The Mummy Returns

by Mark Rivers

Jews Rachel WEISZ and ODED FEHR play a couple of lead roles in The Mummy Returns, the sequel to the 1999 crapfest The Mummy. Not many obvious Jew names are to be had in the credits of this movie; nevertheless, we can always sense their presence. There are a few decent/powerful negroes featured within, and a few evil Whites; that's always a dead giveaway.

The Mummy Returns is set in 1933, nine years after the original. Our two heroes now have a son together, and must beat the evil White museum curator (and his evil White female assistant) to the sands of Egypt, lest he resurrect the powerful "Scorpion King" (played by the ethnically ambiguous "The Rock").

The evil White guy needs help in his mission, so he resurrects the Mummy. The Mummy, in turn, reincarnates his lover from a few millenia ago; his plan is to take over the Scorpion King's armies and rule the world.

The Scorpion King is resurrected, he gets in a fight with the hero and the Mummy, true love prevails, ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom.

The Mummy Returns was slightly better than I was expecting. This may only be because I paid a mere two dollars to see it, however. The effects were good, the one-liners (though out of place for the setting) were mildly amusing, but what marred the entire production was a negro named Izzy.

No, Izzy was not some jungle-bunny kicking the back of my seat the entire time; he is a principal character in The Mummy Returns, a happy-go-lucky, wacky negro sidekick who saves all of the good guys in the end. The other negro in the film is a villain, but he is not THE villain. Remember...the Jews will NEVER pit an absolutely black evil force against an absolutely White good force. That would be racist, apparently.

Kids all over the country are crazy insane for this movie. They like "The Rock" (who has less than five minutes of screen time), and they identify with the heroe's son, who says things like "Whoa!" and "My Dad is gonna kick your ass!"

Kids are also seeing Rachel WEISZ shower the negro Izzy with kisses at the end of the movie, thanking him for saving their lives. They will get the wrong impression; one that tells them that negroes are helpful, happy, and deserving of our love and respect. Of all of the movies I've reviewed for VNN, I can't think of one that hasn't featured at least one inaccurately positive negro role model. That does more harm than good, and it is a trend that we Whites must reverse.

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