Western Swing

by Alex Linder

A loose collection of impressions from the road, rapidfire or maybe unfurlingbolus Kerouac style. Otherwise it don't git done...

We set off into the Missouri twilight gloam, glaring at a mestizo sucking a waterbottle side of 63, no doubt newly arrived from Guatemala to join his brothers in the ag plant up the road. Drove all night, carslept three hours somewhere in Nebraska come morning. On to Wyoming, where the air thinned, and skin, hair dry, breath eases, alles gut. Tired again, pull over 1 hour in noonday sun, catnap sweaty. Light on, we depart, doesn't go out, trouble? On to Salt Lake, a light-blue and brown town in the summer. Hole up there a night, fix the car. Bust went the computer chip controlling the emissions and other sensors. Down went the fuel economy, off went the odometer, off the speedometer, out the credit card. Day wasted waiting, do VNN feed at least. Fixed evening leave at dusk, hundreds down the drain, but nice dinner at retired relatives, nice grill, overlook beautiful valley, load up with libertarian yuppie beer, finally car fixed, on, push on, must keep moving on. Stop in Wendover, gas, more Mexican than ever, three fourths of the strollers in this tiny gambling border town brown. On through basin and range, desolate, beautiful, Nevada-colored hills and valleys bare of all but cows, creosote and coyotes. Put up in Lovelock, tiny hotel, cheap too, barely $20. Good these days, hotels hardly available under $35 in mid-2001. On I-80, keep going to Sonora. Cross border. Aging hippy-surfer agent wants to check my cooler, my trunk. Sun burns flaxen fields, blues skies eternal, heat soaring into three digits. Gold country. Locals cool in their chi-chi old-timey tourist bars, friendly with directions. On to small ranch, good meal, nice girl. The cows must die. Dogs got 'em, chewed horns, suppurating eye, time to harvest. Two men come out, armed with .22. One shot plugs 'em between the eyes, few inches up. They drop, quiver dead a couple minutes, that's it. Remember German film of kosher slaughter. Different story. Cut the throat half off, laughing let cow bleed. Suffer, oh the suffering. Jewish compassion. Animal torture to normal folks Whites. Thousands of years they do it this way. What do they care from stunning? It isn't their necks cut open to drain. Sonora cows cut, feet chained, gutsack pulled, 100 pounds of slop plops, stuffs into rubber can. F-350 special-rigged with hoist, cow winched up, dropped in stainless steel midsection with drop-sides. Two cows cleaned and ready for processing, lickety-split, maybe fifteen twenty minutes don't count small talk. Klip und klar, as the Deutsch say. Swarms of flies leave the carcasses for the horses. . Dogs lick in the spilt blood, chew innards till shoo'd. Anything left in the dark will disappear in coyotes. Fishing. Beautiful gorge, reservoir finger. Rattlesnake jumps in, swims across, head-up tiger. Big bold-marked snake, king of his rocks n rivers. No fish caught, though they ripple the surface. Tarantula on the dirt road furry and brown. Catfish dinner courtesy of better fisher, good cook. Manx cat, no tail, much jump, great personality. Much talk and laughter and VNN feeds completed, mail answered. New books; Hoffman's whiteslavery, MacDonald's third -- CoC -- Wilcox report '98, Zebra, the story of the black-white murders in San Francisco "back in the day," as the niggers say. Did you see Rozier's boss was getting out? How 'bout that then. That how it works today, White man. And Alex Curtis, him he just sit there 'an rot 'an rot. Well, a man don't lay a snakeskin on a rose bush and expect to get off lightly. There are scorpions in these parts too, but we see none. Small things, painful. Snakes, spiders, and scorpions. Drowned mouse and woodpecker in the water trough, have to get 'em out or horse won't drink. Used to own ranch down by Tijuana. Things changed. Mex used to come over to work, thirty years ago. He'd go back. Get him or her/them babies cokes and bologna sandwiches. No problem, not bad people. Then they changed, began to steal. Take anything not nailed down these days. Got to move on. Talk of Condit, local pols, corruption. All on the make, all cheating, all wasting. But on we must, be a-wenting. Up at dawn, nice chorrizo for road, feeds taken care of. Mountains beautiful but winding slow. Get lost. Start cursing. Pay a bum a buck for directions. Hit five, head south. Gordon Biersch in Laguna Hills. Cool, dark yuppie place, pretty waitresses, older jewish type walking about as if he owns it. Microbrewery, it's. Gordon and Biersch are two sirnames waitress informs. Read Culture of Critique, wait for author. Drink Hefe-Weizen and flip pages. What kind of asshole reads in bar? Me glumly realize. Says he: I believe that in the United States we are presently heading down a volatile path -- a path that leads to ethnic warfare and to the development of collectivist, authoritarian, and racialist enclaves. Got that right, I think, look up. Attractive girl, blue-eyed blond. Fat arms for California, beauty by Midwestern standards. Frank gaze. I wonder if she is an actress, or a failed fat one. The physical difference is readily apparent in Californians versus midwesterners, and if I hadn't gone to school out here would have been surprised. Lunch, talk. Tall, slender guy from Wisconsin, late fifties, ex-radical, taught nigs in Jamaica, came to see light about coloreds. In spite of Scottish sirname is 3/4 German, mother sirnamed "Herb." Says names know score about Jews, won't broach it publicly. What's the solution? I don't know. Kill 'em all? See how he'd react. Twists face in wince. That wouldn't be very polite. Maybe we should deny them committee appointments. Doesn't seem like anyone knows what we do. Working on new preface, take a stronger line; working on abridged version. Discuss Pierce a bit, the movement. MacDonald has the caginess, wariness of the typical academic, but hard where it counts, for an academic that's on the page: Multicultural societies with their consequent fragmentation and chronic ethnic tension are unlikely to meet Jewish needs in the long run even if they do ultimately subvert the demographic and cultural dominance of the peoples of European origin in lands where they have been dominant. This in turn suggests a fundamental and irresolvable friction between Judaism and prototypical Western political and social structure. The "incompatibility" of Judaism and Western culture. Get it, White man? This is as clear as any academic ever speaks: Jews and Whites are fundamentallyessentiallygeneticallybiologically at odds, and one or the other must go. As we put it more crudely, the Jew is your enemy, White man. He knows it. Do you? Have established three things: the elite in or fringing our movement all understand the Jewish Problem (1); it is not clear who among them or who else is going to do anything about it (2) and (3), which I had always wondered, there is apparently no personal animus inspired MacDonald's research. Hard to believe, but apparently true. Three Hef's to the good, take leave of heroic KMac drive drunkish sleepily in afternoon sun to non-political friend in San Diego. Nearly fall asleep crash in high-priced feeder traffic as hot sun beats sleepy driver. Onward, on we go, where are we headed, who will lead us? What if there were a problem big problem and no one discussed it talked about it ignored it. Would it do damage to our internal organs, this "social" disease we call the Jews? Who will speak against the Jews destroying us? Who is the man? Who will take the lead? Who will lead in the streets? Who will take the brunt? Who's the cowbody to ride tame this bronco? Buddy in contstruction, lives view of Qualcomm, ribbon highway freeway out the nevershut door, temp varies five degrees day or night. After work we take down to Ocean Beach. You take the 'j' out of 'job' and you have 'Ocean Beach,' that's what they say, they do yeah. Cally, as the niggers called it back in the day, teems with people, brown Asian White alike. Listen to some social distortion country made punk all gravelly gutvibing good, squeeze a parking space, take our Tecate and watch late afternoon die. The beach. Ever once a while nice to go to the beach and see and be the beach people. No water, throw a football, talk, discuss St. Louis and the gone by. The hour latens, two girls appear. One climbs on top in the twilight. Bottom blond giggling girlishly idiotically. Her friend, a chop top dyke with Opie freckles and slurpee colored raspberry hair manfully thrusts its hand down her pants and every which where ingress suggests. This is to shock and entertain the surrounding, rollerbladers, cooltattoplessguys all muscly up on the boardwalk, passing niggers, thinweak Asian families, surrounding towelers, all according to the MTV stylebook. All very prim and proper and ladylick. She won't meet our eyes, some showman she delving by the sheshore. This is your world, whitman. Who did it? Jew did it. MacDonald said it. I believe it. Who will stop it? Fri night down to Balboa the chic area try a small German place ran across after fafo burgers, eat some sauerbraten, rotkohl und spatzle; ein bisschen salmon und ein paar hefe-weizen, nochmal bitte. Never had so many hefs in my life grep you are right, they are well ten percent better than buds. Cheap, fairly nice, few German expats, camp followers, from what we can tell. We went in seeking bar, but smaller than that, Ingrid's it's called, hope she ain't a Jew, doesn't look it. An accordion player who looks like the heavy in one of those eighties ski school movies plays songs German and other. Suss, nett. In Germany back in 87, just before wall fell, went through East germany, write about that sometime. Gassed eighteen times or was it 242? by the communists, barely survived. Heck of a place, relatives over there recent say Germ's changed character even libs against immigration, although media-whipt fear of radical right pervades. Down Balboa to beach, walk down the beach, watch the girls the people. Beautiful girl in tattoo parlor waiting tattoo. Why, girl? No female is improved by tats, few by skin covered beachballs. Hard to make in SD. Beautiful, perfect weather, expensive. Not for low wages. Gas higher than anywhere else on trip. Started 1.19 in MO, 1.35 to 1.45 most places, 1.80 in SD. Beautiful, crowded, nicer boardwalks than Venice last time there, less open hostility. 1300/mo for two-bedroom apt, has to move. One percent vacancy in SD. There three days, mostly on computer writing VNN, or sleeping lagged from tiring 2k drive west. Feeds done, a few hours out, then Sat back on the road to Vegas. Slow grades from SD to Vegas. Leave AC off so car won't overheat, sweat like a pig-nig. Temp in the 100s easy. Population growth evident from road: complete desert and though not gridlocked, traffic continuous over the five-hour stretch. Vegas blasting out across the desert. Cheap hotels used to staying at swallowed up by expanding housing tracts. Close to big city feel, casinos swarm. Drag strip, see Venice, New York casinos read about weren't there last time. Meet contact, have dinner. Very impressed by new Ha'aretz page design, thinks nothing will avail save major depression. Quizas, wer weiss? Led to table by perky anorexic, can't weigh more than 90. Can't help but notice physical difference between coast and interior. Cold winters, drink carbs, watch tv lead to fat slugs. Women invariably nurses or teachers. The nurses are fat, and the teachers are thick. Does it all even out? The shitskins are coming here, while the weather remains summer thick with asthma allergens, air like a pollen-ragweed smoothie hate that word sounds jewish. Miss second contact, Sat night too expensive, shit hotels want 100, nofuckingway, I'll caffeinate my way to morning. Drink coke and coffee, ruminate. What can we do? Who will lead us? What can I do? Walk around, plot and plan, see and scope, drink and think. Exteriors interesting hate internal jangle, dull faces of fat morons, incessant colored creep. Watch the people, thick with Asians and Mexicans, nasty brown stubbies everywhere you peek. Hot fills line up to strut their Sat sheer in chic 'scos selling high proofs at high prices playing the 'jigaboo bullshit' dance trax as I once heard a MO dj style it back in the day as the spades say. walk, walk walk, waste time, stay out of heat, snoop into corners, look at the sides of people's eyes, still seems over 100 middle of the night. Calves sore up, stay that way for days, what happens when you're computer fulltime. Think on Joan of Arc movie playing in Lovelock that night. Where's our Joan? Who has the insane obsession to pull the trick? The movie chimped it in the end with horrible rainman under cape jewish shrinking knowall explainall pervert all DESTROY ALL yid Dustinthiscase. Useless pettwinks created He them. But for a while she had the passion that surpasseth all understanding and cometh not from footnotes. Those who footnote their sources will never wholly lead you. The revolution will not be asterisked. Where's our man? Where's our girl? Wherez our cowboy...? What happens to a dream deferred? Tour hotels, settle at Mirage bar, where the money flows nice when yr Coronas are what 3.50, your drinks but 5 a shot. License to print money racist casino owners, get in touch we need you. Watch baseball, used to play in college, too tired to read pass the time before meeting, starts early, 9am out here in pacific time. Meet, head off strip to local saloon. Things going well, people want to read. Good news, more every day. Drink a couple beers, very nice, lots of laughs and talk, head over to pool splash around. Blazing hot Vegas, even at night. Talk to young White girl, tells me about her class, 85% Mexican. They tell her about Jews in Germany, how they had to wear stars, brush things that weren't their teeth. Explain to her that the Jews deserve what happened to them. The Germans were trying to avoid what the evil Jews did in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe to nice White people. They murdered them. They were trying to do the same in Germany, but some brave men stopped them. They are trying to do the same here, by filling our country with hostile coloreds and taking our guns and slicing our tongues. We need homeschooling, we need lesson units on the Ukrainian Holocaust to counter the Little Annie agitprop hatpinned into our kids' ears. Jewish lies must cease. Jews must leave, and take their lies with them. Parents, do not allow your children anywhere near Jews, they are the devil, they poison always. The wise man on what the evil Jews are trying to destroy: Uniquely among all stratified cultures of the world, proto-typical Western societies have provided the combination of a genuine sense of belonging, a large measure of access to reproductive opportunities, and the political participation of all social classes combined with the possibilities of meritocratic upward social abilities. This the Jews are trying to destroy. Us the Jews are trying to destroy. By their nature. Mac is clear that the difference between Jews and the White West are irreconcilable. That's what some of you in the business world might call an action point, least the basis for one. It's either us. Or them. Can you dig it?: Us. Or Them. They make their nest in the corpse of our society. They set our women against our men, our upper class against our lower. They spread rancor and enmity and jealousy and bitterness wherever they appear. They must go or be driven. That is their choice. All White writers must be forced to declare their position on the monstrous murder MacDonald describes. If they try to bicker and vacillate, they must be scorned and abused. Us. Them. Nothing else. That White girl is in a class with 85% Mexicans because nobody cared enough to stand up to the yids who opened our border to these sewermen. On we go, on; and on and on and on and on and on and on to Phoenix, slow leaving Vegas, Hoover Damn, cut down, see relatives, new baby, stop by Paradise Valley Mall, get baby some Grimm tales and nice illustrated tales with pix to point to when looking begins. Best sight of whole trip: callipygian blond directing three towheads back into car exiting mall. Meet relative's husband, does computer security for bank. Are the Russians the main hackers? Chinese, he says. Con-libt politics, married into right family, I say! Brief stop, back on road same day, got to get to Texas, see sister. Drive into evening, stop in Casa Grande, get some Mexican. Kid has something never seen before, teen behind counter. Some kind of cat's eyes. Someone later tells me they are "wild" eyes, elliptical contacts, just another way to be trendy-rebellious-"different." Serving a polite and timely taco makes you different, kid. No end of moronic ways to be different. Thinking always works, folks. But it won't garner plaudits from the fashionable. Wild eyes are trendy you know like tats and spikes and burns and punctures and studs and drag-ass jeans. Wigga pleaz! Never seen 'em before. Travel is so broadening. I gess thats what they mean. Skateboarding is not a crime! Make it to El Paso rest stop, carsleep before I crash. Wake up head East, hit checkpoint. Guy asks me question. Ask him to repeat it. "Are you an American citizen?" Proper response to this Mexican is Yes, are you? but no time for drollery. Listen to local talk radio. Guy wants to expand Western Playground amusement park, but corrupt council officials -- Mexicans -- want to line their pockets. Typical. Mexican culture is completely corrupt, whether in Mexico or U.S. Bribery is all they understand. They sure don't understand customer service. They have what surely must be a genetic sluggishness. The very idea of responsiveness isn't in them. Arrive in Dallas next day, off for S. Padre that night. First went there four years ago, great place, although too Mexican. Do long VNN feed, drive all night ten hours from Dallas buy bait head out on beach ready for good weekend. Mullet won't stay on hook. All eaten by fish, none caught. Pissed, should have got squid. Play carball, where you stand fifteen paces from open car window, try to throw ball into car. One point. Through both windows three points. Through both without touching anything and hit opponent on other side five points. Super hot. Beach not too crowded. August is Mexican vacation time, they come up north to S. Padre. Many Nueva Leon license plates. Hotel rates through the roof. used to be easy 40-50 a night during off-season. Main season is spring break when island swells from 2k to over 1m. But summer popularity growing, and this time we find hotel rates have doubled or tripled. Now want 150 or even more on weekends, some of them. We hotel back in Port Isabel, the last town on the mainland. Alone, would sleep on the beach. Go to Laguna Atascosa, a wildlife preserve that is full of intersting things. Three times. Last day finally saw the javelinas, wild boars, we were looking for. Saw owl drinking out of pool on side of road. Saw lizards and huge brown moth, 9" wingspan, numerous tortoises, many many rabbits including one jackrabbit, two indigo snakes, the longest snake in North America, several hawks. No ocelots. One third of the 100 or so ocelots in the U.S. live in the park, which features some thornbush forests. Odd mix of prairie, desert and seacoast vegetation. Contrast between park and beaches. Latter teem with Mexicans, easily 90%. All families with multiple kids. The breeding rate of mexicans is one of nature's wonders. here and there a White family. More of them at the Sheraton and the name hotels than on $3 access public beaches. S. Padre is not built up like So Cal or parts of Florida, altho the jump in hotel rents shows the future. Only 3-4 miles of the long island is allowed to develop, so just a thin strip. Beaches are nice, altho bad rep in other parts of Texas. Modest surf we thought. In between carball and reading CoC, went into the surf. Almost didn't come back. Who can go farther out? Me or sister? We plunged in. Surf is mild, few breakers, troughs and sandbar. Three factors progressively steeper: wave size, undertow strength, depth of water. First couple troughs easily handled. Then let ourselves sweep with the tow, laughing as we're swept like waterslide maybe thirty yards. Then over our heads, sucked into trough. Not laughing. Gulping and sucking and spinning and bitch-slapped by successive powerful waves. No one can hear you scream on the beach either. Happened to me before, so focused on calmness and air, not in that order. Regained air, overcame woah-not-in-control-here, went after sister. Lump in throat as she was two more waves out, faltering. Saw her at wave top: "Help." A moment of clarity, realizing not good swimmer, not time to get help, have to do it now, and in position completely due to own carelessness and failure to dominate the situation. Still struggling myself. Managed to get to where feet were back on solid sand, recaptured breath. Not strong swimmer, don't like water much. But no way back because no way to get help in time. Got to her and grabbed her hand and we dragged back to shore. Blue eyes the color of dead bluegills' if you know what I mean. Too close and a stupid chance to take. Said she was within two waves of drowning. Rather nasty, and this on a day without a cloud in the sky, average sort of surf, which down there isn't much. Key is not to fight the ocean, exhausts you quickly, end up sucking water and heading for the bottom. Struggling hard not to make parallel with immigration inundation and White America getting in over its head and needing to be rescued, but it's there. Now starting to see more than the odd Mex here at our Wal-Mart in NE Missouri. They are everywhere with their ugly faces and their dirt-colored offspring, and the drugs they vend from their cheap apartments. We must take back our country. One thing about Laguna Atascosa -- you never see Mexicans. They don't care about wildlife they can't eat or sell. They don't care about endangered species unless they can make omlettes out of its eggs. They go up on the beach and grill and sometimes put their trash in a barrel when through. They don't go to the preserve. Anybody who cares about wildlife should understand that if the white race disappears, all the rest of the endangered species will too. The other races just plain don't care. All the very interesting creatures in Laguna Atascosa are dependent on the White man to ensure their future, from the jackrabbit to the night owl to the indigo snake. After drowning we went to watch band Pelican West at Radisson. Long-term contract, pretty good cover band. Drink more beers to celebrate longevity and einatmen, etc., discuss drowning. Left island next day for home but stopped by International Reptile in Los Fresnos on way out. Guy used to run it out of a school bus. Now he's down to selling just turtles. Used to operate out of S. Florida, but restrictions were too stringent. Said the fish and game there was real power in state and FBI, ATF, etc would always keep an agent on hand because they were allowed to go onto anyone's land and do basically anything without a warrant. Texas less regulated, but getting worse. Very little you can collect and sell these days when it comes to reptiles. All kinds of licenses and restrictions, many of which do nothin but grow state coffers. This kind of irritation at not being able to live and breathe is common across all classes and occupations of people spoken to last ten years, whether it's gun-shop owners, reptile breeders, beauticians -- you practically need licenses to fart and swat houseflies. Then back north, see non-political friend, and home. Conclusions, big pic summary, who knows. Plenty of pissed off people, greater or lesser grasp of true problem. Elite understand problem. No one doing anything about problem. Pierce and NA understand problem and have answer to problem. Intellectuals who understand problem have no problem with Pierce and NA at all, but are reluctant to give it public props, as the niggers say, because it might hurt them, they think. Well right now America continues fat happy and rich -- saw help wanted signs in South Padre first time ever. No revolution tomorrow. But the big bad's coming, when don't know, but inevitable for the reasons MacDonald indicated above: warring ethnic groups who have been brought here and hetted up by Jewish hate and jewish agitprop. Jews think they will surmount the tide of hate and conflict they've generated, but Jews have been wrong before. Let me lead the way in saying, you Jews are not long for America. Your hatefulness has created the hate that will destroy you. You will drown in the tidal wave of hate you set in motion. ALEX LINDER

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