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White Anthropology: Indo-Europeans

Heavy, but interesting stuff. Know where you came from, White man.


Slack-jawed yokels, beware!...

Lindbergh: The Des Moines Speech

Charles Lindbergh embodied everything the Jew envies -- and therefore hates....worst of all, as shown by this 1941 speech, he saw through them and tried to warn us.

Western Swing...

Beer and drowning in the superheated summertime West, as VNN's editor strives to make sense of it A. Linder

The Destruction of the White Working Class

Stock-market Whites live comfortably while the White working class strangles thanks to the swarms of third-world labor let in by the Jews. New book by Barbara Ehrenreich. The people who rule the country -- Jews, with help from deracinated Whites and increasing numbers of Asian techies -- HAVE NO CONNECTION TO IT. They use it for their ends, and fuck everybody else. We need to destroy these Jews and retake our country. The elite need to look at their skin color and start leading. We can take the country back from these clowns. Here Bush fights for anti-White rights. Whites are fools to vote for Republicans. Nothing will change folks, it's a rigged system. The politics you see on tv is illusionary, set up to fool you there's a difference between the parties. The illusion of debate, the reality of control. Legal and illegal immigrants constitute a new class of citizens with privileges based on skin color. Good intentions and crass politics have produced two classes of citizens separated by a new color line: non-preferred whites and "preferred minorities." Note that Semitically Correct Roberts, as always, avoids explaining that it is the Jews who have destroyed America by pressuring for open Third-World invasion. The Jews are responsible. The Jews are the enemy.

Zimbabwe: The Final Countdown

Twenty White farm families forced to flee by gangs of chimps, upset that the Planet of the Apes remake won't make it to their country for months. Farmers were shocked by the intensity of the attacks. One said: "If this thing doesn't stop, we are going to have to evacuate all wives and children out of the country. We are coming close to that point now." Here on monkey Mugabe cleansing White farms. The old monkey and his idiot niggers can't grow a radish. When they kill off the Whites, they will eat dirt and cry. Here the Jewish "British" ministers keep stiff upper lip so as not to laugh at White Rhodesia's final desecration. The Jews must be removed from all positions of power in Britain, White rule restored, and aid White Zimbabwe in retaking its country. Note that when Jack Halliday wrote Blackout in 1997 there were still 70-80,000 Whites in Zimbabwe. Now there are 50,000, 20,000 of which are British citizens. Reversion to savagery has occurred. All that is necessary for Jews and their colored tools to triumph is for White men to do nothing. More here.

47% of Detroit Adults Are Functionally Illiterate

Why can't Jamal read? Because he's a nigger. Give us the cultural solution to this problem, Dave Horowitz. Come on, Dave, we're waiting for your neocon magic. Try this. Dumb Jewess here, funny. Here Cowardly Cal Thomas on the culture wars. The destruction he laments was brought about by the very Jews he suckpoops. He knows that, but he'd die before he'd say it in public. What a bunch of ninnies are the "men" we call conservatives. Gutlessness defines them to a one. Just a bunch of nice, polite wimps who won't stand up for anything. No balls, no victories. Remonstrating and moving backward, as always. Here on possible White Jesse.

National Alliance Active in Canada

"Circus is in town," say cops, maintaining professional neutrality. Good old text by Upton Sinclair on Supernaturalism -- Religion -- for fun and profit; i.e., the repugnant Jim Baker hovering over Jessica Hahn, rasping, what's good for the shepherd is good for the flock. Thus it always was, thus it always will be. Hypocritical and cowardly, created He them. Here try Oliver on Christianity, captured, helping capture the United States for our enemy. Compare what the old master said against this culturewars article, again: The history of the last 40 years has been the history of increasing Jewish animus against Catholics, during which the Catholics have taken a beating defending the moral order. This battle stretches from the Catholic defeat in defending the Hollywood production code through the Ginsberg obscenity decision, wherein Philadelphia handed the pornography industry a defeat it never forgot, through Lemon v. Kurtzman, all the way to Hitler’s Pope and the most recent academy awards ceremony with teary-eyed tributes to abortion propaganda and Billy Crystal making jokes about the pope. All of these battles have one thing in common, they were part of a struggle between Jews and Catholics over control of the culture which Catholics have lost on a consistent basis for going on 40 years now. But our mantra, as always: Neither religion nor region -- but race. Race can get back for traditional Catholics what the Church couldn't defend.

Britain: Jews Harass Small Business Leader into Resignation

They claim he sold books they don't like. More bilge about historical support for poofterism. Here cop busted for " nigger." Why busted? The victim reported him! How brainwashed can we get, people. It's a privilege to be burglarized by a coon, apparently. Here coloreds responsible for first typhoid outbreak in decade. Thanks nogs! Diversity's just good business...

Chimps Run Wild in Zimbabwe

The price we pay for not realizing we are White, White man.

Jewish Culture of Hate

After customer complaints, J.C. Penney stops selling t-shirts with slogan "Home Skooled" and mobile home. This sort of thing, which Jews call hate in any other context, is perfectly acceptable when you're mocking something -- home-schooling -- that chips away at the Jew-controlled Propasphere. Note that there are roughly 50m schoolkids, 850,000 are schooled at home. Make that number grow, White man. Don't subject your kids to Jewish hate.

London "Gun" Crime Increases

Always the instrument, never the agent. And Hamlet was written by a pen... Here latest crack trend.

Israel, Land of Milk and Honey -- or Murderers and Torturers

Here on Jews and Columbine whines.

Sobran and Lincoln

On history, and the difficulty puzzling it out... More good truth about Lincoln here. What the cons don't understand is that there's no way back. We are going to have to go forward through dictatorship in order to destroy the Jews strangling us like an octopus a crab. The conditions that produce and sustain limited government disappeared long ago, and there's nothing to do but respond to conditions today as they are. The duopoly ain't going to be voted out of power. The papers and tv aren't going to be voted out of Jewish ownership. Here young con on neocon warmongering. Can't bring himself to say "Jew" yet, but getting there. Taki here on turning 65. Here old Taki column, possibly the one we mislinked. Here on invasion insanity.

Dr. Pierce: Demonstrating for Freedom

Recounts the recent NA demonstration in Washington, D.C., the cowardly Jewish attack on Billy Roper, and the truth about freedom in Germany under Hitler vs. under Jews/Americans. Very good broadcast, read and forward to friends and relatives. This type of address is what sets Pierce apart from all the halfway, half-assed conservative commentators. By the way: Nothing's stopping you from joining the Alliance and fighting for our freedom, White man. Do it. Here latest on Möbus.

Germany: Remember the "Holocaust" and Keep It Holy...

Thou shalt have no other gods before the "Holocaust," whatever that is. Nobody allowed to laugh or look sideways, no, not at this prim Jewish service. Jews can laugh and attack White culture; Whites daren't laugh at the grossest Jewish lies. Motive-questioning, mocking -- only Jews may play those games. Not little people like you, White man. Again, if you missed it, on the Liberty, the ship attacked by Israel, 34 Americans murdered. Interior Minister Schily whines that he can't stop Germans from reading material on the 'Net his Jew bosses want censored.

Bush: I Fully Support Discrimination Against Whites

Won't get it straight from this good ol' boy. Don't turn your back on him, friend, he'll knife you in an instant. Anybody who's been to college knows the type. Don't believe the tv. Bush ain't stupid. He's managing the shift to the global plantation, winking and nodding at the conservative little people -- you reading this? Do you see the game being played on you? Get out there and wave your flag. Do anything for your country except think, right? Here Bushy Jr. supports discrimination against Whites in government contracting. Here Rush's plump brother on the cave-in. Except it's not a cave-in. The Republican elite have made it clear for twenty years they don't represent the White man.

Mexican Trucking

The corrupt administration of outgoing Illinois Republican governor George Ryan, with its nigger Secretary of State, Jesse White, has produced a lasting legacy of horrible accidents caused by the sale of virtually any sort of driver's license to anyone. In one case, a vanload of White children burned to death in an accident caused by a bought-my-license trucker. In the latest case, the headline should be "Incompetent trucker in big spill didn't belong in White America." A large chemical spill which shut down an entire Chicago expressway at rush hour was caused by illegal Mexican alien Fernando Guzman-Ruiz. When told, stupid Whites shake their heads, say, "I'm glad I won't be around to see that." They're not "coming," silly...they're here, with more on the way all the time, anticipating amnesty from "conservative" George Bush. Chicago's Mexican population? About .2% in 1970, 25% today after Jewish destruction of our immigration laws. Ay, ay, ay!

Macedonia Update

Latest on NATO-American evil....

Jews Bein' Jews

Hymie's women and children at work... You can see why "God" chose 'em, can't you! Here a map of West Bank and Gaza. Hoffman on Jews and assassinations and media double standards. For example on Aug. 6, 2001 the New York Times minced words again: "The missile strike was the third in less than a week, part of Israel's pattern of singling out certain Palestinians for death." "Singling out Palestinians for death" -- another N.Y. Times euphemism for the A-word. The Aug. 6 article repeats the pattern: the NY Times does not refer to the Israeli assassinations as assassinations. The word is mentioned only in connection with an allegation made by others: "To Palestinian leaders, such attacks amount to a policy of state-sponsored assassination." . . . "Targeted killings," "picking out targets for killings," "singling out Palestinians for death," "brought down" and "military raids" are Big Brother's preferred doublespeak for Israeli assassination. One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else. That goes for reporting as well as assassinations. Here on "Holocaust" scam, to make a redundancy. More here. Here on media mind control. Here Hymie pushes Arabs out of Jerusalem. Freeper moronicity re Israel here. More Freeper lugnut-IQs here.

Sense in Senegal: Reparations "Absurd"

Kaum zu glauben!

Toyota Caves to Spitter Jesse

Look for customer approval ratings to drop. Here White cop fired for profiling or to make boss look good. Here on battle over confederate t-shirts. T-shirts are very important in America. Celebrate diversity, truth-style here.

Report Shows Dip in California "Hate" Crimes

The figures showed that overall hate crimes leveled off at 1,957 incidents--five fewer than in 1999. Sixty-three percent of those crimes were motivated by race or ethnicity, 21% by sexual orientation and 15% by religion. African Americans were the most frequent victims (31%). White males were the most frequent perpetrators, although the report did not contain that breakdown, an official said.
This is complete bullshit. You can bet your life that nigs and Mex harass Whites much more often than the reverse. This is simply a bunch of lies put out to back up the Jewish Big Lie that White males are more threatening than other segments. Here big NYT story on White charged with beating Mexicans in New York. You remember the Whites murdered in Wichita? How many stories in the Jew-queer edited rag did that mass-murder warrant? Yeah. Here Cin cops quit. Men, as a sex, have a psychological need to feel that what they are doing is useful. They don't want to sit in the shade doing crossword puzzles, even if they get paid. So they are quitting the force since they aren't allowed to go after the niggers who make up 90% of the criminals in any big city these days. Here U.S. and Yidsreal leave UN racism conference talks. Here on cross burning. Here White schools decide to play with crime-area nig school. Your kids will thank you for exposing them to diversity, know whum sayin', muhfugga? Here diversity brainwashing added to Ga. frat rushes.

Zimbabwe: Real-life Planet of the Apes

Men in cuffs, apes stand guard... What was that song the Brits played when we defeated them finally at Yorktown? The World Turned Upside Down...? All that is necessary for Jew-led apes to triumph is for White men to do nothing. More here.

Invasion Agitprop

God so hated the world he gave it Mexicans. Albanians-Mexicans parallel here. Anti-White discrimination comes to Brazil. Here sexorcism. Diversity is our greatest strength. Here unions turn pro-invasion. Here false analysis says Bushy amnesty will bury Reps forever. Nope, just guarantees they will move further to the left to keep their half of the votes. Principles? Bwahahah! Getting reelected. Party of the White man? Bwahaha twenty years ago! Wake up, White man. Your race is your party. Nobody who isn't pro-White and anti-Jewish in public is fit to lead you. Sewermen invading Russia too.

On "Nigger"

Niggers use it. Jews use "white trash." We need have no special respect for either group.

Jung and Freud

Interesting article on origins of psychology and some of the differences between Jew and non-Jew.

Bush & Cheney: Pigs at the Drug Prohibition Trough?

Clinton's ties to the fedgov drug scam became an all-but-open secret, but Americans are still probably naive enough to believe that the utter corruption of one political party means that the other is pure as the driven snow... There's just too many pickings -- in money and power -- and the interests of those at the top are just too similar, for the hands of all concerned not to be dirty. This kind of thing is totally predictable and inevitable when a black market is created by law. It's like a license to print money -- without the penalty of inflation.

Lindbergh's Des Moines Speech

...A warning which -- if it had been heeded -- would have spared the U.S. and Europe untold misery and death. In the end, Lindbergh's well-earned status as a genuine American hero could not save him from Jewish vindictiveness, which persists even today.

DNA Solves 20 Yr. Old Rape Case

Sub-human nigger savage that raped and brutally beat a White woman is finally caught....a story that makes the capital status which forcible rape cases used to have understandable.

They Hate Us

Every sitcom and advertisement makes it clear...

Click Here!

Hush Crimes

Good article...

Swazi Chimps Under Sexual Siege by Baboons!

Some days ya just get up on the right side of the bed. This is a can't-miss rib-cracker, although details go a-begging. Quoth Orwell: They looked from nigger to baboon and baboon to nigger, and pretty soon they couldn't tell which was which. Even baboons think niggers are apes! Cheese, glorious cheese -- this is the best story in many a moon. Here on what apes do to White women in New South Africa, a Jewish production...

White Farmer Axed to Death by Zimb Chimps

The bloodlust of the savage will grow unappeased until the last White drains into the ground. Here on use of word "nigger." Niggers use it all the time; so should we, or at least as many times as the yids use "white trash" on tv. To quote Guns 'n' Roses: Police and niggers -- that's right -- get out of my way. Don't wanna buy none of your gold chains today. To quote GnR again: To all those opposed,...well...(derisive chuckle). Nigs 'n' yids: Ship 'em back, ship 'em back -- waaaaaaaaaaaay back. The Jews are our misfortune. Mayhem in Asbury Park. Die Schwarzen auch sind unser Unglück. Here on reparations.

Jewish Compassion

Jews are scum. And it doesn't matter which angle you look at them from. Here a petition to get Congress to investigate the Jewish murder of White Americans on the Liberty back in 1967. Keep fighting, Arabs. We admire your willingness to put your bodies on the line to destroy Jewish evil. Read about Solomon Morel and other Jewish killers here. Morel lives out his days peacefully in yidville, no OSI to hound him; no extortion money made contingent on his extradition. One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else. The Jews are our misfortune. See "white trash" Grubman's site here. Die Juden sind unser Unglück.

Censoring the 'Net: It's Good for Jews

Scroll down to the article by Caroline Bolte, where you can read what Jews really think about the Web: It scares them. Why? Because they can't control what is said over it -- yet. "The Web is not a debating society. It's there for marketing and advertising. We need to apply pre-Net rules: create a policy and stick to it," said Rabbi Cooper. "The Wiesenthal Center is not looking to regulate the Internet, but it is important to put a crimp into hate sites. Americans have a right not to do business with those who promote hate." The web is not a debating society, says the Jew. How about that? Do you think Jews should be able to control what you read and see and listen to, White man? They do. The Jews are our misfortune. Jews a minority in Israel?

South African Niggers Warn Whites of Zimbabwe Fate

Race is the only solid basis for resisting niggers and Jews, White man, because everywhere Whites live will eventually turn into Zimbabwe because Jews are setting the policies. Trust us -- religion, region won't cut it. Take a moment to study the picture, really eyeball the boolies...then ask yourself what kind of liar prevents us from acknowledging the truth: that these "men" are not our equals. The Jew is that liar. The Jew is the root of our problems, White man. Here on nigger Jesse, sire of bastards. Here on UN racism conference around the corner. Here's a site that will help end racism. It's Up With Negroes!...

Israel, America's Enemy

Israel and Jews are the enemy of all honest White men. In title link the Guardian reports at length on the Jews' murder of 34 Americans in their attack on the Liberty back in 1967 -- and the American government's cowardly coverup of yid responsibility. Think Congress isn't controlled by Hymie, White man? It most certainly is. America exists to serve Israel, as things stand today. Just as Hitler predicted, Israel is nothing but swindler central. Financial fraud is as Jewish as shooting babies. Reese here. The Jews are our misfortune.

Hoboken Booms as Diversity Fades

Call us evil racists bound for hell on the speed train, but there seems to be a connection between the disappearance of niggers and civilization... Note the way the reporter or editor neatly writes the headline to avoid the connection.

The Jewish System

Good on daycare, although De Coster doesn't understand the big picture. Here old Farrakhan comments on Jews. More here. Here Mark Steyn on Farrakhan in England and the British papers' reaction. Note that in spite of his name, Steyn is apparently not Jewish. Here Jews meet with Latinos. A problem for the Jews is that all these third-grade-educated mestizos they've filled our country with haven't received proper "Holocaust" indoctrination. Here Jews continue crusade to censor Bible. They killed Jesus, but they won't cop to it. Yids are like that.

Media: Misbegotten Mayberry

Traditional America depicted in the Andy Griffith show? No. Negroes just can't be trusted. Here Resist Def letter campaign mentioned in Arizona Republic article. Here anti-White Repubs chase the brown-invader vote. More here. Here some Whites actually take a stand against paying for dusky diseases. Here negro idiots and crooks at SCLC battle over future. Here the pygmy power group focuses on profiling and free money. Here from Ford Foundation's president's letter. Here a 'groid copper rapes child. Here a page parodying one of the NA's. Promoting queerness, not-so-straight from the rectal-bleeding edge of yid insanity, courtesy of the Village Voice.

Invasion Insanity

It is good to fill our country with brownlings because it keeps fast food prices low. More here on the changes made by the dusky invaders. Here darky attacks girl in Canada. What will you do if diversity attacks your daughter, White man? Here from Village Voice and the anti-invader meeting re Farmingville. My husband works for a large food-distribution warehouse -- he's a forklift operator. Traditionally, they make 20-something dollars an hour. My husband makes $12 an hour. Labor is so plentiful for [the company], they say, "I can just replace you and get El Salvadorans for $6 or $7 an hour." Now this company made $1 billion in profits last year. They have 300 El Salvadorans working there. Because of a plentiful supply of cheap labor, my husband's wages are held down, and I have to work. White men of the working class -- there's your present and your future. Stock-market White men -- it's coming for you, too, sooner than you think. More here.

Growing the Right By Helping in Germany

"Help, help and help again," said Member 25 - also known as SS 148818. "You must make sure that people understand what you are about and that they are happy to see you." Then, sooner or later, the goal of establishing yet another "national liberated zone" will have been reached. Some pro-Germans are taking a page from the Mormons' book -- not proselytizing directly, but allowing non-Mormons to participate in their activities that aren't overtly religious. This lets non-members understand their character, and perhaps over time join them. This can be a very effective way, and it ought to be used more here in America. Cultural festivals, such as the upcoming one in Northern California, are valuable in this regard. Again note in this article how thorough the Germans are by comparison with most American efforts. One way to success is to find people who are doing successfully what you wish to do and studying and copying their technique. Good German history here, although slow-loading. Here nig rapper gives four White girls AIDS.

Social Engineering Fails to Make Men of Monkeys in Britain, Just Like U.S.

But of course that's not its true intent, which is to destroy the White community by burdening it with taxes and social upheaval, which strengthen the Jew. The Jew is your enemy, White man. Here on Scotland, wogs and mediation.

Catholics Fight Jews on Free Republic

People are starting to wake up and realize that the Jews are the enemy of all non-Jews. Whether you are Catholic, Protestant, Arab, nigger, Mexican or White -- the Jew is your enemy. Here Christian fools, subsidizing the racial crime syndicate. More on Jewish-Church relations here. More from culturewars here. Here on Jew Lustiger who may become the next Pope.

Anti-Racist Coward-Morons Worsted in Ten-on-One Clash with NA's Roper

They can't argue, they can't fight, they run around in sniveling packs like the niggers they love. Good work to the Alte Kampfer at the D.C. rally. We hope to see you at the next demonstration, White man. It's like football, only more exciting. No commercials, either. More here. Here for you potential National Alliance members in Canada, a new website.

Vidal and McVeigh

The wizened poofter is smart enough to realize the government was involved in the OKC bombing. Noting that McVeigh made no final statement before his execution other than copying out the poem Invictus by W.E. Henley, he points out that Henley's other works included an anthology entitled Lyra Heroica, (1892) about those who performed selfless heroic deeds. "The stoic serenity of McVeigh's last days certainly qualified him as a Henley-style hero," Vidal writes. "He did not complain about his fate; took responsibility for what he was thought to have done; did not beg for mercy as our always sadistic media require. He seems more and more to have stumbled into the wrong American era. Plainly, he needed a self-consuming cause to define him."

Understanding the Yid: Eruvim and Shabbos-Goyim

Settle in for this one and let it expand your understanding of the mentality and behavior of the people of the checkbook.


Fine for sports, censored everywhere else. Old Huxley here. Here on Mead debunker.

Mexicans: Shit People, Shit Country

They are destroying our country, but don't blame them, blame the Jews who let them in. "Fairness" will be your undoing, White man. It only applies in a White context. Mexicans and other discoloreds run on the bribe system, as this excellent article shows. Here hate mail to Hal Turner. Nobody hates like the friends of humanity. Here on INS and its problems. Here on growing anti-invader sentiment. You should hate the shitskins, White man -- they are taking your country. But you should hate even more the Jews who opened the gates to them. The Jews are your enemy, White man. Fighting Jews is real politics, everything else is Republican beachball bouncing. Here nigs and Mex do battle in L.A. Nigs are going to find that not every race rolls over like Whitey.

Nigger Cop Beats White to Death in Arkansas

Nigger cases of "police brutality" with 1/100 the injustice here turn into riots applauded, egged on and rationalized by Hymedia. This case you would never hear about except through a link a reader provided. (May have to register.) Here nig violence drives business from Cincinnati. Here on the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood and its denizens these days. The Germans have left, the niggers have taken over, and brought their nigger ways with them. Big surprise.


Danforth's role in the coverup... Here on Wichita aftershocks.

Best Yet on Lincoln, Jaffa and Sobran

This not-so-little squabble over Lincoln is a debate a clef, as it were. The hidden key to understanding it is the fact that the Jewish side has to lie about Lincoln to further its agenda. And part of that lying includes smearing its opponents, including Sobran and other LRC writers. Of course, none of the LRCs will say this because they are afraid of the Jews who thrash and trash them. But at VNN, we are free to speak the truth. Feels good, too. Are you free to speak the truth, White man? Do you see what's going on here? The "big name" scholar on Lincoln is willing to misrepresent completely "Honest Abe's" real views in order to protect Jewish political interests based on the Biggest Lie about racial equality. Jaffa eagerly claims that Lincoln was lying to the stupid townfolk, like Bill Clinton, so that he could get elected and pursue his Judeo-liberal egalitarian progressive agenda. Jews are liars by nature. And lying about our White forbears is common practice among them. Jews' words cannot be trusted, White man. They are our enemy.

Why Jews Are Hated, A Jewish View

What they are, what they do, how they behave. The only true definition of anti-Semite is non-Jew. Jews form a racial crime syndicate attacking and feeding off your race, White man. And ultimately destroying it unless we do something. Two Austrian artists. Jews are shower-rangers, devotees of shit-culture.

Argentina Falters

Economy going south as payments come due... More here. And here, could be a crash soon.

"Israel" and Child Torture

None as blind as those who will not see, eh, Joe Farah?

Diversity vs. Freedom

Sam Francis on the phenomenon of "depolicing."

SCLC Banking on "Reparations"

The never-ending whine must be sustained at all costs, and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), founded by "Dr." King -- with the usual Jewish "hidden hand" directing the show-- is staking its future on the demand for "reparations" for slavery.

PA Balks at Mumia Fund-Raising

This poster-child of the left, described as a former "radio journalist" is still sitting on death row nearly 20 years after he should have been removed from the gene pool. He's guilty -- well beyond a reasonable doubt.

Neanderthals: A Blind Ally?

Latest findings show little in common with line which led to homo sapiens.

The Sell-Out to "Hispanics"

For both political parties, the quest for Hispanic Americans' votes is a matter of survival. As the Hispanic population grows, so does political clout, and both parties believe that ignoring this major societal shift would mean defeat in future elections. With all the concern for the future shown by a drunk going on a week-long bender, the Stupid Party has joined the pandering contest to win elections by importing millions of non-White voters. Neither party cares that by so doing they are creating Brazil North. The useful idiots among them probably have bought the Jewish nonsense about America being an "idea." The sociobiological truth is that America -- and, in fact, any nation, is the people who live there. The smarter ones among them know this, and know that America's present immigration policies are part of a world-wide effort amounting to genocide for Euros -- and with the especially obscene feature that Whites are footing the bill for their own demise.

Sexes to Be Separated Again?

Returning military training to separation by sex is one of the tiny strands of common sense that Bush is likely to succeed in restoring. But he's sold us all out on the life-or-death issues.

Why Feminists are Silent about Condit's Adultery

Good, if limited, analysis of feminist "values."

Germany Institutionalizes Immigration

Ostensibly, the proposed program will "regulate" immigration into Germany for the first time, and on the basis of Germany's supposed economic needs... Of course, to regulate something is to make certain that it will persist to be regulated; any sops thrown to anti-immigrationists can always be tinkered with later.

Racial Differences: Nephrolithiasis, Etc.

Nephrolithiasis, aka kidney stone disease, occurs much more frequently in Caucasians. This is one of hundreds of biologically-based racial differences. Here on genetically-based differences in response to HIV drugs.

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