORIAL DAY: Photo #1: A small photograph of mixed Aryans and niggers at a memorial service for one of the Wars of Aryan Suicide. Photo #2: A brown female mongrel in uniform. Photo #3: A nigger in a Marines uniform.

11) INDEPENDENCE DAY: A photograph of fireworks that contains no anthropoid images.

12) ELECTION DAY: Two photographs of Aryans voting themselves into oblivion.

This chapter of the textbook makes very clear the true message of the entire textbook. The White Man has lost America. RIP.


The reviewed textbook was reviewed not because it is unique in its subversive message, but because it is typical. To illustrate this point, I tallied the photgraphic representations of anthropoids in four "mathematics" textbooks (which, of course, teach very little real mathematics). I chose mathematics textbooks for this exercise because they have less reason than any other genre of textbook to present images of ANY anthropoids at all. Yet ALL the "mathematics" textbooks that I sampled were profusely illustrated with photographs of anthropoids, because their purpose is not to teach mathematics, but to deracinate your child.

1) Mathematics, Houghton-Mifflin's kindergarten "mathematics" textbook. In the first 100 pages: 70 Aryans, 154 non-Aryans.

2) Math Advantage, Harcourt-Brace's kindergarten "mathematics" textbook. In the first 100 pages: 56 Aryans, 95 non-Aryans.

3) Progress in Mathematics, Sadlier Oxford's kindergarden "mathematics" textbook. In the first 100 pages: 35 Aryans, 66 non-Aryans.

4) Mathematics, Houghton-Mifflin's 3rd grade "mathematics" texbook. In the last 100 pages: 20 Aryans, 56 non-Aryans.

Here is a list of credits of "Historians/Scholars" who contributed to another textbook, McGraw-Hill's kindergarten "social studies textbook, Here I Am:

Dr John Bodnar, Dr. Sheilah Clarke-Ekong (a nigger), Dr. Carlos Cortes, Council on Islamic Education, Dr. John L. Esposito (a "scholar" on Islamic affairs), Dr. Darlene Clark Hine (a nigger), Dr. Gary Manson, Dr. Juan Mora-Torres, Dr. Vlerio Ooka Yang, Dr. Curtis Roseman (undoubtedly a Jew), Dr. Joseph Rosenbloom (another Jew), Dr. Robert Seltzer (another Jew), Dr. Robert Senkewicz (probably another Jew), Dr. Peter Stearns, Dr. Clifford Trafzer. Note that 11 of these 15 "historians" and "Scholars" are almost certainly not Aryans, and that perhaps none of them are. These are they who, together with Hollywood, craft your child's Weltanschauung.


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