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Democrats Propose Plan to Legalize Illegal Aliens

And the G.O.P., as usual, is me-tooing the proposal and even trying to out-pander the Dems.

White Archeology: Central Asia

...and ancient North/South America...History itself must not be without a sense of irony: as White racial survival becomes increasingly threatened, evidence is accumulating of our presence and influence all over the globe at earlier and earlier times.

Zimbabwe to take 90% of White-Owned Land

And 100% is where it'll end. This was predictable the minute Rhodesia became "Zimbabwe."

Agent Orange All Over Again

The feds are merrily implementing a "defoliation" program in South America -- the logical result of demonizing plants. This should increase the body-count of the WOD significantly, and the inevitable reports are already trickling in of farmers and other hapless civilians sickened. The War on Drugs has become the Vietnam of the present, and there's a much poorer rationale for getting involved in this war than there ever was in the debacle of the the 1960s-70s. Meanwhile, back in the States, S.1208 is in the works -- a piece of legislation which would goose up the hysterical pitch another few notches on ecstasy -- not to mention the millions involved in such nonsense. Ecstasy has been around for better than 15 years, and the-sky-is-falling campaign against it is simply the latest tactic being used to keep up the prohibitionist agenda.

When is a Misdemeanor not a Misdemeanor?

When it's a "hate-crime" felony, of course!

Mogul Called "Racist" for Pushing English-only Education

We'd like to be sympathetic, but this time we're rooting for the "other side": English proficiency -- or even just borderline pidgin -- will speed the process of miscegenation.

Executive Power

President Bush recently made light of the powers of his office, joking that "a dictatorship would be a heck of a lot easier." Bush can rest easy -- He’s almost there.

The United Nations & White Slavery

Kathryn Bolkovac is an American policewoman who was hired for a UN post aimed at cracking down on sexual abuse and forced prostitution in Bosnia. When she reported that UN officers were involved in the trafficking, she was fired. Bolkovac is suing.

How-To-Torture Manual Released under FOIA by CIA

Faced with a FOIA lawsuit, the Central Intelligence Agency recently released an interrogation manual to the Baltimore Sun that details brutal methods of extracting information from resistant sources. The KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation manual does more than simply outline various psychological and physical torture tactics: it demonstrates a real-world application of the CIA's mind control research and offers clues on the agency's role in human rights abuses around the world. This report examines the historical context of the interrogation manual, the MKULTRA connection, and the manual itself, verbatim for the first time online.

Texans Get Shafted with NAFTA -- Again

Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry told the annual convention of the Texas Association of Mexican-American Chambers of Commerce that he supports allowing Mexican trucks full access to U.S. roads under the North American Free Trade Agreement, despite the many safety concerns. Meanwhile, outside the convention hotel, protesters from the United Farm Workers demanded that "undocumented" workers be given Texas driver licenses, thereby ensuring a fresh supply of scabs to rich Republican businessmen. The GOP & UFW united in global capitalism. . .

"Lion King": The Cult of Koizumi

Japanese prime minister and his weird blend of populism, neo-liberal economics, nationalism and MTV. . .

Your Privacy -- Drug War Casualty

U.S. Postal Service Office has also been sending "suspicious activity reports" to the federal government. When customers of money orders and wire transfers seem to have more money than they should or if they seem to be avoiding the reporting requirements that kick in for money orders of $3,000 or more, a report must be filed. In a training video on how to identify a suspicious transaction, the postal service tells its employees, "It's better to report 10 legal transactions than to let one illegal transaction get by." The program is called "Under the Eagle's Eye." -- a name that says it all.

The Gulag -- Naked Evil

Good site, documenting with understated dignity the pre-meditated murder of millions by Reds, of whom a vastly disproportionate number were Chosenites. Contrast this somber, restrained treatment with the 50-year oy wehing over "the" Holocaust (whatever that is)...

Taking It to the Street

Full report, including photos, of the recent (29 Jul 01) National Alliance demonstration at the German embassy in D.C., which brought out the usual disciples --including a "Holocaust survivor" -- who exhibited love, peace, and tolerance by assault and screeched obscenities

Movie Review: Kiss of the Dragon

Chinaman Jet LI kicks a few White butts and wins the heart of a White woman. What could be sweeter? Mark Rivers

Movie Review: Moulin Rouge

It is a loud, sometimes annoying movie that not everyone will enjoy. Also, it contains Mark Rivers

Movie Review: Planet of the Apes

SEE THIS MOVIE! Yes, the Jews are our enemies, and every other movie they churn out has a virulent anti-White message, but whatever their angle is, this movie is the exception. WARNING: this review contains Mark Rivers

White Men: You Can Run, But You Can't Hide

We must band and fight the Jew who is destroying our nations with his multicolored multitool. Here Irving makes comments. More here on the term "Holocaust Denier"...

A Rare Jewish Report from New South Africa

Farmers are tortured, Whites terorized, women raped, this is the story that gets the play. Jews anywhere threaten Whites everywhere. Jews are the enemy, White man. They are the root of the problem. The niggers and sewerskin invaders are the symptom; Jew is the disease. Here yid prof in Britain claims the old dragon anti-Semitism did him in. We smell movie of the week! Here the Harare Hangutan's polls rise. Niggers are a biological problem, folks, not a political one. Here on D.C. as Apetown. Here the incredible racism at Free Republic. White-hot Arab hate, egged on by JimRob, who censors facts about Israel. Here Israelis worry about criminal prosecutions in Europe for their war crimes. Here on the role of Lithuanian Jews in South Africa, destructive as you might guess.

Why Are Jews Hated?

Some good quotations about Jews that get at why the world universally despises them: their behavior, their character -- their nature. "They [Jews] have vanity without pride, voluptuousness without taste, learning without wisdom." -- H.L. Mencken. Here Jews complain about Solzhenitsyn, the latest anti-Semitic major writer. It is very difficult if not impossible to find a major Western writer who mentioned Jews who didn't dislike or despise them. Jews can't make their way openly, only through the dark by smears. The truth is the enemy of the Jews. Pure Jewish garbage here, more answers to the question. More yiddish dreck here. Why, indeed!

Jews Can't Get Enough of That Child-Killing

Hymie thinks nothing of "collateral damage." The international community sits with its thumbs up its collective asses pondering how to "stop Palestinian violence." Yes, White man, there is a Waco every day in occupied Palestine. Our so-called leaders condemn China for having a one-child policy, but think nothing of wiping out entire Palestinian families. As long as a "militant" is present, it is kosher to rocket homes filled with women and children. We have become desensitized to the daily Waco-style murders of Palestinians. What percentage of the Palestinian population must perish before White folks pull their selfish, materialistic heads out of the sand? What they do to non-Jews who live among them is a precursor to what they will do to us. The Russians realized the truth too late, and as a result 66 million people were murdered by Jewish Commissars. That's the equivalent of eleven imaginary "Holocausts." Here Irish airhead Robinson tells Arabs the "victims" of racism, xenophobia and intolerance take precedence over their objection to racist Zionism. Does she realize the fanatical racist Jews of Israel believe most of the Arab world was "promised to them by God" and that Zionism is a means to steal the land and rid it of gentiles? Zionism IS racism, understand? Here the history of Palestine.

British Yids Whine About Farrakhan

Only Jews should be allowed to spew hate on other races. Here on gypsies polluting Europe. Back in U.S., libs are starting to pule about letting negresses back onto welfare. Here on Mike Tyson; a nigger and an animal, by his own admission. Tyson has more money than anyone this side of Bill Gates. But he still can't comport himself like a human. Nigger ain't on the skin, it's in the marrow. The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Thomas Jefferson said that hundreds of years ago, and he was right. Niggers be niggers, no matter when or where. Evolution left them in the lurch, and there's nothing we can do about it, no matter how we "feel." We can't raise them up, but they are more than capable of dragging us down. Here Kenyan niglets acting salty.

Möbus Deported

Here criticism of Möbus, who has been jailed in Germany. FAZ report here. Here on Jews in Spain.

Zionism Is Racism

Here Kofi Annan bows to Jewish wishes re the upcoming UN conference on racism, although Arabs continue to fight. It's only racism when non-Jews do it. One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. What are you doing, White man? A little hint of Jewish power in Congress here. Arabs on "Holocaust" here. Here on Palestine debate, Arab source. Here on the tens, hundreds of billions swindling yids have received as "Holocaust" reparations. Six million died? Just another Jewish Big Lie. Where's the list of the dead? I want to read it. Where is it? Why has it never been produced by this "people of the book"? Could it be they're lying, as ever and always? Of course they are.

The Invasion and the New Border Rush

Which party represents your interests as a White man, White man? Whites are a group. Whites have interests. Whites must defend their interests against hostile parties. Hostile parties include all non-White races and most of all the Jews. Here the typical story the NYT loves, about queer invaders facing discrimination. Poor, oppressed butt pirates, nobody loves them. All they do is spread good cheer and lethal diseases. And here some complete garbage from the monkeys at the UN, who want aging White populations displaced by quick breeding brown stubbies. White races should clear the forest of coloreds and develop their civilization at their natural pace. Here on the invaders whose medical care you pay for: A criminal investigation into the Harris County Hospital District began Monday after the Young Conservatives of Texas alleged that the hospital district is illegally forcing taxpayers to underwrite nonemergency health care for undocumented immigrants. The sewerskins laugh at our foolishness, White man. Here on sewer presence in New Jersey. Here sex fun in NYC schools, growing more and more like Africa each day. In Africa, as you'll recall, sex with students is widely regarded as a job benefit. And still our Lutherans and Catholics are out combing the bush for more Saturday night specials. Niggers suck. There's really no other way to put it. They aren't cool, they're monotonously violent, stupid and inferior. Stop the insanity! Here on proposed "immigration museum".... Here on the idea of an autonomous zone instead of border.

British Paper: Freedom of Speech Less Important Than Jewish Right to Avoid Criticism

We apologize if they move this link on us, but the story came out August 1st, and it's worth reading. Here's the key sentence: In the matter of personal liberty, the freedom of the Jewish minority to live without threat is at least as worthy of defence as one individual's right to act as a demagogue. If you criticize Jews, you're a demagogue. If you abolish Britain by imprisoning anyone resisting your imporation of colored's, you're doing the Lord's work. Here UK government bans pro-White march, after allowing Farrakhan to enter.


The gray man's leaving the local Orlando rag, but will continue to write for the neutered newts at Reese will go part of the way in criticizing Israel, but racial reality is still a bit too much for the valiant ol' Southerner. Our cause is not for a region, not for individual freedom, our cause is the White race. Fight for Whites, and you'll be freer and more Southern than you could possibly imagine, White man. Here on Lonny Raye case. Here a black cop faces brown profiling charges. Which protected species will win out? Here on the government and domestic terrorism as pretext for Cuba invasion.

Russia and China Sign Friendship Treaty

Here some of the text of Canada's Multiculturalism Act, which rerwites history in line with Jewish political interests in destroying White consciousness and group cohesion and racial history.

Whining About Anti-Semitism in Serbia

Oy!, someone might write about Jews openly, might discuss their undiscussable interests and the nasty ways they go about advancing them. We can't have that. Dealing with the Jews is real politics, all else is Republican beachball-bouncing beanbag. Jews wax fat in Munich. Spouting off they are in France too. Here on Flegel and last days of Hitler.

Trust a Cop?

No. Here Fred Reed on reparations to us from jazzbos. This is one of Reed's better pieces, funny and highly apposite as pretentious non-me writers like to say. I would never use the term myself, you understand. Here Harlem nigs perform Overturned Paint Drum Bongo Overture for Clinton. Instant slum, just add Mexicans. Crawl back in your sewer, "people." Here dark sharks up in Minnesota. Here on urban thought police. Chittum piece on Cincinnati, cops, riots, etc.

Haiti: Life in a Country Where Niggers Are the Law

What's the difference between Washington, D.C., and Haiti? If you got rid of the Whites, about four hours... Here on Nigerian space program, no joke. Now that's a little more plausible. Race is skin deep? Nope. Here on Africa and whether it really exists. More White farmers under assault in South Africa, where negroes are legally indistinguishable from humans.

Media: MTV at Twenty

MTV is indeed hugely and negatively influential. Its owner, Sumner Redstone (Murray Rothstein), is evil, and deserves to be hanged. Print media, not just electronic, are consolidating. Here on Cin riot coverage. They didn't want to inflame the nigs who were attacking Whites and burning the city. Here the Nation schemes to get money. Here yids in Britain and their pedophilia for tv. Here Sobran says media are evil. Here on site revenue models, loosely. Here on Shahak. Here dimwitted Rather's name yanked off feedback form because people hate him. Here on Bill Maher, half-Jew, all hypocrite.

All Religious Folks Must Get in Line with The Force

If you look at big organized religion in the U.S., you notice that churches change their doctrine to suit the IRS and the government. Mormons changed their doctrine on polygamy to attain statehood. They also changed their doctrine on non-Whites ("the children of Ham") when they saw their 501(c)3 tax exemption could be threatened. Jerry Falwell used to preach segregation as a biblical doctrine. However, he saw how the wind was blowing and decided the doctrine was wrong. Robertson will toe the line to keep his lucrative distribution system intact.

Click Here!

Jewish Art: Brushed with Hate

The Jews do art to serve their hate. It's endless. Here's a quote: "Mr. Kitaj has turned the attacking Christians into geometric automatons while rendering the Jewish family in a painterly, expressionistic, emotionally resonant style..." Jews are the enemy, White man. They know it -- do you? Imagine America without Jews... Nice picture, isn't it? Then imagine America without Jews' tools, nigs and Mexes and Flips and other human stogies. It's easy if you try. Here on Antigone. Here on Semitical Correctness in academia.

White Anthropology: Whites Were in America First

For decades, anthropologists held that the Americas were populated by a single migration from Asia about 11,200 years ago -- the supposed age of the earliest of the elegantly crafted, grooved arrowheads first found in the 1930s in Clovis, N.M. ... The 1996 discovery in Kennewick, Wash., of the nearly complete skeleton of a 9,300-year-old man with "apparently Caucasoid" features stimulated interest in the possibility of two or more migrations -- including a possible influx from Europe. More

Double Standards

While Jewish TV, movies, mass media endlessly spew violent imagery designed to help break down society, God help the individual who writes such material. Here, First Amendment suspended. One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else. Here on how Jews treat normal families on prime time shows. Here Planet of the Apes reaction.

NA Rallies, Fights in D.C.

Note the way the yid hate paper refers to "what they consider" free speech restrictions in Germany -- as though they were hallucinating about the thousands in jail for disbelieving Jewish Official Lies. This is in a league with the stories about the White whistleblower at Ford "perceiving" discrimination against Whites. It's all in your head, White man. Even if it's written down in black and white. Better go to a Jewish shrink and let him straighten you out for pay.

Rags Gang-Raping White Girls

Horrifying, apparently true that Arab gangs in Australia are kidnapping and gang-raping White teenagers, much the way Jewish MTV gang-rapes White teenage girls' minds. Interesting that this stuff has been going on for a while and is only reported now on the verge of the yids mass-murdering Pals.

San Juaquin Valley

Good article for all you Republicans who can't wait for the Hisps to turn right: Mexicans are Mexicans, whether in Connecticut or Chiapas. Written from a liberal perspective (the authors are named Tracey KAPLAN and Laura KURTZMAN), the article points out that the San Joaquin Valley is more populous than 21 US states, yet only Mississippi is poorer. Further, high Latino birth rates and illegal immigration have pushed the wetback population up from 20% in 1980 to 40% now. Will it double again by 2020? Here on evolutionary psychology mailing list.

Save a Negro?

What's in it for me?

Britain: Jew Kid Porno King

Whiz kid builds porn empire.

Media: Cable Consolidation

Eight companies control ninety percent of the market, including the Roberts', which controls roughly one-quarter if its AT&T deal goes through.

Arafat a Useful Tool for "Israel"

You may have to scroll down and hunt for the title story -- no matter, because the title link, MER (Middle East Realities) is probably the best source on the Internet for the truth beneath the heavy layers of "Israel"-friendly reporting and pseudo-analysis of the Palestinian struggle. Note that the Jews use the same tactic in Palestine as they do everywhere else: set up a phoney "opposition." In the U.S., it's the Limbaughs and clueless "patriots," while in Palestine it's Arafat. Doing so accomplishes two things: it dissipates the energy of genuine opponents while acting as a saftey valve for the anger and frustration of the people, and it adds another stratum of confusion and obfuscation to what's really going on.

S.A. Doctor Denies Using Killing Potion on Anti-White Terrorists

Wouldn't it be better to get a lethal dose of muscle relaxant before being tossed into the sea? It's more than the communist terrorists, called "freedom fighters" in South Africa, deserved. So what's the answer, doc? Did you help ease their pain or toss them out fully conscious? We hope you did the humane thing.

White Archeology: Mount Pelion and the Golden Fleece

Discovery of a city and palace complex in central Greece dovetails with the Golden Fleece myth. As with the Trojan War and other myths, a core of truth may lie at the heart of the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece.

White Archeology: Iceman's Death Was Homicide

An arrowhead found within the 5,300 year-old body found in a wonderful state of preservation in the Alps a decade ago answers the question of how he died, but opens up new avenues for investigation.

Lightning Strikes New FBI Director

Carol Valentine, investigative reporter and creator of the Internet's Waco Holocaust Museum, wiped the smile right off the face of soon-to-be FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III when she intercepted him on the way to his confirmation hearing yesterday (30 Jul 01).

It's About Time!

The story of one of the down-and-dirty genuine holocausts is finally being told -- that against Germans during and after WW2.

The Cat's Out of the Bag...

About the real winners and losers in WW2. Germans, demonized and subjected to the most truly evil, soul-crushing brain-washing campaign outside of the U.S.S.R. -- designed to bring them to national suicide -- are slowly but surely waking up.

Push Finally Comes to Shove over Illegals in NY State

"For national organizations on both sides of the immigration debate, Farmingville is at the forefront of the controversy in part because it reflects larger shifts in Mexican immigration patterns and in part because it represents one of the first times the question of immigration has reached such a high pitch in a Northern, industrial, heavily urban state."

Facts About "Israel"

One of these days, Hymie's spin doctors will no longer be able to talk their way out of these unpleasant truths.

"Reparations" Demanded Once Again (Sigh)

This time it's the Urban League doing the extorting....VNN would like to think that this absurdity will awaken the White couch potatoes and soccer moms from their comatose state...but we know better.

Jewish Policy Wonks Can't Connect the Dots

Or pretend they can't, more like: "Pa. imprisons blacks at highest rate" "Study by reform group finds it's 14 times that of whites" ......." 'Why? (the Black-White disparity?) is something we really don't know," said Jason Ziedenberg, senior policy analyst at the Justice Policy Institute." "That's an intriguing question," said Alfred Blumstein, a professor of urban systems and operations research at Carnegie Mellon University...." The only real mystery here is how they manage to keep a straight face during their duh-what-can-be-causing-this act.

Mary Robinson: Shabbas Shiksa

Irish airhead tells Arabs the "victims" of racism, xenophobia and intolerance take precedence over their objection to racist Zionism. Does she realize the fanatical racist Jews of Israel believe most of the Arab world was "promised to them by God" all non-Jews have the status of cattle? We fear that this is a status she's already willingly embraced for herself and all non-Chosenites.

French Jews Trying for Stalinist Purge of French Scholars

The initial focus of their rage was doctoral candidate Roques whom they labeled a "Holocaust-denier" after he exposed the (now generally acknowledged) unreliability of a major Holohoax text by Chosenite Gerstein. The Jews pressured his university into revoking his doctorate, but that did not sate them; they've now orchestrated a shrill campaign attacking a member of Roque's thesis committee, and have been working to purge France's once peerless university system of any scholar not in their camp. Like sharks, they are driven into a murderous feeding frenzy after drawing first blood.

Passive Electronic Surveillance

State-of-the-art snooping technology allows passive capture of your private information. One small example: the ability to reconstitute conversations in a room from the vibrations of a window pane: no wiretap or active bugging operation is involved in such techniques, which means no court order is needed...

Leftist/Multi-cultis Call Japanese Prime Minister "Fascist"

He's got a 70% approval rating, has definite ethno-centric views, wants Japan free of its entanglement with the U.S., and is clearly not "getting with the (NWO/globalist) program." All this has drawn fire from the heaviest piece of artillery in the Propasphere's armory of smears: comparison to Der Führer.

"Your Documents, Please. .."

Scroll down about 1/3 of the page at this great site, which is managing to keep abreast of the 1001 points-of-attack against what remains of our Constitutional rights, and read about the Abby Newman case...The most chilling aspect of this story is that it reveals that the allegiance of most cops is not to the Good, nor the Innocent, nor the Law, nor even to Order -- but to authority.

Hate-filled Jews Provoke Muslims at Sacred Site

Extremist Jews pull a Sharon at disputed Jerusalem site. Defenseless Palestinians, unlike White people, fight back.

Neurobiology and Race

More evidence suggesting that racial discrimination -- in the sense of recognition of and preference for one's own -- is hard-wired and very deep-seated.

Aussie Girls Targeted for Gang Rapes

The Aussies are reaping the benefits of diversity. White children are taught that their forcefully exiled ancestors were bad people who took the Aborigines' land and that in atonement, they should allow their nation to be flooded with violent and hate-filled non-Whites. Lately, there has been much hysteria about "U.S. style" racial profiling in response to a massive anti-White crime wave. The hands of the police have been tied politically, but day by day they are becoming less and less willing to sacrifice their teenage daughters on the altar of Multiculturalism. Now the authorities are telling White girls to stay away from Muslim men, but the silly girls are not listening... they would rather risk being gang-raped than to have a racist thought enter their heads.

A Glimmer of Hope. . .

When all is said and done, the future of Whites will be in the hands of those who have been programmed by the Propasphere from birth to "go with the flow" toward our racial extinction. The surprising thing is that despite the fact that the odds are heavily weighted against their awakening, some do catch on, as did this girl. Here, one of her essays.

Lonny Rae Meets the Thought Police

The First Amendment is gradually falling to the same strategy of attack which is killing the Second Amendment: the death of a thousand cuts. The weapon of choice is "hate-crime" Edgar Steele

Another Step in the Devolution of Canada

This time it's the appeasement of native Indian tribes. The shrinking perimeter keeps shrinking, and readers of Gibbons' Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire now have a living example of the process he termed "a failure of the will," and we might call suicide in slow motion.

Full-Bore War in Offing Against Palestinians, Reports La Voz

The browns are right on top of this story, and are proving themselves immune to Hymie's scams. The White West is suffering from spiritual AIDS -- our racial immune system has broken down, which is the reason we are succumbing to the most dangerous opportunistic infection which has been endemic for the past 2,000 years: Jewish parasitism.

Hitler's Nurse Details Final Hours

Love him or hate him, he was a titan, and he continues to exert a powerful fascination over foes and friends alike. He brings to mind the words of T. S. Eliot: In my end is my beginning.

Marine Sentenced for Arsons in Japan

The Japanese don't like "African-American" visitors, and have been outspoken about it in the past. With the recent wave of rapes and other 'groid mayhem in Japan and its territories (e.g., Okinawa), VNN wonders how long politeness and diplomacy can forestall an angry Japanese response.

South Africa: Apes Want Internet Control

Just as predicted. The yid press drove out the Whites, now they're getting raped, murdered and muzzled and the yids don't breathe a breath of it, happy in their accomplishment.

Media: Disney and Its Latest Acquisition


Riot Faces

Check out these winners. Who can view these photos of riot brownies and doubt that "diversity is our greatest strength." Here more on exciting New Britain. U.S. may skip UN racism conference. More on Cin cops here. And here Cin cop shoots shotgun-wielding nigger. You can have niggers, or you can have civilization. Which do you choose, White man? Either way, remember that shotgun-wielding niggers is only a symptom; Jew is the disease. Here proof, more, that racism is genetically ingrained.

Unregulated Mexican Trucks?

It's coming, though there's still resistance.

Movie Review: The Mummy Returns

The sequel is better than the original! The only problem is, the original was Mark Rivers

Caught in the Act

This article exposes the process by which a country (this time Macedonia) is prepared for the slaughter by the tag team of the media and government working in tandem and cooperatively to demonize a small nation.


It's the antithesis of the NWO/globalist model. As this article shows with many examples (including the National Socialism of the Third Reich), it not only works better than the tauted "free trade" agenda, it works to the benefit of the average citizen.

WWII Soviet Threat

The evidence has now become irrefutable: the true danger in the 1930s and 40s was Stalin. Had it not been for Germany, all of Europe might well have fallen to Communism. Our alliance with "Uncle Joe" and his Chosenite henchman was shameful and a tragedy for our people. As we awaken from 50 years of constant and unrelenting propaganda, the true outlines of cause-and-effect, so long smoke-screened by the irrelevant, the untrue, and the incidental, become clearer. Fifty years from now -- if we have escaped the fate of a NWO slave-state -- what Revisionists have been saying for so long, under penalty of arrest and imprisonment, will be clear to everyone.

Benefits of Diversity, #463

Two American women were killed in a ritual to obtain lotto numbers, one with head and limbs chopped off.

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