Victor Wolzek


ELEVEN: Terror, Lies and the Murder of America


The Jungling

CBS Survivor Pearl Islands

HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher

Howard Stern: Jew Liar Caught in the Act

Wager of Hate: The Myth of Media Profit Motive

VNN Interview: Von and Doc of The Vonbluvens Show

On Mark S. Hamm's "In Bad Company: America's Terrorist Underground"

Swindler's Lust: The Truth Behind Public Enemy's "Antisemitism"

The Murder of America One State at a Time: Maryland Tax Money At Work

Adolf Hitler: The Original Fonzie

CSI: Crime Drama as Semitically Correct Investigation
Finnish version here.

The Betrayal: How America was Murdered

Who's The Jackass?

The Right Perspective with Frank & John

You've Gotta Be Yidding Me: South Park and The Semitically Correct Limits of Satire

Movie Reviews

Friskal & Riemer: At the Shmuelies!: "May" (with Alex Linder)


Wrong Turn

Blind Spot - Hitler's Secretary

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