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The Cult of Oprah

Her fans represent the ideal type of the NWO citizen. Perfect tabulae rasae awaiting Propasphere imprinting.

Jewish Tribal Review: Excellent New Site Has the Lowdown on Jews

VNN mistakenly attributed this fascinating and much-needed new online magazine detailing the Jewish Problem to Kevin MacDonald. In fact its creator is anonymous. Our apologies for the mistake. Read and learn, people. The pressure on Hymie continues to build...Where will he flee next? Mars?

BBC Turns Over Editorial Control to Israel

The yids run around murdering people and through "diplomacy" get international media to use their terminology. Never, never, never shall be slaves, eh?

Renewed Attacks on Whites in Zimbabwe

Chimp chicanery won't end until the last farmer "gaps it" -- slang for running away. More here.

Monkey Nations Demand U.S. Apologize for Slavery

What a hoot. White slavers, many Jewish, bought the slaves from monkey-captors on the coast as anybody literate knows. But chimps, of course, are notoriously unlettered.

Germany: Bad News on Jobs

So why does the country need colored immigration? further Jewish political interests. Kind of like America, that...

Freepers Cry Over NA Email

Again we see the crybaby/tattletale that lurks in the heart of the average Freeper...

News Flash! Catholic Criticizes Jews!

More, more, more of this we'd like to see... Heap it on the guilty Christ-killers, Christians. They are your enemy. And your enemy too, White man.

Complete Control

What the government wants... Here The Force attempts to denature Wales by brainwashing schoolchildren.

Media: After Springer...

Non-screaming coloreds...

Che No More

Commie, punk, murderer... [A]fter entering Poland the NKVD first order of business was to round up the Polish Army's officer corps. Then they trucked them to the Katyn Forest, bound them, gagged them and shot all 5000 of them in the nape of the neck. Standard Commie procedure here. Those officers would have undoubtedly led Poland's contras. The planners and executers of Katyn were Jews. As were the creatures at the New York Times covering up the Judeo-Bolshevik crime. Your kids won't hear about Jewish crimes in school, just Jewish whines. By the way, what do you imagine our homegrown foxmen have planned for us in a couple decades when the first and second amendments are ancient history? Yep. Got the lists all ready down in the bowels of the local ADL offices, as the court case in San Francisco showed. Here on what our Judeo-government already has done -- at Waco. Here on SWAT morons in Lubbock. Here on Republican morons and sellouts like gook-bussin' Gramm who want us to be run over and farted on by Mexican trucks. Here a nice piece of Jewish suckpoopery by a native savage.

White History: Acton-Lee Correspondence

A tidbit from the vast icehouse of refrigerated facts... Here more of the interesting ongoing debate over Lincoln between the Semitically Correct libertarians and the Semitic neocons. Note that Jew Jaffa -- read his attack on Sobran here -- held out to us as a formidable scholar, is reduced to arguing that Lincoln meant the opposite of what he said when it came to race. Jews are liars. They will do anything that advances their cause. Truth and honor -- what percentage command they? Nay, the Jew talks, and black becomes White. More here on slavery and secession. Again note the canting of Jew Jaffa. Jews will always misrepresent your history to further their agenda, White man. Rely on it. More on secession here.

Fawning Over a Dead Jewess

Whether she was a literal Jewess or just raised and acted like one, wringer-tit Katy Graham was Jewish up to her earlobes. Sobran on some of the most disgusting necrophiliac suckpooping in years...

Jewess Grubman

The yiddess purveyor of nigger garbage music hates "white trash" even as she peroxides her hair. What's the word for Jewish trash?: Jew.


A great site, Semitically Correct and cowardly though its founder and virtually all of its contributors are. As an example of his and his site's cowardice, Lew Rockwell is afraid to publish Carol Ward because she dared to write the truth about Jews. He pretends he doesn't agree with Ward and VNN's understanding of the Jewish issue, but that isn't true. He does agree and is simply too intimidated to acknowledge the racial war at the heart of the issue his site discusses. That tells you what kind of a man he is. As Hunter S. Thompson would say, when the deal goes down, Rockwell and LRC go crabwise. Que lastima, Lew! And many of his writers agree with us -- privately. None of our writers agree with him privately. We are open and partisan, LRC is hints and furtive fears. LRC prates freedom, VNN practices it. Everyone worth worrying about knows Jews are the central problem. Few apart from William Pierce and VNN and good White nationalist sites are willing to mention it. Perhaps one of LRC's problems is that its publisher, Bert Blumert, is a tribesman. And a tribesman who refused to answer directly our e-mailed question whether or not he numbered among the Sayanim. He chose, as did Joe Farah, when directly asked whether he was in any way subsidized in his Israel-sycophancy, to laugh off the question. What does that mean? Who knows? Anway, LRC has grown to over 3.6 million page impressions per month, which is impressive, and a testament to the reliability and high editorial standard of the site, and an example to us pro-Whites of what can be done in building alternative media. If you have talents and share our views, contact VNN and get involved. Note what Blumert says about the site's being targeted by hackers, presumably because it opposes The Force on foreign policy questions, where its writers occasionally make distinctions between what's in America's and Israel's best interests. Here from the possibly insane but interesting professional Kelt Cantwell. He's always quick to flick the finger at the German, wiener dog or, most often, WASP, but he at least, behind doors, understands the Jewish problem. Perhaps one day when he matriculates he'll subject Jews to the fat vats of scorn he pours on Saxons. In this column he comes a bit closer in his veiled comments about the Jewish Goldbugs who pass for "conservatives" these days. VNN challenges Lew to lead by example. Write what you know about the Jews.

Kristol, Little Lenin of Neoconservatism

Peevish queer Raimondo in nice attack; makes points similar to those of Cantwell. Again, the heart of the subject, never addressed openly, is the Jewish takeover of the American right, and, taking a step back, of all American politics -- ZOG. This was the great victory of the New Deal, and its successor regimes: neutralizing conservatives by shrinking the spectrum of "respectable" opinion. FDR's great ideological achievement was the creation of a political consensus that spanned the distance between permitted extremes. This consensus consisted of bi-polar support for the welfare state at home, and for a policy of global intervention abroad: in short, the Welfare-Warfare State. This arrangement was supported, in its essentials, for as long as the cold war lasted. Although the liberal left and the ostensibly conservative right quibbled over small details, they agreed on the basic expansionist formula: big government at home, coupled with empire-building abroad. But then the Berlin Wall fell -- and, with it, the Rooseveltian consensus.

Media: MTV Turns 20

Whether it's encouraging White girls to view violent, stupid and disease-ridden negroes as their natural mates or buttonholing Congress to facilitate vote fraud via "Motor Voter" legislation, MTV was, is and remains an incredibly powerful and destructive force. It is a quintessentially Jewish evil. MTV is Jewish shit-culture -- remember always the Shower Rangers shitting on the White girls -- at its finest. Kill your televitz and flush the Jews.

On Greece and the Old Days

Taki is one of the better rich out there, and there is something to be learned from most of what he writes. Much of what he does is strange, and some of what he believes is wrong, but he does seem actuated by some sense of honor, and there is much to be got between the lines. Everybody teaches, but most aren't aware of the subject. We must develop an echt und treu White elite. If you don't know what I mean, then look it up. Study languages, study the arts; refine yourself; make yourself better. Drag yourself up to the highest level you can. Evolve yourself. Drop the sports-commercials-spectating life and be your own culture. Those reading this who are genuinely elite, act that way. Don't nig yourself down, White yourself up. Those reading this who are average, find your betters -- you will instinctively sense who they are -- and ape them. Arete, people -- arete. Try to live up to your blue china.


More doing it than ever, around 850,000... Keep your kids out of ZOG indoctrination centers -- teach them the truth.

A Yid Named Lustiger...

...may be the next Pope. Any Catholics out there paying attention? Here Germans cancel "Holocaust" "memorial" ad campaign after God's vermin protest. What kind of God would choose Jews? Only a Jewish God. More here. Jews are the haters who call everyone else haters. And note that in this little brouhaha over the UN racism conference punctuation and grammar come under "hate speech-hate crime" provisions.

Harare Harangutan Wants British to Pay Reparations

Whites are reviled where they aren't murdered in chimpland, and the harangutan will use the UN conference on racism to push for British reparations that his dictatorship may continue. Chimp power!

Columbus Attacked

Statue beheaded... But you'd better not criticize the sodomites. "As a result of the constructive dialogue between [movie maker Kevin Smith] and me, Kevin will include a brief comment during the end credits of the film, indicating that use of the film's anti-gay slurs in real life is not acceptable," GLAAD entertainment media director Scott Seomin said in a statement Friday. The "love" that can't be criticized. Rather amusing here.

Wichita Case Stirs Hate-Crime, Death Penalty Debate

Kudos to the anti-racist, pro-White European American Issues Forum for not letting up on this one. Even though they are not racialists, they play an important role in keeping people informed and pressuring the media. This article is the first outside of the Wichita area which has been published on the heinous crimes. As usual, fearful White mice say "duh, we don't think race was a factor," despite the unusual risks the blacks took to torture their victims after they robbed them: first, the Carr brothers robbed and killed a female Cellist. Then they kidnapped four young Whites from a home and forced them to withdraw money from their ATM. But they didn't just kill them, they were taken to a soccer field and tortured to entertain the blacks. The Chicago Tribune minimizes the heinousness of the crime by stating they were raped before being shot. They don't tell us the men were forced at gunpoint to sodomize each other and the women were raped by the black thugs in front of their fiancees. They were then made to kneel in the snow and were shot in the back of the head execution-style. If the victims had been black, the entire nation would have every detail memorized and the backgrounds of the Whites would have been delved into until a racial past was uncovered. Bottom line -- We lost five very valuable White lives. The Carrs should literally fry for that.

Jewish Professions: Money Laundering

Here, Jews fret over "Israel's" reputation as an international money-laundering center. It's more than that, it's a safe haven for sex-slave traders and international Jew criminals. When rebuked for their long history as practioners of usury, the standard Jewish party line has always been the unconvincing "But oy! All the other professions were closed to us!" They've yet to come up with a contemporary excuse for their involvement in vice of all kinds.

Israel, Zionism, and the Racial Double Standard

Paul Grubach examines the glaring media and government double standard in dealing with Israeli oppression of Arabs. Grubach pulls amazing quotes from major US papers to show how Israeli racial segregation is treated as acceptable by the US mass media while the same papers attack any symbol of European-American cultural heritage as "racist." Grubach goes on to show how the Jewish Anti-Defamation League's (ADL) refuses to support integration in Israel while claiming to fight against racial discrimination worldwide.

Female Feticide in South Asia

The ratio of male-to-female births is constantly increasing in India. This trend may contain its own braking factor, as female births continue to decrease.

Scots Resisting Browning of Scotland

The media, of course, is not their ally. The BBC confuses Turks with Kurds, but to us, all are brown turds. In a recent killing, there's no evidence of any racial motivation but the UK Independent called it a hate crime in their headline -- standard practice. There is mention of 70 recent hate crimes in the area, and the implication is that Whites comitted them. The "asylum seekers" are portrayed as the innocent victims and the photos of the protesters seem to purposefully follow that theme. They show a fat, trashy-looking angry White woman screaming and a cunning looking young female standing by her with her arms crossed. The aliens are given more photo ops and lines in the article. None of the photos show trashy-looking or hateful Kurds, one even shows a man praying. The sixth poster on this National Front Page re-posts an article titled Backlash, source unknown. It points out that Scottish WOMEN staged the protest and that there was some rioting, rather than the "near" rioting reported by the BBC. The question remains: Why were there no men there defending the women's honor? And why wasn't the reason for their protest reported? If there is so much racism in Scotland and England, why the hell don't they just go home! Scotland for Scots -- TURDS out!

White Nitwits Take in Muds Who Then Sexually Abuse Their White Girls

As one of our readers commented: When Christianity is combined with deracination and liberalism, you can never over-estimate the level of racial insanity that will occur.

Rupert Murdoch -- Yes, It's True

He's at least 1/2 an echter Jude.

Movie Review: Rush Hour 2

Jews produce and direct a movie about a negro and a Chinaman; heroes who fight the evil White man. This sounds Mark Rivers

The Delphi Technique

The goal of the Delphi Technique is to lead a targeted group of people to a pre-determined outcome, while giving the illusion of public input under the pretext of being accountable to the public. The Delphi Technique is used under the guise of "The Collaborative Consensus Building Process."

German Holohoax Campaign Backfires

Someone made the major propaganda error of flirting with the truth.

How Censorship Works in a "Free" Society: the BBC

"Diplomatic pressure" is one euphemism for how the screws are applied. This is actually a very old technique, which the Tribe mastered long ago. Today, when they have a lock on most of the media, it's even more effective.

Prostitution/White Slavery and our Ethinic Albanian Allies

Another reason we're hated in Macedonia.

Gangster Jews

Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel, and Abe Reles were more representative of the mob than most realize. In the book discussed in the title link, the Chosenite author displays frank admiration for "tough Jews." The Tribe used to be at some pains to play down its role in the seamy side of life....Feeling quite secure in their power these days, they no longer bother giving lip service to the mores of Euro-Americans.

Speed Bumping America

In a disintegrating "multicultural" society, where there is no concord, everything is reduced to the lowest common denominator. Here, columnist defends street obstructions, placed to slow irresponsible Negroes, crazy Mex, uncaring, me-first whiggers and terminally distracted, cell-phone-gabbing soccer moms. These asphalt hummocks appeared first in alleys in "changing" neighborhoods, now being placed on side streets. What next? Main streets to be "humped?" Expressways turned into obstacle courses? Just don't block the main highway up from Mexico...the beaner death-semis with the Virgin of Guadalupe sticker, the burned-out taillights, and the defective air brakes, laden with cheap goods, hidden aliens, and illegal drugs, must roll unimpeded!

Click Here!

Lessons from the Cincinnati Riots

The Cincinnati riots and their aftermath offer a peerless example of all that is wrong with this conventional approach to race. But in Cincinnati, too, if you look, are the clearest possible guideposts for how to get race issues right.

Men with Honor

There are still a few left.

"Authoritarian Personality" Test

This typical concoction of pop psychology, pseudo-science, and indoctrination in Propasphere attitudes is designed to make useful idiots feel informed -- and to supply them with a convenient, ready-made frame of reference they can use to understand the world.

Urban Sprawl

Note the map in lower left showing recent growth in the U.S. As a correspondent wrote us after viewing this map: Now, please, look at that map, consider the reproduction rate of new immigrants, and tell me WHERE we're going to live if we don't get them limited, restricted, or just plain out of here?

Is Europe Beginning to Awaken from Holohoax Scam?

There are signs that this is so....The world loved this strong and righteous Israel and it was fun to travel the world and proudly admit "yes, we're from Israel." Who would have believed that the day would come when a prime minister of Israel would have a threat hanging over his head of being put on trial for "crimes against humanity"?

Jew a Likely Candidate for Next Pope

...Especially since the Cardinal in question comes complete with a mother who "died in the ovens" (!) of Auschwitz and has been given grudging approval by Elie Wiesel . . .

Aussies Importing More Rapists

...More of of the same wogs who've brought the sport of gang-raping young White girls to the continent of Australia -- After they gang rape 70 more young girls, they'll reward them by bringing their family members over. This is progressive Australia at its finest.

Bloody Wichita Update

Carr wants details of premeditated hate-crime murder/rape spree kept silent. Don't expect to even hear this case mentioned on Court TV. Remember, very few Americans have ever heard of this gory massacre of Whites by two apelings.

Illegal Aliens Given Driver's Licenses

U.S. citizens, on the other hand, continue to be required -- contrary to law -- to have Social Security Numbers and to furnish them to state DMVs, banks, etc.

Scotland Under Mud Slide

This article out of Scotland assumes the killing of an illegal alien was racially motivated. Dozens of attacks on such aliens each year are called racially motivated because the victims are very un-Scottish non-Whites. No evidence of a racial motive is offered here, as is the case with most others. By far, most attacks are against White Scots, but anywhere the Jews control the media, you won't hear about it. The assumption the attack was racially-motivated illustrates the contempt the "British" media have for the very clannish Scots. It serves to guilt Scots into giving up the homeland they have bled for centuries to keep-to people who could give a shit less about Scotland, her history, heritage or people. How can a Kurd feel any connection with Scotland? There is no better way to destroy the Scottish people than to unleash un-Scots on them. Cromwell promised to breed them out, and it appears the English are trying to fulfill his edict. TURDS OUT! SCOTLAND FOR SCOTS!

Jerusalem Post Advocates "Removal"of Palestinian Population

Here, in a mainstream Israeli newspaper, a Boston Jew writes that Palestinians must be ethnicaly cleansed from Israel "beginning with the 1948 population.." And here, Israeli-American doctor argues that the Pals ought to be grateful to God's Pets, while Chosenite columnist suggests some quick fast-talking to counter Europe's growing disgust with "Israel" -- seems the assumed role of innocent, victimized little lambs is no longer going over as well as it used to.

Jewish Arithmetic: 1.5 + 2 = 6

The Auchwitz plaque commemorates deaths of "about one and a half million" Jews. The six million figure included the old 4 million Auchwitz figure. This, from the Zionist Jerusalem Post. Did 6 million really die? Nope. But truth is no defense in Canada and Europe.

Purim -- The Quintessential Jewish Feast

Beneath the benign description of this holiday lies a story which is a microcosm of Jewish-Gentile relations over the centuries. We believe our readers will be able to discern the grim reality -- for Gentiles -- in some of the holiday's symbolism.

Rosie O'Donnell Fesses Up: She's "Mentally Ill"

Just a confirmation of what we already knew -- but still no excuse for so much porcine ugliness and intellectual vacuity.

Polluted River Endangers Wetbacks

Here, we have the press sobbing over illegal aliens crossing a river known to anyone with intact senses to be polluted. Wet backs are too stupid to figure out this stinky brown river is polluted. The Sierra Club expresses concern -- but not with overpopulation brought on by wetbacks who spawn faster than roaches. They want the river cleaned so wetbacks will have a safe swim over. Population growth ensures more business for the Sierra Club and more voters for the "pro-environment" Democrats. The border patrol is already aiding the muds by passing out water bottles and setting up distress stations to aid them in their journey. We say: Let Nature take its course. . .

Blasting Our Enemies

Dr. William Pierce takes the lemmings to task. . .

"Israel": Misogynist's Paradise

Jewish men have a virtual get-out-of-jail-free card when it comes to even repeat killings of their women. As with most of the other features of Judaism, Christians have been sold a bill of goods about basic Jewish attitudes toward women.

Fedgov Intimidating Doctors

There's a reason so many M.D.s have become craven cover-your-ass types, and it isn't just a result of yid shysters and their lucrative malpractise suits. The DEA is one of the most thuggish and least "accountable" fedgov agencies, and it sits at the right hand of your doctor to make sure you don't get 1 more milligram of pain relief than it thinks you should. There have been enough cases of prosecution of doctors that many patients, including the terminally ill, are seriously undermedicated and die in unnecessary pain.

Fed Prosecutors Exempted From State Ethics

This is one of those "hidden" stories -- likely to be be reported, if at all, in the back pages of a local paper. But it deserves to be read carefully, because its implications are chilling and illustrate how pervasively the WOD -- War on Drugs -- is quietly killing freedom in more ways than you can imagine.

Movie Review: What's the Worst that can Happen?

The worst thing that can happen is that you might actually pay money to see this movie.

Cops Use Data Base to Harass and Intimidate

Although this story deals with a clearly illcit use of information, the more sinister potential is for government-sanctioned collection and use of such data.

House and Senate Dems Up the Pandering Ante

Not to be outdone by Bush's bid for the "Hispanic" vote, the Dems have proposed a wetback-friendly overhaul of immigration policy. This pandering contest will end with the de facto obliteration of our borders.

Former NYC Police Chief Argues against Lowering Standards

But he will be arguing in vain -- the demographic pressures from non-Whites are too great, and the will to resist them too weak.

The Politically Incorrect. . .Louis Armstrong

Negroes never did stick together and they never will. They hold too much malice - Jealousy deep down in their heart for the few Negroes who tries ... they know within themselves that they're doing the wrong thing, but expects everybody just because he is a Negro to give up everything he has struggled for in life, such as a decent family - a living, a plain life - the respect ... And the Negro who can't see these foolish moves from some over-educated fools' moves - then right away he is called a White Folks Nigger. Believe it - the White Folks did everything that's decent for me. I wish that I can boast these same words for Niggers ...

D.C. Yuppies Reap Dividends of Diversity -- and Don't Like It

Whites trying to gentrify (= make liveable for Whites) a D.C. neighborhood have come smack up against T.N.B. (typical nigger behavior) in the form of a negro bar whose license renewal they are challenging: Protestors said weekend bar patrons constantly fight, urinate, loiter, curse, park illegally and litter yards and the street. Bar supporters say white residents are trying to force Nate's black clientele and black owner, Nathan Murray, out of the neighborhood. Mr. Murray's lawyer, Michael Levy...Yes....Hymie's devotion to snivel rights is unflagging. . .

Gerald Reynolds, Black Anti-Affirmative Action Nominee, Attacked by Negro Leadership

It's Clarence Thomas all over again; Reynolds, Bush's nominee for head of the Education Department's Office of Civil Rights, is strongly against quotas. Julian Bond (NAACP), Teddy Kennedy, and the rest of the usual snivel rights industry, are up in arms and determined to block the nomination. Meanwhile, the NAACP is under attack by the head of a new black civil rights outfit, BOND.

Urban Politics Becomes Non-White Crapshoot

Non-White immigrants, all of them with breeding rates much higher than ours, are flooding into the major cities U.S. from every continent but Europe. Big city politics is becoming a whining contest among several "minority" factions, with Whites out of the game entirely. Analysts say what is happening in New York will be seen throughout the country in the years to come.

Test Score Gaps Still Chasm-like

Nationally, the racial and ethnic gap yawned so wide that the average math scores of black and Hispanic seniors were lower than the average scores of Asian and white students who were still in eighth grade. The title-link story trumpets a tiny improvement in Georgia "minority" test scores in Math, but the gist of the stats is that: .... there is still a glaring separation in student achievement between minority students and their peers. No one dares to draw the logical, undeniable conclusion, because it's unthinkable: recognition of racially-related variations in ability is "racist," and "racism" is the only offense which has the power to provoke feelings of guilt and shame -- and self-censorship -- in the same way that sin used to.

And Their Families, Too. . .

The Dems, pulling out all the stops in their courting of the Mexican wetbacks, are offering an immigration "reform" plan, which would see Pedro's siblings, cousins, and in-laws invited into the U.S, so that families can be "reunited" -- Not to be outdone, the Stupid Party has beat the Dems at their own game and scored big, with a columnist for the Washington Post calling the Dems "racist".... The WP also happily reports that Congress is enjoying a "rare consensus" on immigration, but doesn't mention that it's a consensus reached contrary to the will of the American people. Of course, after a few more million illegals get in, breed, and are quickly processed into voters, that will no longer be true. . .

Thomas Sowell on "Reparations"

Sowell, to whom we will never apply the term "nigger," is in the unenviable position of being intelligent, honest, and black. His message is a very unwelcome one to the jumped-up pimps posturing as negro "leaders," and to their Jewish handlers: The greatest reduction of poverty among blacks occurred before the civil rights revolution of the 1960s or the affirmative action policies of the 1970s.... Worse yet, decades of propaganda from black "leaders" have also convinced many -- if not most -- blacks that their advancement has been due to political activism and that an end to racial preferences and quotas would mean an end to their progress...

M.L. King III a Dud, May Lose SCLC Presidency

The son is being criticized as "lackluster" and lacking "intellectual wattage"...VNN thinks that the son simply hasn't had the advantages which intensive Jewish stage-managing, promotion, press and damage control gave to his plagiarizing, sexually brutal father.

Illegal Aliens Getting More and More Benefits. . .

...notes the Washington Post with approval...Note the power of cunningly selected words and phrases to mentally disarm readers, as the WP terms illegal aliens "undocumented immigrants"....right -- just a matter of a few inconsequential, silly "documents," so no reason to make a big fuss over a few million or so mestizos swamping the country....Meanwhile the growth in the number and activities of asian gangs is outstripping the resources of the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department to deal with them. What's happening in Saramento County is either happening elsewhere right now, or will be.

Black Males Getting Leads in Hollywood Movies

And not just in Yidtown, either: it's happening in Australia, too. Normalizing interracial sex and breeding is part of the NWO will never find any part of the Propasphere -- government, media, education, or religion -- that isn't busy reinforcing and supporting every other part.

Anti-Profiling Bill Fought by F.O.P.

The Fraternal Order of Police testifies against racial profiling. They know that, if this bill passes, arrest percentages will have to correlate with racial percentages. Since they won't, the police will be blamed for high minority crime rates, rather than the perpetrators. "Minorities" blame "racial profiling" for the fact that over half of the nations' murders are the work of the 6% of the population that is black and male. If this bill passes, the police will ignore lesser minority crime -- spray can art, simple assault, car theft and drug dealing -- so they will be able to apprehend rapists and killers without going over the minority quota. There will still be a "disparity," so there'll be more arrests of Whites for simpler violations (speech crime, marijuana use) to even up the stats. In Cincinnati, the results of police timidity in the face of black rioting and mayhem are already showing up....Welcome to the Diversity Dystopia....

Bush Comes Out as Affirmative Action Supporter

The context is a case before the Supreme Court in which the Bush administration is defending a fedgov program which gives preference to negro and "other minority" highway contractors. Bush's support of aff action in this case makes it a sure bet that he'll follow suit in upcoming cases involving college admissions policies favoring "minorities" over better-qualified Whites. Officials offer numerous reasons for defending the contracting law, including institutional consistency and not wanting to alienate Hispanic-American voters....Bush's hesitance in taking on affirmative action reflects the political complexity of the issue. There's no "complexity" about so-called "affirmative action" whatsoever. The Propasphere often dithers on and on about supposed complexity as a means of obscuring public awareness of the forest by an irrelevant, detailed and distracting discussion of individual trees.

One Guess on Race of Criminal Mastermind

File this one under: Too Dumb to Live.

Every Move You Make

Inexorably, day by day, the web of governmental control is tightening around us, but most Whites are whistling past the graveyard. . .by R. Belser

The Worm in the South African Apple

Wherever you trace the process of White dispossession and White "failure of will" to its beginnings, you'll find that a Chosenite cadre has done the spadework...

A Slip of the Holohoax Gears?

Just another evil-Nazis story...until the very end: Nazis killed more than 1 million people at Auschwitz-Birkenau from 1940 to 1945. The vast majority were Jewish, but there were also Poles, Gypsies, Russians, and others.... The problem is that 4 of the claimed "6 million" were supposed to have bitten the dust -- or, rather, sniffed the gas (disproved) -- in Auschwitz. It has been acknowledged that a great number of internees died from infectious diseases like typhus, or starved. Do the arithmetic. So much is invested in the 6-million figure because Hymie senses that once its erosion begins, the entire house of Holocaustianity will fall.

War Crimes Tribunal Convicts Bosnian Serb

...While here and there a voice is raised naming the real criminals -- Blair and Clinton.

White Archeology: Perigueux Cave Engravings May Be 10,000 Years Older than Lascaux

Skeletons were also found at the site. . .

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