Racial "Disparities" and Death Row

by Angry White Female

As the United States federal government prepares to poison Tim McVeigh, we must prepare to be pelted with a barrage of Far Leftist, anti-White, anti-death penalty propaganda. The Left will use the McVeigh execution to promote abolition by using faulty racial "disparity" data and by concealing other relevant factors.

Ed. Note: I haven't heard one word from these folks, who normally won't shut up. How can they use the execution of a White man to argue against racist application of the death penalty? No, what they are going to do is shut up about it, pretend it's not happening. The Leftists are glad to see him executed, even though they profess to be anti-death penalty absolutists. McVeigh, it ought to be noted, was not even particularly right-wing. What makes him fascinating is that he is a normal person -- not crazy like Manson or evil like Gacy. He is a normal person who felt politically compelled to commit his act. The left doesn't want to hear about him.

As the data show, the "disparity" is not anti-minority in nature, just as the "disparity" between male and female killers is not due to sex bias. The truth is that Whites are overrepresented on death row if we do our calculations by percentage of criminals per race as opposed to the percentage of people in the general (and mostly law-abiding) population. Many Far Left death penalty opposition groups seize on so-called disparities to promote abolition. One of the most often quoted of these groups is the Death Penalty Information Center. It says that minorities were the defendants in 74% of the FEDERAL death row cases between 1995-2000. Currently, there are 14 Blacks, 3 Whites, 3 Browns and 1 Yellow on FEDERAL death row. What you are not told is that federal executions are very, very rare and don't even constitute 1% of all death-row cases. We have had only 34 executions by the Feds since 1927! The Far Left is using federal rather than state data to confuse people about "racial disparities" regarding the capital punishment. It is, to put it bluntly, using statistics to lie.

Ed. Note: Good point. The left spins death penalty stats just the way MTV spun "hate" crimes.

Disparity 'spin'...

Look, my intention here is to inform you that STATES are the zap-happiest, and their records tell the true story about execution and race. Since 1976, over 700 people have been executed by the states. The pace has accelerated in recent years, with states executing a combined average of 100 inmates per year. According to the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation, 46% of all state death-row inmates are White, 42% are Black, 9% are Brown and 3% are Yellow.

You may be thinking that Blacks are 13% of the population and Whites are 69%. You think right, but that does not mean Blacks and Whites commit murder at the same rates. On average, Blacks commit about 51% of the nation's murders each year. While their motives for many of these murders may have been racial, my reporting it is not racism, it is fact.

When we look at those state death-row inmates, we see that while 42% of them are Black, 51% of murderers are Black. Forty-six percent (46%) are White, more than the White share of murders nationwide. But Far Leftist groups inevitably present these data this way: "Though Whites are 69% of the population, they constitute only 46% of death rown inmates."

When you read in your local paper that "36% of those executed since 1967 were Blacks, who comprise 13% of the population," take it with a grain of salt. I am going back again to the fact that 51% of all murders are committed by blacks. That would mean that their appearance in the death chamber is 15% lower than their representation in murder stats.

Also factor in the fact that blacks are far more likely to have Far Leftist groups working in their corner, filing appeals for them and pressuring governors on their behalf. This leads to more blacks having their sentences commuted to life. I would sure like to see the "racial disparities" in death-row commutations.

Ed. Note: Similar statistical misrepresentations appear in virtually every argument the left makes, especially those related to minorities and crime. The left cannot use statistics honestly because they don't support its claims. In recent years we have even heard rumblings that 1) black cons ought to be allowed to vote; and 2) that the concept of affirmative action should be applied to prisons: that is, Whites and blacks be represented in prison according to the percentage of their race in the general population. The deeper point, the big picture here, is that we are past the point where rebutting media claims about discrimination is where we stop. That's what conservatives do, and as we all know, they never win. Real politics means pointing out the name and nature of the people spreading these lies (i.e., the Jews controlling the media) and fighting them. Rebutting dishonest stats is a tactic; attacking the Jews who have brought us to our present condition is essential strategy.

Special circumstances...

To clarify matters even more, we have to consider special circumstances as they relate to sentencing for the crime of murder. A man who has never been in trouble with the law, who kills his wife by tossing her down the stairs, will be sentenced to life. A man who stabs another in a fight may also get a lighter sentence. But a man who has a long rap sheet of armed robbery, rape or gang activity will be more likely to get the death penalty if he kills someone. So will a man on probation. Ditto for a man who kills while committing a felony.

This brings Bloody Wichita to mind. Last year, the black Carr brothers murdered five European-Americans in a "crime spree." All these murders involved special circumstances: They raped the women and forced their fiances to watch. Then they forced the men to sodomize each other as they laughed. The Carrs could have just robbed them and shot the Whites, but they added the garnish -- thereby creating the SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES that are supposed to warrant the death penalty.

The truth is that Blacks murder and commit crime at a disproportionatly high rate, and that is why there are so many Blacks in prison. Their high murder rate combined with the prevalence of special circumstances is why Blacks are disproportionately represented on death row. Again, that is not racism, that is fact. What is too often called "racism" is usually simple reality. Masking the truth by scapegoating Whites or crying "racism" will not address the "disparities."

Ed. Note: Good points, but dig deeper: What's important here is that this hue and cry about nigger murderers being put to sleep is part of the greater campaign of White genocide. It is just another tool employed by the Jews controlling the media and government to make Whites second-class citizens (as the Left loves to phrase it) on the road to their ultimate racial and cultural demise. Whites are not merely murdered, raped, and attacked in hugely disproportionate numbers by the nigs and coloreds these media Jews and death-penalty liars defend, they are made to feel racially guilty for meting out comparatively light punishments on the few niggers they actually catch. What's actually going on is the destruction of White civilization by the Jewish media, just the way it was done in Zimbabwe and South Africa. So many laws have been passed after decades-long "civil rights" agitation and media softening-up that cops and prosecutors and pols are afraid to say word one to defend the White people who built the country. That is the big picture here: that all Whites are thrown in jail if they aren't willing to assume the degraded posture of the Wichita whitemice. We are not even to talk back to ZOG, let alone fight back. We just aren't willing to admit what's happening. We are fools, and the Jews are laughing, even as they shit-sprinkle the waves and sheets with so many lying stats we earnest, honest people zip around scooping up. Look up, White man. See Hymie laughing. Make him stop. Quit letting him play you for a fool. Together we can wipe the smile off his lying Jewish face.

Last words on McVeigh...

I feel nothing about the upcoming McVeigh execution. Apparantly, neither do death penalty opponents. When faced with a political opponent in the death chamber, Far Leftists get real quiet, don't they?

Ed. Note: Exactly. Leftists to squall "24/7" to save Mumia and the Carrs, but when it comes to McVeigh, it's crickets....

Deafening, almost. But when the time comes, expect them to start yapping about Mumia or other oh-so-poetic Blacks on death row. Heck, left-addled college students even invite these murderers of color to give graduation speeches. The churches, well, they only defend converts like the Curly Fry Tucker woman in Texas. Jews defend Jews and minorities who kill non-Jews. Vegans won't defend him because he told them his last meal won't be meatless. He ain't black, Jewish, Christian, female or vegan, therefore, he is shit out of luck.

Ed note: Indeed. The leftists protest to save the meal, not the man.

So why don't I defend McVeigh? Perhaps because he, like the military which created him, views dead children as "collateral damage." But I give McVeigh credit for shedding tears in court in regret over the collateral damage.

Ed. Note: Did he? Did you drop a word here, because I never saw anywhere that he was sorry, quite the reverse. He may not have wanted them killed, but he recognized that as a likely outcome, went ahead anyway, and that translates into not-sorry in my book. And he has kept that position all along, even with his own father.

That is a hell of a lot more than I can say for the U.S. government when it burns innocent children to death. If I can't defend my own government's murderous actions at Waco and abroad, how can I defend McVeigh in light of his "collateral" damage in the process of bombing a military target? I know, he said the F.B.I. used children as shields, but our government says the same when its weapons kill Palestinian children who live in apartment buildings that armed gunmen take cover in. Our government says the same when it bombs schools and playgrounds abroad. Our government says the same when it blames Saddaam for its murderous actions against Iraqi civilians.

McVeigh didn't commit genocide, while this government gleefully decimates a people who have the misfortune of living on oil-rich land. So, while McVeigh's sins are nothing compared to those of this genocidal, bloodthirsty government, what kind of a person would I be to condone McVeigh's actions in Oklahoma?


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