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Michael Hoffman

Excellent interview by Final Conflict, an ezine with a website. Democracy: the illegal Mexican who came here yesterday gets two votes, our ancestors none. This is why so-called "conservatives" are so impotent. They pretend to want to defend classical Western civilization while at the same time making an accommodation with Judaism. This is impossible because the two are mutually exclusive. ... One cannot "reform" Western civilization into a "way of life" pleasing to Judaism without destroying it. This is what conservatives do when they continually repudiate a vast portion of what was central to their Western heritage, in order to win favour with media bosses and politicians. These "conservatives", in fact, conserve nothing.

Whites Unhappy With Surging Alien Invasion

As always... Letter on subject here. Here Connecticut allows felons to vote. Here on those fighting the gun banners. Here insane White Australian marries nose-boner. Here on militia.

Standing Up to the Jewish Hegemons

It's time to sweat the Jews, people. Read this radicalized woman, copy her methods. All that is necessary for Jews to fail is for Whites to do something. What are you doing? Put the onus on the Jew -- refer to him as a Jew in public. You don't even have to make it sound dirty; the very identification makes the Jew flush with embarrassment. He knows what he is; he knows what he does; he knows what he deserves. Carole Ward is on the right track. Here French-Canadian criticizes Jewish hate group B'nai B'rith.

Curtis: Jailed for Thought Crimes

What did he actually do? Anything? But his punishment is harsher than many or most murderers receive. (Scroll down for the updated part.)

Little Evolving Anne

Who knows what she will say tomorrow? Something profitable, no doubt. More here.

White Genetics: Fifty Founders of Europe?

Fifty Europeans may have interbred over thirty generations. That may be good for tracing, eliminating genetic diseases. Here on AIDS in Africa. Left tries to deny link to behavior.

More on McVeigh and Friends

Part three...

Misery in Zimbabwe: Chimps' Revenge

The Harare Harangutan destroyed civilization in Zimbabwe, and the cancer -- as even the New York Times now calls it -- is spreading to South Africa. The international Jewish media machine can't help but feel partly responsible.

Nigs Bein' Nigs

Find out why we call them animals. And why you should too. Here on race and juries. Negro cops are corrupt. It's redundant to call a nigger impaired, but useful in letting it off the hook for raping, murdering Whites. More here (scroll down). Frederick, Md., is a nice town -- except for where the niggers squat. Still more. Here the problem isn't the nigger, it's the judge's reference to ghetto behavior. Just like Cincinnati with its "image" (read: nigger) problem, the problem is never what the nig does, it's you noticing.

England Is Dead

So says the much-persecuted Canadian Collins.

New Book on Stupidification Through Education

The how and why of the Deweyization of the public schools. Nothing is taught but Jewish nation-killing ideology.

Jews Resume Hate Campaign Against Second Amendment

No gentile should be allowed to own a gun. In their bones, that's what Jews believe, although it isn't politic, yet, to say it openly. Piece by piece, lie by lie, the Jews make their way.

Negroes Murder Whites

But which case are we talking about? Could be any of hundreds.

Pigs Raid Swine

Lots of oinking in New York where Kahane's kosherites were surprised by box-losers.

Gun Grabbing Globalists

Read it and feel the breeze of the coming world slave state... Here an apeman runs wild in New Delhi.

Canada: National Alliance Distribution Prompts Semitically Correct Response

Southern Alberta...

Canada: Resistance to Jewish Inquisition

If Jews don't like it, it shouldn't be legal. That's the Jewish position on free speech. Not everybody agrees. Hymie is now trying to use the Human Rights Act's Section 13 to eliminate free speech on the Web. Get that? In the name of "human rights" Canadians will be prevented from criticizing Jews. Just like in America, where in the name of "civil rights" Whites are made second-class citizens, thanks to the efforts of greasy Jewish shysters. It is truly amazing what the Jews are able to get away with without provoking any response. Since they murdered several dozen Americans aboard the Liberty back in '67, they apparently feel they can get away with anything.

Jews in Britain

They side with the home country. Jews brag that Zionism suffuses New Labour.

Fox, Mexico Help Central America Speed Illegals to U.S.

This is, plain and simple, an act of war. We should destroy Mexico with our military, and if the country were controlled by Whites instead of Jews, we would.

White History: Bonus March of 1932

Get in its way, the state is more than willing to kill...

Anne Frank

The movie! The CD! The museum! The book! The coffee mug! The limited-edition ashtray! Step right up, getcher bobbin-head Annie Frank dolls! Hardly used! Only gassed once! Getcher keychains! Getcher soap-on-a-rope!

Did High-Caste Indians Come from Europe?

Aryans were everywhere, including China and India. In the latter they were responsible for the high culture that fell apart when they were subsumed by the dusky hordes, as is happening today in Europe and America.

Why So Few White Racists?

Racial consciousness, racial pride were planted axioms back when America and the White West were civilized. They were understood, inculcated and ingrained. Now that they have come under attack by our despoilers and displacers, we must reexamine our cultural roots, renew our justifiable pride, and reassert control over the Jew-led coloreds who revile us, even as they suck our Oliver

Columbus Braces for Negro Heritage Festival

Come sample yummy roots and grubs, flown by Bwana's plane direct from the heart of the heart. Free nose bones for boys under 12. Free clitoris excisions for girls. Here local Jew-rag says Cin needs to boost image. The image isn't the problem, the niggers are.

Jews Start to Ease Off the Brown Accelerator

For one hundred years organized Jewry has been pusher of open borders. Today, with more than one in nine Americans a Mexican, and Mexican candidates threatening Jews or Jew-controlled Dems, the Jews are starting to look for ways to channel the brown newcomers in politically safe directions. Browns are here to dilute White power, not to threaten Jewish. Here on black-brown problems. A population of Mexicans isn't as stupid as Whites; it won't pay tribute to lazy Negroes like we do. Dim-bulb Negroes dimly sense that.

McVeigh Did Not Act Alone

Fifty years from now, when the U.S. doesn't exist or doesn't care anymore, the truth will seep out, just as it has about FDR's instigation of Pearl Harbor. But you don't have to wait that long. Read this article and, more important, read the Secret Life of Bill Clinton. Not everything has been revealed, but the essentials are: McVeigh was part of a cell. The cell was infiltrated by an agent provacateur inserted by the government. The agent may even have created the cell and provided the training and selected the target. There is much more, but the key fact is that McVeigh was part of a group. Part II, online at Sam Francis forum. Here Jew Goldberg opines: Oy, kill him already. Buckley's magazine: just another liberal rag.

Monoculture in New Mexico

Book festival highlights the uniculture of the off-brand... Here on schizoid Washington types.

Lincoln the Dictator

The rotten railsplitter hashed the Constitution.

Tarim Basin: White Men in China Long, Long Ago

As grows increasingly clear to all but the dim and the professional Jewish obfuscators, Whites spread throughout the world much earlier than anybody knew, and seem to be responsible for most of what is described as civilization. Did the saddling of the horse allow Whites centered in modern Austria to extend from Ireland to China?

Hitler, Cash Cow for the Chosen

A Jew writing about a Jew writing about Jews merchandising Adolf. The fascination with Hitler continues because A) it is profitable to the Jews (who lie about what Hitler actually did, and extort billions from productive gentiles by means of those lies); and B) because most Whites instinctively sense that Hitler's views were essentially correct, if harsh. Read this article, disgusting in so many ways, and know that Jews are the bowel movement of history.

Oscar Wilde

The Catholics are hot to claim him as their own. But he belongs to wits, not papists or pirates.

Jews Murder Five Palestinian Cops

Another day at the office for Hymie. Here Hamas says bullets are the only way to deal with beanie babies. More on the 'I hate Israel' song sweeping Egypt. Jews are hated for good reason. And they are hated by every kind of people, and for the same reason people hate all vermin: they are ugly, disease-spreading parasites in human form.

White Anthropology: Margaret Mead, Jew-Trained Big Liar

Duped by the Samoans who made her famous, she was a Gentile tool used to advance the nation-killing Jewish anthropology lies that A) race doesn't exist; and B) White, Western culture is fundamentally screwed up and in no way superior to any other. Though she has been revealed as mistaken where she wasn't simply lying, nobody cares because anthropology is dominated by the same sort of Semite that fostered her career.

British Cops Offer 10,000-Pound Award for Racist Letter Writer

You can rape and murder and dandle Cub Scouts on your knee to your heart's content, but God forbid you pen a stray word intimating less than complete respect for Jews and woolie-boolies. The so-called poison pen letters have been sent for nine years. What's Eric Rudolph up to lately? Note that the articles never quite say what the writer's guilty of: thinking? writing letters? As a British correspondent writes us, "This is the same bunch of cops who claim that they can't patrol the streets because they don't have enough funding. Any reward for catching drug dealers? No. Muggers? No. Paedophiles? No. But say the word nigger and they go crazy..."

Jews Brag About Censoring Irving

The loathsome yids win again, forcing Oxford to withdraw invitation to David Irving to debate on freedom of speech, if you go for irony. This is why Irving refers to Jews as the "traditional enemies of the truth." Quite right. Nobody in the world knows more about WWII than David Irving, and Jews are very afraid that he will pass on to honest White kids the truth about what happened. Jews have invested decades propagating self-interested myths; myths that have proven mints when it comes to extortion money. They don't want that tap shut off.

Hungarian Jews Try, Fail to Outlaw Truth about "Holocaust"

It is already illegal to ask questions about the "Holocaust (TM)," whatever that is, in most of Western Europe. Still legal in Hungary, and that doesn't sit well with God's pets. Maybe what we need is a law declaring Jews illegal. Here a good Louis Beam essay on the way the "Holocaust," whatever that is, is used as a mechanism for suppressing truth. Jesus hated the Jews. What else do you need to know?

The "Holocaust": Jewish Lies, White Truth

Jews can't handle the truth. They send their thugs out to beat up those they can't suppress in other ways, as even a mainstream columnist like Joe Sobran will admit. "Freedom of speech means much more than legal protection, though that is a necessary condition. It ultimately means an atmosphere hospitable to calm reason." We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Joe Sobran is a wise man, not merely an intelligent one. Pay attention to what he says.

2/3 of British Say There's Too Much Immigration

Just like in America... Large majorities have always opposed affirmative action and open immigration. In a "democracy," the majority view is supposed to prevail. Asking why it doesn't on these two particular issues will lead you to the truth about where political control lies in the White West. Hint: not with White Westerners. It lies with the Jews, who see AA and vermin immigration in their racial interests.

Mexico's Fox Speaks to American Jewish Committee

Joining forces to despoil the White nation, the crabgrass and the crybabies...

Human Crabgrass: Mexicans Spread Meth Through California and United States

Yet another benefit of diversity: bloodthirsty Mexican drug gangs. Is Mexican voting less corrupt than U.S.?

McVeigh Mess

When do we get to poison the shivering lady? When do we get to poison blowjob-bomber Bill? Why is the Jew-controlled media always on the side of Thug Government? Thirty-one hundred pages of documents withheld by the blue murderers. How 'bout them boys? What motivates the McVeighs of this world? Why, hate and paranoia, nothing else. Everybody knows the Government is Good. It provides Services we all Need, and only takes half our paycheck to do it. More here. Bushy Jr says this proves the system is fair. How would he feel if his life were on the line, wink-nod-knife-in-the-back? Says whistleblower Whitehurst: There is just no way in hell the FBI did not know those documents were on board. The FBI's record keeping is like nothing I have seen before. They know everything they've got; they know where every piece of paper is. Nobody just went in and found a whole box of papers. This isn't the end of this kind of thing at all. And that, my friends, is the truth. Here we discover the wrong Waco weapon tested in reenactment. The FBI provided the wrong information. How about that? Don't miss this piece from Insight on the conspiracy to cover up the history that led up to the bombing and the people actually involved. Here very good Pierce on the utter hypocrisy of the McVeigh haters.

Harare Harangutan On a Roll

Now his war-vet chimps are going after orphanages, while the gorilla-in-chief seizes parks. Here black reporter Richburg concedes American blacks should thank God for slavery.

Slavery in Sudan

OK, kiddies, let's go over this one more time. Every race has practiced slavery, and it's safe to say that Israelis, Africans and Chinese still do; only the White man ever ended slavery. Yet, as Jewess Susan Sontag says, "The white race is the cancer of human history." Wake up, White man. Ask yourself why the Jews accuse us of being the villains of history; might it be to distract us from their own villainy?

The Good War?

Sodden Winnie and the gutless cons are wrong. Just as the Civil War is more accurately termed the War of Northern Aggression, World War II will be known in the future as the Jewish War to End the White Man. It is time for Stars and Bars and Iron Crosses to unite and serve justice on the Jew.

Click Here!

Chimp Damages Tree

Streets of West Roxbury safer after speeding nig hits tree instead of pedestrians, bicyclists, or other cars. The VFW Parkway in West Roxbury is a 30-mph zone in a quiet residential area. Somehow this irreplaceable Haitian niglet was living here and, par for the course, ignoring public safety. Fortunately, it often happens that reckless nigs kill themselves before they get a chance to kill or infect too many others. Plant a tree, save a life. In the usual outpouring of grief, nobody mentions the public safety threat of going 76 mph in a heavily walked and cycled 30-mph zone. Reckless nigs are the symptom, Jew is the disease. What will it take for you to wake up, White man? Your toddler on her tricycle run over by a speeding chimp in your leafy suburb?

White History: Did Columbus Discover America Seven Years Earlier?

Yes, say some scholars. He tracked it down for Pope Innocent VIII. Here New Orleans schools named after civilized men prefer to honor savages.

Texas: Don't Mess With Our Queers

Preferred stock are the pirates and pickaninnies. Back of the bus, cowboy. Here a White place name in Hawaii is swapped for a colored. Naming an Hawaiian airfield for a Polynesian can hardly inspire confidence in travelers. Nordic ex-actress gunned down, probably by Rastas, a stinky, braided, marijuana-god-worshipping subspecies of Negro known to hate baths almost as much as White people.

NOFEAR Answers Happy Gilmore

Wake up, White man -- the Republicans treat you like the Dems treat Negroes.

Virginia Con Attacks White Heritage

Gilmore, typical con coward, quickly retracts decree honoring European-Americans. Original decree was granted at request of NOFEAR, Duke's group, and when his incompetent staff learned that, he annulled it. Cons are not your friend, White man. They wink and nod and talk like it, but in the end they are self-interested cowards addicted to Jewish money and the lies that come with it. How the stickmen and sickly queers at the New York Times laugh at our stupidity, White man.

Voz de Aztlan: How the Jews Work Behind the Scenes to Destroy Opposition

Voz de Aztlan is an online paper supporting the Mexican reconquest of the United States. It has scared the Jews by openly criticizing them as the enemy of Mexicans' best interests, which they attempt to subvert through the provision of funds to MALDEF, an infamous anti-White, Mexican hate group (created out of whole cloth -- Ford Foundation money -- by Jews and liberal Whites). Since printing an editorial denouncing the Jew-controlled MALDEF, Voz has received death threats, and demands that it retract its editorial criticizing Jews. Very instructive in how the Jews operate. Just like they do in America and Canada (see below), the Jews seek to subvert, censor and silence. The Jews are the sworn enemy of every race but their own. The Jews are the enemy, White man. Fighting them, as this Mexican example shows, is real politics; anything else is bean bag. Feel free to email Voz how much you despise shitskin invaders, and how much you support their resisting the Jewish Hate Machine. The Jew is enemy number one, White man. Once he is dipped in Justice, the rest of our problems -- Mexican invaders -- can be cleaned up post-haste. Mexicans are capable of ten-on-one knifings and impregnating fourteen-year-olds, little else. Have you ever been to Mexico? The roads are lined with dead dog carcasses that are occasionally sniffed as meals, but never considered worth picking up and disposing by locals. Read MALDEF's threat here. The stuff you see on the Televitz is so much pureed blather, folks: This is real politics: Jews calling up people and making death threats, or paying others to, more likely. That's how yids operate. Here's what Voz says: La Voz de Aztlan will not be intimidated. No amount of condemnations or death threats will silence us. In the tradition of Jovita Idar, we will continue to be "la voz" of our community. We will continue to articulate our issues in the "daylight" of truth and not in the "darkness" of fear. To all you "vendidos" who have been paid to condemn La Voz de Aztlan...shame on you! Viva La Prensa Libre! Muerte a los traidores! Que bueno!, say we at VNN. Now get out of our White country and back in the sewer you've made of your homeland.

Italy Sick of Mudmen

A Semitically Correct report in a British paper, written by peachy-complected Cyrils who'd rather lick up the urine their African heroes spray on Italian walls... Yes, Italians should embrace the racial gangrene, according to the British editorialists. We Germanic-Celtic Whites are apt to consider Italy something of a joke, but it isn't. It is one of the most beautiful countries on earth, and it is a pity that it is being destroyed by African scrubhumans. And note that where all our Semitically Corrupt yid suckpooping paleface pols are whinnying about the value of diversity, Italians are calling for deportations. Time to hose the mud off the Whitelands. Muds in Africa. Jews in Antarctica, where they can grift the Penguins out of their herring. Europe for Whites.

Canada: The Jewish Inquisition Continues....

How long do we put up with these Jews, White man? When is it enough? Here again -- in a ludicrously biased piece (remember that Jews are in complete control of the Canadian press) -- Hymie's out whining and crying and trying to deny yet another White man his free speech. (The man is Eustace Mullins. Jews earlier this year pressured a trade show into canceling his appearance. They can't this time, so they shrink back to the perimeter, spitting imprecations through foam-flecked lips. What a disgusting race of ugly liars are the Jews. Nothing fair about them, in either sense of the word.) Jews hate the truth, fear the truth, do anything they can to suppress the truth. Why? Because the truth isn't in their interests. The truth doesn't advance their agenda. The truth is their enemy, just as they are our enemy. When will you understand, White man, that you can't have a free and civilized country with Jews in it? They seize control of your institutions and then -- just like the Shower Rangers dressed in Cub Scout uniforms -- they shit on you. The bad news for Hymie is that slow-to-think, slow-to-anger Whites are finally starting to wake up. They are starting to recognize the source of the problems they have been content with merely identifying all these years. For every one chopping at the root of evil -- Jews -- there are thousands attacking the branches. A famous writer once said that, and it's true. Cut the fractiousness, cut the backbiting, cut the suspiciousness, White men: We must pull together, throw ego out the door, and see that the Jew receives justice.

Canada: The Freedom Site

Not all Canadians are sheeple... Link to free White Canadian site coverage of B'nai Brith, which, loosely translated, means brothers of the swindle.

What Jews Do When They Take Over Media

Disney under Eisner... A microcosm of the Chosen's global media machine...

McVeigh: Feebs Held Out Boxes of Info

Folks, this is third-world crap. And it happens with every cause célèbre down the pike. As Paul Craig Roberts has been saying, our Justice Department is utterly and completely corrupt. It is a vicious anti-White hate group run by the oiliest yids, shivery sexual deviants, and shit-bucket lawyers. It needs to have a hose turned on it in the worst way. When you fill a country with third-worlders, this is the kind of "justice" you get. America for Whites. Jews step up to the El Al counter. Amnesty International statement here... Here Ashcroft delays execution. Compare media/justice system treatment of McVeigh to Brandeis radical of womb Powell. No Jews. Just Right. Here Jews spray more hate on Vidal, because the aged poofter won't toe their line on Israel. The fact is, no matter how despicable the old felcher, no matter how quickly the tongue flickers out over the leathery septuagenarian lips in anticipation of the imminent irrigations of the next busful of buttery-skinned boys, he has a pretty clear grasp of the forces that control America. Read him.

Bardot Convicted of Preferring France to Africa

The sex-kitten's third conviction. You can't criticize ragheads in France. Or Jews. Freedom of speech is a White idea. It doesn't exist outside a White context, and seldom enough within. Libertarians aren't interested in the biology and history that belie the dogmatic individualism they espouse. When are you libertarian intellectual cowards going to write an article praising the glorious triumph of indivdiual freedom that is the new South Africa? Lew? Do you hear me? But maybe the problem's in my thinking. Maybe I should jump on the libt bandwagon. Maybe I should worship the almighty dollar. Maybe I should get on my knees before economic growth. Maybe I should get in line with the obvious truth that I should embrace the next Haitian washing up on our shores because he'll grow my economy by $2.50 every time he buys a chicken to sacrifice. And then there's the beloved multiplier effect. When the sooty gentleman heaves the drained foul into the gutter, why, we need somebody to come clean it up. That grows the economy too! Why haven't we imported the whole island? We'd all be richer than Croesus! And when that "man" pimps out twelve-year-olds to local "businessmen," why, that grows the economy too. And the money he receives for fulfilling basic human needs, why, that money can be spent on goods and services, perhaps those provided by you and me. And that grows the economy too! What a beautiful world. Everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds. Where's my error Lew? People really are bills! I see the light! People are economic units, shorn of all negative externalities. One man is as good as another. How many of you libertarians marry niggers? How many of you live in nigger neighborhoods? Why is that? Is there something in your heart that doesn't translate onto the page? Are you racists?

U.S. Pledges More of Your Paycheck to AIDS-Ridden Junglebunnies

These stupid savages who can't even maintain a sewer system will receive another $200 million of your money, White man, that they may be fruitful and multiply; yeah verily, until the dusty savanna doth overrun with gibbering niglets. What a great system democracy is. Much better than rule by a competent dictator. Here Africa will keep the 2010 world cup, even though there have been four death-causing stampedes at stadiums in recent months. Can you say, easily preventable disaster waiting to happen?

Bouncing Byrd Joins Timmy Tux as Hallowed Savage

Eminent freelance pharmaceutical agent James Byrd is memorialized in a new "hate" crimes law signed by them freedom-lovin' Texans. Nobody tell them boys what to do. They ain't afraid a nobody... Did you know that one of the Byrd draggers was raped by a gang of niggers in prison? Only if you listen to William Pierce or read VNN. You won't hear it from Danny, Pete or Tom. Lawd ammercy, when are you gonna stop callin home our valuable Negroes? Hear our prayers, Mighty Jehovah. Take pity on us, and spare the sooty brethren.

Poor Polish Jews

Plot of land bought to memorialize Jews supposedly killed by Poles. Where's the monument to Katyn, where Jew-led bolshies murdered the flower of the Polish nation, then blamed it on Germans for sixty years? Where is the monument in remembrance of Jewish crimes against humanity? It's coming folks. Not from any official source. But from VNN. We are setting up a "Museum of Jewish Crimes," which will stand forever as an entirely non-taxpayer-funded memorial to the victims of the uniquely vicious and uniquely extensive crimes of this singularly loathsome people.

Israelis Cut Wagner

His music doesn't fit in their ears, which are custom-crafted by God to admit only lies. Here Berkeley Jews and idiots cheer the sick and incompetent woman who used to head Justice. New Bergstrom cartoons here, on Bob Kerrey. Here commentary at plastic on Flynn refutation of liberal lies, among them feminist cant about number of campus rapes. Did you ever have sex and regret it? You were raped, be ye man, woman, schnauzer or broccoli.

Integration Doesn't Work

It's another nostrum peddled by Hymie to destroy Whites. No such thing as integration in Israel. Jews aren't stupid enough to fall for the lies they put out for you, White man. Who would want to hang out with Mex and nigs and pinoys when he could be around Whites? If diversity were a good thing, no one would need to say it. Semitically Correct whistling past the history-yard is all it is.

By Way of Deception

Not just the Mossad motto; of necessity the Jewish motto. Hymie must make his way by smears through the dark because he is the enemy of non-Jews. Here on Jewish attempts to develop biological weapons against their enemies (every non-Jew): so-called ethnic bombs. Here on the Zionist terror network. Where lies won't get the job done, firebombs and murder will. The Jew is your enemy, White man.

Racial "Disparities" and Death Row

The left uses bogus or decontextualized statistics to paint Whites as guilty racists (or sexists or hate criminals). But refuting its lies by placing stats in their true context is only half the job. Pro-Whites must push through to the genocidal motives behind the statistical Angry White Female

Dictatorship of the Tolerant

I'm for free speech, but not hate speech. I believe in fighting intolerance, so we can't allow David Irving to speak. "As...a passionate advocate of the notion of tolerance and inclusion, I cannot accept your contention that it is correct to allow Mr Irving a platform at such a prestigious institution as the union". Classic.

Israel Awards Literary Prize to Jewess Who Called White Race "Cancer of Human History"

These are the folks who complain about genocide and how the world hates them, remember... Jewish hypocrisy -- you'd have to laugh if it weren't so destructive.

Timmy Tux and the Nasty Cops

Hello, I'm black. I want no responsibility and complete control. I want you to pay for everything, and be guilty of everything. I have the mind of a ten-year-old. Here NA fliers distributed (scroll down).

Interview with McVeigh

A couple interesting answers...

Mexican Infection Spreads....

Invasion of mudmen continues; nobody cares enough about America to save it from Jewish predations. Thirteen million more of these drabs in the country in 2000 than in 1990.

Parents of College Students: Paying for Jews to Indoctrinate Your Kid

Freshman indoctrination 101, where the Jews get their hooks in...

Ebay and Jewish Web Censorship

Jews hate and fear the truth. So they ban it where they can, shit on it where they can't. God's Shower Rangers, they are... And God's Shower Rangers hate the idea of Whites owning guns. After all, they might use them to shoot Hymie who's destroying their rights, Oy weh, Oy weh! Jews are congenitally unable to get along with their host society, which is why they always end up being vomited out. They are scrofulous. They are social sickness. Their rise to power and prominence is a sign of disintegration. Here on global pro-slavery demonstration in the works.

Media: Feebs Want List of Site Visitors

They have their reasons...

Valuable Negroes Perish in Soccer Stampede

More than 100 irreplaceable nigs stomped to death in Ghana. Fourth such incident in Africa in the last two months. Nigs never learn.

White Archaeology: Old Yarn

Were Whites common in Eastern Canada in 1000 A.D.?

Jews Unite to Destroy German-Canadian

Jewish viciousness; there's nothing like it. Have you ever seen a Jew described as a "hater" in the media? Have you ever heard a Jewish group described as a "hate" group? Why do you suppose that is? The truth is that not all Jews are haters, but there is more hate among the Jews than among the people they hate.

Jews Censor

Fan too loud? Anti-Semitism. Too few billions given to Israel? Anti-Semitism. Souffle collapsed? Anti-Semitism. Nothing that offends any Jew anywhere should be legal. That's the Jewish idea of justice. For example, here Oxford surrenders to the freedom-hating nation-killers, canceling an Irving invite. Jews don't want anybody questioning their "Holocaust" (TM), because the truth might come out. So behind the scenes they smear and smear, they pressure for cancelations, they steal books off shelves. Just Jews being Jews.

Italy: Bossi Warns Technocrats and Pedophiles Will Control Europe if Left Wins

So the media hate him. Centralization serves Jewish interests; anthing opposing Jewish interests gets the Shower Ranger treatment.

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