Rush Hour 2

by Mark Rivers

Brett RATNER, the Jew director of Rush Hour 2, was raised in Miami, the son of a wealthy Jew socialite. He has been quoted as saying, "There's no difference between a tacky Jew from Miami and a rap star. They both want the Cadillac and the Rolex with the diamonds."

Well, at least he's honest. He just left out the part about the Jews' favorite pastime: making movies like "Rush Hour 2, in which non-White heroes fight (and defeat) evil White villains. In Rush Hour 2, Chink Supreme Jackie CHAN teams up again with manic, wiry chimp Chris Tucker to solve a crime in Hong Kong.

A bomb is detonated in the American consulate, killing two U.S. Secret Service agents. The agent-in-charge, a constipated old White man (Jew Harris YULIN), insists that cops Lee and Carter (CHAN and Tucker) are taken off the case, because they're such clods.

They show him a thing or two, though, as they defeat the borderline-Caucasian villain (John LONE), who is working in co-operation with the "White" villain Steven Reign (Jew Alan King, whose real name is IRWIN ALAN KINBERG). Meanwhile, an undercover Secret Service agent (Puerto Rican Roselyn SANCHEZ) assists our heroes by strolling around in her underwear and pulling a gun on the bad guys just in the nick of time.

Jews Jeremy PIVEN and Saul RUBINEK also make cameos, and a scene on an airplane has the negro ordering the "kosher" meal. During the closing credit blooper reel, we discover that the negro was also supposed to say the line, "I love gefilte fish," but he couldn't quite figure out the complexities of pronouncing that particular three-syllable word.

Let's recap. Rush Hour 2 was directed by a Jew (Brett RATNER). It was produced by at least three Jews (Roger BIRNBAUM, Jonathan GLICKMAN and Jay STERN).

It stars at least four Jews, two of them in principal roles:

1) Alan King (aka IRWIN ALAN KINBERG) as Steven Reign, the "White" villain;

2) Harris YULIN as the sourpuss "White" Secret Service Chief, who is un-cooperative, unfriendly, and only begrudgingly acknowledges the non-White heroes at the end;

3) Jeremy PIVEN as a "White" fag clothing store clerk, and

4) Saul RUBINEK as a "White" casino dealer whom the negro accuses of racism, because he gave the negro $500 chips instead of $1,000 chips at the craps table.

The movie's heroes are Chinaman Jackie CHAN and negro Chris Tucker, assisted by Puerto Rican Roselyn SANCHEZ.

The negro causes a distraction at the casino by raising a ruckus about racism. He comments as he rolls the dice, "This is fo' 362 years of slavery." Then he tops it with "This is fo' them 27 years Mandela had to put up wit' all dat crap."

The most racist moment of the movie is when the negro justifies flying to L.A. halfway through the movie. He tells his Chinese partner, "Always follow the rich White man. Whenever there's a crime, there's always a rich White man waitin' for his cut."

I believe we can stop accepting entries for the 2001 "Jour de la Corde" award. Rush Hour 2 is clearly the winner. The prize will be administered at a later date.

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