The Legal Framework of White Oppression


In recent years this Scandinavian country has begun to play six-bullet roulette with immigration.

Fact: According to the Danish Refugee Council, 1998 saw 5,702 apply for asylum; and in 1999, the number grew to nearly 6,500. Over sixty percent of these applicants were accepted. And as in the U.S., these new people are allowed to bring in their family members, which added nearly 10,000 apiece in those two years.

Fact: Refugees are kept in camps. Sandholm is a "closed camp" that is forbidden to outsiders, processing those who are thought to be in greatest danger. For example, an Iraqi pilot defector might be housed here while Saddam's agents inside and outside the country try to hunt him down. In other words, Denmark is foolishly importing the political problems of non-White countries -- people who hate Whites and each other and will destroy what they are allowed to infect.

Fact: A Danish intelligence officer claims that of every fifty thefts in the country, 45 are the work of immigrants. Social disintegration as government policy. The same source claims that rape, murder and assault are almost exclusively committed by non-Whites and non-Christians. These crooks all receive monthly stipends from Danish earners. As everywhere Jews or Jew-intimidated Whites write the rules, the White race is forced at gunpoint to subsidize its own destruction.

Danes see looming race-war due to out-of-control immigration...

See the second letter on our Reader Letters 6 page for an update on the openness of the so-called "closed camps".

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