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Jew-Controlled Media Claim Pro-German Sentiment Growing Rapidly

Outpaced only by Jewish extortion demands... Scarcely a single example of harassment of Jews beyond some words possibly yelled at an old Jewish couple. Hmmm....

Digital "Hate"

So hard for the Jews to suppress. They hate being forced to smear when they'd rather censor.

Happy Holocaust Day, Britain

Thou shalt have no other gods before the Holocaust. More here. Here the government keeps its own Holocaust site, because where else do you ever hear about it? Here claimed skinhead attack in Germany. Here latest on German Nazi payments. Here Morgan joins French bank "Holocaust" pact. Latest on Kalejs in Australia. Here World Jewish Congress demands Austrian apology along with extortion money, propting the question: Is there anything in history akin to Jewish greed?

Quintuple Jeopardy in Mississippi

Going after a Klansman yet again for a thirty-year-old crime...

Burdi Out in the Cold

Read and learn...

America Roundup

Whites, Yellow peril brawl at UC-Davis. And at UC-San Diego, Anti-Zionism week is funded. Here Furrow pleads guilty.

National Alliance Flyer Cited in Utah "Hate Crimes" Debate

The brown legislator emphasizes the need for a law with special penalties for Whites, although he doesn't put it that way. The fact is that Mexicans are the ones committing the crimes and murders in Salt Lake City, not the Whites. And then the Mexicans turn around and run back down to Mexico. Expelling all browns from Utah would be far more effective in ridding the state of crime than enacting anti-White legislation. Here's a good example of the kind of garbage the Mormon Whites of the Salt Lake Valley are exposed to daily thanks to the influx of excrement in human form known as the Mexican. Of course, Mormons' cowardly renunciation of their racist views back in the seventies, combined with their extensive proselytization of the Third-World (many of their "successes" are imported to the Salt Lake Valley), is also responsible for the growing social problems in Salt Lake. As with Whites everywhere, they have themselves to blame. The discoloreds may be the symptom of the disease named Jew, but Whites are still responsible for seeing that the disease is cured.

On Photo Fakery and the "Holocaust"

Where are the real -- non-fake, non-doctored -- photos proving what Jewish extortionists claim? Le Monde article first, then Irving comments here. Here review of new book Photo Fakery, focused on WWII and the USSR, by CIA analyst... Still more here on photos and journalism and the truth. Here on Christopher Hitchens. He may be half-Jewish (mom shopped at Blumenthal's), but nobody who wrote a book criticizing Mother Teresa can be all bad...

Standing Up to the Jews in New Zealand

It worked there, it will work here. Jews attack and lie and smear and distort and try to censor and suppress the truth as Jews, and it is as Jews that they must be denounced and countered and opposed and stamped out of White society. Here Jew settler in Israel gets a few months of picking up trash for kicking a ten-year-old to death. Nice choice, God! You really know how to pick 'em!

America: Land of Semitically Correct Cowards Fit for Instruction by Farah

The time we are living in is so politicized, so Semitically Correct, that we are about that far from simply outlawing humor, logic and criticism. I saw this coming in college back in the eighties, and if anything it's twice as bad today. The female's "if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything," has been subtly adopted/coopted by the Jewish media in the formation of a mental environment in which any criticism of anything the left deems desirable feels or is illegal. We have all been trained to the whip these days, and must recover our masculinity by speaking out and standing up. Because today if you try to make a point with logic wrapped in crisp humor (a nice little filet mignon of an argument), just like this academic, you will quickly be hauled up on charges. We are all at fault for allowing Jews to take over our country, and we're all going to have to work to get rid of them. Note also in this article the typical cowardice of the academic community in failing to rise to the professor's defense. For lack of guts and sheer timorous poltroonish pusillanimity, you have to go a long way to beat the average professor. Read the reader responses to the piece here. Here Farah posts our editor's letter (my letter) calling him a coward, and observing that a living George Washington would call for Jews to be expelled from White America, as they have manifestly failed to demean themselves as good citizens. We give Farah credit for not dishonestly cropping the letter or giving it an inappropriate title -- for letting the reader make up his mind. And we appreciate his supplying the link to VNN (we did not send the letter to him for publication, but he chose to post it anyway -- keep that in mind when you write someone -- anything you write can be posted regardless of your intent. Email, like herpes, and unlike love, is forever.)

Jew Dershowitz Spews Anti-Christian Bile

The Jewish vision for America is that anyone criticizing Jewish behavior or noticing Jewish interests be locked up. It is VNN's official editorial position that Dershowitz is a cheapjack little shylock-homunculus who probably keeps his Simpson blood money in a velcro wallet. Note that the wordy shyster and his mouth of multiple sides mentions the exact same letter that coward-waterboy Joe Farah brings up whenever the issue of the Jewish presence in America is mentioned. Very well, we will take Washington at his word. The Jews have manifestly failed to "demean [themselves] as good citizens." They have failed his test. And now it is time for them to go. Where, I don't care. Let them go back to Palestine and make a greater Israel. Or underground, inspiring the cabbages, as Twain said. Just out of here. Here on Jewish-Russian sex trafficking in the United States. Of course, the good con reporters leave out the Jewish part. It would be anti-Semitic to observe that Jews are buying and selling and pimping and enslaving White European women. Only we evil racists are allowed to notice that.

Jews Agitating Behind the Scenes for More War on Iraq

Will the 'bombers' have their way? Watch for increased lying in the press about Hussein's having rebuilt various poison and weapons factories. The American public is so stupid it hardly needs to be lied to anymore; the thinnest veil will do.

What We've Paid Our Parasites

Since its inception, around $100 billion has been taken from your mouth and the mouths of your kids to feed the foul Jews of Israel. What could you have done with that money, White man? How long do we tolerate in our midst these alien remoras, these vampires, these leeches, these -- Jews? Second report here. Israel is the maw that never stops moaning for more. We give these horrid Jew-creeps $100 billion, and in return reap the hatred of 1.2 billion Muslims and the disrespect of most of the rest of the world as well. Why don't we enslave the Jews and make them work for our people for a few decades?

More on Nexus Between Rich, Corrupt Jews and Dems and Israel

They're all crooks, and they all ought to be destroyed for their crimes. Marc Rich is the Jew-swindler who raised millions for the Dems, then, with Ehud Barak the murderer yipping piteously in the background, was pardoned by Clinton as one of his last official acts. Thus does corruption make its way in the world. If Jews are involved, lies and sleaze are too. But that's only one story. Clinton also commuted the sentences of a group of Hasidic swindler vermin. Remember that old story about New Square Jews who set up fake schools to swindle millions from the fedgov? They're back on the streets, thanks to the Clintons, who needed to buy votes for Hillary. And they got them: the Hasidic New Square vote went 1359 to 10. Scum of a feather work together. Remember this next time you hear the Pets puling they're not parasites. They are. Elbaum, Berger, Goldstein, Rich, etc. -- they stole tens of millions from you, White man. And today they are walking around free. How much longer can we allow Jews to live among us? Isn't it about time we expel them, as our ancestors did? How much cleaner and less corrupt and less divided and less sleazy would our country be without Jews? More on Rich pardon here.

Why We Call Them Niggers -- And Why You Should Too

Niggers lock White men in cars and set them on fire. The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. She-nigger fellates six 12/13-year-olds. The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Adult nigger-bitches vandalize confederate hero's statue while nigger pols in Selma look the other way. (The niggers' handiwork was videotaped.) The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Here it's Nigger Gumbel, slept with over fifty non-wife women, says divorce lawyer. Why can't these intelligent, respectable Negroes like Gumbel and Jackson keep their pants on? Maybe they're just acting like niggers do... Could that be it? The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Note that Nigger Gumbel, who loves to make a point of his negritude, is living with a White blond. He, like Johnny Cockroach and most rich darkies, is well aware that Whites are superior, and that is the source of his and their hatred for and attraction to White females. As always, we at VNN say: scratch a nigger, scratch a Mexican-non-American, find a criminal. The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government -- Thomas Jefferson. Here jail niggers rape a White man while the guard laughs. The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government -- Thomas Jefferson. With no Jews in America, niggers like these could be dealt with in short order. Human equality is a Jewish Big Lie. The Jew is the great master of the lie, said Schopenhauer. By way of deception, says the Mossad, agreeing with him. No Jews. Just Right, we say. Here yet another nigger pol charged with crime (coke possession). He was speeding while driving drunk and, like a nigger, too stupid to remember to snort what was left in his wallet. Scratch an Africoid, find a criminal. The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government -- Thomas Jefferson. When does it start to sink in, White man?

Departing Clinton Scum Trash White House

Drudge... Can you smell the Third World? Nearer than ever... America is meant for White people, not for Jews, not for coloreds. How to deal with cops here. Good load of stories at New York Press, starting with Taki on Kabila, Puffy and Jesse The Bastard. Also don't miss Scott McConnell's piece on American war crimes in Eastern Europe. Here liberal Bush pushes for national testing, greater fed involvement in education. Here on tax slavery. Here on California's energy problems. Racialists should not be fooled by environmentalist arguments driven by hatred of the market. The market is not the be all and the end all, but it is rooted in human nature. Drink wines and eat meats of reddest red, and live a long, long time. Here international health creeps want to outlaw cigarette vending machines. There never was a smoker or cigarette as obnoxious as the health communists. Here program on government greed by John Stossel, a Jew who has seen the light, sort of. It would be funny if he produced a show on Jews and the Bill of Rights, focusing on all that his community has done to destroy America.

Supreme Court to Hear Lauck Case

He was busted for "lying" on gun form for not disclosing illegal-speech conviction in Germany.

Cops and Immigration

Our big cities and rural areas are flooded with so many dirts, and they cause so many problems, that we begin to see a move towards cops handling INS duties. Under federal law, local agents can be deputized to collar Mexican scum, but they have not been. Browns with help of Jewish media (like source of linked piece) cry 'racism,' and nothing gets done. And the brown stain spreads.

Republican Politics

Decent, reasonably realistic article about Reps hopes in the next few years. Either become the pro-White party, or die. Author doesn't say that, but the picture his data present is clear. He does say outright that unless the Reps stop immigration they are doomed to irrelevance, and also makes the point that minorities are too genetically stupid and myopic to choose principled responsibility over food stamps/welfare checks in hand. Coloreds are natural Democrats, and all the reaching out in the world won't win more than small minorities of them over. We are crazy to allow them among us, and crazier not to do anything about the Jewish ideologues who opened the borders to them in the first place. Coloreds are the symptom, Jews the disease, White man. Here good article on the types that made up the Clinton and Bush administrations (meritocratic intellectuals vs. post-WASP organization men). As an aside, note that anything described as a failure of the free market is almost invariably a failure of socialism mislabeled (see California energy crisis). Here Goldberg on ex-cons.

Special Rights for Jews

The nice thing about being Jewish is you never have to endure the hell your nostrums create for other people. You get to do whatever you want, whenever you want, and because you are Jewish, nobody ever calls you to task. And you can keep up a perpetual whine about being the most persecuted parasites in history. The reference here is to A Life Apart, a documentary about the Hasidim and their peculiar ways, which include freedom to maintain segregated schools denied to normal White people. The cops simply won't enforce on them the same rules that apply to the rest of us. Yet again it's one standard for Jews, another for everybody else...

SPLC: Hate Center for the Rich and Greedy Left

Analysis of SPLC tax returns reveals some interesting connections between the hate group and the federal government. You tax money is taken from you at gunpoint, given over to crooks and clowns like the SPLC who in turn teach your muggers to hate you, White man. Do you see anything wrong with this? Building budgets by booming paper enemies; that's the real nexus between the Feebs, the ATF and the hate groups like SPLC. Together they concoct bogus internal threats, which the SPLC uses to mulct donations from the public, and the greedy government hate police use to bloat their budgets. Note that the bulk of Dees's money comes from rich Jews in New York, L.A., and Chicago. Also note that 50,000 schools are using his propaganda to indoctrinate young children. For pervert-scum, Dees has done well for himself. Here some very interesting financial facts re Jesse The Bastard and his crooked organizations, and the crooked IRS that cuts him special deals while illegally harassing rightist opponents of Sleazy Bill. Note the comment that the NYT played the story of Nigger Jesse's mistress on page 26. All the news that's fit to omit.

More on Jesse and the Negro's Proclivity for Drive-By Spermings

To quote Dr. Do-Nothing, Why can't a nigger be more like a White man? Because he's not, and it has nothing to do with skin color. That is but a token of deeper and intractable because genetic differences. All the Jewish lies in the world from the cultural-determinist Marxist Horowitzim won't change it, either.

Using New Technology to Defend Whites

We are moving toward the day when full-screen, full-motion video will be on every desktop. Pro-whites should position themselves by training and education to take advantage of those opportunities to defend our race. Here Tsun has created a pro-White piece using Flash, a new browser technology for animation/video. If you don't have Flash yet, you can get it from his site linked here. Instead of bitching about how great things used to be in the old days like so many lazy cons do with their stupid borrowed pessimism, let's take all the new technology coming out and turn it to our advantage, people.

More on the Corruption of Academic Philosophy

"Philosophy is now where literary studies was 12 years ago: in the hands of maniacs." We are in "genuine Dark Ages," he says. How can that be, when we are so advanced, we know how to spot racists and sexists and homophobes and anti-Semites? How can WE be unenlightened? How can WE be idiots? Oh, we be, we be... Here on Marxist class warfare that dominates our airwaves, and against which the principled, rational minority is effectively powerless. Especially when they refrain from criticizing Jews, as S.C. Roberts always does. S.C. Roberts is just another con coward who sees but won't say. Here Georgia votes to alter flag. Here on death tax.

Mad Cow Disease: No Real Answers

A spooky disease, about which relatively little is known... Here queer HIV infections in San Francisco more than double since '97. Same thing happening in other big cities. New 'Matrix'-style technology on display in Super Bowl. We have long passed the point where you can believe what you see on TV. Ads can be inserted realtime, queering visual reality. Things can be erased. Here on genetically engineering for beauty, brains, athletic ability... Here page two of an article on sushi.

Destroying Traditions in England

The Labour Party and Jewish media campaign incessantly to bring down Old Britain. In New Britain there is no room for traditions such as foxhunting, so it must be outlawed. How would the Jews do if we outlawed Jewish traditions such as swindling?

Italian to Clone Human

Within the year... It will grab asses and make lewd remarks with 95% the efficiency of the original...

Massholes Eyeing Even Harsher Anti-Constitutional Gun Measures

A guy shoots unarmed people, so Masshole legislators want to make doubly sure the next group of victims can't protect itself either.

On the Decline of Publishing

When they engage in media criticism, leftists always bemoan their consolidation beneath a few corporate behemoths. (They never discuss Jewish influence.) But what about the consolidation of authorship? Consider best-sellers: Between 1986 and 1996, 63 of the top 100 best-sellers were written by six authors: Clancy, Grisham, King, Chrichton, Koontz, Steele. King is decent; he can work up a good story. Chrichton is excellent, probably the best you could do as far as pop fiction. Clancy is Ok, if you like that kind of annoying thing. Grisham is the worst of all, a Semitically Correct Southern lawyer-liberal who relies on the most hackneyed TV-docudrama enlightenment plots about heroic Jew-niggers and evil Klan-rednecks we've seen a thousand times before. He's kind of the Kevin Costner of the legal thriller. Steele is -- who cares? Koontz is just a crappy writer any way you slice it. Here good leftist attack on Waughs (yahoos capering in genteel suits) by one of those irksome self-loving "compassionate me" English poopsies. (Here's me: doing good and looking good. Aren't I something [brush my hair back, look modestly to the side.]) Waugh (Evelyn), Swift and Chesterton are the three most overrated wits/satirists in the English language, although they are very intelligent and certainly worth reading. Chesterton was an absurd obese Christian who crawled through Wilde's wastebasket like a bum set to cleaning the old Ebbets field for anything he could eat, drink or smoke or otherwise use to advance his cause. Excessive admiration of Chesterton or C.S. Lewis is a strong clue you are dealing with a Christian cad and coward who will stab you in the back the minute it's to his advantage. Here a nice attack on stupid and overly earnest children's books. Buy your pikers the unexpurgated Grimm's Fairy Tales and all of Roald Dahl's stuff and a big book of Saki's short stories and be done with it. There's also a very good genuinely disturbing children's book called Grinny, about a metallic alien grandma, that I highly recommend.

Coward of the Year Award: Joseph Farah, Editor of WorldNetDaily

It's only January, but we have our winner! Yes, before we even exit the first month of the year, the Waterboy has written a column so lip-turningly cowardly that all other contenders must inevitably pale in comparison. (Read it here before you go to the title link.) A. Linder

Click Here!

ADL: Global Hypocrisy

ADL is a Jewish hate group that runs a national spy network tracking thousands of groups and individuals through information obtained illegally from bought cops. At least that's what the courts say. Besides subverting and indoctrinating cops, it poisons the minds of schoolkids, supports censorship and acts as a fifth column for Israel. At its award banquets, some of America's top pornographers may be found. Not skulking in the background, but up on the dais at the main table, receiving the big award. A guest editorial on the hypocrisy of the premier Jewish hate Charles Stevens

Liberals As Weapons

What if there were an atom bomb that destroyed a people, nation, culture from the inside, so that the form was kept but the essence was corrupted? Such is the effect of liberalism, a deracinating Ian McKinney

McConnell on the Jewish Establishment

How carefully McConnell writes. He touches gingerly on a subject that needs to be screamed from the rooftops: There is an Establishment in America. It is Jewish. It needs to be destroyed. Civilized White America is in decline because of it. McConnell's pussyfooting, hoping somebody else will do the real work. He knows enough to fill volumes, rest assured, but you probably couldn't even squeeze it out of him privately drunk. Write what you know, McConnell. Everybody else can see that Jews are a tremendous collective negative, and that without Jews, this would still be a civilized country. On the single issue the editors/writers of Vdare are most concerned about -- immigration -- they are content merely to hint at the truth: Without Jewish agitation, the country would still be 90%+ white and civilized, the way it was before 1965. The Jews have turned the country into a cesspool because it advances their interests, furthers their political control, breaks down potential opposition. The Jew is the enemy, White man, and he won't be deterred from his purpose by remonstrating McConnells.

Boyscouts Reach Out to Mexicans

Just like the Republicans... Guns work. Affenkultur standards here. Some of the cultural sewage on British TV. Here comments from dotty Jewess. Here classic Jewish lying about the "canard" of double-loyalty. Actually, their only loyalty is to their own group, no matter the host country they reside in. In this article, "conservative" Jew Ledeen compares Ashcroft to a "slandered" Jew. Hundreds of thousands of North Koreans starving to death as result of tyrant's embrace of Jewish communism, the giftig gift that keeps on giving. Thanks, Jews...

Back When Jews Were Kicked Out of Leicester

In other words, the good old days... Are you aware that Jews have been kicked out of virtually every White country they've somehow infected? How long 'til they exit America? Wrote Simon de Montfort (one of the principals in events leading up to the Magna Carta and parliamentary government): "No Jew or Jewess...shall inhabit or remain, or obtain a residence in Leicester." In other words: No Jews. Just Right. The classics stay classic. The nature of the Jew has remained the same through the ages: invidious, insidious parasite. Today Jews in England are denouncing this great man as a hater, and Leicester is discoloring into the first minority-majority city in England. The Jews are clamoring to remove de Montfort's name from all buildings and streets; indeed, the head of the town council is a Jew. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. What are you doing? Here Buckingham Palace, quick to bend the knee before Jewish haters, assures God's special blend the bonnie prince will be there with bells on to celebrate the Holocaust on January 27th. If you doubt Jews control the White West, ask yourself how our governments would act any differently if they did.

California Gun Criminals

Teeming with Mexicans, other scum, and corruption, the Golden State naturally seeks to outlaw guns so that the civilized remnant can't defend itself. But most owners have refused to comply with the new laws. Here Lipstadt speaks in Washington. Here Goebbels mistress has book published posthumously in Germany. Here vermicious knids try to influence education in New Zealand. Here British cops invade computer privacy. Here on Clinton pardoning various Jews.

Sobran on Tax Slavery

VNN differs with Joe Sobran on many things. But we urge all our readers to read him and pay attention, for, no mistake, he is a wise man, and more important, a courageous one. He has criticized Israel and Jews at some cost to his career, which elevates him above most con commentators. Here he makes the point that our politics -- which might be called TV politics for the addled masses (as opposed to the backrooms where God's pets broker the real deals) -- is nothing but squabbling, divisive, nasty debate over non-issues since The Chosen have decided both parties' positions on the important ones. Sobran doesn't say that right out, but he wouldn't disagree. The reason is that in an ordinary, racially homogenous society, there is open debate over which direction to go, but since race is the same, long-term interests are shared, goals are shared. But in a racially diverse society, the powerful small minorities like the Jews can't advance their agenda openly because their race's agenda is opposed to the majority's. Our normal, everyday reality is hateful to them, and something they are intent on destroying and replacing with the foul dystopia their intellectuals project as both possible and desirable (see USSR). So they have to lie and smear and label publicly, and threaten, bribe and extort and conspire behind the scenes. This explains virtually everything you see on TV -- flybuzz about nothing -- and the success of public policies (affirmative action, open immigration) despised by the White majority. Liberalism is a running argument with life as lived by normal Americans, said R. Emmett Tyrrell, and he was almost right. Actually it's a Jewish argument against life as lived by normal White Americans. Real politics consists of placing Jewish media control and Jewish interests at the center of the debate, and proof of that lies in Jewish attempts to censor those who do so. For all their caterwauling, Jews aren't afraid of Lotts and Gingriches and Doles, they are afraid of sites like this that put out information they can't censor. VNN is probably the only thing you will read today that hasn't first passed before Jewish eyes.

Lifting Sanctions?

We'll see... Here very good article analyzing the reasons behind and results of the Gulf War.

Jesse the Bastard: King of the Shakers-Down

Jesse the Bastard has never been anything but a cheap fraud, extorting corporate America for money he could never earn legitimately. But note that P.C. Roberts ignores the Jewish role in foisting "civil rights" -- that is, anti-White hate laws -- on unwitting White America. More on the bastard author of bastards. Still more on the heroic "civil rights" leader and food-spitter.

Organized Scum Protests Inauguration

Mexicans and other distasteful things are more organized than ever, forming rent-a-mobs for the left, unions, Jews -- whoever needs their services.

L.A. Considers Fingerprinting Gun Buyers

They say gun control. We say Jew control. Here on gun elimination in Massachusetts. Here Nugent defends hunting against Make-A-Wish and its Semitically Correct hunt ban. Lies about rainforest destruction rebutted here. Jews are all for queers organizing high school groups, but opposed to allowing Christians a room for Bible study. Why do Jews prefer sodomy to Scripture? Jews are racist haters, more intolerant than almost any other subset of humans.

"Controversial" Christian Theme Park to Open in Orlando

What makes it controversial? Why, God's pets don't like it... Freedom is one thing, but criticizing the Bringers of Light is Just Not Done. The park is founded by a Messianic Jew, a member of a group that believes in Jesus but claims to be Jewish -- in other words, a group that ordinary Jews despise. As a side note, it is interesting that when Jews harass normal Whites through the paper and TV to change their ways and become more tolerant it is to be taken as a sign of the enlightened bringing the sweet light of truth to the benighted, but when Christians proselytize, it is nothing but "hate" that is to be condemned. One standard for Jews, another standard for the rest of us.

Sucking Sound at Mexican Border

Sewage flows north, jobs flow south...

Germany: $5 Million for Victims of "Far Right" Violence

Injured, threatened or defamed -- just step up and submit a claim.

Jews, Blacks, Queers are the Problem

Scroll down to Carole Ward column... Here on the love that never shuts its mouth.

Jewish Vindictiveness Knows No Limits

Unhappy campers go after Yahoo again.... Here Jews take pride in being the number one ethnic group destroying White England. Jews are the enemy, White man. It doesn't matter where you live -- USA, England, Germany, France, New Zealand, Australia, Canada or South Africa -- their tricks are the same.

On Byron de la Beckwith


Descent into Idiocy

Florence King...

Is Your DNA Government-Approved?

They want a national gene database in Britain... Here on British mentioning slaughter of Armenians on Holocaust Memorial Day, January 27.

Clinton Pardons Jew Racketeer Who Gave Hugely to Dems

Jews own the Democratic party because they provide most of its money, though you will seldom see an article mentioning this fact. But it bears remembering when you read the next article on Chinese buying influence. Police report on Marc Rich here. Here Israeli Jews complain that Clinton didn't pardon Pollard.

Turner Ready to Buy Into Russian Media

Wants Putin to assure non-interference... Here on German intentions for European integration.

Kibbutzim Centers of Child Abuse

Jews are perhaps unique among people in their capacity for engendering destructive ideas to foist on innocent gentiles. Communism and psychiatry, for two examples. Kibbutzim is the rare example where Jews pay the price for Jewish delusions. Kibbutzim are the collective farms/communes in Israel that were presented to the outside world as ideal havens for the collective raising of the young: little Jewish national-socialist utopias. Like all Jewish radicalism, they proved miserable failures. Just now the truth about the Kibbutzim is starting to emerge: "hotbeds of rape and child sexual abuse," and the other bad things you'd expect wherever Jewish ideas hit reality. Good work, guys.

On Nock

The superfluous man... Note that after he wrote against the Jews in 1941, he had a hard time finding outlets, so strong was Jewish censorship even back then. Jewish media control is a very real thing, no matter those who recognize and discuss it are dismissed as kooks. There's a reason Jews wish to control the Internet, and you're reading it on this page. Here Reese on capital corruption. Here on Georgia flag. Here on Jessie The Bastard's payoffs. Here Taki on British court shenanigans. Here laughably biased obit for Beckwith. Good article from Wes Pruden on anti-Ashcroft sentiment among the South-haters.

Horowitz on Demo-McCarthyism

Good if Semitically Correct summing up of recent hush crimes and Demo demagoguery.... More Semitical Correctness as Jewess Mona Charen neatly avoids Black genetic stupidity so that she can blame the culture of anti-intellectualism decried in the new Black Berkeley conservative McWhorter book. Here a nice roundup of all the Hollywood haircuts who said they'd leave the country if Bush won now singing a different tune, claiming they were misquoted. Is anything as low as an actor?

Republicans Unite with Queers

Expect much more of this me-too liberalism from the Reps in coming years. The only way their party can cope with demographic trends is to imitate the Dems in anti-White-normal appeals. Here they reach out to Mexicans. Here on the Author of Bastards.

On the Decline of Academic Philosophy

Like other departments, its professional association is dominated by Jewish anti-intellectual twerps who harass and intimidate and otherwise browbeat non-Jews into not publicly opposing their Semitically Correct ideology. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. In field after field we see that people who truly love the subject for its own sake, and respect its standards and discipline, are driven from their natural homes in the academy as intellectual pariahs. Two of the funniest words in the English language have to be Jewish tolerance. It doesn't exist.

Feminization of School-Exams in Britain

Interesting article on male-female testing differences, and how recent exams have been reworked to favor female strengths.

On Wichita

Concise, cogent commentary from our webmaster...

Pierce on MTV: The Hate Crimes of Sumner Redstone and the Tribe-Vipers

Here the background on Vickie Lynn McGraw, murdered by savages down in Louisiana. The Jews have hushed the hush crime up almost entirely, just like Wichita. "The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government," said Thomas Jefferson, adding, 200 years from now Jewish liars like David Horowitz will come along and say I didn't mean it, but I did. Blacks and Jews belong not among you." Here commentary on demise of Hatewatch. On Lauck in Nebraska courts here.

Sandoval Case Threatens English as Common Tongue

A Mexican with nine children and a second-grade education doesn't think she should have to learn English to drive in Alabama. Will the Supreme Court agree?

Britain to Celebrate Holocaust Day January 27th

Some of the back and forth that went on last year...

Another War on Iraq?

Could be says Raimondo...

Jewish Censor Closes Shop, Moves into Pro-Queer Arena

Although his "" did serve as a useful place to find pro-White sites, proprietor David Goldman's intent was to smear and censor what he couldn't outlaw. Now he's closing shop, his work here done, he says, and starting something new aimed at promoting homosexuality. Der ewige Jude, we call him: mired in dreck till the last. Here second report, from Britain. One of the neat things about being a Jew "civil rights" crusader is the worldwide repeater network of Chosen-controlled media. Any Jewish cause or plaint is immediately picked up and trumpeted until we're all deaf; anything that threatens Jewish interests gets hammered, usually before it even gets off the ground. But ZOG and Jewish control of the media are myths. Only evidence-respecting kooks believe in them.

General Lee

A great man...

Librarians Sue Over Fed Filter Law

Like tyrants always do, the weenies running the U.S. government don't want anyone accessing anything they don't pre-approve. Their excuse is the always popular kiddie molesters just waiting online to grab the youngsters. The government calling for filtering is like a septic tank shrieking about springwater.

Nationalist Battles in Mississippi

Barrett... Here on government tyranny. More reaction to Nine-Hours Ted, the Massachusetts murderer, the liar, the adulterer, the gin-soaked piece of excrement... Here an alternative view of "conservative" Ashcroft. Here Farah notices the extreme hatred of Christians now evident in the public square, but can't bring himself to mention the Jews behind it.

U. Michigan Celebrates Anti-White Discrimination

UM Law School needs a critical mass of minorities, say those in charge. Here White female prof sues U. Vermont.

Black Group Demonstrates Against Jesse "The Bastard" Jackson

This black guy Peterson who started B.O.N.D. was on C-Span the other day. He has the right idea, but there's no way the mass of stupid and parasitic coloreds will follow him. Here a vicious attack on fat rights, the next crusade. Here on Whites demanding reparations from Mongolians. Here's a Kansas racial dispute the Justice department is willing to get involved in, unlike Wichita.

Freepers Cave at First Claim of Racism

Posted comments show why conservatism never wins. A Black says their criticism of Jesse the Bastard is 'racist,' and they are horrified. They quickly grovel and respond that "Oh no, the second any racism appears on Free Republic, we go a-runnin' to Big Daddy JimRob and he kills it dead." The mentality of the conservative in a nutshell: urge to conform -- and urge to make others conform. The instinct of a cop, that is. Here on guns and libs. Here on lawsuit against gunmaker. Gun suit here in New Jersey.

Brown Fathers Black Bastard Too!

The good news never stops. "[T]he two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government," said Thomas Jefferson.

Waugh on Irving

Latest on Lipstadt trial here.

A Zimbabwean Story

Naturally enough, it's about a Black suffering under Mugabe...

Social Justice: Jewish for 'Theft'

Essentially the term is meaningless; to the extent it has a functional meaning, it's that Jews should be allowed to dictate who gets what.

France to Try Brunner in Absentia for War Crimes

Waste of money, with no object but to appease the Jewish censors of Europe... Here's a quintessential Jewish story: pets too corrupt to follow their own religious laws. Hymie's always sharping, even when it's God's laws set down for his own benefit.

Yggdrasil Classic: D.C. Speech

Read and consider...

Hate Country, Stooges Prepare for War

The parasites 'n' puppets prepare to waste more of your blood and treasure defending the foul country. Here God's pets speak out of the other side of their mouth when it comes to the demographics of Israel. Suddenly they turn against immigration and diversity and multiculturalism. By the standards they apply to us Whites, that makes them haters.

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