Watch That Trotsky-Vision, Whitey!

by Angry White Female

Really, I don't mean that. But the enemy wants you to watch it, and you will be a lucky S.O.B. if you avoid their propaganda for five mintues. I watched their propaganda almost all day, then, disgusted with what I saw, rented some movies. Neither is healthy for White people, I concluded. Here is my report.

Yesterday (Friday) it was raining and I stayed home from work. All morning, I read and read and read until the lines of the paper became blurry. My hands became weak as I struggled with my carpal-tunnel hands, and finally put the books down. I tried everything to avoid turning that Trotsky-vision on, but it was useless. The cat didn't want to play, so I had no choice. The lure of passive entertainment overtook me.

Like many women, I resorted to watching a soap opera. In one hour, I learned that a great, evil White financial empire was threatened by a half-black young adult male who almost found out he was the illegitimate child of the patriarch's son and a beautiful mulatto woman (who became a doctor). He felt that his father was White, because to him, the only kind of person who would abandon a pregnant black woman at birth and put the child up for adoption would be a White racist. The man was BLACK, all black complete with African characteristics. His mother looked like a tan caucasian and his father 100% Nordic. This soap was pushing the idea that a 1/4th black man would have no characteristics of his caucasian father. I guess it shouldn't surprise White couples either if they give birth to children not of their race. That's just natural I guess. The sister of the father was blonde, and was dating a Mexican. Her uncle, Nordic, was dating the Mexican's sister. Oh, not all Mexican, but half! Kind of Italian-looking. I noted that all the couples that weren't interracial had males with brown or black hair paired off with blonde women.

After the dozens of commercials showing that White people and black people always bar-be-que together and "have lunch at Denny's," the next soap came on. This soap was a little more realistic, but the message was the same. In that hour, I learned that a couple (a black man and a mulatto woman) had adopted a White child. The child's "White trash" father and his "White trash" wife were in town to find out what happened to his child after his "poor White trash" ex-girlfriend had been murdered (by a German man) at the behest of the mulatto woman's evil White father. The next story showed a White girl dating a mulatto man, who was the progeny of a White woman who had an affair with a black cop who arrested her abusive White husband. So on and so on.

Then more commercials. The one that caught my eye was a public service announcement showing a 99% White crowd walking down the road pulling little red wagons. The theme was "pull your weight" and show support for our children. The end of the commercial showed a group of children, where you'd have to strain to find a White face. The same goes for the commercial after, which was a "special service announcement" to vaccinate your children. But I saw other people's children, and not one who looked anything like me.

Then came the Urban League "Unity ball" commercial, asking us to come and "celebrate diversity" by paying money to see a black band called the "O'Jays."

I decided to skip the Maury Povich show, whose sole guests seem to be poor, dysfunctional "White trash."

At this point, I turned the Trotskyvision off and took a bath. But a friend came over and turned the Trotskyvision back on. We then watched ads for "The Weakest Link" showing self-flagellating White males humiliated as the cold female host said "You are the Weakest Link, Goodbye."

In between these commercials were promos for several movies. All of these movies featured a White heroine paired up with a black hero chasing after evil White male criminals.

Then came the crown jewel. A show called "Law and Order," which I have never watched. It began with a White woman reporter who had just completed an interview with a family of refugees. She was walking home, when she was suddenly attacked by two White males and raped. The cops on the case consisted of a Jewish male and an attractive half-black female. The prosecutor was a White female and the obnoxious defense attorney, a White male. Well they found the White male perps, and one was an Irish man. There was a comment made while these cops were going through a list of Irish names which offended me. He said, "And these peole saved civilization?" Of course the Irish man was harassed and physically abused in the questioning room by a gentle and enlightened older White man. During this questioning, the female victim had been blown up. They found the perp, and of course he was a White man who was described as being a reader of Nietzsche. He was a fireman reject and was obsessed with this reporter girl. His motive was that she had been "defiled." The perp had, out of the blue, said "mitzvahs" for reasons unknown to me. And yes, the judge was a black male.


Today we had a tornado spotted in the area. Not good fishing weather, so I was forced to stay in, again. Not being the wiggerFL type, I decided to take control and go rent some videos. Now here I am writing after viewing only one. That happens often, that I rent a movie and the plot is totally different from what it says. There's always a social message that I do not like. Today was no different. It was a story about the criminal justice system during the time period of the depression.

Before this movie started, I was treated to a promo for a movie which I thought was "Save the Last Dance." Same actress, same theme, but this girl was a jailbird with a black boyfriend, not a dancer with a black boyfriend. I was already in "Oh God" mode when the feature started.

I knew immediately what I was in for when within two minutes, I learned the lead actor was an upstanding Jewish man. Not that Jews can't be upstanding, I just know the drill. I know how they introduce anti-gentile themes. Always, a feminist, a non-White or a Jew is cast as the moral authority, fighting ignorance and intolerance. Many movies are about good vs. evil, and most cast White men and the great civilizations they created as bad, and others as the beacon of light. The person who is not a White gentile male is cast as the enlightened one, almost always. The movie makers have a habit of injecting modern cosmopolitan themes into movies set in older times, creating a contrast of enlightened vs. ignorant. Golly gee, look how ignorant these White folks were! If they just had more multiculturalism and less Christianity, we wouldn't have had to deal with social pathology!! Oh goody! Like I really still believe this CRAP! This is modern-day Boasian thinking. The intent is to make us look ignorant by casting some who are not "typical" men as progrssives fighting against the inherent unfairness and brutality of White western civilization. Yeah, our men used to beat us daily, get drunk and rent hookers after work, while everyone else was upstanding and adherant to modern morality and common decency.

Whenever Jewish ethnicity or religion enters the movie, it is an attack upon western civilization and an advertisement for Boasian mindscrew. Now I continue where I left off. The lead actor introduced was a young upstanding Jewish man working as a prison guard.

The co-star of the film was the son of "ignorant" (yes, that word was used) German immigrants, and had become a mass murderer, rapist and robber due to his upbringing. This nice Jewish boy was the only prison guard who didn't beat the men within an inch of their lives for mouthing off to guards. He felt that all the men were criminals because of the corruption and violence of western culture of the 20's!

I almost turned the video off, it was so blatantly anti-White-gentile. But something inside of me said, "Take notes, add it to your Trotskyvision piece!" So I sat with a grimace on my face as other prison guards offended this Jewish guy by placing crosses everywhere. Then the warden didn't like that he was a Jew and refused to give him two days off for Yom Kippur! That was after five White guards had beaten his favorite inmate within an inch of his life. The Jewish guy could see he really was a product of the corrupt gentile culture, and sought to befriend him.

The inmate had learned to profess his love for Jesus as a way of getting out of jail, then after he was out, he would curse Jesus and say he'd be the first to crucify him if he came back. Blah blah blah. In between this all were clips of White men torturing him for things like robbery.

Eventually, we learn this Jewish guy loved the views of Eugene Debs, a socialist and reformer. We learn this as he opens his heart to a barroom slut. She asks him what ethnicity he is. He says he is a Russian Jew, and she doesn't know what that is. He explains he walks with God and does right.

Anyway, the prisoner ends up killing a guard who had abused him and doesn't allow the Jew to help him create an insanity plea to avoid the death penalty. He wanted out of the world. In his cell, before his execution, the Jew, who had resigned, visited him. He asked what world he'd want to live in if he had the chance. The condemned man then described this Boasian-type culture of non-Whites living on an island. Of course, like the Boasians claimed, non-White societies had no violence, no rape, no robbery and no pathologies whatsoever. They were perfect. The Jew was moved to tears. Then he witnessed the execution, along with several White men. Of course, since White men all have cold blood coarsing through their viens, they were all totally unaffected, unlike the sensitive, loving Jew.

The end of the movie closed with a Talmud quote to the effect that one should reach out when no one else does. They never said that about Pat Buchanan when he helped an innocent man escape false charges of being Ivan the Terrible. This was just another propaganda movie exalting other cultures at the expense of those they hate. Yeah, let us "reform" rapists and killers and give them another chance. Tolerance of this crap is why it continues. It is about time to assert our right to exist as a people rather than an entity that needs to be "spiced up" or beaten down.


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