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Butler Harrassed in New Home

Caller looking for a place to build a synagogue... Anti-gun propaganda poll here... Heston criticizes British gun control here.

Pro-American Fliers Left in Tempe

Criticism of Jews totally legal, say police. More anti-Jewish action here. Here Klan seeks permit for Skokie march. Here ex-racist Caudill sees the light at the end of the tunnel -- it's the gravy train! Here on Austrian payments to Jews.

Nippon Chinese Medical Experiments in the War to End the White Man and Save Communism

Grim stuff inflicted on the "logs"...

On the Horizon: US-China War?

China seems to be acting more aggressively...

AP Smears Irving

Story citing Nuremberg prosecutor Kempner that he needed watching in the archives for fear he'd doctor something.

White-Colored Gap? Tests Are to Blame

The disturbing gap, so hard to understand, in Mass. highschoolers' test scores just won't close no matter how hard they push. Wonder why that is?

Neocons and the Election

The Old Right is marginalized, and demographics are relentlessly pushing the electorate leftward. See here a county map of the U.S. election. Gore won the big cities and virtually nothing else. Here on the FBI and its raid on a "whistleblower." Here Chris Ruddy says Gore attempting a coup. Here on Nixon and the stolen 1960 election.

Year-End Will Create Thousands of Gun-Criminals in California

"Assault" weapons will be totally illegal, and California owners must take them out of state, sell them or turn them in. Or become criminals. Many will choose the last option, just as in the Turner Diaries, increasing disrespect for the criminal state, and breeding potential revolutionaries as they discover that you can disobey the government and get away with it.

Kenya: 300-Boy Gang Organizes to Rape 200 at Girls School

Find out why we call them savages...

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World to be Racially Bowdlerized

All vestiges of the author's belief in White superiority will be eliminated. Racially cleansed, as it were, to satisfy the Semites, who are the truly superior race. (God said so.)


Just a taste of the Eire without the 'ype. Everything "rum, dumb and humdrum about the new Ireland." Other articles of similar bent found here, including criticism of Americanized media, obnoxious pub culture.

Media Moments

Amusing contradictions, stupidities, etc..

World War One Battles...

The greatest German intelligence failure of WWI...

New Book of Wilde's Letters

Review here... Here, three new lemurs discovered in Madagascar. Air-powered car in South Africa.

Russian Governor-Elect Says He, Putin Working to Rid Country of Jewish "Filth"

The Chosen are already in full whine about this; we'll have to wait and see what comes of it.

"Free" Poland which an author is "charged" with writing a book. Dated, but wanna guess the subject of that book? Jews believe that any criticism of Jews is ipso facto illegitimate. Jews, they feel, belong to a special category of mortals. God chose them, and what right have we the unchosen to quibble, question or criticize?

Finns Must "Overcome Racism"

There is no White country in which this sort of headline doesn't appear almost daily. The Jewish media follow the time-honored Jewish technique, mentioned by Henry Ford in his famous book The International Jew, of a story a day. Whether it's the "Holocaust" or "racism," a story a day amounts to Chinese water torture of Whites; a constant drip-drip-drip of You Are Guilty! But the Jews who control the media are the guilty ones. The real question in this article ought to be: Why are there any Iraqis or Somalis in Finland? There shouldn't be. And why do we continue to tolerate the 2% majority?

Nig-Nog Rapes Irish Girl, Sentenced to Nearly Two Years

Diversity is our greatest strength. Without it, where would White countries find savages to rape their daughters? Compare the punishment here to the bus driver's use of the term 'nig-nog' -- roughly equivalent. In the Jew World Order, it's pretty clear who are the slaves, and who must be worshipped. Here, the results of the Notting Hill Carnival are in: and the savages did well for themselves, including a 12-hour gang rape (gee, where have we heard that before), a couple, (well, 19) stabbings, seventy assaults and sundry other crimes. Just another ethnic festival in New Multicultural Britain where Diversity Is Our Greatest Strength and Truth Is Our Greatest Enemy. Blacks are savages and should not be allowed to mix with Whites. Only whelps and dissimulating libs and paunch-poodle cons deny it. Oh, and Jew-media too. Here a heart-warming story about a Labour MP attacked by a diverse gang of three nigs and a Chinaman. Good work, fellows! Here Scotland Yard lowers its standards to allow dreadlocks; all part of attracking new colored bobbies, you see. As Munro said in his most wonderful short story, you can have pigs or pretty flowers -- but not both. But like college-dean Wurmers everywhere, diversity and high-standards go hand in hand. The world's a joke for them with eyes to see it...

Hispanics #1!

You guess the field: youngest grandmas; worst enunciation; most knife-stabbings; most drug-resistant TB cases; most brain-burrowing parasite cases; most anti-aesthetic physical appearance...hell, just read the article.

More on Curtis Arrest

More background; actually a rare report in that it quotes something Curtis says about the ADL, which is not only a Jewish hate group, but has been convicted in court of paying a cop to spy for it, as part of its global hate network. It has also given its "humanitarian" award to a porno king. Jews are like that. Most reports on the Curtis arrest, "hate" symbols, etc., are copied verbatim by reporters, who know that repeating whatever the ADL said is a sure way to avoid trouble. Thus do laziness and cowardice make their way in a corrupt world...

Next Stop, Banana Republic, and I Don't Mean the Store

Many of our "citizens" are from there, so should we be surprised when their politics follow? The paunch poodle Republicans are most to blame because they were in a position to prevent it. The Democrats are merely doing what comes natural. Have no doubt that Newt Gingrich is comfortably ensconced somewhere, eating a dinner for two for one, while the rest of us have to live in the day-to-day world of Mexican shit his policies have left us "ensconced" in. Gelding commentary from the "ballsy" Ann Coulter. There is only one acceptable political posture for right-wing males in this country, and it is smiley-apologetic remonstrating. The very few aggressions permitted are only allowed from women such as Coulter. And even their aggressions always draw short within the lines of Semitical Correctness -- that is, no mention of racial and Jewish realities. Pro-racialist media outlets such as VNN are consigned to the Internet and not invited to the (asinine) TV shows because they are outside the framework of Jew-defined "legitimate" opinion. But as small as their voices may be, even that is enough of a threat to the Jewish moguls that they team up to pass laws censoring speech and passing "hate" crimes legislation. TV commentary from the physically attractive likes of Ann Coulter is all America will get because it's all the "conservatives" -- lazy people who want to keep their own money but won't lift a finger to help the country -- demand. Here on the meaning of Buchanan's poor showing. Brimelow (again) on Mexicans voting in American election. Yes, this was posted before, but so what. Read it again, and check out the various links to further good stuff within the article. Here Horowitz on Gore's nascent coup. And here Horowitz on media coverup. Here on "knock and drag," the Dems' way of getting the inebriated, homeless, discolored and other gutter constituencies to the poll to relieve the earner of his burdening paycheck. Here on the technics of vote-fraud via the hand count. Here Nyquist comments on the shameless use of race by the Dems. This has become a big theme of waterbug opinionmongers recently. But the Dems use race because it works, and it works because the Dems' charges are stupid. As Horowitz points out, Bush's percentage of the Black vote dropped from 30% (Texas governor race) to 5% (president) after ads essentially blaming him for the Byrd dragging death. As Horowitz doesn't point out, such appeals are inevitable because they are geared to the unchangeably low-level Negro mind. Horowitz and every other bemoaner of the "race card" are spitting in the wind when they try to claim, in effect, that Thomas Jefferson was wrong when he asserted that the "two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government." They can't -- obviously can't -- and no con, be she pretty and smart, or frumpy/ugly male, will risk his paycheck to state the fact publicly. That's what being part of the Beanbag Right is all about. These cons, so useless above the ground, they ought to be under it inspiring the cabbages (if we may borrow from Twain).

Jews In Israel Vote in Florida

The good news never stops... Here "exposure" of the Houston firm that designed Buchanan's meatball ad...

The Affenkultur Makes Headway in Minnesota

They want that MTV hip-hop. A bit of pro-White fiction here.

Jews at Washington Post Laugh as ABC Radio Fires "Cyber Gossip" Drudge

See, he's not a real reporter like a Washington Post man, who hushes up hate crimes because the reader doesn't need to know that the Black murderer wrote a note that he was going to kill those racist White kids (and also forgot to tell the reader he didn't come close to spelling the note correctly). "The air we breathe is free, the airwaves are not," says Drudge.

Jews Beyond Criticism in New Milennium

Comments from Hoffman on the nature of the times we live in... Here interesting interview with Irving opponent.

Media Bias in Australia

Worse than most places. One national paper, and a handful of others; extremely left-wing and ignorant, as this article shows. Here read a gun-owner pamphlet put out by the country a couple years ago after it essentially banned guns. Gun possession, all governments were agreed, is not a right, but a "conditional privilege." "You cannot use personal protection as a legitimate reason...for owning a firearm."

Pierce: I Need Your Support

Text, radio here... Learn how not to be a lemming. If what you read here at VNN makes your blood boil, this is the place to go to channel that feeling into something productive.

Latest on Töben

Haven't seen any news links yet, but the Executive Council of Australian Jewry has applied to take Dr. Töben to federal court for not removing material from his website as instructed by federal committee earlier this year...

Anti-Semitic Incidents, November 1998

Jewish organizations compile lists of actions and enemies, down to the jot and tittle. Luckily, since Jews have only good intentions, they never do anything that needs to be tracked. Anyway, check out this list of one month's incidents, just to get a feel for how the world looks through Jewish eyes. Must be confusing. Here you are, bringing all this light and enlightenment, and yet so many refuse to see. Well, hell, that's why you have all those "hate crimes" and "Holocaust" denial laws. Recent proof from Britain that to the Jewish mind, criticizing Jews and "anti-Semitism" are one and the same.

Zimbabwe: Blacks Moved onto Stolen White Farms

Crops shudder in fear... Mugabe's henchmen simply ignore the court order forbidding (or delaying) the action. There can be no rule of law where Black men are allowed to rule. Second report here.

On Heidegger

Interview with translator...

The French Revolution, Then and Now

The egalitarian-parasite that powered the Mother of Revolutions continues to pester us today, says Alaric in his review of Nesta Webster's classic...

Zimbabwe: Mugabe Says Nuts to Court, Land Grab Will Proceed

Only White men are capable of grasping the concept of rule by law, not men. And even they aren't too good at it (see 2000 election). Farmers' view here.

Britain: Guardian Spews More Pro-Diversity Bilge

We need foreigners. They grow the market for government services.

Gulag Museum Open

One of these for every thousand "Holocaust" museums.

Basque Pol Says Basques Are Genetically Distinct, Deserve Own State

Draws scathing criticism, say AP Jews.

Latest on Alex Curtis

Here ADL applauds arrest of Curtis. More on Curtis arrest. Here the Washington Post report. USA Today here.

Street Sign Semitical Correctness in San Francisco

Any guess on the ethnicity of Katz, who wants to change the name of a street named for former governor Phelan, who worked hard to keep California White? Here Hatch, one of the Senate's biggest Jewish ass-kissers, on "hate" crimes legislation.

Jews Push for Holocaust Day in Alberta

It's never a question of separation of synagogue and state when Jews are concerned...

Jews Disliked in Australia, Too

Why is such a noble, light-bringing people hated by everyone who comes in contact with it? That's a difficult question to answer since in most places we are forbidden by law from bringing Jewish nature and behavior into the discussion.

Jews Prevent Muslim Students from Speaking Against Zionism

Jews believe all criticism of their group is illegitimate. They don't believe in freedom for anyone but themselves.

Retrospective: Jack Kerouac and Life on the Road

Our newest writer takes a look at the male Nora who drank and wrote and set the Beat in motion for fifties-era malcontents and restless intellectuals. Does the peripatetic degenerate have anything to teach us today? Indeed he Alaric.

How the U.S. Looks to the Arabs, As Quoted By Chronicles...

Distance, as always, yields perspective. While the abject worms masquerading as public conservatives run as fast as they can from the ZOG-minded, here's the picture in the outside world where we appear as we are: Israel's lackeys...

Latest on NPD Ban

Parliament joins the fray, as the governors in the upper house agree the National Democratic Party should be banned. The lower house, the Bundestag, is up next. BBC report here. Note that 200,000 supposedly marched in Berlin Thursday (date of Kristallnacht) against pro-Germans.

Kimball on Tocqueville

Good, long article on the Frenchman...

Mexicans Chose the President

So says this head of "U.S. Border Control." Please note that this story is a press release on PR newswire. The Jews who run the Associated Press (i.e., the people who write your local paper) don't think this sort of information newsworthy, White man. The Jews are the enemy. The removal of their influence is the first step to political sanity. And here on Jewish orgs swarming to help Gore steal the election in Florida.

Jews Swarm in Chicago

Everybody including murderer Ehud Barak is there. Stop by and say hello.

U.S. Election 2000

First, Rockwell. His Jew publisher Blumert here. Good commentary on Gore-by-acclamation here. Here on the elite segregating themselves on their own islands. More good stuff on corruption and empire here. And here a good article opposing the electoral college to democracy. Here on some of the fraud in Florida.

Wolves and Sheep and the 2000 Election

Very good column by Carole Ward, who assures us she does indeed criticize Jews (although she doesn't here).

Race and the Vote

When you let Negroes vote, you are saddled with the kind of people Negroes -- 85 IQ, notoriously unable to connect cause and consequence -- vote for. Florida savages grunted 93% for Gore, and 7% for Bush. This is how countries die. "[T]he two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government." -- Thomas Jefferson. This is part of what he meant. We are throwing our country away because some slick yids persuaded our (gutless) elite that the Founders believed that savages are equal to White men. Of course they didn't believe that, and to a man denied it, but, as we see every day here at VNN, Jews lie. Our future is too important to allow Jews using their colored lockpicks to break in and destroy it. But all that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. Whites identifying as Whites is the only road back to political sanity. Note that in the South, we may be starting to see this happen. The nigs have always voted 90% lib and will continue to -- but now we are seeing Whites voting 70%+ for the "conservative" candidate. Perhaps an encouraging sign. Whites innately sense that they have racially different interests than the savages and their Jewish bosses. Remember that the NAACP was created by Jews and headed by them up til about 1970. We must work together as Whites to destroy the Jews and their colored minions the way they have worked together to destroy us. Very good commentary on democracy's deep problems here.

Nigger Gang Rapes and the Supreme Court

The judicial background explaining why those caught will be lightly punished. More on latest such here. Not a word in this report on race, although the school is known to be very "diverse." If the girl is White, you can bet your life that's the reason. Just FYI, a 12-year-old nigger was caught down in Florida after raping a White mother of four in a park while her children listened. Shit happens. He'll be back on the street within five years -- if he serves any time at all.

Canada: Queer Trumps Christian

All the sucking up to God's pets and repeating the idiot's favorite injunction to hate the sin, not the sinner are coming back to haunt the cowards. Their morality runs against the Jew-instilled state morality, and guess which one gives way in court? It's Canada here, but it could as easily be the U.S. or England or any other Western country. As it has been aptly put, Jews are the two percent majority.

Click Here!

Jewish Hate Group Teaches Lawyers to Spot Badthink

You've really got to hand it to the yids. They've got all the bases covered. They indoctrinate schoolkids, cops and now lawyers. They also buy politicians and have been convicted of paying off cops to purloin the info for their global spy network. A thoroughly rotten bunch is organized Jewry. Of course, many individual Jews are fine cough gag spit. Jews voted 80% for Gore in the recent election. Blacks voted 90%, and Mexicans 70% and Asians well over 50%. So, not even the model minority, the Asians, sided with Whites. When do we start realizing we have racial interests, just like these other groups -- and that we are the only group not defending them? All you bourgeois liberal conservatives who love the environment and low taxes and are very afraid of right-wing Christian extremists seeking to impose their morality -- i.e., those of you who accept newspaper-created hobgoblins as real -- when do you start to see that you are just as big suckers as the Sunday morning televangelist's correspondents in accepting your "conservative" leaders' wisdom that individual rights and colorblindness are the solution to our problems? Is it cowardice or stupidity or the need to be "respectable" by falling in line with what the newspaper deems fashionable that best explains your actions?

Alex Curtis Arrested

Arrested on "suspicion of federal hate crimes" -- i.e., nothing real. He is being arrested because organized Jewry hates him and considers him and enemy and wants him put away. So they sicced the German shepherd White cops on him. Second report here. Third here. Here Reese on free speech. No free speech on license plates.

Autopsy on Buchanan

From the Jewish doctors at Weekly Standard.

Jews in Germany Complain About Nazi Emails

Free speech laws "hamper" Germans' ability to insure Semitical Correctness...

Ygg's Review of Dr. Strangelove

Shrinking the government isn't the point. Taking control of it away from the Jews and using it to further Aryan (White) ends -- is.

CIA-Cultural Connections

Very interesting stories... Do you know who's paying for what you're reading? Are you sure? Here on Shaw, his first novel, and his connection to Wilde.

On Ravitch On Education

Interesting article on recent education fads and those opposed to them. Good article for those who want to understand the roots of today's public-school crisis, which lie in progressive nostrums promulgated by John Dewey and the Progressives and the Jews at the Columbia Teachers College. Public schools are not failing -- they are succeeding. Not to see that is to miss the entire point. Schools today are not to teach people to think and analyze, but to "feel" the Semitically Correct way about queers, abortion, the enviroment and race. They are for "socializing" slaves in the TV-Morality. School, TV and government work as one in enforcing the promiscuous indiscipline that has wasted our formerly taut civilization. Advice for homeschoolers on college here.

White Anthropology: Early Europeans

Eighty percent of Europeans are "brothers," in a sense. Know your history, White man.

Hispanics Kill Bush: Jew-Pushed Republican "Inclusiveness" Will Kill the Party As It Is Killing the Nation

The writing is on the wall: as went California, so go Florida, Texas and the other big states: immigration is killing the "conservative" major party. The only solution to our political problems is open, pro-White agitation. No one will say this BECAUSE it is the truth. Civilization is a White product, and if Whites go, it goes too. The multiculturalism of the left is an obvious lie; but the "individual rights" extremist dogma foisted on the Right by the Jewish intellectuals who took it over in the seventies -- is the opposite of the wisdom of the founders and in due time will kill the country. In many significant ways, it already has. White power is the only solution. The Republican Party has won its last presidential election, probably. In another ten years, the demographics simply won't be there for a conservative to prevail on a national scale. It really is that simple. The solution: Whites must identify first and last As Whites. Then close the borders, and start cleaning house. Technically easy; will is the only question.

More German Child Abuse, As Jewish "Holocaust" Indoctrination Redoubled

(German only.) Forty percent of schoolers in Brandenburg are "anti-Semitic." Jew-controlled German pols are intent on brainwashing them until that rational sentiment disappears. Jews out of Germany is the only solution. (German only.) Here on plans for big anti-racist rally in Berlin. More anti-thought gibberish from pro-Holocaust Jew in L.A. Times here. Here workaday Jewish lying about gas chambers in Germany. Are Jews instinctive liars? The evidence indicates that many, many of them are. Here an interesting letter to Irving.

Zimbabwe Disintegrates Under Savage Rule

You think the election's important, White man. But this story is far more important than finding out the name of the next Jew-puppet to head the United States.

Cowardly Conservative Columnist Blames Germans for Jews' Actions and Ideas

One thing you know about cowards like Diane Alden going in: they will never speak the truth if it threatens their livelihood or their respectability. That is why they are forever finding the roots of PC not in the Semites who are the source of 9/10 of today's radicalism but in the Germans -- the always guilty, always safe-to-blame party. And see our back-and-forth with this pitiful creature in Backtalk.

Environmental Groups and Immigration: Sierra Just Says Yes to Mexicans in America

When the deal goes down, the environmental groups decide that the globe is the only logical level at which to worry about the environment -- not national boundaries. So they don't care if Mexicans invade, because they are citizens/savers-of-the-world.

The U.S. Election

Predicts dirty Gore fight. The fight in Florida. Rockwell here. Here on Clinton urging Mexicans to vote for Dems. More from Farah on voting corruption top-down here. Here from stuffed-shirt drooler David Broder on 'two different nations' voting. Picture of Florida ballot here.

Gang Rape in Berkeley

No word on race yet. The boys were 11 to 14, and the girl is "developmentally disabled." Very similar to the Georgia gang rape last week.

Jewish Myths about the 1936 Berlin Olympics

New revisionism from Faurisson, in his ongoing battle with the Jew-servile editors at Le Monde: American readers have been propagandized that 1) Hitler refused to shake Jessie Owens' hand; and 2) that Owens' victory proved that Hitler's superman ideology was wrong. The first is not true. Owens was never in Hitler's presence. As for the second, good thing Jesse won, wasn't it? (Of course, if he had lost, the Jew-quibbler/liars would have conceded that Hitler was right. Sure they would have... The other relevant fact the Jews never tell you is that Germany won the most medals in the '36 games. If you're getting the idea that Jews lie, you're getting the right idea.)

Britain: BNP Moves to Take Advantage of Fuel Protests

Jew Jack Straw denounces pro-British protesters like the Jew he is.

How Jews Distort, Lie and Attack Whites -- Daily: Jew Media Goes After White Sororities

There is no all-White private association that will not become the focus of Jewish media-led attacks if it is discovered. Here's a story worth noting for the headline: Whites Invade Black Neighborhood. Note the use of the verb. Just workaday Jewish media bias. Imagine a Jew headline writer writing that Blacks invade historically White neighborhood. If you don't think the media is controlled by Jews, and that they are trying to do away with your race, you are a fool, White man. Here an article on brutality and racism among White South African cops. Note that this is the first news aired widely from South Africa in a while. The Jew editors at AP (for one example) who control the stooge reporters decide which stories stay local or go international. Black-on-White attacks in the new South Africa are pebbles in the news pond; anything that can be made to seem White-racist is a boulder. The Jews are knowingly doing this, and the recognition and destruction of their media domination is where real politics begins.

Germany Seeks to Ban Pro-Germans

If you believe that Germany is for Germans, and you don't like being forced to pay for influxes of Soviet Jews, then your opinions and political party should be outlawed, say the Jew-controlled hacks running the Fatherland. But it is the Jews who are the haters, the nasty, ugly, oppressive people. Juden, 'raus: The call returns. Because it is right. More here. And here on Haider's recent problems.

More Jews in Congress

They're not just whisperers and string-pullers anymore. They're fresh-faced and up-front. Here the specifics. Go up and down the list: every single one of these rats would take your gun and tape your mouth with hate crimes legislation if he could. Given time, these Jews working with their brothers at the Washington Post will do just that. We need to drive these vermin out of the country. That is the price of freedom. Here on South Florida Jews and the pending outcome of the 2000 election. Here debate in Commentary over immigration. Not new, but highly instructive about the way the new Jews in Congress will be voting. Note especially their praise of swindler Michael Milken as noble heritor of the proud WASP elite that founded this country. Here on the connection between developers, immigration and so-called sprawl (and White flight).

French Yahoo! Case

(in French only)

MTV Jew Buys BET

One of the foremost propaganda spewers in the world, Murray Rothstein (Sumner Redstone -- head of Viacom), has bought the biggest Black cable channel for nearly $3 billion. Here latest crap from Alice Walker. Sure to be read by public-schoolers/slaves as "classics."

Jews, Lawyers Squabble Over Swiss Settlement

Jews believe lawyers should be so filled with gratitude at the chance to extort the Swiss they'd be meshuggah to ask for payment. That's just how Jews are.

Market Crash?

Bulls make money, bears make money -- pigs get slaughtered. Do you know who used to say that?

On the Puppetmasters Behind the John Birch Society

R.T. Oliver, with comments from Birdman Bryant. Also, Kevin Strom has put up new Oliver work online here (introduction to Yockey's Imperium and preface to book about the aftermath of the communist revolution in Romania).

Germany: Cabinet Votes to Pursue Ban

Hopes to get request to federal court by year-end. More here.

Middle East: Jews Expand Settlements

Like the negresses on Jerry Springer, the Jews are "in it to win it." Keep breeding, keep chanting, keep throwing stones, keep visiting synagogues, Palestinians. Bad for the Jews, good for everybody else.

Smith Returns to Zimbabwe

Calls Mugabe "mentally unstable."

Mississippi Private Schools: Admit Negroes, or Stay Civilized

Affenkultur, or real culture -- the choice is yours, White man. Interesting back-and-forth.

Election Commentary

First up, Fred Reed. Here Reese on the arrogant empire we have become, thanks to the Jews representing us to the world; the ugly troll-Jewesses such as Maddy Albright, who doesn't care how many hundreds of thousands of Iraqi kids we kill as long as her country, Israel, benefits. Good article on how the Dems would prefer illegals voting to American soldiers. We aren't a country anymore. Here interesting analysis of Nader. Here on the ignoring of immigration in the election. Here on Florida recount... Here on Buchanan and Reform future. Here an amusing rundown on the moronic things that emerged from Dan Rather Tuesday...

Immigration and Mexicans in America

Mexicans don't belong here. They are here because Jews pushed for open borders. Remember that when your kid is molested, your daughter raped, or your son's job given to a brownskin.

Feebs Everywhere: Hares Running Scared

Rabbits everywhere -- beware! The blue-flamers are coming, and bringing their jackboots and tape recorders, too...

African Denounces Africans

Rather pitiful, the position of the writer, but he sticks faithfully to the facts...

Homeschooling: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

The two best things you can -- must -- do for your children, White man, is kill the Jew in your living room (unplug the TV), and teach your kids yourself. Or you can be a Whaaaaazzzuuuuuupppp? Bud nigger-wigger like the good little multiculti konsumer-uber-alles the puppetmasters would prefer you. Public school = slave indoctrination. "Refuse to be blocked, and you'll get the job done." Here on vouchers voted down in California.

On Drudge

Some praise, and some toting up of his contradictions... Interesting view on electronic publishing from editor of Arts & Letters Daily. On de Sade and his prison letters here.

Debbie Lipstadt and the Book Nobody Would Buy

She huffs and she puffs, but her work's a bunch of fluff. The intrepid Lipstadt has also started a website dedicated to preserving Jewish myths about World War Two.

Kiss Me I'm Queer

Better make those air kisses, just to be on the safe side, cool people...

Boas and Anthropology Spies in WWI

Accusations from the Jew who spread the Biggest Lie that race doesn't exist (hence, races are equal -- Jewish logic -- and, of course, logic that excludes the Jewish race, which is taken to be apart and above).

The Price of Allowing Jews Among Us

Laundry list of Jewish crimes in the spirit of the Niemoller quote...

Dumbed-Down Christianity

The Christians deserve a prayer book written for the common morons many have become. Read and laugh...

Gramsci and the Election

Leftist pro-Gore piece...

Buchanan: Second Thoughts on Third Parties

Wither Pretend Pat?

Germany: Cons Give in On Immigration

Until very recently it was taken for granted that Germany was not and never had been a nation of immigrants. All changed, now. Germany is to be ethnically destroyed to please the Jews. Still, 800 pro-Germans marched in Berlin on Saturday (or at least showed up and made their presence known).

Latest on French Yahoo Court Battle

Anything which displeases the Jews they seek to outlaw.

Nothing New Under the Sun

Mencken on gun control back in the twenties...

On Phony Conservatives

Criticism of religious cons -- the cowards and the oil salesmen who cater to them. And of John Birch and his peculiar society.

White Slavery

More on the British girl Pierce mentioned last broadcast... More here.

Race and Reality in Prison

Contrary to what the lying Jews at New Line preached in American History X (see our review), White racial identification eases prison time and keeps the con strong.

Homeschooling or Socialist Slavery

Choice is yours, parents...

Capitalism -- the Radical Ideology

Nothing wrong with markets -- as long as they aren't allowed to determine the big issues. Race and nation are too important to be left up to CFOs, who would sell out their own grandmother to cut a nickel in labor. That's one reason the country is full of Mexicans. The business of America is not business.

Entertainment: Blurring Affenkultur and Real Culture: A Timeline

How Black and White were merged...

Shark Attack in Australia

Blame this one on the White -- Pointer, that is.

Gore Dominates New, Off-colored American Vote

He packed in illegals (many felons) to vote for Clinton, and the unabated flow is now set to vote for him: 1.7 naturalized in last two years, Democrats to a discolored criminal. The Republican Party will win this election, but in the medium term it will disappear in substance, certainly, and likely in name too. If you saw the recent convention, you might well say the substance has already disappeared. Certain habits and phrases linger, but the principles are down the track like a night train in a snowstorm. We say it again: pro-White is the only genuine and principled resistance in the country. Join us. If you are truly interested in doing something to reverse the trends in the news we present you daily, join the National Alliance and work to organize your neighbors.

Defying the Censors: Pierce on Nicole Brown Simpson, White Women and Miscegenation

Miscegenation is a bad idea. Not every White will end up diseased or dead with her throat cut, but many will. Pierce also discusses his new biography, written by Prof. Robert Griffin, which is shooting up the charts after Barnes & Noble released it as an electronic book. People want the truth badly, but print publishers were willing to forgo profit in order to withhold it from them. What does that tell you, White America? Click here to order your $8 electronic copy of The Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds. Go ahead and pony up the eight bucks, especially you middle-aged folk reading this, and read the story of Pierce's life -- and see if there's anything that strikes a chord in the man and his message. I suspect you will find that his thoughts and experiences are remarkably similar to your own. Remember, all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good White men to do nothing.

Johnny Cockroach and Grabbag of Negroid Shysters To Sue for Reparations

Whites ought to be 'reparated' for putting up with these hewers of wood, drawers of water and rapers of retarded girls for multiple-hundred years. And multiple-million crimes. And their generic hatred and stupidity and uncivilizability. Let the word go forth from this time and place: All hottentots, pygmies and bushmen can go blow diggerydoos 'til they turn blue, and get not a penny from civilized folk.

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