Denmark: Genocide by Immigration

[Taken from a WorldNetDaily report from Anthony LoBaido, November 2000]

"The situation has become unmanageable. These immigrants don't want to assimilate. They don't belong in our culture. The Muslims and Somalis form gangs and pillage through Copenhagen. They want to rape and use the system -- the Muslims in particular. They want the Red Cross to change our symbol to a crescent moon, like on the Islamic flag. They want their own political party. They can't serve in our army, thank God. Why would we bring a bomb inside our own nation? It is suicide, I tell you."

WorldNetDaily encountered numerous Muslim immigrant taxi drivers who openly spoke of "jihad" and "killing all of the white people, especially Christians."

At the same time,
WND interviewed scores of ordinary Dutch and Danes who all agreed that there will be "a war within 10 years to drive out the immigrants. It will begin in Russia and spread to Scandinavia."

Said one Danish taxi driver who voiced the typical opinion, "When the blacks and Muslims get enough numbers in Denmark, they will turn on us and try and kill us. But Danes are not stupid. They see the white farmers being killed in Zimbabwe. We know our government won't protect us. But there are guns all around here. You can buy them everywhere and already the average person is preparing for the war to come."

Michael Jorgensen, another Red Cross worker, told
WorldNetDaily, "We don't need this mass immigration from Lebanon and Kurdistan. Western governments should have supported the Christian outposts and enclaves that existed in the Middle East instead of abandoning them. We need our own people, marrying our own and having many babies. It is not racist to save our own race and civilization. That is natural. The European Union speaks of genocide as a crime. I say it is a crime for them to destroy our race and civilization through mass immigration."

Beate Van der Hausen, a German Internet systems analyst who works in Copenhagen, told
WorldNetDaily, "We have many Kurds and Turks in Germany. We need them as workers. Why? Because we have aborted and murdered our own children to such an extent that there aren't enough people."

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