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Townend Attacked by British Right

He said Britain is being undone by colored immigration. They attacked him. They left and right, as this Spectator article shows. More here. Here good criticism of idiotic business language. More on language here. Here on Scottish nationalists trying to set up alliance with Germany in WWII. Here Clinton speaks to British Jews.

New Zealand Disarms

Scraps air force...

African White Man

A bit of the flavor of being White in Africa... Nigs destroy everything.

Brimelow Immigration Parallel

Always instructive to compare American policy with others'. Here on the unmanning of schoolkids. Here some of the interracial junk out there. Here on free speech in America.

The Holocaust That Happened

The one we never hear about...

Media: European Dailies Work Together

Includes Le Figargo, Die Welt and The Daily Telegraph... Here Christians create independent films, achieve some distribution. Christians and racialists are both trying to operate outside the "mainstream" (read: Jewish) culture.

Civil War Revisionism

More and more are thinking and doubting, whether it's the "holocaust," whatever that is, or the Civil War.

Kansas Hushes Wichita Horror

Quiet down, people, move along. Just five Whites robbed, beaten, raped, sodomized, tortured, and murdered. No hate crime, here. Nothing to see. Move along.... What's that son?.... Keep your mouth shut or I'll take you in. Now get out of here.... The case has been sealed, and the local D.A. refused to classify the murders as a hate crime. If the Carrs were Whites rather than niggers, and their victims blacks, this case would have been fodder for twenty years of complaints about racism.

Zimbabwe I: Judge Who Opposed Harare Harangutan Quits

How long do we keep up the pretense blacks are anything but savages?

Zimbabwe II: Reign of Terror

Two-part story on the destruction wrought by Marxist Monkey Mugabe. Part two here. Says a woman who has seen beatings up close and had her Website documenting atrocities yanked, "I am beginning to think that we are fooling ourselves by thinking that things will improve." That just may be the epitaph for the White race. Things are ten times worse in Zimbabwe than America, and still the same foolish hope that niggers can become men obtains. Drawing exactly the right parallel, another businessman says: "The problem of blacks killing whites is not [exclusive] to Zimbabwe. It has spread to South Africa, Kenya and even to the U.S. Americans may well recall the recent riots in Seattle and Cincinnati, where blacks specifically targeted whites with violence and even murder -- yet the local police, fearing the politically correct jihad, did nothing." Here on the White British -- Jewish? -- traitors acceding to the murder and driving-out of their people to protect their economic concessions. Here's a new site where you can get the most complete information on Zimbabwe from a non-government perspective. One final quote from a 50-year-old woman: Day after day, I have said to myself, 'This can't be happening. Somebody, somewhere, will intervene and stop this madness.' But, guess what? There has been no intervention; nothing but words and slaps on the hand. Race is reality, folks. Possibly this woman is starting to realize it now that she and her fellow Whites are on the brink of becoming extinct. Have you realized it yet, White man? Africa=Zimbabwe=Cincinnati. Whites paralyzed by fear and denial. Are you one of them, White man? "[T]he two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government" -- Thomas Jefferson. Could this have been what he meant? Of course.

Canada: Jewish Pressure on Telegdi Increases

He doesn't think Hymie should be able to deport anybody for no reason. Hymie thinks he should. More here.

Australia: Jews Spread Hate of Pro-Whites Joining One Nation

Members of the world-renowned Jewish hate group/Israeli spy agency jump to smear White people. When will you realize, White man, that the Jew is your enemy? Look at what happens when he has his way: You lose your free speech. You lose your right to associate with whom you choose. You lose your gun. You are surrounded day and night by blaring miscegenatory agitprop. Your country is invaded by illegals. All of this is due to the Jew.

Britain: Many Whites Are Pro-White Despite Decades of Jewish Lies

In every country around the world the Judenpresse heaps hatred on White folks. Hush crimes are the symptom, White man. The Jew is the disease. Fighting the Jew is real politics; anything else is bean bag.

Germany: No More Blame

More on poll showing Germans ready for resurgent pride. About time. The time approaches when Jews begin paying reparations.

Mother's Day Banned at Jewish-Affiliated School

Heather's two mommies want to replace it with Turkey Baster Day. Here a non-White Alaskan runs amok. Here new study says gays can change. Note the way biased AP plays it.

More on Decline of Militias

OKC bombing tempered enthusiasm... Note that the media blamed the bombing solely on McVeigh -- a Big Lie -- and said he was a militia member -- a second Big Lie. He may have gone to a couple meetings at one point, that was it. The building was blown up by a cell, and the government had informants in that cell, and knew that the Murrah building was one of the targets, and had bomb sniffers at the building before 9 a.m., and none of the ATF people showed up for work. We will post the relevant conversation the day McVeigh is executed, taken from The Secret Life of Bill Clinton, by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. Here Confederate Museum has problems. Here on the Spanish takeover of the U.S. Here Jewish palaver about "hate" sites on the Internet.

Yids Cry About Anti-Israel Smash Song in Egypt

Two Arabs are wrangling like Jews over who came up with the clever lyric "I hate Israel."

Jewish Swindlers Busted in North Carolina

What can we say?

Fight Club

Bored by the materialism of the consumer culture, our youth can beat themselves to a pulp like the heroes of this anti-yuppie flick or they can fight for their race and the honor and nobility and true progress it exemplifies at its best. White youth of exceptional physical courage create and drive the "extreme" sports shown on ESPN -- snowboarding, skateboarding, triathlons, motorcross, mountain biking, daredevil jumping, skijumping -- why shouldn't their bookish brethren of exceptional moral courage forge a similar movement in "extreme" politics? Stimulating these hidden folk into building a genuinely alternative media and culture is part of what VNN exists to foster. If you are young and talented and willing to work hard and fight, lend your hand to the Noble Struggle, young White man. Join the National Alliance, and write for Vanguard News Network. Make something of Winston Smith

Jews Applaud Ebay Bans

Jews are happy that White people are denied their history. Meanwhile, we must hear about their myths nonstop. One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else.

Germans Sick of Jewish Extortion and Guiltmongering

Jews are the guilty party, not Germans. More than half -- and remember these are some of the most heavily propagandized, censored and suppressed people in the world -- disagreed that there was "no excuse" for the "Holocaust," (TM), whatever that is...

Too Many Jews: The Consolidation of Canadian Journalism Under the Chosen

It doesn't matter the country, the Jews control the majority of the media. And they have no problem at all using it to crush opposition. Anybody critical of the Jews, anybody mentioning that they are nation-killers pursuing interests antagnostic to normal whites' will be fired and silenced. "The company founded by Winnipeg lawyer (and former Manitoba Liberal leader) Israel (Izzy) Asper now dominates Canadian journalism from sea to sea." Jewish control of the media is a very real thing, and it has very real consequences. As a Russian Jew media magnate put it, MEDIA IS POLITICS. Any of you dot-com millionaires out there reading this, if you want to change the world, get in contact with VNN. We know how to put your money to work fighting these loathsome Izzys... All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. We are doing something. And with or without your help, we will do a lot more. Your help can hasten the process.

Blond Mummies in Kentucky and Tennessee

Some of the sexiest White women in the entire world live in Kentucky and Tennessee. Possibly their sisters were living there thousands of years ago.

Catholic Priesthood Riddled with Queers

"Grave depravity" in British seminaries...

"Hate" Crimes Passes Texas Senate

May not be signed by gov... Here on Korean gangs. Here on racist and censored cartoons. Here jigophilic media report Cin may be hopping again if our Negro masters don't like the results of grand jury investigation of cops who brought to premature end the valuable life of one of our precious Negro equals. Equality is the most poisonous of all poisons, said Nietzsche. Here head of Latin Kings gives seminar at college. Here Steve Barry on black history. Here on Jews outmarrying. Jews are the most racist group in the history of the world. Their racism is the reason they are still around when all the other ancient peoples long since disappeared. Jews have always preached racism for Jews and denounced racism in outsiders. Today, many Jews are marrying outside the race with dangerous demographic implications that Dershowitz and others have remarked. But the Jewish rat race isn't going away any time soon, no matter what the prof says. Too bad. Here lib-cons fret brows over failure of integration. They can Kemp away the truth, but that won't change reality. Nobody wants to live by niggers because they are stupid, violent scrubhumans. And Mexicans don't like Negroes any better. Here a naive White man in Salt Lake writes the paper about hate crimes.

Militia, "Extremist" Groups "Fading"

It may be true that militia are in decline, but not so of racialists. This is because the militia are made up not of the stereotypes the media portray, but of naive people who don't understand the reality of the current situation. Contrary to what the media have maintained, the militia groups, for the most part, have been hostile to racialists -- anybody focusing on race and the Jewish question they have driven from their ranks. But because racialism is based on facts, it is not only still around but growing stronger. Idiot "patriots" will always be with us, but they have little to do with the real struggle. They mostly function as a safety valve for dim Whites aware there is something wrong in our nation but unable to put their finger on just what it is.

Spiritual War in California

Whites cannot allow the people of the sewer to prevail. Here on the insidious Jewish connection in the L.A. mayor's race, as seen from the Voz de Aztlan point of view. Here blackouts hit Third World. Yahoo affected.

Jews Kill More Babies

Your day is coming, Hymie... "This baby was probably carrying a Katyusha rocket so we cannot blame Sharon for her blood," a relative said sarcastically... More here. Here the same Jews who bewail the "canard" that Jewish-Americans are loyal only to Israel complain about the same thing in Arab Israelis. You only look under the bed you hide under, Hymie.

White Revolution: Kill Your TV

If you have kids, this is the "most significant and effective revolutionary act you can perform in favor of our collective survival," says the wise and beneficient Yggdrasil. Do it.

The Fire This Time: New South Africa

The problem is not the "anti-racists," the problem is the Biggest Lie: the Jewish nostrum of racial equality. They don't believe it for a moment -- holding themselves superior to all others -- Chosen by God, if they will -- but they will hound you to death if you don't publicly affirm it. That's why we say that anything bushmen do is only a symptom, and that Jews are the disease. (It is not possible to link directly to the article. You must go to the May 2001 issue and scroll down.) One of the biggest problems of our times, from an intellectual point of view, is that so much of what is biology is treated as though it were a matter of changing one's attitude or morals. Racism is not a matter of "growing up" or "stopping the hate," it's a recognition of reality and a conclusion drawn on that basis. The growing up needs to occur on the part of those who believe their childish moralizing can redraw Jefferson's indelible lines. "Helena Dolny could not answer the charges of racism by saying in public what every grown-up in South African knows: black officials in their glossy new office suites do not know their heads from a hole in the ground and are interested mainly in personal payback for apartheid. They consider any competent and honest person a threat. Dolny could not defend herself, because she could not name the politics behind her persecution; if she had named them, the press would have made her a 'racist' non-person." The same thing is coming to America, and faster than you think, White man. Jews will brook NO criticism. They don't care what the nigs do to you as long as they retain the money and the power. All in all a pretty mealy article, but it does give you a glimpse of the monkey in springtime.

Zimbabwe in Freefall

Chimp power! The Harare Harangutan in full hoot, the nation in tatters... Here Zimpanzees attack Canadians.

Jews Won't Stop Till Every White Grows Up Smothered in Negritude

The canting yids at the New York Times never cease. Anywhere there are two White households living side by side, why there just isn't enough diversity. These yids must be dealt with, people. There's no way around it. Read between the lines, and it's clear they hate White America and want to destroy it. They positively glow at the thought of forcing White girls onto buses where niglets can wave their dicks at them. (This sort of boolie harassment goes on all the time, and you virtually never read about it.) Here on charges against Cin cop. Nice, objective report here. Notice how the ONLY picture of Timmy O'Toole they will show is him in a tux? Sniff, another one of our valuable, tux-wearing Negroes dispatched prematurely. When will it end, Oh Lord?

California Queers

Positive presentations in the schoolbooks, so the kids will grow up healthy and happy and hivvy. Here the umpteenth niggers-are-stupid story that -- as always -- fails to consider the well-known fact that they are biologically that way, and that it has nothing to do with culture or bias.

On Carnivore, and FBI's Use of It

Only used against enemies, defined as anyone the blue-flamers dislike.

Su Presidente Habla

El Bushy now delivers his weekly radio addresses in Spanish too. This stuff works great in France. Diversity is our greatest weakness. Mexicans aren't Whites, no matter how many of them wish they were, claim they are. Roger Tory Peterson says they may easily be distinguished by their asinine warble and their fat stupid faces.

Click Here!

Facts About Race

A good thing for liberal females to read... Negroes, no matter how cute they may appear, are not our equals. We must re-instill their natural fear of humans. Here good resource for finding census data. Here on Whites fleeing mudmen.

Drinko por Cinco

Here a good article from the Jew-hating brown site, Lays bare the connection between the consumerists at Anheuser-Busch and brownie orgs infiltrated by Hymie. If the Jew isn't hateable, why does every group hate him? Here see TRW fire a White employee for writing an email to the pro-sewage site.

British Treason

Hang them all, let Odin sort 'em out. Start with Jew Straw.

Vidal Will Attend Execution

Dead men get fifty tickets free for friends and family; all others pay at the gate. Don King's trying to work up a pay-per-view on HBO. Have any of the anti-penalty crowd made a peep? Not that we've heard...

White History: Judeo-Bolshevik Crimes in Spain

Wherever Jews get the upper hand, Whites are murdered. That was true in Eastern Europe and especially the U.S.S.R, but it was true also in Spain during the civil war in the areas controlled by the Republicans. Here some German-Canadians get angry about Jewess Caplan's latest deportation.

Media: Murdoch Close to Acquiring Satellite TV

Consolidation and vertical integration are the order of the day.... The only threat to this scenario is broadband Internet applications; a private distribution system for private content. All our enemies will merge behind the effort to regulate the Internet in an effort to further their agendas. It's one thing they all agree on like free trade and flood immigration.

Free Trade: The Race to the Bottom

Not everybody's Daddy can buy 'em a baseball team. Some people have to work at McDonald's for $6 an hour. Maybe we can work that down to $2 a day when there are a billion people living here in 2100.

Hitler Paintings

Controlled by U.S. government...

Too Many Jews: The Scent of Weimar

Jewish culture is shit-culture, all too literally. Jews are the original Shower Rangers, and you are the object they shit on, White man. Jews are recreating in America the cultural conditions that led to Hitler in Germany. Ordinary Americans hate Jews and their nasty innuendo- and dreck-laden culture, and the Affenkultur they've promoted for our youth. That's why we at VNN say: No Jews. Just Right. And you should sing it along with us. "No Jews." (holding mike out to crowd) "Just Right." Here Hymie says no to Bugs in blackface.

Cut Out Your Tongue, White Man

Not only are Whites guilty of causing what Brits call "race rows" by opposing mass colored immigration, they are guilty, apparently, for making any mention of the subject, even for noticing that aliens increase crowding. Insane world we live in, White man. Until we deal with the Jew, nothing changes. Fighting the Jew is real politics, the rest is bean bag. Here on costs imposed on civilized Whites by shitskin Mexican invaders and Jewish burrocrats demanding that Tia Maria have access to your wallet to pay for a translator so that she can communicate to her you-funded doctor that her head hurts because of the brain-burrowing parasite she picked up eating undercooked pig. The truth is, folks, Mexicans are little more than animals. They are feral creatures who don't belong in our country. They have no respect for our laws, and no respect for us because we give them no reason to. We Whites are fools for tolerating their presence, and greater fools for not dispatching the Jews who invite them in. Here on a glimmer of sense in France. Spook smuggling is big business -- some $30 billion a year. These spooks, slants, slopes -- these mudmen -- are stealing our civilization. And when it's destroyed, hell, they won't be any worse off than they were. But we will, White man.

Pandering Whitemice Hail Land of Montezuma

Declare Cinco de Mayo -- today! -- a capitol holiday, whatever that means. Let's everybody quaff multiple cervezas and urinate publicly, in classic beaner style. And then fall asleep drooling under a nice, shady tree. We are now experiencing Montezuma's real revenge, White man. The truth, for now and all times, is that Mexicans are off-brand people, as they themselves are well aware. The Jews are the Shower Rangers, and the beaners are the fecal matter they are spraying over clean White America. The pandering Congressional Coprophages are a lip-licking gaggle of sycophantic suckpoops. Whites driven to extinction in big cities, as the mudmen converge. Projected 570 million "Americans" by 2100.

Back to the Future: Odin

White religion for White people... "When this generation met the Odinists, they found all of that, but in a racialized and militant form. Odinism offered them a new grand narrative. They could belong to something more important than themselves. They looked with distaste at American society with its consumerism and materialism and its stupid TV programs. Medieval knights and Vikings and all that looked attractive."

The Government Knew...

...about OKC bombing. Oh, yes it did.

Canada Deportation?

Without a hearing... Jews don't believe in due process. Jews don't believe their enemies -- non-Jews -- have any rights they need respect. Jews need to be taught differently. One MP, for now at least, is standing up to the Jewish bullies. Telegdi said: "Who are the main protagonists on this deportation stuff? It's the Canadian Jewish Congress who want to use this unfair system." All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. What are you doing, White man?

Honor Versus Convenience

Bushy Jr. just can't understand why Palestinians are sacrificing their lives for their homeland when they should be grubbing shekels to buy a nice big SUV like all respectable people. Everything's wink-and-nod to Bushies.

Muslims Outnumber Jews in the U.S.

Small upside of our immigration disaster. We have open immigration because of the Jews. There is nothing inevitable about it. It is a planned disaster. Here Jews fret about exogamous marriages and the Jewish status of the children. The kind of thing that's "hate" when Whites discuss it. Here Arabs celebrate Jewish independence day.

Jewish Ritual Murder

If you've ever seen films of what these nasty earwig-people do to animals in the name of their religion, you will have no problem believing they ritually kill White children from time to time. The Jews are a sick, foul bunch, people. The sooner you realize that, the better. Their "holy" books are filled with the most splenetic and inconceivable hatred of non-Jews. That's why translations of them are so hard to find, and the few you can find are usually bowdlerized, filled with euphemisms where Gentiles would take offense. Are Jews like that? Do they show one face in public and another in private? Yes they are, and yes they do. "British in public, yiddish in private," runs the old saying. Jews are the enemy, White man.

Pierce on Fetuses and Feces

More on the curious ways of the Chinese. They are not simply White men painted yellow. Here Chinese-American fifth-columnists steal software to help their country.


The people of the book should be booked.

Britain: Police Exist to Prevent Whites from Organizing

Everything is done to make the yellow wogs comfortable in their no-go zones.

Cincinnati: NAAWP Comments

Nice site, video and radio...

Immigration, Tool of Nation-Killers

There's hardly a Jew commentator, left, right or center, who hasn't written a column glowing with approval about the influx of Asians and Mexicans and Negroes we conspire to pretend are Americans. Jews feel comfortable in a miscegenated milieu, and they don't allow anyone to speak who doesn't. But, quickly and surely, these discoloreds are killing America by changing it beyond recognition. Colored immigration equals White genocide. Jews know this, Jews approve.

Czech Republic: No Discussion with Right-Wing Extremists

No free speech for critics of Jews. Here on a curious new group in Russia. Not much freedom in Britain either, with cops looking for baddies online.

White History: Adolf Hitler

A book chapter. Hitler's SS drew men from throughout Europe. Here another chapter, on the dissolution of the West. You know, if Hitler prevented even one Dershowitz, it was worth it, wouldn't you say?

Born to Be Stupid

What does the SAT tell you, anyway? asks an admissions idiot. Here Joltin' Joe Feagin's home page. Feel free to email him what you think of his scholarly preaching that White folks are evil.

Media: Ted Turner's Exes Start a Site

He gave them the pink slip, then hired an actress to read news.

Refuting Race-As-Social-Construct: Bone Marrow

Race: marrow deep, not skin deep.

Immigration: Let in More

The Mexican infection continues, and is praised. Anything leftists favor is presented as good and inevitable. Death is inevitable. Mexicans are utterly evitable. Americans don't want more Mexicans allowed in. They've polluted the country enough. But what ordinary White Americans want doesn't matter because it furthers Jewish political interests to denature the nation. Here on White suicide. A big problem, and directly related to the Jewish beshitting of the country through the Mexican infection and through tv pollution and through public school lies. Teenage White suicide is the symptom, Jew is the disease. The Jew is the enemy, White man. There is no way out but through the Jews. Here on what White Americans really care about these days. Here on Princeton students. Here on demographics of California.

France: Best College Adopts Affirmative Action

Unqualified darkies will be admitted to the Institut d'Etudes Politiques... Here on Arab-Austrian far right links.

Story-A-Day: Poland and the "Holocaust," Whatever That Is

Story-a-day is the controlled media's policy on the "Holocaust," whatever that is. Here they blame the Poles who have to face up to the horror that ordinary Poles killed Jews. No word on what the Jew-led communists did to Poles. They murdered 15,000 or so at Katyn, then blamed it on the Nazis. And covered up the truth for fifty years. New book on "Holocaust," whatever that is, here. It's the gift that never stops giving. There will be people claiming to be survivors of the Holocaust (TM), 100 years from now. I don't mean descendants of people in the camps, I mean people who claim they were in the camps themselves. And they will be published in papers as veriest facts, if the U.S. still exists, which is unlikely.

Ebay Caves to Jewish Pressure

Note the lie that its new policy on Nazi-related sales is due to user pressure.

Canadian Jews Harass Yet Another German-Canadian

No doubt about who controls the levers in Canada or the United States, is there?

Ygg on American "Culture"

It doesn't exist. Universal commitment to "tolerance" is all we have left. Here's a truly sick New York Times article mocking a small town for not being " diverse" enough to satisfy the hooknosed queers (Latin name) at the "paper of record."

On Revolutions

Good Beam article... Here access to report critical of Danforth's Waco coverup. Con or lib, virtually no difference. Both ride the gravy train, both sell Whites down the river.

Hacker Battles

China and U.S...

Why We Call Them Niggers

Middle-schooler raped by a monkey while other monkeys hold it down. These are your equals, White man. Do you really want to send your children to school with these niggers, these animals? Here's another reason not to send your kids to public schools (read: White-funded Jewish indoctrination centers). Schools exist to subvert the teachings of the parent and turn the child into a lemming who will slave uncomplainingly for the state. Anything that turns the child against the parent will be used. Jews have a two-thousand-year history of playing divide and conquer with the host nation. The Jew is the enemy, White man. Kids spying on parents and reporting them to agents of the state is the symptom, Jews are the disease. You MUST make your own culture, White man, and you begin to do that by killing your tv and home-schooling your children. Tv and Jew-controlled public schools poison your kids. Your school may not be physically controlled by Jews, but whether you realize it or not, it is controlled by Jewish ideas.

Media: Big Radio

A profile of Clear Channel, the biggest station owner in America...

MTV'S War on the White Race

VNN's editor documents the statistical lying behind MTV's day of programming devoted to fighting "hate" crimes, which concept is merely the latest Jewish tool for furthering Hymie's political agenda: the destruction of the First and Second Amendments. Jews are bent on White genocide, and anything that Whites could use to defend themselves -- words or weapons -- must be denied them. The Jew is your enemy, White man, and unless you unite and fight him, you are going to be Alex Linder

Lunacy in Britain

Crook advises on length of sentence for man he broke in on. The farmer shot him and killed his accomplice to protect his property, and now serves a life sentence. No guns, no speech, no self-defense in England these days. Just shut up and let the fag Blair and the Jew Straw stuff the country full of Paks, Bangs, Chinks, dreadlocked pieces of shit and other White-hating off-brand hominids.

Jews Cover Up Truth About Black South Africa

More than 1,000 White farmers have been killed by niggers since Mandela took over. Ted Koppel, Murray Rothstein and Rick Kaplan don't want you to know that. "We have to take things into our own hands," Johan Botha said. "Maybe we farmers must go and kill 30 black people, innocent ones, just to make a point. It's a war." "Yeah, it's a war," agreed Neil van Schalkwyk, Botha's brother-in-law. "It's directed at us. They're trying to build up hatred against us. It's in the papers: We mistreat blacks. We don't want to pay them decent salaries. Why did we all go to the polls and vote for peaceful change? It has just become worse." There's no voting yourself out of the problem, White man. You must unite and destroy the enemy. First the Jew, then the kaffirs. Because the kaffirs are only the symptom -- the Jew is the disease. The Jewish disease has already taken the White man's speech and gun in most of the White West, and he is working quickly to do the same in America. Fighting the Jew is real politics; anything else is idle.

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