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Boston Whites Sue Fire Dept.

Why have intelligent, competent men protecting you when you could have Negroes?

Censored at Free Republic

JimBoob yanks thread debating Sailer article on Mexico, Jews and immigration...

Auschwitz Disco Ordered Closed

Finally the ghosts of the 23.2 million Jews there gassed can rest.

Insane Zimbabwe Niggers Making Famine a Real Possibility

White rule and food, black rule and wish sandwiches. Not the normal wish sandwhiches where you wish you had some meat, but wish sandwhiches where you wish you had some bread to wrap the nonexistent meat. Whites should unite and do whatever it takes to reassert political control over the savages.

Nigs Attack Whites at Berkeley High

The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same country. Racial equality is the Biggest Lie. Five assaults in one day. Here SF ape Willie Brown sires a bastard mulatto apelet at age 67 on his white sow. Here on trial of a few of a gang of niggers that attacked two White men two years ago in North Carolina, permanently injuring one of them (all but vegetative state). The niggers made slurs before and after the attack, but the cops say no hate crime. The niggers, the few that are being charged, are being plea-bargained. No mistake, folks, we Whites are second-class citizens in our own country.

Germany: ZOG Crackdown Proceeds

More criminal music in the Fatherland. Ach du lieber! My feelings can best be expressed by this snippet from Children of the Corn: They had TOYS...and GAMES...It is forBIDden! In order to save freedom, it was necessary to criminalize it. One path back to sanity, Volk: No Jews. Just Right. Here on Schily possibly backtracking on threatened DOS attacks. More on Bell trial here. Here ZOG cracks down on over 100 foul fiends "suspected of proposing banned hate music in on-line exchanges" -- a capital offense in all civilized lands since the dawn of time. That's what the guy meant when he spoke of the price of freedom being eternal vigilance. You let people listen to music, and who knows what will happen next? The Jews, those self-chosen iconoclasts nonpareil seem to be turning into the mothers worried about Elvis' hip-swiveling. What's wrong, beanie babies, it's just a little harmless music, what are you so scared of? More on music crackdown here, reminiscent of London raid. Wow, freedom in Europe is disappearing down the rathole like a Jew after a nickel. Here on U.S. Army "not tolerat[ing]" certain literature.

Dirkhising and Media

John Leo quotes Sullivan: "...the New York Times would rather go out of business than report the Dirkhising story." That's because most (and by 'most' I mean 'most') of the people determining what you read in the NYT are queers. Here a possible MTV employee shower-rangers local salad bars. If this isn't one of the signs of impending Apocalypse, I'd better reread Revelation. We promise this is the last shit-spray story this week. Here an AP story claiming that the media overemphasizes minority-youth crimes. Unlike Dirkhising's, you can bet this canting Jewish lie will be printed in every major daily in the country.

Rabbi Petitions God for Arab Genocide

There's nothing we say about this loathsome people that can't be proved in the stories of a single day. Every single day of the year, yids are doing something like this: lying, stealing, bamboozling, swindling, leeching, whining, testicle-sniping, baby-murdering, genocide-demanding, extorting, suppressing, censoring, home-razing, the list never stops. Suing and smearing, censoring and crying, and above all hypocritically canting at top volume...the original Beanie Babies make their way. The Jew is your enemy, White man. Perk your ear to this sterling example of Jewish tolerance -- and remember, this is coming from a professional Jew, yeah verily, the Pat Robertson of rabbis. Ensconced in his pulpit, communing with his partner, his tribal ghost: "It is forbidden to be merciful to them. You must send missiles to them and annihilate them. They are evil and damnable. May the Holy Name visit retribution on the heads of the Arabs and cause their seed to be lost." Rock on, rebbe! Just another reason we say: No Jews. Just Right. You know, it occurs that every long-term trend is negative for the Jews; the real question is how many of us they can drag down with them. Viddy the ugsome yid here. Here the dirty rebbe beats a hasty retreat from what he actually said and believes.

Famine in Zimbabwe?

Nigs run the country, Whites get murdered, everything falls apart. Big surprise. When you let five-year-olds play with matches, your house burns down. White should unite and retake control from the chimps.

Phoenix Struggles to Cope with Shitskin Invaders

Only in America could you see a report (CBS) on declining Phoenix air quality that never mentions dirt invaders as the source of the problem. In title link, Jewish liars at New York Times lie that Mexicans make our country better. The truth is that the only people who benefit from these people are employers and Jews. Mestizos drive down wage rates, destroy neighborhoods, destroy the public school systems, overwhelm the social welfare system. We are sacrificing America on the altar of Jewish political interests and a growing economy. The economy grows every time a brown impregnates tia Maria and rushes her to the hospital for you to pay birthing. Or shoots your son and gets processed by the police, who employ your neighbor as the subcontractor that cleans up blood off the streets. They sell drugs, and what grows the economy quicker than that? "Uncompensated care" reached $49 million last year, White man. Guess who paid? Mexicans make our country better. They provide jobs for nurses, cops and prison guards, bulletmakers, streetsweepers, doctors who specialize in diagnosing brain-burrowing parasites and drug-resistant TB, judges, etc...

Christianity: Fit for Discoloreds

Now 60% minority, believe it or not. Guess whose interests it will defend?


Ick... Rich. Einstein? No -- De Pretto.

Literate Africans?

Let's reserve judgment on this one...

German Pol Threatens World War III Against Non-Jew-Approved Websites

Unbelievable. Interior Minister Otto Schily says the German government "may resort to denial-of-service attacks as a way to shut down U.S. and other foreign websites that help German Neo-Nazis." Get that? Germany is going to cyber-invade American websites? Hello? Is anybody listening? Here Spiegel report auf Deutsch. Slashdot discussion here. Here an article on the general theme of cyberterrorism. Und hier mehr auf Deutsch. Here the hypocritical, murderous U.S. government persecutes Jim Bell for researching its operatives. Bell, on trial, is the author of Assassination Politics, which you can read here. It's an essay on the idea of being able to pay for assassinations of, say, government employees electronically and anonymously. For some reason Uncle "Blam-blam" Sam doesn't like that. More on German gov't-sponsored hackers here.

The Magic Gas-Chamber

That's what the great French writer Cčline termed the Auschwitz "gas-chamber" -- able to defy the laws of physics, chemistry -- and common sense. Robert Faurisson brilliantly dissects the lies and strategies of the Chosenites in a razor-sharp paper to have been presented at the Beirut Conference. Revisionists today are very much in the position of the supporters of Galileo in the 16th century -- they've got the truth on their side, but the institutionalized religion of Holocaustianity against them. . . Mahler's paper now translated in its entirety here. . ..

Watch That Trotsky-Vision, Whitey!

The lies that TV tells: they never stop, and they all point in the same direction, no matter whether it's soaps, sports or sitcoms they're inflicting. Or rented movies. Always the same lesson: Jews well-intentioned, noble, long-suffering; White gentiles bad. Intelligent, hardworking Blacks good, shiftless, trashy Whites bad. As for White females, why they flock naturally to colored males and wise Jewish philosophy...Not this one! Angry White Female

Movie Review: Cube

A Canadian production in which a White female and White male team up against a crazy, violent Negro. A crack in the Propasphere? Winston Smith

Rabbi Busted Trolling for Boys

Jerald Levy, come on down! Here more on ugly Jewish Jesus starring in BBC production. Judge not lest ye be judged, said Jesus. Say we: Judge and be judged. The historical truth is that if Jesus really did exist, he was probably as greasy and unappetizing as a Tel Aviv White-slaver. Here special deal for one of Jessie the Bastard's crooked progeny.

Shitskin Invasion

Slavery and santeria, fast-food droppings on your lawn. Can you hear low-riders throbbing? Rise and greet the Shitskin Dawn! Where is the North Carolinian who voted to have Mexican turds up 400% in the nineties? Where's the vaunted "democracy" when the will of the White majority can't prevail by hook or by crook?

NA Leaflets Against Dees

Naughty boys passed out fliers that contained "negative" things about the august civil-rights and tolerance hero. Were those negative things true? Reporter doesn't say.

Review of New Book on McVeigh

Good if laughably biased review of McVeigh and the new book on him. Fascinating note: McVeigh says that if he'd read John Ross's Unintended Consequences before Turner Diaries, he might have become an assassin-sniper rather than a bomber. Any of you out there against the death penalty want to say anything? Hello? Leftist reviewer worries that other McVeighs may be out there, ties their motivation to -- you guessed it -- "hate." Yes, that's the only theoretical tool you need to understand McVeigh. He just hated too much. Hate is kind of like "culture" -- a greasy and meaningless abstraction that can be stickered on whatever one wants to delegitimize. Niggers aren't biologically stupid and violent, they're raised wrong. In the right culture, why, no telling what they'd do! McVeigh didn't have any legitimate grips against the government that incinerated five-year-olds to prevent child abuse, he just hated too much. Note the way this reviewer, a typical Salon doorknob-licking jerkoff conflates people who read The Turner Diaries and people who read Tom Clancy. This is so stupid and chickenshit-dishonest and just plain wrong it could only have appeared in Salon. Tom Clancy is a weenie who writes tedious, techno-stuffed "thrillers" that are as Semitically Correct in their plots and typecasting as John Grisham. Clancy belongs to the law-and-order patriot crowd that admires authority because it is authority, whether that authority is racist or anti-racist. Clancy is a dweeby insurance-agent type with a firm grasp of what excites his ilk. Not for him the racial truths found in Turner Diaries. But this review is a typical guilt-by-linkage that is the left's stock-in-trade. You see, listening to Jerry Falwell or Rush Limbaugh is the same thing as listening to William Pierce. Even though two preach miscegenation and Judeo-Christian bilge and the other the opposite. Clever idiots like this Kamiya character know they and their crowds are one and the same. Here's a good McVeigh quote on blaming your parents: "I am not looking in any way, shape or form to blame anything on my parents or my upbringing. All in all, from birth to age eighteen, I emerged pretty much a functional person in the real world, and that's all that counts." There is never an excuse to blame anyone but yourself, people, even if someone else is guilty. You are responsible for what you do and what happens to you.

Colored "Doctors" Endanger Your Health

Remember the school that scrapped the SAT in favor of lego construction tests for minorities? Now read about the med school that scrapped MCATs for Mr. Potato Head tests. If nigs can keep the ear out of the nose-hole, they're in! We don't make this stuff up, folks. The story about the girl we knew who was given 14 unecessary fillings by a Howard-grad dentist was no joke. Read and learn how med schools routinely let in unqualified nogs and Mex. Do not let a nigger or Mexican operate on you or yours if you want to exit vertical. What clearer proof can be given that advancing the Jewish political agenda is more important than your life, White man? Unqualified darkie doctors is the symptom, Jews the disease. The Jew is your enemy, White man.

Italy: Libertarian Intellectuals

One even wrote a book about Waco. Here very funny National Review Online yid Goldbug insults Chinese and French.

Killed by Gook

Aggressive pro-White knifed to death by Gook. FBI looking into charging dead man's friends with hate crimes. Here on Hilfiger and Jewish Chronicle.

Jews File to Extort U.S. for Not Bombing Tracks to Auschwitz

This has to stand as the very pinnacle of Hymie's chutzpah. At least until some Jew sues God for making him an ugly liar. Is there any race or group anywhere on Earth the Jews haven't tried to shake down? Eskimos? You can really understand why Jews are so insistent on worldwide censorship after reading a story like this.

New South Africa: Find Out Why We Call Them Niggers

Blacks are savage niggers, never were anything else, Jewish lies to the contrary. Evolution left them in the lurch, and we can write hand-wringing news articles about crime and low test scores from now until doomsday and it won't change things. Here a report on South Africa, where nigger "teachers" look at rape as one of their fringe benefits. They aren't paid much, they reason, so they'll make up the deserved balance in young flesh. When will we have the guts to admit that niggers aren't human in the sense that Whites are? "[T]he two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government," said Thomas Jefferson, who would shake his head ruefully were he watching us today. By the way, if you think we're harsh or inaccurate in calling them niggers, we want you to visit this site, a warehouse of hiphop lyrics; read through a few "songs" and then draw your judgment. Hey, hey, ho, ho -- hiphop niggaz gots ta go! Still not convinced? Wait! There's more! Nig pimpin convention headed to your town. Hey, it grows the economy, says Mr. Libertarian, all that matters....

Nigger Pimps, and Nothin' But

In their own words... Jew David Horowitz preaches that these pimps belong among you, White man. But your White forbear Thomas Jefferson wasn't a Jewish liar, he told the truth: The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Here 60 Minutes pushes black reparations.

Jews Shoot 18-Month-Old Girl

The sort of thing White earners' money goes to pay for in the Holy Land... When does "our" corrupt federal government attach the same conditions to Jew-subsidies it does to student loans? When does ZOG quit stealing money from Whites and turning it over to Jews? How long is the White man to be enslaved by vicious yid liars shooting babies? All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing.

Media Salutes Ethnic Cleansing in Big Cities

Jews love minorities, whether home-grown niggers or illegal mestizos. They discolor and pollute large stretches of North America, and make them off-limits to civilized White folk. Integration is, as a Jewish radical once said, the time between the first savage's moving in and the last White's moving out. Integration is always portrayed as a good thing: unless the area to be integrated is Jewish, in which case (Kiryas Joel, New Square, Israel) segregation is perfectly fine. Jewish segregation is natural and normal and morally proper, whereas White segregation -- say, in the South -- is a moral evil. At least that's what the papers tell you, what TV tells you. Interesting that those same papers tell you that those mentioning Jewish control of the media are nuts. When you see a growing brown blotch on your skin, White man, do you say, "Oh, good -- diversity!" No, you go to the doctor for a cancer checkup. Same way with your country. Discoloration by Mex or nig is a sign of disease. Ever notice how dirty niggers are? Every look at the trash on the ground where niggers teem on your Section 8 money? Every see Mex throwing stuff on the ground, out their car window, playing their donkey music at triple volume in their stupid cars? These are undesirable symptoms -- the Jew is the disease. Here racial mixing causes problems in France, as Camp of the Saints reifies ... Here a modest hint in the mainstream media that immigration brings problems. The neat thing is, by letting Mexicans invade, we get to make their problems our problems. That's just good policy. Did you know that one in five school-age kids is a non-American of color?

Jewish Haters Press Case Against Töben

The truth hurts, and Jews are determined to avoid that pain by killing the messenger. Here, again, Jews push for censorship in Egypt. Interesting snippets about Jews.

Nikola Tesla

An unsung genius... Here a nice site with some good public policy essays. For example, here on P.C. in Britain.

Jews Pick 'King'

New head of Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. Pressure group/hate group, call it what you will. Here on Jews and Croatia. Here Slate celebrates "best kind of pest" Foxman. Here Jew uses ' white-trash' approvingly in context of claiming Saturday Night Live is not anti-Semitic. Here Nigger Al and Jesse the Bastard do battle over shakedown rights.

Vince Foster

On cover-up... Here on guns-as-health-issue.... Here on a Jew's prerogative to offend...

Pierce: As Ye Sow...

On multiculturalism, coming Jewish $40 billion lawsuit against U.S. for not bombing Auschwitz tracks, rising Arab nationalism, foot-and-mouth disease... More on Jew-shit MTV prank. MTV is lying that it was unintended. Rest assured, they knew what was going to happen. Here Israel destroys Palestinian houses. Yes, it's the one "democracy" in the Middle East.

Zimbabwe: Mugabe's Niggers Attack White Factories

Chanting mobs of monkeys invaded four factories this week. "They still occupy more than 900 White-owned farms. Now they are widening their campaign to any business with the faintest connection, real or imagined, to a White person." And again: "Lobels Bread Ltd was the next target, when at least 80 men stormed its factory. Mark Prior, the White managing director, was harangued before the workforce, and the gang, which entered the premises with the help of the police, said all Whites would be forced out of Zimbabwe and they would run the business from now on." This is the price of acceding to the Jews' Biggest Lie about racial equality. Niggers are savages, not our equals. They are an inferior race and must be subjugated.

TB Spreads in Leicester

Popularly called the 'Red Death' on account of the bloody foam that issues from the mouths of the afflicted, TB had been all but eradicated in the UK. It has subsequently been reintroduced by non-White immigrants. Asians from the Indian subcontinent (who now effectively dominate both Leicester and Oldham), are often riddled with the disease. Diversity is our greatest strength. How lucky White Englanders are to be exposed to the magical turd-world bearers of diversity and their exotic array of drug-resistant diseases. Thanks, Jews.

Click Here!

Diversity Pollutes Florida

Mexicans. They're not just for breakfast anymore. First, read the article at the title link. Now consider these comments from an actual resident of the area described: "This article tells you nothing at all about the vast amount of crime committed by these these stinkin', filthy pigs. Any deputy will tell you they are the prime source of crime in south county and will steal you blind, yours truly having been a victim several times. They view the white man's possessions as free-for-the-stealing, and his women free-for-the-raping. It is primarily a few liberal-brain-dead retired white women from the north, living in Sun City Center who are 'nurturing' these pieces of genetic caca and encouraging yet even more of these vermin to pour into the area from Mexico. Wimauma is not safe to even drive through in the daytime, let alone at night and anywhere these roaches congregate you can expect more of the same. An article in the same Tampa Tribune a couple years ago admitted that Wimauma was a prime distribution point for much of the eastern U.S. for drugs coming out of Mexico. Mexican scum have poisoned Wimauma and are gradually, spreading their ugly rot into surrounding areas. They engage in every conceivable type of crime, often picking your veggies (or any type of day-labor) and stealing your possessions (or worse) by night. You can expect this sort of decadence anywhere these stinkin' beaners cluster and breed "nonstop." Remember, the vast majority of this garbage is here illegally, therefore they are criminals from the gitgo. They drive their black-windowed Low-riders slowly with their sickening Mexican "music" blaring forth 150db intruding upon your privacy and they could care less. They wallow like the swine they are in crud-filled cesspools of filth, tossing their taco/barrito garbage beside the road and onto your lawn, as they go. They, in short, are an undesirable, disgusting non-white illegal alien mass of garbage forcing their selves upon a mostly unsuspecting White population that is being constantly brain-washed by the Jew-controlled media to "accept" this destructive flood of stinking genetic garbage. Watch out! Those brown, sawed-off, foul-smelling mongrelized ,Mexican cockroaches are constantly searching for new fertile areas to infest. They could be YOUR bad, undesirable neighbors next!" What's the difference between TASS and the Tampa Tribune? Both echo state lies: Communism is our greatest strength! Diversity is our greatest strength!

Jew Krauthammer Advises Paying Black Families $50K Apiece

Another Hymie "conservative" advocates paying niggers for being niggers. That will solve our problems. And a year later, when 99% of niggers have blown that $50K, I suppose they won't be back demanding more? If blacks were enslaved for four hundred years, why not get a couple Jew economists and lawyers to estimate the value of that free labor, and then have the White man pay it off as a black mortgage over the next four hundred years?

Global Conspiracy -- Jew-Free!

Safe, harmless Semitically Correct Website offers yet another soft, non-toxic book to its audience. The book criticizes "multinational corporations, foundations and the political and sociological instruments of a one-world government." We'll bet that it doesn't say "Jew" anywhere in its "550 pages with 82 photographs and 1,200 footnotes." Keep coming back to VNN. We don't lie. We don't have to. We're not Jewish. Here safe, harmless Website pushes books on "secret societies" to keep readers' brows furrowed in concern over enemies they can't see, while world dominance of Jews-in-plain-sight is ignored.

Chelsea Gets Wasted

Secret Service steps in to stop her acting like a Clinton... Chelsea threw back several shots of a fiery spirit and kept saying, 'Hit me again, baby,'" a source tells the supermarket tabloid... She has six Secret Service agents watching her, and by watching her we mean procuring drinks illegally. Guess who gets to pay for it all, White man?

Diversity and Low Scores

Go together like ham and eggs... Here on Whites abandoning big cities to turd-worlders and Negroes. Here's a letter highly representative of our times: an educrat writing to bash 'whiteness,' fairly stinking of Jew Ignatiev and his Harvard-based genocidal movement to abolish Whiteness. Here nogs and Mex come in lowest on fourth-grade test. What a wise and responsible thing it is for us to allow the Jew to fill our country with stupid Mexicans. How greatly that wisdom will be repaid in coming years. Here on diversity garbage at University of Toronto. Here Southerners rally for their flag. Why not your race, gray White man? Symbolicide precedes genocide. Here on fifth-grade activities in our burgeoning Negrotopia.


Tyranny block by block... Here on Catholicism's queer-priest problem. Good Vdare stuff from Brimelow and Francis.

St. Louis Shudders as NOFEAR Flyers Appear...

Oy! That someone might read! Oy! Without Hymie standing by to yank it out of his hands! Here FBI called in to investigate Website that has local nogs gnashing their teeth. Take the "Am I Black?" test, really funny. Latest Curtis-related news here. Here the System about to come down on a White for hitting a Mexican with a board. Expect the usual double-hard penalty. Here on problems caused by Mex invading Arkansas. Here incompetent nigs mess up Dallas police, cry racism. The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Here on government details re McVeigh killing. Here Klan booted off pick-up program.

Jews Call for Worldwide Net Censorship

The Internet endangers Jews because they can't, yet, completely control the information exchanged over it. They are looking to change that. Here a Canadian Jew, Irwin Cotler, calls for legal experts worldwide to join him in crushing free speech. The time is ripe for such action, Cotler said, because in the last five years, a "revolution in human rights law" has occurred, surpassing the progress made in the previous 50 years. Translated into White that means that decades of Semitic undermining of traditional Western freedoms are paying off, and Hymie now wields a free hand in censoring and indoctrinating the world. The Jew is the enemy, White man. Here the U.S. government and major corporations fund Jewish organizations spreading hatred of White people.

Whites Need to Take Cue from Arabs: Jews Are Poison

Some of the Arabs let into White countries (like Canada here) by Jewish immigration ministers are now rounding on the Jews, which is entirely appropriate. Here Arab students at Concordia College put across a vote urging Canada to sever all ties with Israel. Contrary to liberal lies, it is the people who know Jews best who despise them most. Here Arabs attack Pokemon. Silly Americans are supposed to shake hands with any mob of dirts the Jews import. Other cultures fiercely protect their heritage -- in the Arab world, "Pikachu, Charmander and Butterfree are fighting for their lives. The Pokemon creatures loved by millions of children around the world stand accused of promoting Zionism, freemasonry, Christianity, Darwinism and Shintoism -- not to mention gambling."

More Anti-White Hate in California

On the "holocaust" of the Indians, those eminently civilized folks, munching on acorns and crunchy beetles, not bothering much with letters and books. Here a new Website for black reparations. Here suck chimes in on Horowitz, pointing out that college students have always been stupid and intolerant.

MTV Steps into Napster Void

You can pay to download songs from the world's five biggest record companies. All the anti-White, pro-promiscuity shit you can afford. Here's a site for White racialist women of Illinois.


We run a bigger trade deficit with China than with Japan. Enormous amounts of money are being made by selling Chinese goods to Americans. In the process, we are gutting our industrial base and our future prosperity. But -- money talks. So Bush kowtows to the Chinese. The Marxists are right -- "If you tell a capitalist you want to hang him, he will sell you the rope." Here Jewess Feinstein apologizes to China. Her husband, Richard Blum, does much business there. More on China here.

Germany: Skinhead Group Banned

Skinheads of Saxon Switzerland has about 120 members.... Here on German-Russian meetings.

Britain: Knife Amnesty

It won't stop with guns, White man, because what the Jews want is to deprive you of any -- not merely the most effective -- way of defending yourself, your culture, your people. Not even knives are safe. You might use one to hold off an immigrant burglar, for gosh sakes. They haven't gotten around to larynx amnesty (like they did in the old USSR), but if you observe publicly that Jews are swamping the country with muds while disarming the natives, a cop just might show up at your door at 4 a.m. Was foot-and-mouth a terrorist attack?

Canada: Your New Neighbor?

Savage on the run from Nigerian vampire cult may just end up next door to you, White man, if his immigration appeal goes through. Yesterday, he described attending the sect's meetings in 1997 at his father's request. The rituals involved drugging victims, killing them and spilling their blood on idols. The ritual grounds were strewn with skulls and human remains, he said. The death of cult members is followed by a ritual in which the heart is removed from the dead person and eaten, he said -- a practice to which he was unwilling to submit his father's body. Folks, it doesn't matter what any liar like Jew Horowitz tells you, these people are SAVAGES. They "CANNOT LIVE" among us without destroying us. Our founders knew this, and did everything they could to prevent what's happening now.... The nigger cult-cannibal is the symptom, the Jewish immigration minister -- the Jew -- is the disease. No Jews. Just Right.

Chicago: Girl X

Mass murder of Whites in Wichita? Already forgotten. Not so with the endless saga of one "Girl X," Negro resident of a Chicago housing project, and her Negro attacker. "The jury found Sykes guilty of predatory criminal sexual assault, attempted murder and aggravated kidnapping in the Jan. 9, 1997, attack in a building at 1121 N. Larrabee St. where Sykes and the girl lived. The girl, who nearly died in the attack and was in a coma for more than a month, was also poisoned with roach spray and had gang signs scrawled on her abdomen in felt marker." Enjoy also the links on the left of the page, detailing how other niggers stole money donated to help "Girl X." "Unable to see or speak and mostly paralyzed, the girl testified in court using movements of her head and eyebrows to answer yes and no questions. Girl X...was 9 when attacked and turns 14 Friday." Given the situational ethics in her "community," we're astonished that she hasn't had at least two children by now, or been used by drug dealers to conceal "crack." "[T]he two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government," Thomas Jefferson said.

Mad Scientists Transplant Monkey Head

Who's the monkey now?

Court: Jewish Hate Group "Acted Recklessly"

Lying, stealing files, committing felonies -- all in a day's work for the global smearmongers. Lying is as Jewish as swindling. Stealing files is as Jewish as lying. Hating is as Jewish as stealing files. Cough up the ten million, yid bastards! Here Jewish-owned MTV act literally shits on fans. Jews are like that.

Homeless White Kid Scores Double-800 on SAT

Homeless and home-schooled -- and perfect. If education were a function of money, inner city nogs, on which $10K apiece is wasted yearly, would be geniuses.

Mississippi: White People En Garde

Negroes are coming for spring break. As these are the cream of the Negro intellectual elite, college students, make sure to keep your bookstores open late for additional sales.

Small-town Diversity

Prisoners, their costs borne by White taxpayers... Here's yet another potential brown Republican. Here on favoritism for blacks applying to med school. Here on racist lending, discriminating against Whites by giving blacks lower rates. Potential $50 billion worth of "special terms" loans for darkies -- no Whites need apply.

Al Sharpton Refuses to Kowtow to Jews

All the Republicans in the world have done less for the White race than rabble-rousing nigger Al Sharpton has done for j-bunnies. Here the liar refuses to do what Hymie tells him -- more and more coloreds are starting to realize that Hymie is not their friend, if you recall yesterday's story about Voz de Aztlan and the race for L.A. mayor.

Jews to Expand Settlements

Hymie oozes... Here calls for the head of U.S. Holocaust Council, Greenberg, to quit because of his support for Marc Rich, Jewish swindler. Here Hymie tries to suppress political cartoons in Egypt. Censorship is as Jewish as swindling. Here Australian alien detainees riot. If the White man is so racist and evil and his culture so oppressive, why does every turd in the turd world try to immigrate?

Germany: Women Flesh Out Pro-German Ranks

According to the Guardian, women now make up up to 1/3 of members of "some far right groups." Just as Angry White Female was saying... Here on Israeli top-100 murder list. Here on Israeli response-attacks, leaving 77 injured. Here Raimondo on China incident.

Mestizo America: Jews and Browns Fall Out

Great essay on Mexican invasion at title link, taken from solid site, Here an interesting Mexican perspective on the brown-Jew struggle for power in California. Listen to the arguments and imagine Whites operating from a similar, unified perspective. Everybody describes Hymie the same way: an operator, playing both sides of the fence, always angling for ethnic advantage. And here read MALDEF, another Mexican org, responding (at Jewish behest) to the editorial. Both Whites and browns correctly see the media as controlled by Jews. "Sending "vendido" [bought] hispanics to do their dirty work is a favorite ploy of Jews in Los Angeles." Here still more on California mudsliding away... Here, if you're not hard-up for time, is a rather amusing Sam Francis Forum thread. Here on Jewish involvement in pornography. Here the latest Jewish civil-rights campaign: animal sex. Here Dutch approve queer marriage. "There are two reasons to rejoice: You are celebrating your marriage and you are also celebrating your right to be married," Mayor Job Cohen told the crowd." Here a gun- rights site. Here Waco. Here review of book on Southern secession and Civil War.

Austria Turns on Parasite Tap, Leeches Lap Greedily

The message is out among the suckers: bloodflow here! Here a Goebbels speech on the difference between Nazi Germany and Bolshevik Russia. Here on Buchanan. Here Austrian prof narrowly escapes hate crime charge for publishing article on Jewish ritual murder.

Education Department: $450 Million Down the Hole

Turd-world corruption in D.C... Post Office may stop Saturday delivery.

Would Y'all Quit Ghost Dancing?!: Welcoming Women into the White Movement

After fifty years of stagnation, backbiting and buffoonery, the White movement needs to grow up. It needs to recognize that old ways of doing things haven't worked, and start looking around for new approaches, tactics and strategies. In short, the movement needs women. They complement men, provide stability, and can get our message across in a number of ways that men can't. Splitting the White sexes with the wedge of feminism was one of our enemy's cleverest accomplishments, and remains integral to his campaign of White genocide. It is time to sew up that rift and get on with the Angry White Female

Ex-Nazi Found Guilty of Losing War

The 83-year-old gets twelve years. Here EU body attacks "racism" of those who dislike criminal colored aliens. Here more on murders of White farmers in South Africa. Here three teen savages attack White man. Here another SA story, taste of life on the veldt. Here good site for Australian nationalism.

Not All Crooks Are Federal Agents

Some just pretend to be... Here minority assaults in Arkansas. Here San Diego City Council bans term 'minority.' Minorities in politics are usually crooks, whether it's Jesse the Bastard or this ANC ape-commie in South Africa.

The Horowitz Mess

First up Dr. Dave himself, the cultural Marxist, the great seducer, the misleader, the pied piper. Here a brief response from Jack White, one of Time's house Negroes, who accused Horowitz of racism months ago. Instead of this Horowitz garbage, read something deeper: Revilo T. Oliver on Jews: What We Owe Our Parasites. All that is necessary for Jews to succeed is for White men to do nothing.

Immigration Lawyers and Their Lies

Another group with an incentive to support open borders... Here on Chinese stowaways coming to America. Here on TB in Britain.

Judeo-Governmental Brainwashing

Calling it education doesn't make it education. Home-schooling is the answer. Here on the straight-pride controversy in Minnesota.

14 Kiryas Joel Hasids Booked

Swindling is as Jewish as lying. Kiryas Joel, like New Square, is a Jews-only community operated by Hasids, which is to say leeches and crooks. Wherever you see Hasids gathered, financial investigators soon follow. Kiryas Joel yids carried out "myriad" financial frauds since 1996. It's who they are. It's what they do. Evidence compels conclusion that honesty is not in them... Here more on Jewish hate group and global smearmonger ADL and its dirty honcho Foxy. Here exceptional Bergstrom cartoon of Marc Rich.

Jews Attack White Utahans

English-only doesn't fit Jews' agenda for cultural destruction, so the attack Jews at ACLU sue.

Kool Mo Dees' Latest Asinine Project

Crook-pervert Dees, head of the SPLC hate group, will place anti-White billboards on the Internet near pro-White water holes. Yahoo will give the hate group free ad space worth $3 million. Racial harassment, anyone?

Jew Black: No Criticism of Israel Will Be Tolerated

Here an ex-Thatcher minister explains how Jew Black is trying to make the British press as docile as the American, afraid to print any criticism of Israel. Jewish lies can't survive open debate. That is why wherever voices clamor for censorship and suppression, Jewish voices cheerlead.

Beanbag Right: Refusing to Name the Nation-Killers

Bruder Limpbaugh, perfectly self-described as harmless little fuzzballs. Title link to a piece illustrating, once more, the hopelessness of Coffee Mug Right conservatism. What can be said about material so safe, soft, and non-toxic that it's distributed by Jews? As Jews agitate for global Internet censorship, David Limbaugh mouse-roars "We cannot promote harmony among races if we continue to allow ourselves to be held hostage to the tyranny of political correctness. Political correctness is that fashionable body of thinking promulgated by the postmodern left that permits no dissent. It is enforced by tyrannical thought police who actively suppress airing of the opposite viewpoint." We certainly wouldn't want to tell the truth and use the word "Jew," would we, Mr. Limbaugh? There is no way out but through the Jew, White man. Name your enemy.

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