Liberals As Weapons

by Ian McKinney

Let me say unequivocally that experience has demonstrated to me that everything liberals touch turns to shit. Let them influence law enforcement and you'll have more crime. Let them get their soft hands on the government's purse and they'll go through taxpayer's money like the proverbial drunken sailer. And probably the very last thing any sane country wants to do is let the pernicious bastards influence the culture. In that realm the damage runs deep, and without correction leads to complete social disintegration. Knowing all this, it seems that instead of constantly trying to fight liberals politically, our time would be better spent utilizing liberals as a strategic weapon of mass destruction to be used like atomic bombs as part of our national arsenal. Actually, compared to atomic bombs, liberals are far more destructive.

For example, instead of threatening Red China with nukes, warn it that any failure to cooperate will result in squadrons of USAF C-4s loaded with liberals landing in all populated areas of China -- tens of thousands of the termites. Of course, the invasion of liberals wouldn't cause the sudden and dramatic destruction of, say, a nuclear bomb, but in the long run would be more effective and thorough. Within a short time the libs would be infiltrating Chinese institutions, undermining Chinese traditions, pitting men against women, children against parents, husbands against wives, etc. Before long, they'd be agitating for the borders to be opened to alien immigrants. They'd be yammering for Africans, Jews, Mexicans, or what have you to be allowed in. Needless to say, education standards would be lowered. Chinese children would be brainwashed against their race and culture. In other words, the libs would go to work in China as they always do everywhere to destroy, undermine, and subvert all the foundations of nationhood, culture, and civilization.

The defensive response of the Chinese would, ultimately, determine the plan's success, of course. They could prevent the landings with the conventional tactics of anti-aircraft fire, missiles, and jet interceptors. Once the planeloads of liberals landed, however, the job would get more complicated, but being a practical people, the Reds might just organize hundreds of all-night firing squads to take care of the threat. Of course, this assumes the Chinese are more intelligent than Boobus Americanus, and can recognize a deadly threat when they see it. Either way, if the libs are allowed to run amuck through Chinese society, at least we could relax knowing that China will eventually be laid to waste, and neutralized as a strategic threat and competitor for world power. All that will remain for us will be to somehow survive the liberals that we weren't able to send to China.

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