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-----Original Message-----
From: arlmr []
Sent: Thursday, January 04, 2001 11:30 PM
Subject: direct question

This is a serious question, not intended as a joke or insult.

Are you in any way subsidized by Jews to spread Israeli propaganda?

Alex Linder
Vanguard News Network

From: "Joseph Farah"
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2001 13:37:45 -0800
To: "arlmr"
Subject: RE: direct question
I wish we were subsidized by anyone...


Ed. Note : Well, that could almost pass for a denial...A.L.


Dear Mr. Robinson,

Let me say this before I get started: "Yes, I know it's your website and you can do whatever you want to with it.

"Now that we've gotten that out of the way, what the hell gives with you? Yes, I'm talking about your deleting Steve Sailer's article "GOP Future Depends on White Vote." Sailer claims you think his piece is "divisive" and "promoting racism." I don't read it like that.

I've noticed that you regularly censor worthy material from Free Republic. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having a policy against open rants about "niggers and kikes," etc. (nor is there necessarily anything evil about allowing such talk :-) But to eliminate thoughtful, well reasoned, and "soft spoken" writing like Sailer's and others... what are you, some kind of Trotskyite Poster Boy?

I notice that your boy, Bush is already appointing Democrats and pandering to everyone except the people who created America (not to mention Western Civilization). Don't you think that is divisive and promoting racism?

For what it's worth, I once thought highly of you and your website. Not only did I link to FR on several web pages and sites of my own, I actually joined FR once, then decided not to post there because I thought I was such a hot-head I would make you look bad. But I used to read the site a lot! I hardly ever go there now, not due to being angry with your policy -- I am angry with your policy, but there is still much worth reading at FR -- it's just that I've found other sites that address our real problems and I have little time to waste with either the naive, or with hoaxers.

Mr. Tsun

Let me put it to you gently. I don't give a damn about what you think.

Jim Robinson

Ed. Note.: This is how the cons operate. They go all limp when it comes to their ostensible opponents on the left: but note how their resolve stiffens when facing criticism from the right -- the racialists it is Semitically Correct and socially acceptable to hate. The workaday cowardice exhibited by the likes of Jim Robinson, Joe Farah, Lew Rockwell, and other masters of censorship and timely euphemism is exactly the reason the nation has reached such a parlous state. Feel free to congratulate Robinson on his gutlessness at the above address. A.L.


Here's an exchange with a reader who took us to task for misreading the Lubinskas piece. Follows my response, mixed in with his original letter, and then a second, separate letter in which I made the point that...well, read the letters and it will be clear. A.L.

> Sir - I'd suggest that you go back to and reread the "end
> of paleoconservatism" article. Notice that the writer is James Lubinskas,
> assistant editor of American Renaissance, and that, contrary to what you
> might think, he looks forward to the day when a radical racial nationalist
> movement can take shape in America.

I suggest you go back and read the article instead of the writer's associations at the bottom: nothing in it comes anywhere close to what you claim is his position. His words are purely analytical, and to the extent I get anything between the lines, it's the opposite of what you say. If anything, he's celebrating the end of Buchananism.

I notice you wrote a letter to Frontpage. If you really think inclusiveness is the solution, you're wrong. There is no way out but through the Jews. Jared Taylor has been coopted by them, just like the conservative movement was coopted by the liberal neocons back in the seventies. It's later than you think. Openly pro-White advocacy, open criticism of Jews as the collective negative they are, is the only way to go.

> Also, it seems that you think Dr. Sam Francis is just a remonstrating fat
> old man. Well, I'd hate to make liberal use of certain adjectives to
> describe a certain "strong young man" whom the NA has recently chosen to
> deify...
> > Yours,
> [name removed to protect the guilty]
> P.S. - Don't post this in your "Reader Mail" section.

My litmus test is public criticism of Jews. Lubinskas fails that test. Sam Francis fails that test. Jared Taylor fails that test. Joe Sobran passes that test. William Pierce passes that test with flying colors.

Let me tell you privately that I have spent a lot of time pushing Taylor's book on people and defending him to true racialists -- and, boy, he doesn't make it easy. He draws up short at the lines of Semitical Correctness, just like nearly everybody else. If he has ever written a word acknowledging that Jews are a collective negative and the single force most responsible for our current state, I haven't seen it. William Pierce criticizes Jews in every public broadcast. That is strength any way you cut it. Your remark that we "deify" him is cheap. We respect Pierce for his straightforward moral courage the way you guys respect Taylor for his "respectability."

You claim Lubinskas looks forward to the day when a radical racial nationalist movement can take shape in America. Of course, he and Boss Taylor run like sixty from the National Alliance, which has been building that movement for thirty years. Too scared and Semitically Correct, I guess. All you behind-the-scenes racialists are coopted and excessively cautious. We genuine racialists are open and proud and can say what we wish, not niggle at the borders of what is "permissible" to say. We, unlike your heroes, refuse to let the Jews define those borders. I say whatever I want through VNN; -- Sammy Francis can't say the same, can he? My policy is objective kiss and slap, and the day Francis comes out and writes what he knows to be true about Jews, I'll give him the editorial equivalent of three cherry pies.

Alex Linder

P.S. You're free to posterize this letter and wear it on a sandwich board.

Mr. [Name removed to protect the guilty]:

I can't resist a pensee du escalier...

If you ever wonder how the country achieved its present parlous state, the answer lies inside you: happy to have your letter published in Frontpage, afraid to have it published in VNN. Our country, our race are endangered because of men like you, [name removed to protect the guilty].

Yours in preserving "respectability,"


From: Regmeister
Sent: Friday, November 24, 2000 3:11 AM
Subject: The Best Apology

The best apology "Tookie" (!) can make is to acknowledge the justice of the sentence of death imposed upon him and cease all attempts to have the sentence vacated or to obtain a pardon. But I guess it's a story of "everybody wants to get to heaven, but nobody wants to die", right? "Tookie" and "Mumia" must be laughing their asses off at how they've conned the usual crowd of weepy liberals into buying their line of bull. But I must say that "Tookie" has out-Mumia'ed Mumia--a Nobel Peace Prize nomination! Right up there with other luminaries like Kissinger and all the others who've debased it over the past couple of decades. It looks as though "Tookie" will have the honor of representing the absolute nadir, though--unless O.J. Simpson is nominated during the next round.
R. Belser

The following is an exchange with Christian-coward conservative Diane Alden, in response to her recent viciously anti-German column blaming "German" thinking for our current cultural maelstrom, in just the same sense that the term "Russian" mafia is used: to disguise the fact that almost all the people she blames are Jews. Frothing hate on Germans has become de rigueur on the right, a favorite technique of paycheckmongering cowards like Alden and the jerk-job specialists at WorldNetDaily -- and it's going to stop or they will get more of what she received here.

Here is the article referred to:

[Ms. Alden:]

Your piece wins the award for the most disgusting piece of Semitically Correct cowardice I have read in the past year, and that's a very strong competition, given that Joseph Farah exists.

You look at yourself in the mirror, you canting, hatemongering German-smearing, Semite-intimidated liar. You don't have the balls to blame the Jews. But you know damn well that the people you are talking about are Jewish -- not German. You know what that makes you? You do, don't you....

Maybe next week you can copy J.R. Nyquist and write a column about how the Germans are "really" responsible for the Bolshevik revolution and not "men with Jewish names."

Goodbye, Diane Alden. You are a coward. And you know yourself to be such.

Alex Linder

[Now, note the incredible lack of logic, the complete avoidance of the one point the opening letter made...]

> From: "Diane Alden"
> Reply-To: "Diane Alden"
> Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2000 17:29:29 -0800
> To: "arlmr"
> Subject: Re: I'm afraid of Jews, so I blame Germans, just like J.R. Nyquist and
> the other conservative cowards

> Yes -- my mission in life is to skewer every single ethnic group on the
> planet -- before it is over with I will have polished off the feminists,
> enviros, radical gender groups, Russians, French, English, Poles,
> Slovenians, Eritreans, Kuwaitis, El Savadorans, you name it. I live to BASH
> all groups regardless of race creed or color -- skin heads -- nazis --
> socialists -- communists -- anti semites, -- anti CAtholics -- anti any
> body. It was this week the German's turn -- but next week who knows. I am an
> equal opportunity basher.
> D.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: arlmr
> Date: Saturday, November 04, 2000 2:34 PM
> Subject: I'm afraid of Jews, so I blame Germans, just like J.R. Nyquistand
> the other conservative cowards

[My second letter]

Your response neatly ignores the whole point of my letter: You don't have the courage to name the real enemy, so you pick on the Semitically Correct target -- the Germans. Just like the rest of the Christian cowards. Honestly -- if you ever wonder why y'all are dying off, it's because you are cowards. You blame "secular humanists" "atheists" "Germans" "barbarians" -- but never the one group that conspicuously opposes everything you Christians say you hold dear: the goddamn Jews. Never a word of criticism of the Chosen!

Do you really wonder why everyone in the world despises you and thinks you're gutless? Because you are! Do you really imagine the averge person reading your thoughts doesn't see what you are obviously afraid to mention?

Hitler was FIGHTING the damn Frankfurt school, yet you are treating the nazis and commies as though they are the same thing -- how the hell do you think they all the Frankfurt Jews got over here? They are JEWS not GERMANs. The common thread is the Jewishness, not the Germanness. Who were the thirties "red diaper" babies? Who were the leaders of the sixties radicals? Who created and led the insane feminists? Which radical, destructive cause in America isn't led by Jews? And where is the con coward columnist who will point that out? He doesn't exist -- he -- whether you or Farah or Nyquist or George Will -- is blaming the Germans.

You do realize that Marx, Marcuse, Freud, Horkheimer, Adorno, Fromm, etc etc -- are all Jews? Why attack my ethnic group by blaming Germans for Jewish crimes and Jewish hate? Obviously because if you criticize Jews directly in our "free" media they kick you off the gravy train. You and I both know that's true, and that that truth conditions everything we see the "respectable" media. It's all about a paycheck to you guys, when you get down to it, and that's why nobody takes you very seriously.

Sweetheart, I know ya ain't no heavyweight, but I want you to do me a little favor. Please. Dig up a copy of John Murray Cuddihy's The Ordeal of Civility and read it. Give the Germans a break, find some balls, and jump on the assholes who angled us into both world wars and are probably going to end up making the White race extinct.

Go to this link and read the Kevin MacDonald paper on immigration if you want the truth about Jewish destruction of the racial and cultural stability of the country.

Serious political criticism means taking on the Jewish media that controls the country. Short of that, it's just a bunch of masturbatory junk. Lay off the Germans if you don't have the courage or knowledge to figure out what's really going on. Isn't that the "Christian" thing to do?


[Which led to...]

From: "Diane Alden"
Reply-To: "Diane Alden"
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2000 18:19:39 -0800
To: "arlmr"
Subject: Re: I'm afraid of Jews, so I blame Germans, just like J.R.Nyquist and the other conservative cowards

From someone who defends Hitler -- like I give a shit what you think -- you are pathetic -- and so unAmerican -- I guess all the Jews and other unacceptable who died for your ass must have been fools. Next time you go to a graveyard or Arlington look at how many Star of Davids stand -- what a tragedy for them and for you. Stupidity and philosophical foolishness aren't ethnic problems they are human problems. God help us all when the hate from the left and right is so blind to the chilling and anti human and liberty killing evil of it. PLEASE don't read my stuff any more and PLEASE don't answer this email -- I am ashamed that for you.


-----Original Message-----
From: arlmr
To: Diane Alden
Date: Saturday, November 04, 2000 4:08 PM
Subject: Re: I'm afraid of Jews, so I blame Germans, just like J.R.Nyquist and the other conservative cowards

[Response mixed in...]

From someone who defends Hitler -- like I give a shit what you think -- you are pathetic -- and so unAmerican -- I guess all the Jews and other unacceptable who died for your ass must have been fools.

The public was wise in wanting to stay out of both World Wars. Would have been infinitely better for the West you ostensibly defend if we had. The truth is that Jewish and Anglophile traitors angled us into both world wars.

Next time you go to a graveyard or Arlington look at how many Star of Davids stand --

Like the guy who bribed Clinton to bury him there? Did you write a column about that?

what a tragedy for them and for you. Stupidity and philosophical foolishness aren't ethnic problems they are human problems.

And in your case, personal problems as well, although no doubt you can find a German to blame.

God help us all when the hate from the left and right is so blind to the chilling and anti human and liberty killing evil of it. PLEASE don't read my stuff any more and PLEASE don't answer this email -- I am ashamed that for you.

Lay off Germans or you'll get plenty more. I can't stop you from writing garbage exculpating Jews for their crimes, but I certainly can and will expose you as the Christian coward you are, merrily shitting all over Germany to curry favor with your bosses. Fair warning. Don't do it again.

[There you have it. It is just possible that this woman is so stupid she truly doesn't realize that all the people she named off were Jews. Cowardice is likelier, though. Let's see, off the top of my head, here's a brief rundown of cons blaming Germans where Jews would be appropriate: Pat Robertson, Balint Vazsonyi, J.R. Nyquist...and from Alden's column, it sounds like Rush Limbaugh can be added to the list, too...]

Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 13:28:42 +0800
Subject: paralympics

Paralympics is a sick idea, and the woman you smear has a lot more guts than you cheap smearing sneerers. The whole special olympics ilk is just Kennedy-spawned garbage to serve as a backdrop for libs' moral preening. To civilized people, it is stomach turning bilge.

A. Linder

This is a back and forth with a black female L.A. Times reporter who wrote a column based on a note she received from a Jewish woman who was horrified that her son, often harassed by coloreds, wanted to attend UC Santa Barbara because it has the most whites...


Subject: blaming the victim

You are doing what in any other context a lib like you would call "blaming the victim." If the white kid gets beat up and harassed by Mexicans and Blacks, he's the real problem, right?

Alex Linder



Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 08:28:29 -0700

To: arlmr

Subject: Re: blaming the victim

No, the white kid isn't the problem, but neither are the other hundreds of black and Latino kids on that campus who didn't beat him up. If I tried to avoid being around white folks because I've been mistreated by some (and I have, as have my children, who've been called names, had fruit chucked at them out of passing cars and been spit upon by a group of white teenagers yelling `go back to Africa' and such), I would not only be racist, but stupid. My point is there are mean and ignorant people in every racial 'group,' just as there are kind and decent ones. It is when we begin blaming an entire group for the actions of a few that we are succumbing to the kind of prejudice that denies us all our humanity.



So because some people of all races are bad, we can't make any generalizations about race? You know, like Brother Jesse talking about how relieved he felt when the late-night footsteps behind him were whites'? No difference between Jesse and the Jewish kid and me and you. We all know vastly disproportionate numbers of Negroes are violent criminals compared to whites. We also know blacks' 85-average-IQs leave them borderline-educable. We also know that the laws in this country discriminate against whites, and that whites advocating white interests aren't allowed access to any public forum, merely treated as targets of hate. Whereas public Negroes such as Jackson and Sharpton are allowed to make all manner of lies and misrepresentations without it ever affecting their status. Did you see where three of the teen brawlers in Illinois Jesse defended got arrested for more brutality? What about "Football" Williams, the guy who nearly killed Reginald Denny, busted again in your neck of the woods. Did you write a column about that? And how lenient the criminal justice system is when it comes to black-on-white attacks?

You are using a small truth to occlude a big truth. The fact that there are bad people of every race can't be allowed to cloud the immense disparities in violence, IQ, and general civilizability that exist between the black and white races. They are such different animals that, as Thomas Jefferson said, "the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government." Here's a fact you probably don't know and would never publish: Young black men are 3% of the population, but they commit 40% of the violent crimes. I'm sure you can understand, with a little imagination, why so many of us whites don't like being around blacks and see it as a real tragedy that they were ever brought into this country.


Whew.... If I were the prejudiced sort, I'd say you sure give your people a bad name.


Don't kid yourself, sugar.


First up is an exchange with David Horowitz, a leftist extremist Jew selling himself to Gentile conservatives as a fellow. Horowitz advocates anti-Foundational racial principles and slurs anyone observing the truth about that touchiest of subjects.
Sir -- go back and reread your article on the ben franklin school and your speech about henry hyde, specifically your remarks about maxine waters. don't you see how naive you are and how meaningless is your faith in the individualist ideology against the reality of race? what do the individual rights of smart white kids mean when they are subject to the depredations of inner city niggers? this isn't a matter of johnny getting away with knocking over susie and stealing billy's lunch money -- this is a matter of two subspecies struggling for room. i heighten the contrast deliberately, but my picture is closer to the truth than your and the cons' view that this is simply a matter of enforcing the individual rights of all americans. no, that is a nation-killing and fateful distortion of ground-level reality, the facts of which you see clearly enough, but the meaning of which escapes you. have blacks anywhere been capable of producing or sustaining a civilization? have you heard of africa? have you ever lived in a big city? do you think the natural law at work in Zimbabwe and South Africa might apply to LA too?

there simply is no solution: the scenes you depict simply show gresham's law as it applies to people. the stronger, cruder, inferior people drive out the superior, refined people. and the media jews' is going to keep pumping nigger (c)rap thru its amplifiers until we're all wiggers, and making impossible by social and legal sanction any public expression of white racial solidarity. can vouchers or better school administration make civilized people of niggers? really? where? or is this just another lib social-engineer-alchemist's pipe dream? proper school administration all that is separating the 'bigger, tougher, more sexual' niggers from the white kids? is that really all it would take? you are either incredibly naive, which i doubt, or soon on the way to having third thoughts. did you ever think that maybe white people have special (let's say sub-species-al) reasons for moving away from blacks, as white people ALWAYS do, even as black people have obvious reasons for voting themselves shares of civilized peoples' earnings?... liberals have only exacerbated the problems of the inner city, as you could tell if you'd ever lived there. it aint the foul wasp bureaucrat administrators or the creepy jewish social service worker/psychologists that make niggers not interested in cleaning up their yards. imagine trying to make slums out of Swedish-Americans. biology trumps the conservative religion of individual rights, as you must be beginning to suspect. as bad as your continual laments suggest your social and professional position is -- you still don't show the courage to risk it by observing the real facts, do you?

you and the other public cons can keep trying to drive out nature with a typewriter, but she writes in the only code that matters -- the genetic. wake up, man, you can do better.

jack halliday

>It's your own genes that should worry you.

--David Horowitz

So you don't object to genetic arguments in principle. Just a question of who it's politically safe to employ them against, right? That's how you and the "fearless" conservatives operate, isn't it?

Did you ever hear that old adage about the reformed whore in church, and how she shouldn't preach the first time out? Most people who took half their lives to figure out Marx was wrong would be very careful about future pronouncements.

Keep thinking sir, I have no doubt you can do better.

jack halliday

The italics are David Horowitz responding to a questioner about his position on Jared Taylor...

I washed my hands of Jared Taylor after reading his Renaissance newsletter. These are people who really believe in race, and therefore racial purity. I believe that culture is the determining factor in shaping human affairs. America could be only ten percent Anglo-Saxon and still be America, if the political culture created by those Anglo-Saxon geniuses remained intact. [D.H.]

[This is my reponse to Horowitz, which he posted on his site. J.H.]

You mean those "Anglo-Saxon geniuses" who put the value of the black man at three-fifths of the white man? You have downgraded the political culture of America from the simple, if sophisticated, affirmation of the norms of free and responsible white people into some world-embracing spiritual elixir that anyone can swallow. You are still a Marxian in favoring abstractions over facts. You have bought into the religious hokum that America is an idea.

Imagine yourself reading that last statement -- 'only ten percent Anglo-Saxon' -- to Thomas Jefferson. How do you think he would have responded once he stopped laughing? Why do you indulge in the fake obeisance of describing as geniuses men whose opinions you discard the minute they depart from your own, O master-of-geniuses? And why do you smear and disdain to rebut the arguments of those, such as Taylor, who take seriously and in modern context those genius opinions you discard? What does that say about your character and intellect and integrity? Less than it says about your vanity, perhaps.

As for culture, not race, being determinant, well, I was going to make fun of you, but then I remembered the remarkable democratic civilization those cultured American Negroes wrought in Liberia. Those who have visited tell me it's every bit as civilized as Washington, D.C.

Someone with the courage and intellectual honesty to break with the perverse and vengeful Jewish-led left ought to find it worth the time to write a long, thoughtful article rebutting another nascent movement (Taylor and his crowd's) displaying, if anything, even more courage and intellectual honesty. You owe the Founders and the Taylors and your readers the courtesy of considered rebuttal.

You still betray traces of your leftist heritage. I've read Taylor's work, and he doesn't discuss racial purity at all, as you claim. When I add that misrepresenation to the barely veiled slur that he is dirty (or else why wash your hands?), I get a half-subtle attempt to sway your client into thinking Taylor reeks of the Reich.

Inwardly you know that if you took the pains to study the facts about race, your intellectual honesty would lead you in Taylor's direction, which would certainly undermine your position with the neoconservative right, that other club of Jewish and Jewishyouwere ideologues. Start and stick with the facts, sir, and the theories will tend to suggest themselves. You have merely played switch-bitch with your ideologies, but if you listen the facts will sing to you, too.

Toward a better, sharper David Horowitz,
Jack Halliday

Horowitz responded that the 3/5 was not a measure of the value of the black man, but a Congressional compromise for calculating representation. That led me to write the imaginary conversation between a slave, a genius and a super-genius, in which I satirically upbraided D.H. for his dishonesty in presenting himself as the heir of the founders while misrepresenting their true racial beliefs, which were, once again, that Blacks and Whites could not be mixed freely without destroying civilization. You can find the "Conversation" here. J.H.

The next is a copied paragraph from the weekly digest called The Federalist, put out by the Claremont Institute in Southern California. it is another willfully ignorant attack on the Taylor crowd and all racial nationalists.

>Obviously, these claims are patently false; they are the delusions of the "race matters" crowd, who make mutually contradicting arguments about the nature and importance of skin color. Skin color is merely an accident of birth. It does not mean someone is smart or ignorant, hard working or lazy, sensitive or unfeeling, artistic or athletic, reads novels or TV Guide. In the final analysis, people are individuals, whose identity is shaped by innumerable characteristics and experiences, of which race is the least important. All policies that classify people and then treat them differently based on race are inescapably a form of intolerable stereotyping.

This is silly, simplistic piffle, and for you to speak of "delusions," well, look in the mirror.

What about Jefferson's statement that there was no way that free blacks could live amongst free whites -- you know, the part of his statement that didn't make the wall cut? You write "obviously, these claims are patently false" -- well, obviously, you all are patently correct or you wouldn't need to sound so sure with all those adverbs.

Generalizations -- general truths -- are not "intolerable stereotyp[es]," as you have it. You are using a simple truth -- that skin color isn't an absolute predictor of the character of a single individual -- to deny a larger and more important truth: that race is, on the whole, a very good predictor of a number of important characteristics: crime, IQ, bone density, fecundity, skin color etc. Generalizations about race represent extremely important truths that all conservatives up until about 1950 have accepted as obvious. They are matters of fact that will influence the direction of our civilization whether conservatives are discomfited by them or not.

Conservatism is made weaker by -- indeed I think it is foundering on -- this silly, ahistorical ideology of colorblindness. If race is the "lease imporant" factor in our makeup, a silly assertion that betrays your ideology, why is it that racial groups mix so uneasily in the absence of federal nightsticks? If people are merely individuals, and racial generalizations are -- what, immoral? illegal? indecent? unpublishable in the Jewish-dominated press? -- then how do we explain, say, Africa? or Washington, D.C.? or Cabrini Green? How long before we stop pretending its ALL due to liberal policies? Isn't it true that liberal policies have merely exacerbated racial problems? You don't have a problem calling black people black, although not all blacks have black skin. You accept the one generalization easily enough, why not others? Don't we owe our white, Western forefathers enough respect to take seriously the views of their cream that, with respect to the numerically insignificant Sowells, the majority can't be mixed with European Americans without destruction of civilization? What are you scared of, boys?

jack halliday

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