The Snow Fell

by R. Belser

The two sets of valuations, good/bad and good/evil, have waged a terrible battle on this earth, lasting many millenia; and just as surely as the second set has for a long time now been in the ascendant, so surely are there still places where the battle goes on and the issue remains in suspension... The watchwords of the battle, written in characters which have remained legible throughout human history, read: "Rome vs. Israel, Israel vs. Rome." No battle has ever been more momentous than this one.

There are some episodes in history which stand out in relief from the background of all other human events, because (in hindsight) they illuminate all that has preceded them and color the meaning of all that has followed.

The rise and fall of the Third Reich meets this criterion, for had Germany not been defeated, the battle of which Nietzsche speaks would have been won by "Rome" --the Aryan peoples of the world--over fifty years ago. The existence of this Website, as one of the antibodies striving to forestall and reverse the genocide of Aryans, certainly is just a miniscule part of the nearly infinite array of consequences of that tragedy.

Unlike Alexander, Caesar, or Napoleon, Hitler's vision encompassed a goal beyond the attainment of conquest for its own sake. From its beginnings the main enemy of the Third Reich--metaphysically as well as politically-- was Communism and the ethos from which it sprang. The conquest of the countries of Western Europe by Germany was necessary for the same reason Alexander subdued Egypt before marching into Persia: to secure the rear. The geography of the continent, with Germany bordered by so many other European countries, made her vulnerable to a stag-at-bay situation (as Frederick the Great had discovered two centuries earlier).

The meaning of that defeat for subsequent generations is crystallized in the story of the German Army on the Eastern Front: the exultant hopes brought to fruition by the its first great triumphs; the deceptive mildness of that autumn and the appalling sufferings and casualties which the Russian winter brought--a winter which saw the death of the Great Dream: a Europe whose blood was no longer to be drained by the Levantine curse, whose soul would be liberated from the nature-hating doctrines instilled by the Semitic features of Christianity, its secular heir, Marxism, and the Jewish "culture of critique" which had taken root and fastened upon all aspects of European culture. Two especially moving songs have been written with the German experience on the Eastern Front as a theme--The Snow Fell by the well-known English band Skrewdriver (covered equally effectively by today's premier band Rahowa) and Russian Winter by Bound for Glory. If you've heard neither of these songs, you owe it to yourself to do so, because in both songs the music and lyrics were born for each other and are enspirited with a full sense of what that loss has meant.

The Great Dream spoke not only to Germans, but to the best and brightest among young Europeans of that generation; the Waffen SS was composed of the cream of young European manhood. The culture of Germany's Third Reich resonated compellingly with the Aryan spirit---so much so that, to this day, much art produced during that period in Germany remains under lock and key because the Allies and their New World Order successors are (rightly) apprehensive about its power to arouse emotions of racial pride and solidarity.

And yet...the Great Dream never truly died, and it is manifesting itself in the music being written and performed by German nationalist bands today--bands such as Kraftschlag, Noie Werte, Landser and others. The music itself is identifiably unique and shows an originality which marks it as a genuinely cultural phenomenon: that is, it is the product of a living, growing spirit and Weltanschauung--and that is something that can't be contrived, faked, or effectively countered by Germany's "hate-speech" laws, which recently saw the thought-police destroy thousands of CDs and make another group of arrests in what has become a campaign to silence those Germans who want Germany to survive--as Germany.

The attempt to describe music in words is foredoomed unless it is music of a kind heard before, and even in that case, the inherent limitations are great. When we're dealing with music of a new, distinctly different kind from what we've heard before, it's really impossible. What I can tell you, is that you need not speak or understand German in order to understand what this music is saying--and saying beautifully--and to be moved by it.

The general framework is Rock, but it's Rock that's unmistakeably Aryan and German. Some of the music is a legitimate descendant of Classical music (the band Noie Werte is the best example), but the synthesis is so unforced, fused, and organic that it's nothing like other Rock music about which the claim of Classical influence has been made. It is at once fully Rock and fully European music.

In its beginnings a decade or so ago, pro-White music had perhaps three or four good bands, while the majority of the music in that category was simply raw, loud, and derivative. That's no longer true. There are a surprising number of great bands, American, French, English and there are worthy representatives of it from all of the European countries as well as North America. The number of such bands is increasing at a surprising rate--which means that the number of listeners of this music is growing. This is a very hopeful sign in an otherwise bleak landscape, because if the battle for White survival is to be won, it cannot remain a purely political struggle but must permeate and percolate culturally.

On my own Website, I have a page which gives the lyrics in German of some of the songs I think are especially fine, and have also rendered them into English in an adjacent column, for those who would like to understand what the lyrics say. At the bottom of this page, I've provided the URL of that lyrics page, as well as the URL for the Odin's Lounge Website from which the songs of these bands and others can be downloaded in zip format. I think that you'll not only enjoy the music for itself, but find a respite, in listening to it, from what has become a culture inimical to our race.

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