Why So Few White Racists?

by Oliver

Recently I rented the movie Romper Stomper out of curiosity. This is not a synopsis or critique of the movie, but there is a scene in it that I thought was a pretty good allegory of life as a racist. The scene starts with a group of skinheads beating the hell out of some Asian kids who have just bought the local pub. As the fight rages on, Asians start coming out of the woodwork to aid their yellow fellows. It looked like every Asian in Australia suddenly jumped in to kill the skinheads.

What struck me was that no one helped the skinheads. They were completely alone and outnumbered. One could argue that the skinheads were the bad guys attacking the poor defenseless Asians who were, after all, only taking advantage of the free market. But would it have made a difference if the skinheads were just skipping down the sidewalk and a pack of blacks jumped them? The White general public would rather help a black criminal get away with murder than help out skinheads or any group of avowed White racists. This brings me to the point of this article:


In all parts of the world, Whites are the enemy. This is because we are the world's masters, and the world resents us for it. Our superiority is obvious in the technology around us. Everything from the chair we sit in, to the air-conditioner that cools our sweat, to the burner that heats our food, to the bed we climb in at night can be traced back to a thoughtful, careful White man. The fact is that our race showed the coloreds the way, not the other way around. Civilization around most of the globe followed White conquerors and explorers.

Race used to be a given. There was no question about it -- it was so deeply ingrained that it was taken for granted. It was a cultural assumption; it never rose to the level of something one questioned. When Rudyard Kipling wrote about the White Man's Burden, he illustrated that deep sense of accomplishment that Whites felt, so much so that we felt we owed the rest of the world our gracious services. We felt so indestructibly superior that we treated ourselves to the pricey delicacy of noblesse oblige, imagining it was our responsibility to pity those not fortunate enough to be White; to help those who could not possibly help themselves. Hubris set in: we began to imagine that we possessed powers that were beyond us: we imagined we could remake nature.

Sound a little like Affirmative Action? Kipling was more direct and honest about the way he felt than most modern liberals, but his Burden amounted to the same thing, and led to the same results. Whites are made to feel guilty about slavery despite the fact that, like the Asians in Romper Stomper, we merely took advantage of a market. Today's White Man's Burden is not the burden of sharing and helping but the burden of guilt. Jewish media and Jewish Hollywood produce endless agitprop bludgeoning Whites as guilty racists or, at the least, beneficiaries of systemic racism, while stoking colored rage against the White machine. Thus are the people who created the technology and know-how that underwrite the very physical existence of most of the dark world converted into its archenemy, and the darkskins encouraged to slay the White goose that is held out by the Jews as the author of their misery, rather than the layer of golden eggs. Jews are expert at spreading their own community's notorious hatred and ingratitude. First they defile, then they destroy. It is the Jewish way.

Never, apart from legally privileged Jewish myths such as the "Holocaust (TM)," which we non-Jews (insignificant people) must approach in hushed tones of awed reverence, do Jews encourage respect. Never do they, in any of the organs they control, encourage understanding or appreciation among their colored tools. Just like the evil White racist slaveowners the Jews never tire of harping on, the Jews don't want their tools to reason and think for themselves. They want them eternally het up and ready to be deployed against the next White institution Jews are bent on destroying (public schools, private clubs, marriage, churches, courts, workplace...). Never is cause connected with effect. Never is it mentioned, for example, that members of the White race created and built the "drainage" that lets us pursue our dreams: the automobile, the sewer system, the computer chip, the blacktop roads, the space station, the microwave, etc. Whites are given credit for nothing except the rapist's lust to exploit the Third World. And not content to let the lies end there, Jews encourage the untruth that the very condition of the dark world itself is the result of White depredations, rather than the inevitable state of the race that evolution forgot. Jews -- Jewish academics, Jewish students, Jewish organizations, Jewish thugs -- shout down anybody even attempting to make a scholarly argument based on the scientific facts about race. Those facts run against Jewish political interests, and so they must be gassed. Jews lie as one that race doesn't exist -- outside the Jewish race, that is, which is special and must be protected, as it is chosen above all others.

The effect of this nonstop agitprop, repeated daily on TV, in schools, in government and court decrees, is that Whites, if they have any racial feelings at all, have negative ones. Most people eat what's put before them, whether it's healthy stew, or rancid gefilte fish. If you tell people they are members of a guilty race, most of them are going to believe you. That's the situation we are in today: lies and hate premeditatedly spread by a very small but very dangerous and well-organized minority. And spread, in typical Jewish fashion, in the name of anti-hate.

Jewish GEM (government-education-media) agitprop treats the physical facts of White civilization -- the physical basis of our lives -- as a given, and concentrates its energies on persuading coloreds not to be thankful or appreciative or even simply understanding of the benefits White know-how has shed on them, but to be unremittingly hostile and ceaselessly demanding. Who put the chip on the shoulder of the black man? The Jew did. When you ceaselessly tell a person of inferior intelligence that he is being screwed by the system, it doesn't take long before he belives it. That is precisely what canny Jewish liars have done to the black man in America in the cold calculation that black hatred could be turned to Jewish political advantage. There's a reason everybody -- yellow, red, White alike -- hates the Jew. He is hateable, and he does deserve to be hated, both for what he is and for what he does.

The result of the Propasphere in which we swim today is that Whites are only allowed to conceive of themselves as individuals and consumers. Leftist Whites are encouraged to hate their own race and identify with the coloreds ludicrously described as oppressed when in point of legal fact they are privileged. Rightist Whites are fed dogmas of individualism and free-market economics, to avert their minds from historical and biological truths worth conserving. They are seduced by Jewish intellectuals such as David Horowitz who position these nation-killing lies as the views of the Founders themselves, rather than the self-interested lies of Jewish cultural determinists. A tiny few Whites make their way through the maze of Jewish lies to racial reality. Truly, as Orwell said, it requires constant attention to see what's in front of your nose. The cultural assumption today, a direct product of Jewish media control, is that Whites are guilty and must make up for their world-historical crimes. The only White identity tolerated by the Jewish media is history's bad guy. Positive White identification is called "racism," its motive, "hate." Conversely, minorities are expected and encouraged to take pride in their color and "achievements," no matter how ludicrous, trivial or invented they are.

A good example of this is on view in our elections. When Whites are asked about the issues, they are expected to consider what's best for the country. But blacks are seldom capable of considering -- and never expected to consider -- anything beyond their direct personal racial interest: i.e., how many dollars candidate X will filch from Whitey's wallet and turn over to them. Blacks and Mexicans only talk about what would be good for their race, with no mention of the country they live in at all. The state is merely a vague entity that miraculously produces benefits and services that make their life easier. The Jewish media have done their work well in creating spoiled, selfish and perpetually dissatisfied coloreds; and backpedaling, accommodating, self-blaming Whites. What's good for the Jew is all that matters, and as long as the media are controlled by him the message will never change.

Historically, the concept of different races living and working together never came up. Separation was the norm in any territory encompassing more than one race. When America was colonized, it was an all-White country, apart from a few slaves. Anybody crazy enough to speak of racial equality was considered insane. The media were less powerful then, and it was more difficult to submerge the average American in electronic lies. Red savages were the enemy, and everybody understood that. Everybody was a racist, but nobody thought of himself that way. There was no need, because there was nobody there to promote the Biggest Lie of human equality. There were no Jewish courts to enforce the ludicrous and dangerous pretense that jungle Negroes are Whites' equals.

Blacks and Mexicans have neither understanding of nor appreciation for White America. It is merely something that affords them a better way of life than they could obtain among their own. Is there any question, even apart from Jewish GEM indoctrination, that blacks want to tear down everything we've built? They are saboteurs by their unevolved nature. Incapable of understanding, incapable of creating, tortured by propaganda that insists otherwise, they sing and dance and stew and destroy. The only thing they appreciate about our culture is the fun things our money can buy. No more than a couple percent of blacks are intellectually capable of seeing any deeper into things than what they see on TV commercials. Any rap or hip-hop video demonstrates this. But Negroes are only doing what comes naturally; we Whites are the ones who tried to tame the rattlesnake. Now that it's biting us repeatedly, we have a choice to make. We throw the snake off us and crush it with a rock, or we let it kill us. But before we deal with the snake, we need to deal with the man who took him out of the segregation pen and turned him loose in our bedroom. Blacks, Mexicans are only symptoms; Jews are the disease.

White Americans built America when the facts about race were self-evident and unraised, let alone challenged. Through decades of laxness, good times and Jewish agitprop, we have come to shoulder burdens we can't carry; to accept as dogmatic truth propositions that are ludicrous. Many have already paid the price for our blindness, and many more will follow them before things are cleaned up. Non-racially conscious Whites still have not realized that without the White race, the world would collapse into chaos. Sound dramatic? It shouldn't. Democracy plus colored demographics plus Jewish media control equals White genocide, given time. The line from Zimbabwe to South Africa to Europe and North America is clear to those interested in evidence. But in a "That's your opinion" world -- another disastrous product of the Jew-controlled academy -- few are.

What can rebuild White pride? Prideful Whites taking control of the media could do it quickly. Reality will do it piecemeal, and slowly. As the new census data show, Whites don't like living among coloreds. They move away from them. Conditions that appeal to lower beings like Mexicans are considered unfit by Whites. So there is, however masked and misrepresented, a desire among Whites to live among Whites, no matter how often they might voice the contrary. The truth is, contra the Jewish lie, that racism is natural and reinforced by experience. The look, smell and feel of a Negro tell you he's not one of us. It is not racism but the evil lies of White guilt and multiracialism and integration that are truly unnatural, spread by malevolent, self-interested school "parents," as it were. White people would applaud, to take one from many examples, the shooting of Mexican invaders. They would applaud house-by-house searches for illegal aliens. They would applaud the ending of welfare and the repatriation of Negroes to Africa. They would applaud Alan Dershowitz and his nation-killing brethren dangling from gibbets. Do I exaggerate? Look in your heart and ask yourself, White man. You know the answer.

Most people cannot think. They push forward from day to day, worried about their private lives, what they are going to eat, how they are going to pay their bills. For political reasons life has been made a treadmill for those below the upper reaches of the middle class, and often enough even there. There's enough money to keep going, and that's about it. No leisure, no politics. Vague sense something's wrong, no time to do anything about it. That's where we are today. Of the few who take the time to read, probably 99% are sucked into the false political debates spread out before them on TV and in the papers. They don't even grasp the planted assumptions, let alone question them. A small minority of people understands the real battle. If this minority controlled the public media the way the Jews do now and began singing the White racialist tune, White America would soon begin humming along. It wouldn't take months. It would barely take days. Deep down most Whites know their race is being screwed by the media and government, even if they don't understand who's doing the screwing and why. They see too many absurd things and double standards in their everyday lives not to. White self-hate is almost entirely a product of the environment, which, like a brick tied to the accelerator, is carefully arranged by GEM to press perpetually the guilt button that Whites alone among the races seem to possess genetically. Pro-White material is scarcely to be found, has to be dug out at great expense, while Jewish lies are scarcely to be escaped from. Even if you hit the off button on your Zog-sprayer, the electrons will still wash over the fence from your neighbor's.

White pride doesn't exist right now. But hatred of Whites surely does. In the minds of a small but growing minority is the recognition that we are hated because we are different and better, and that this fact alone is enough to make other races want to destroy us. From this minority must emerge a political movement capable of retaking the media and reindoctrinating the public in ways that its actions show it deeply understands.

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