Kiss of the Dragon

by Mark Rivers

Chinaman Jet LI gained U.S. stardom a few years ago when he played a villain in the fourth installment of the racially conscious Lethal Weapon series. In that film, he kicked the crap out of interracial superfriends Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, until they used good ol' American haymaker punches to get the better of him (the script called for it, you see).

In Kiss of the Dragon, Li is a police officer sent from China to Paris to assist French police in the arrest and deportment of a Chinese drug lord. The French cops are corrupt, however, and they murder the drug lord to take over his French Connection. Li gets caught in the middle of it all, and has to kick the crap out of the Frenchies for the next 90 minutes to get out of it.

Li stays with an underground friend (Burt KWOUK, best known as Inspector Clouseau's blitzkrieg houseboy, Cato). It is there he meets Jessica (Bridget Fonda), shiksa prostitute with a heart of gold. As an unwed mother from the puritanical farm country of North Dakota, Jessica was swept off her feet by the debonair (yet evil) French cop, and has been forced into drug addiction and prostitution ever since.

Li, nice guy that he is, kicks a few White butts (and one or two black butts), kills the White villain with a deadly acupuncture technique called Kiss of the Dragon, retrieves Jessica's daughter (as she was also looming under the possibility of being prostituted--the Frenchman was just that evil), and they live happily ever after.

So, let me get this straight; "bad girls" from the heartland are whisked off to Europe, where their babies are taken from them, and they (and potentially their children) are forced into drugs and whoring by evil White men (played by Turkish actors)? Well, I guess all you dads out there had better be wary of your own kind; according to Kiss of the Dragon, the European scourge is after your kids.

In reality, it is the Mexican Cadena family who runs the child prostitution rings in Mexico and Florida. It is the negro population in the Ivory Coast and other African countries who sell their own children into slavery and prostitution. It is the Korean and Malaysian and Philipino people who have a flourishing trade in human misery.

Finally, lest you think that there is some form of evil in which the Jews are not participating, let me direct your attention to a few articles on that very subject. In Free Speech, August 2000, Dr. Pierce discusses at length the involvement of Jews in those very activities. In Free Speech, July 2000, July 1999 and February 1998, we learn of the Jews' involvement in child pornography, present-day slavery and child prostitution. Take a look for yourself, at or

The Jews are not just destroying Whites on the movie screen; they are doing everything they can to wipe us out in reality. The news media, controlled by Jews, will not shout from the rooftops about the abominable practices of their fellows. They will instead run Schindler's List or The Diary of Anne Frank or some other work of fiction designed to make Whites feel guilty for something that they didn't do, and/or didn't happen.

Don't let them get away with it.

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