Joe Farah: No Guts, No Glory for the Semitic Suckpoop

by A. Linder

Below are two letters I wrote to Joe Farah after reading his 1/24/01 column about anti-Semitic lies spread by Arabs, including false quotations about Jews attributed to the Founders. Farah indeed is correct in claiming that the quotations reprinted here are bogus. It's what he doesn't say, what's "between the lines" that makes him a coward.

George Washington: It is troubling that the nation has not purified its land from these pests. The Jews are the enemies of America's well-being and the corrupters of its prosperity. They operate against us in a way much more effective than the enemy's armies. They endanger our liberty and our interests one hundred times more than the enemy. It is most troubling that the states have not begun long ago to follow them, because they are a plague (threatening) society.

Benjamin Franklin: A great danger threatens the United States -- the Jewish danger. When the Jews settle down, we will discover that they are weakening the determination of the people, shaking up the ethics of trade and establishing a government. When they meet resistance, they will suffocate the nation economically.

These quotations are indeed spurious, if occasionally cited on the racialist right. That doesn't mean that Jews aren't every bit the danger these words imply -- they are -- it means that these quotations are false and should not be attributed to people who didn't say them. There are heaping tomes full of what great men have said and written against the Jews we may fairly have recourse to in criticizing the Pets, so let us not become Jews ourselves in making our way through darkness by smears. We must do right and fear no man. And believe me, that will set us leagues apart from the Farahites. Let your people go, Faraoh; why do you insist on enslaving your conservative, White and Arab readers to your fear of the Jews? Why do you hide the truth from them? Didn't your other Semitic master say the truth will set you free? Come to think of it, Why don't you ever quote what your Master Carpenter said about his people? And didn't your Jewish heroes have a hand in his demise? Joe?

Then Farah cites what Washington did write to some Jews:

In an August 1790 letter to Moses Seixas, the warden of the Hebrew Congregation of Newport, R.I., the president wrote, "It is now no more that toleration is spoken of, as if it was by the indulgence of one class of people, that another enjoyed the exercise of their inherent rights. For happily the government of the United States, which gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance, requires only that they who live under its protection should demean themselves as good citizens, in giving it on all occasions their effectual support." [Emphasis added by VNN.]

Demean themselves as good citizens is precisely what the Jews have failed to do. Indeed their history in the White West is one of expulsion after expulsion, as the slow-witted Gentiles belatedly perceived the innate and pestilential danger this alien and unassimilable minority posed. From their obnoxious harassments of others to their successful evisceration of the Constitution, to their attempt to promulgate gun bans and thoughtcrime laws, Jews have proven to every reasonable observer that they are menaces to civilized society well past the point we can afford to allow them to remain among us. Indeed, it is not going too far -- it is going to short -- to say that in every way they possibly could they have made this a worse nation; have destroyed the very cultural and ideational grounds on which the Republic that George Washington set up once rested. For that they merit whatever penalty we can enforce: disrespect, banishment, ostracism, discrimination against -- anything that removes them from our presence and returns them to their proper position as the Negative Other.

Let me be clear. Joe Farah wins our annual "Coward of the Year" award for one reason: He knows what I have just said above -- knows it in every fiber of his being, sees it played out every day in the news his reporters cover -- and he does nothing. Doesn't say a single thing making clear that Jews are at the forefront, driving and inspiring, of every single movement that has as its goal the destruction through radical alteration of the United States of America. Because of his prominence, because of his do-nothingness, because of the alacrity with which he dances for his Semitic master, Joe Farah is duly deserving of our award.

The Farah phenomenon...

Here is what is particularly odious about Farah's column. Here is where the hypocrisy and cowardice truly kick in. It's not so much in what he says, as in what he leaves out. Farah never in a million years would have the courage to address the question of whether Jews are a collective negative; never have the courage to address the question of whether, in George Washington's words to the congregation, Jews have demeaned themselves as good citizens and supporters of the government. In short, Farah is attacking his own ethnic group for lying about an issue he doesn't have the courage to raise and address himself. The ethnicity (Arab) and religion (Christianity) he belongs to himself are attacked daily by Jews who, whatever George Washington said or didn't say about them, were hardly present in America when it was founded, let alone as perniciously influential as they are today. You can't expect Washington and the other founders to have had as negative and realistic a view of Jews as they did of niggers because there were so few Jews around that most had probably never run across one. My point is that Farah attacks Arabs as Arabs; he attacks the Arab press as the Arab press. But he never attacks the Jew-run media in American as such. Do you see what I'm saying? The coward goes out of his way to make negative generalizations about his own people and religion, but won't generalize a whit about the all-surrounding Jewish liars agitpropping the white race to death in the United States. They are the ones responsible for everything bad he and his opinionmongers denounce, but nary a one of the writers under his direction will generalize about Jewish pressure, Jewish media control, Jewish evisceration of our form of government, Jewish support for gun control, Jewish demand for open borders -- no. That is a double standard, and it springs directly from Joe's cowardice. He well knows what he is doing, and that makes him doubly contemptible. He's pulling punches to avoid falling out of favor with the Semitically Correct folks who set the policy lines for what you the American read. But he has no problem blasting Arabs way over there; his own ethnic brothers who are actually dying because of the action of the Jews who themselves or through their American relations and White stooges bomb the Arab world practically around the clock. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi babies are dead, and has Joltin' Joe Farah, waterboy waterbug, ever written a single column about what his beloved Chosen are doing to his own flesh and blood? Why, bless my soul, I don't believe he has. He's too busy slamming all Arabs and making broad generalizations about Arab journalists because some of them are imprecise in their criticism of people he is afraid to criticize. That is the definition of cowardice, and it is what makes him so despicable. Joe slams the far away and essentially insignificant Arab media and thinks himself a hero. But he ignores the problem in his own backyard with Jewish control of the Western media -- the world's media -- a problem that is roughly a thousand times larger and more immediate, not to mention in his own backyard. Very similar to libs talking about loving humanity but hating their neighbors. Joe has no problem generalizing about evil Arabs, but look though he might he just can't see anything wrong with those noble American Jews. This too makes him Our Coward.

Suffice it to say that, given every possible provocation and incitement to action, Farah has never said word one about the fact that Jews as a whole constitute an alien and unassimilable element in the American society that they have done their darnedest to destroy. And they have largely succeeded. And no one, especially not Waterboy Joe, will criticize them. Not even in the context of his own paper where he sets the rules are the glorious God-selected Chosen to be subject to any group criticism. Joe would rather do battle with Arabs in far off lands who make very real arguments using bogus quotations. Regardless of whether they use fabricated quotations or not, the arguments they make are valid, and concern real and deeply important issues that Farah's ilk hasn't the courage to address. Maybe the opposition to Jews wouldn't have to come from these marginal men if those in positions of power weren't afraid to say anything. But that's a point Joe is unwilling to consider, no doubt sure he's doing the Lord's work in defending the Chosen, even if that means covering up their monstrous media crimes. For to be sure, even though he is primus inter pares, there is nothing particularly noteworthy about Farah's cowardice. It is legion among the conservatives, among whom there is scarcely one apart from Joe Sobran who is willing to buck Jews openly. What sets Farah apart is the almost daily frequency of his attacks on his own ethnic group and the daily Semitic suckpooping he subjects his ignorant readers to. For your Semitically Correct negative generalizations about your own ethnic group and its media combined with the hypocrisy and lack of courage you exhibit in pointedly ignoring the greater flaws in the Jew-controlled Western media in which you operate and are hence positioned to do something about, you, Joe Farah, are indeed a worthy recipient of our first annual Coward of the Year Award. Congratulations,

Alex Linder,
Vanguard News Network

Afterthought: What we on the pro-White right need to do is take Washington at his word. We at VNN will take the lead in creating a big chart showing the position of the top 100 public Jews, including individuals and organizations, to find out how they are demeaning themselves as fellow citizens against the criterion of supporting/destroying the Bill of Rights. What better proof can there be than a compelling graphic demonstration of how truly far these Jewish haters and radicals are from Normal White America -- and what a danger they pose to our way of life?

First letter...


Waterboy Joe:

So how are the Jews demeaning themselves? Which part of the Constitution have they failed to destroy in pursuit of "civil rights"? In the destruction of which of the protections ennumerated in the Bill of Rights have they not been the primary agents? Gun rights? Free speech? Free association? Religious freedom? Right to life?

Which group more than the Jews has perverted the media? Which group more than the Jews hates normal White America so much it has forcibly opened the borders to swarms of stupid, undesirable coloreds who fill our land with rancor and discord?

If George Washington were alive today, he would see that the Jews have demeaned themselves very poorly, indeed all but destroyed what he and the others created. George Washington, were he alive today, would call for the Jews to be expelled from this country. Unlike you he was not a coward, and he was not afraid to speak the truth.

If you don't like being called a coward, well, make the most of it. Because it's not just me and your readers who know what you are, and what you are doing -- it's YOU.

Alex Linder

Letter #2, announcing award...


Joe, I just have to write again. Your article is going up on my page, and I am officially declaring you the Coward of the Year. I know it's only January, but the only person who could top you is you. Just thought I'd let you know.

Your award is a sentence: I want you to write an article, running down the Bill of Rights one by one, and toting up the evidence as to whether or not, on balance, the Jews have indeed demeaned themselves as good citizens. I say the evidence shows that a rollcall of Jews reveals that they are the most Constitution-hating radical change agents in the entire country, and that without them there's at least a fifty-fifty chance we'd still be living in a Constitutional Republic. I suspect you know the same, but are too cowardly to perform such, and that's what makes you an award-winner in my eyes.

A. Linder

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