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Schroeder Pushes for NPD Ban Application

And here some background on two parties banned in the fifties. Here on German media connections, including Jewish ones.

Media Jews Preparing to Protect the "Russian" Oligarchs?

Speculation on the motives behind a recent New York Times magazine article "outing" the "Russian" oligarachs as Ian McKinney

How the Jews Stole Russia

New book on Berezhovsky, one of the elite "Russian" Jew criminals who stole the country blind. Lower down are interesting comments on ACLU, which can best be understood as a tool for cracking open White America and leaving it to rot.

Jewish Reaction to Recent Worldwide Attacks

Wherever Jews are they are despised by the local inhabitants -- and it's always the locals' fault. Say the Jews. Here the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) sums up recent anti-Semitic attacks. On suspects in Paris synagogue burning here. On ' Holokaust' here. The international Jew-controlled media was the prime instrument in destroying South Africa. Will the forces and arguments unleashed whip 'round on Israel next? Latest from Buchanan here, including rethinking our support for Yahweh's heroes.

German Report on Irving's Recent Cincinnati Conference

For our German readers (and those who read German). No English... An incredibly biased piece that ran in the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Here, auch auf Deutsch, on Spielberg and Lipstadt.

Chittum Locked Out at New York Meeting, Barred by Semitically Correct VFW

When they found out what the meeting was about, they locked him and them out.

Germany Roundup: CDU Tries to Delay Ban of NPD

Wants to push back appeal for the first party ban since '56 by a couple weeks. Here G_d's pets argue that appeals against immigration are Bad. Jews should not have a voice in determining the fate of Germany. Jews don't belong in Germany. Do the Jews in Israel care what White goyim think? Hell, no. Here pro-Germans are sentenced, anti-Nazi march planned. Leftist group Amnesty International says there is torture in Germany. Here on German immigration, which government says has become a "permanent phenomenon." That ought to please the Jews who control the once-great country.

Immigration, Lies and the New York Times

The Jews who write and edit and own and control the NYT can't understand why real Americans don't want to live cramped up in high-rises like they do. Good commentary on the lies these Jews spread that immigration and urban sprawl are unrelated issues. Mexicans are filthy, low-class people and they belong, if anywhere, in Mexico. The Jews want this country filled with their pollution because it breaks down civilized, stable White America. Jews are the enemy, White man. They, more than any other group, are responsible for our immigration insanity. Here National Review online commentary.

Gore the Intellectual

Like any pol, he ain't.

Jewish Hate Group Denounces Alphabet Used By Our White Ancestors

Whatever the ADL opposes is "hate." Whatever the Jew opposes is "hate." Whatever opposes Jewish interests is "hate." An "anti-Semite" is someone whom Jews hate. The Confederate flag is included on this latest list compiled by these despicable Jewish haters the Jew-controlled media loves to quote. One standard for Jews, another standard for the rest of us. The Jew is the enemy, White man. This is further proof of what we mean when we say that. They hate our race and want to eliminate it any way they can, whether it's calling our history "hate" or opening the borders to colored Third-Worlders to turn our world brown. Here for a look at various "hate" symbols as determined by the lying, spying, Jewish hate group ADL. Honestly, only Jews could come up with "hate alphabet." Wouldn't our country be a more desirable place if we could push a button and all the Boxers, Feingolds, Schumers and Dershowitzes just disappeared overnight? It can happen.... Note that the November number of Harper's magazine carries an article criticizing Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Not online, as far as we know. Also, A&E is supposed to be scheduling yet another "hate" show by and about the usual suspects, at 10 EST, this Friday.

More on Racism in Britain

From an Indian paper... Here jackass Tory leader Hague says Tories must be 'inclusive' yet not politically correct. In other words, they must eat their cake and have it too. That sort of half-assed, pretend-we-can-have-it-both-ways is common to politicians, conservatives, college administrators (diversity, and high standards) and WASPs in general. As always, we at VNN observe that conservative opposition is fake opposition. Conservatives are part of the problem. Here a colored berates Prince Charles for not marrying a savage, like Borris Becker did.

A Home for Butler

After Jews helped by a corrupt court stole his old one, Butler gets help to buy a new home. Second report with photo here.

N.J. Commission on Holocaust Education Develops Eight New Lessons

Just think about all the implications here. The Holocaust, whatever that is, must be taught about under New Jersey law. Jews are legally allowed to indoctrinate White kids with their hate-filled anti-White lies and propaganda. Do not leave your children's education up to the Jews, White man. You owe them that much. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing.

Sobran on the Presidency

Has a new compiled-column "book" out titled "Hustler" about Clinton. Take a little time and read and reflect on Thomas Jefferson's first inaugural address here. Do you know what Thomas Jefferson said about the possibility of Blacks and Whites living together as free men? You do, don't you... Loyal VNN readers -- salute!

Latest in Traffic Surveillance

They know where we are.

International Disgust with Israel Grows

In tandem with hatred for America as her benefactor and protector... Here comments on Sharon and Gore, among other things, from Cockburn. Here a good resource/info site on the Jewish abduction of Eastern European White girls and their use as sex slaves in Israel. It is a fact that in the Jewish religion, all gentile females are considered whores -- unclean meat. Read the facts at Elena Haskins' site, and think about the unique nature of the Jew and what we can do to defeat him. The Jew is the enemy, White man.

Criticism of Neocon Podhoretz

From Justin Raimondo... Norman is a chameleon who never felt himself a real American. In that his instincts were sure, and he will stand for all Jews in America.

Jewish Censorship in Canada

Good Doug Collins article on the brouhaha in the Middle East and Canadian newspaper ownership.

Some German Firms Might Actually Refuse to be Shaken Down by Jewish Parasites

They say they are innocent, and so they will not pay... Insert earplugs now. Here auf Deutsch on the ZDF's new Holokaust show. Here a very interesting interview with a revisionist historian. Here on African beaten in Germany. Here on American Army brats who dropped stones onto cars and killed two German drivers. At least one brat was a savage. Here ebola deaths spread in Uganda. Read Richard Preston's The Hot Zone for background on ebola and how incompetent U.S. officials nearly let it break out into the American public.

Food Riots in Zimbabwe, Non-Food Riots at Berkeley

Where savages are in power, conditions deteriorate, and this is the natural result. Stealing the land from productive White farmers doesn't help either. You can be the hammer or the anvil, White man -- the choice is yours. Second report here. And report on Negro riots at Berkeley here. Wherever Negro savages are allowed to roam, stupidity and violence go too. Whether they are supposedly civilized college students or African tribesmen, they act the same. That's why Thomas Jefferson said, "[The] two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government." All of our modern politics, Jew-controlled through your TV, is an attempt to lie around that fact. There is no political solution possible to recivilize America that doesn't start with these two things: inherent, ineradicable differences between races, number two; and -- number one -- Jewish control of the mass media.

Britain: What it Means to Be a Nation

Commentary on the recent 'Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain' report...

Have Cops Near You Been Trained by Jewish ADL Commissars?

They never stop trying to indoctrinate police with their anti-White lies, do these Jewish haters. Here Sam Francis writes about anti-White hatred toward Denny's...

Gelding Denounces Buchanan Commercial

This "conservative," an ex-Horowitz waterbug, writes for the L.A. Daily News that Mexicans are learning English muy pronto, and it's a good thing to have them here. Con cowardice at its finest. The opinion of a man who isn't free to hold the opposite is worth nothing... Good Sowell article here on corrupt NEA.

On Southern Heritage

Some interesting thoughts, some half-truths... Here a new view on Morris Dees and his rich hate group... Here an odd political case, with a Clinton/Reno enemy Joe Gersten seeking refuge in Australia. Here on globalization of high-tech.

On Leftist Trends in Hollywood

By Michael Moriarty, the actor who had the beef with Janet Reno several years ago...

The Decline of Lit Study at Yale

When clarity and jargon collide, you know which gives way. Very interesting piece from a former grad student. Real writers don't go to grad school, they get jobs and write. Why is nearly everything worthwhile debased these days? Review of Cavalli-Sforza here. Review of new book on Orwell here. And here a review of new book about American cultural decline.

New York Times Praises Dead Communist Gus Hall

This is a critique from, which offers daily criticism of the NYT.

Achtung!: Pro-Germans on the Loose in Thuringia

So claims this FAZ report on Neustadt, where skins have liberated the town center after dark... Fear and loathing from Schroeder on down in the near future... Germany for Germans. Jewish leeches out. Those are good words, deserved words, and words that point to a successful future. Here debate over use of immigration as campaign issue. It can only be used "responsibly." If Jews say let in anyone pink, yellow or green from Mars or Neptune, the only "responsible" response is yes sir, right away sir. There is the Jewish position, and the evil position. Jews are the enemy, White man. The know it -- do you? Here Germany too embarrassed to take back its last, long-dead Kaiser, Wilhelm II. German nationalism is a good thing, as is respect for the past. The Jews will only mislead you, Germans, for they were and remain your enemies. Here more anti-German agitprop spread by new German production ' Holokaust.' Here a review of several more books about Hitler. Interest in Hitler will never die for the obvious reason that, deep in our hearts, nobody really believes he was wrong, not even the Jews who profess to hate him.

Germany to Spend $11 Million Fighting Racism, Etc.

The government will do anything to stamp out pro-German sentiment.

Austria: Haider's Freedom Party Fares Poorly in Local Election

Voting down a few percent...

France: No Wave of Anti-Semitism Says Minister

Interior minister blames endemic vandalism...

Push for More Screen Nig-Nogs in Britain

Targets set by BBC, Channels 4 and 5 -- to reflect the "changing face" of Britain. When Jews like Jack Straw rule the land, this is the natural result. The Jew is the enemy, Englishman.

Ireland: More Anti-Racist Pap from the Government

Standard, emetic diversity-is-our-Biggest-Lie garbage from the usual suspects.

Australia: Attempted Bombing of Synagogue in Canberra

Wherever the Jews go they provoke the disgust and contempt of the natives. This is always called "anti-Semitism." Everybody reacts to the Jews the same way, but the problem is with them, not him. That's the lie the Jews repeat in their media, anyway. Do Arabs, British, Americans, Germans, Poles, French all see something that isn't there? Really? One reason Jews inspire such hatred is that, as here with Dr. Töben, they inevitably try to suppress any criticism of their off-putting group. Maybe the Jews have to suppress free speech and criticism because their ideas can't survive open debate.... Here debate over Abos.

Zimbabwe: Editor Fired by Savages

Where savages rule, free speech flees... Racial equality is the Biggest Lie. Why allow that Lie to destroy your civilization, White man? Because the Jews tell you to? Is it possible they have their own interests at heart?

Will the Cole Be Used to Lure America into War?

God only knows what really happened, but bogus or misrepresented ship attacks have been used to lure America into war before...

"Russian" Child-Porn Ring

This is the story Pierce referred to in a recent broadcast. Per usual when Jewish gangsters are involved, the media uses the term "Russian." Here Italy's Alleanze Nazionale opposes immigration.

Chasing Witches in Nigeria

Find out why we call them savages in this slice of life from the Dark Continent. How many Nigerians are living in your country, White man?

Race Roundup: Mexicans Force Warehousing of White Statue

Mexico is wherever Mexicans are. They are pro-la raza and hate the White race, mostly for its superiority. If you forget that you are superior to the Mexican, White man, you will be dragged back down into the sewer with him. Here an article on the SPLC calling the League of the South a "hate" group. Here on human rights palaver in Idaho. Maybe they can call it: Idaho -- the state too busy growing potatoes to hate. Here they try to find Butler a new house. Here a Huntington Beach dispute between Jews and German-Americans. Here a perfect example of the classic Jew newspaper article on race and crime. Everything is done to hide the fact that Whites suffer hugely from Black crimes, while White-on-Black crimes scarcely exist. The tendentious skewing of facts in this article shows why people don't trust the Jews or the media. Here's how people feel about Jews in Syracuse. Here on immigration insanity in Iowa.

Hollywood Jews Debase The Contender to Help Gore

British conservative actor Oldman says Jews Spielberg, Katzenberg and Geffen of Dreamworks SKG cut his new movie The Contender to reverse its political message into a pro-Gore position. That's how Jews operate, day in, day out. Here more on politics behind Jodie Foster's projected film about Leni Riefenstahl. Note that Jews have pulled strings in the past to stop such a movie from being made. Here the story of a politically incorrect acting professor at ASU, fired for not teaching in line with feminist dogma.

The Election: Horowitz on Gore

More here on Gore from biographer Debra J. Saunders... Here an open letter from Juanita Broaddrick to Hillary Clinton.

Asians Kill White, Get Away With It

Interesting column on Yellows who stabbed to death a White man after a verbal exchange. Today the gooks are bopping around, probably popping and clicking and jabbering away over a bowl of fishhead soup in some filthy cafe, laughing at the stupidity of White people. The White man is merely dead. It is possible his corpse won't be charged with a hate crime since one of the fishhead-eaters said he spoke a slur. Here the FBI refuses to review the case because they have to splice up some new rabbit-death-scream tapes.

Hornet Juice Boosts Stamina

Japanese marathoner claimed it helped her win.

Pierce on the Nature of the Jew

Why does he act as he does, even when it might appear against his interests? Because that's his nature... Here Clinton signs permanent authorization of U.S. Holocaust Museum.

Australia: Special Standard for Jew Swindlers

Prison would be extra-hard on these Chosenoids, so they aren't going. Despite laundering $42 million. Jews have always had a proclivity for financial scams. Don't trust them with your money, White man. Here the latest on Pauline Hanson's "purge" of One Nation. And more here. Here Aussies protest treatment of asylum seekers; i.e., Third-World scum trying to enter illegally.

Sobran on Similarities Between Freudians and Constitutional Interpreters

Both groups are characteristic Jewish liars and mystagogues....

Mohammed's Army Claims Responsibility for Cole Attack

Group unheard of before claiming responsibility...

Yukon Meteorite May Hold Clue to Origins of Solar System

Could contain the oldest material ever studied.

Waterbug Worship: Joe Farah and the Bible and Israel

It never ceases to amaze what some people will believe... Here a White teacher is suspended for saying coloreds were "acting like animals." None of the savages acting like animals were suspended.

The Demonization of Earl

The (Southern) White male has become the stereotyped scapegoat of choice, thanks to the Jews who control the media. Earl and Wanda are the new Amos 'n' Andy -- the one set of people it is socially acceptable to laugh at and look down upon.... by K. Tarkington

South African Close to Passing Gun Restrictions

No one under 21 could own a gun, under bill passed by Parliament's upper chamber (and expected to be approved by lower and signed by Mbeki), and only one gun allowed per person. Criminals allowed to own as many as they want. Gun control is goy control -- and a key part of the Affenkultur...

Ineffective Con Criticism of 'The Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain'

Hague starts off strong, then trails back into the same old garbage that diversity really is our greatest strength. The report is nothing more than the Jews' blueprint for the destruction of England, and real Englishmen will stand up and say this. But cons are waterbugs, content to flit over the surface. Here an article on the 55% rise in the last year in those seeking asylum in Britain. Here rare encouragement from a White pol (in Australia) to increase the White birthrate.

Palestinians Attack Jews in Chicago

Neither of these groups belongs in America.

Jews Destroy America's Good Name

Do you realize, White man, how much you are hated by people throughout the rest of the world because of the actions taken in your name by the Jews controlling your country? The hatred that Jews produced just killed 17 of your countrymen aboard the USS Cole. The suicide bombing is a symptom; Jews are the disease. You, White man, possess the cure.

Australia: Praise for Miscegenation and the Destruction of White Civilization

Imagine Australia were China. And all the official stories talked about was the necessity of bringing Whites into China to enhance diversity. Do you see what's insane here? Must every White country be murdered to satiate Jewish bloodlust? It appears so...

Click Here!

Jews Pushed French Multiculturalism, Comes Back to Haunt Them

Like everywhere else they exist, the Jews pushed hard in France to destroy traditional White society by opening immigration to Africans. They succeeded. But the North African Muslims flooding the country don't like Jews, and now some have taken to attacking them and their synagogues. Wherever Jews are allowed to set policies, things turn bad for Whites. They are the enemy, and their influence must be eliminated in the White world. More on the attacks here.
Here pathetic German politicians urge Jews to stay in the country. Who ever heard of a leech abandoning abandon a healthy blood supply? Here a French report on the potential ban on the NPD. And more on the ban here. New book of oral history of German women under the Third Reich.

Arabs Charged in Attack on Bronx Synagogue

Just like in France... It's nice to see that people who don't belong in America in the first place, yet were allowed entrance thanks to immigration policies pushed hardest by foul Jews, are venting their anger on that deserving minority. Jews are the enemy, White man. Their interests are not our interests. If Jews aren't the real problem, the real haters, the real destructive force, then why have they been kicked out of virtually every country in which they've settled? Is the problem with the rest of the world, or is the problem with them? Is everybody else in the world wrong and the Jews right? Of course not. If three people tell you you're an ass, buy a saddle. Three hundred people have told the Jew.

The Jewish Destruction of the Academy

See how this 1989 analysis by The New Criterion's Hilton Kramer holds up... Kramer of course neglects to blame radical Jews, but they were indeed the ones who remade what passes for education these days around the Biggest Lie (racial equality -- a.k.a. race-doesn't-exist).

Latest HBO Anti-White Agitprop to Air October 23

Traditional enemy of the truth Morris Dees will host. Expect lies to flow thick and fast in this Jew-written and well-promoted cable special aimed at spreading hatred of White people. Here's one fact that will never come out of Dees's mouth: of 800,000 interracial crimes in a recent year, 93% were committed by Blacks against Whites. It's the "dirty war" that nobody talks about -- the war of colored-on-White. The liberal Jews who write the laws and bring you the news are well aware of this war, and don't doubt for a minute they enjoy seeing civilized Whites get their faces rubbed in the multicultural sewage they promote and spew. Jews are like that. A truly foul and pernicious people they are. The only God that would choose them is the God of Bad Taste. Icktheos, the Greeks called him.

White Power Signs in Ohio

And here Reese on Columbus... While he was sailing dauntlessly around the world, the redmen were enjoying a tidy repast of scorched human brains of other redskins, sitting around waiting for the White man to show up with written language and the wheel.

Germany: Latest on NPD Ban

The government, surprise!, produces helpful stats showing rise in pro-German sentiment useful for Jewish puppets in media and bureaucracy... Here on Cabinet's support for ban. On the politics behind the ban here. Greens and CDU reaction here. NPD quits marching, awaiting developments. The story of Doris Zutt and Ehringshausen here. She's an NPD member, whose party got 23% of a 1997 vote. The controlled media hate her because she and her husband are pro-German.

Report Finds 'British' = 'White' = 'Racist'

The Jews and coloreds want ' Britain' replaced with "community of communities." That's right, 'Britain' is hate speech. The most outrageous example yet of the way Jews are seeking to undermine the stability of England. England must rethink itself as a teeming multicultural sewer rather than the Earl of Oxford's 'scepter'd isle'... More of the report and its lies about the desirability of diversity here. Still more on The Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain here. And here British schools are encouraged to expel fewer savages. They would never think of asking the nig-nogs to commit fewer crimes; that would be unthinkable, let alone impossible. It's all part of the multiethnic sewer the Jews are committed to replacing England with. Will you allow them, White man? Why are the Jews so intent on destroying England, Ireland, Germany and America? Were these places better when our people dominated them? Or now that the Jews do? What sort of solution would be fitting for these Jewish puppet-masters? What do the Jews deserve? What do they have the right to expect from us? The Jewish question is the key political question in our times. They want gun control; what we need is Jew control.

Strasbourg Meeting Leads Up to World Conference on Racism

This white-hot anti-White preliminary meeting in Strasbourg is one of a series leading up to the conference in the title, which will take place in South Africa next September. The three-day fest of idiocy is called "All Different, All Equal." In the coming World Slave State, Whites will be a small and despised minority, fit only for mulcting of brain-power. But it doesn't have to be that way, White man.

American Patrol Hosts Meeting in New York

In Suffolk County, will deal with illegal aliens...

Illegal Mexican Scum Unionizes in San Francisco

No right to be here, and the big unions used to oppose them. Now the clever dimwits at headquarters have figured out that with unionization dying off everywhere else in the country except in government, illegals represent the last chance to reclaim old glory...

Jews Hot for Arab Blood Torch Restaurant

They whine about Krystallnacht, but, per the hypocrites they are, they do worse themselves daily. Here's a restaurant-torching they carried out recently, nearly killing twenty. Why is diversity good for everyone else, but a terrible thing for Israel? The Jew is the enemy, White man. This restaurant-torching is described as an example of Jewish paranoia. That it may be, but any other ethnic group and the word used would have been "hate" -- the only internationally recognized motive for anyone resisting Jewish control. Jews, being Yahweh's top choice among featherless bipeds, are the one group of people that's entirely hate-free.

Lapdog George Will Claims Israeli Existence Threatened

George Will lays his cards on the table: the Palestinians want to destroy Israel, and the disputes are not a matter for compromise. No kidding. But he knows the same thing is true between Whites and Blacks (and other minorities) in America, but he would never dare say it. German-American lapdog to the Jews that he is, Will repeats all the hogwash about individual rights that he knows the Founders never believed because that's the only way to preserve his position among the neoconservatives. Will has always supported the Levyathan, and wouldn't dream of saying anything that put him at odds with the Decters and Podhoretzim. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing.

Taki: Jews Deserve It

The Israelis are arrogant and murderous; they know that the U.S. Congress is in their pocket, and that encourages them in their evil ways. But one day the chickens will come home to roost, Jews. This column shows the difference between a real man, Taki, and waterboy Will.

Yggdrasil's Occupied America, Part IV

Final part of his essay on Jewish control of American politics and mass culture... Don't miss it.

Propasphere Intensifies Anti-Gun Lies

Anti-gun hate on West Wing; hushes up failed grassroots gun-hate campaign... Here on AIDS-ridden African refugees coming soon to a neighborhood near you...

Insanity: I Am 'Afflicted with Whiteness'

So says this idiotic woman finishing up her Ph.D. in American studies. A near-perfect example of the mentality that is driving White people to extinction. In fact, one day when we are extinct, a scholar will dig through the archives and come across stuff like this and simply shake his head. The corollary running between the lines here is that women are particularly susceptible to this sort of nonsense, and in a civilized society are kept far away from politics. "Whiteness studies" is an academic fad begun, I believe, with a guy named Ignatiev at Harvard, and probably coming soon to a university near you... The goal of whiteness agitprop is to persuade the subjects A) that whiteness exists, B) that is is not normal, and C) that it must be destroyed or renounced in the name of the Jewish gods of Diversity and Multi-culturalism (outside of Israel, it goes without saying). The risk run by these would-be destroyers of whiteness is that the student awakening to his whiteness might actually feel it is worth preserving. Note that this woman's article appears on a Christian website. The Christian multiculturalist cowards from Pat Robertson on down embrace and advocate miscegenation as the solution to our racial ills. That makes them despicable.

How Jews Debased Art

Shocking art is safe art, says new young author Munson in "Exhibitionism." If she were British, she could have called it 'Taking the Piss Out of Modern Art.' Don't know if she touches on the Jewish issue, but does go over the complete politicization of art, such that connoisseurship and reverence are hardly to be found anymore. Rather, it's art-history and museums as "change agents" in the relentless campaign to Judaize the elite and niggerize the commoners. Jews are the enemy, White man. Demand of yourself a higher standard.

The Decline of Math

You can have savages or standards, not both. America, thanks to the Jew-led progressives who debased our country and academy, chose savages. This is a wonderful article showing just how dumbed-down our math education has become -- in relation to, of all things, the communist Chinese. They are smart, and we are stupid. But Blacks are genetically incapable of math, and our White kids must be dragged down to their level to satisfy the Jewish lie about all non-Jews being equal.

Insider View of Buchanan and the Meatball Ad

McConnell's diary... Commentary on second debate here.

USS Cole Attacked, Americans Killed

Free Republic censored article speculating on Mossad involvement. Full-speed ahead Christian/libertarian/conservative cowards! Remember (to ignore) the Liberty!

New Criterion on P.G. Wodehouse

Good, long review of this exceptional author. Read Wodehouse if you haven't. He depicts a silly but civilized, imaginary England -- a far better place than America in 2000.

Paleontology: Five Tyrannosauri Reges Found in Montana

Including possibly biggest ever...

German Government Amps Claims About Rightist Dangers

Preparatory to pursuing NPD ban...

More on Jewish Censorship in Australia

Töben refuses to take down web material... Second report here. Horrify God's darlings by visiting Dr. Töben's site here. Yet another report here. Again we see that the truth is no defense, what matters is that the tender feelings of Yahweh's pets go unbruised. You know how respectful they are of our race, and our ancestors and our beliefs, don't you? The Jew is the enemy, White man.

Wizard of Oz Author Denounced for Racism

Insufficient respect for redskins...

Mormons on Negroes

They changed their tune when it became politically incorrect, but here's what their leaders really thought.

Columbus, Parades and Aztecs

Good column by Ponte... Good collection of workaday American examples of Semitical Correctness here.

Integration Fails: Not in Whites' Interests

They can build all the planned communities they want, but they will all end up like this one. Blacks and Whites are different animals, as every day makes clearer. Separating from the Blacks and the other coloreds is the only way to preserve White culture. The Jewish neocon misleaders will lie about this until the day you die, White man. Don't be taken in by them. Trust VNN to bring you the truth.

Searchlight: Semitic Smearmongers

It's an "asset of the secret state" in Britain. Jews operating half-open, half-behind the scenes to denature White society to further Jewish interests. Jews anywhere threaten White freedom everywhere. Jews are the enemy, White man.

Buchanan Interview

With WorldNetDaily...

Bigfoot? Or Big Hoax?

Bigfoot's alive in the Northwest. He moved there to get away from Mexicans...

Semitical Correctness in J-School

Missouri students take mandatory class in diversity to learn how to look down on Whites...

Man Kills Government Tyrants

He warned them off his property...

Classic Music for a Reason

Best music written by dead White males...

Australia Censors Criticism of Jews

The Jew has more rights than the White man in Australia. That's one reason we at VNN say Jews anywhere are a threat to White freedom everywhere. Here the government forces the Adelaide Institute to take material off its website that Jews don't think you should be allowed to read. The same Jews who conspired behind the scenes to prevent David Irving from entering the country and correcting the lies they spread about WWII and other historical and social issues. Jews are the enemy, White man. They cannot advance their agenda openly, and must make their way through the dark by smears. The overarching political question of our time is what we should do with the Jews. It's quite clear they intend to eliminate us. Treat the Jews justly, and the solutions to the rest of our social problems fall neatly into place.

NYT on Vlaams Blok

"Our own people first" -- that's the VB motto. It's also the motto of the Jews who run the New York Times, who hate the VB as they do any pro-White party.

Buchanan Attacks Cultural Marxism

Goes after the redskins protesting the Denver Columbus parade... And comes up with new anti-immigration, pro-English TV ad... Somewhat interesting view here, equates Weimar with today's America, Hitler with Hillary.

More on Potential NPD Ban

And on Vlaams Blok here.

Reflections on Trudeau and Canada

All bad ideas originate in Canada, says Brimelow... Trudeau was as responsible as anyone for turning Canada into a multicultural cesspool, and deserves to rot in Hell for it. Unfortunately, there is no Hell.

The Jew-Con Impulse to Censor

Why do Jews have such a strong impulse to censor? Why must they make their way by smears through the dark? The fact is that the conservative online community is cowardly and censorious in the extreme. Anything hinting of racial reality gets kicked off FreeRepublic and Lucianne Goldberg's posting forum, as this article shows. The waterbugs always flit, never dive.

Semitical Correctness at Columbia

If a woman accuses, the man is guilty... Here a sample "ethnomathematics" problem... Vouchers or no vouchers, educating savages isn't easy... Horowitz to speak at Columbia on October 11 on the demise of civil rights.

Kennewick Man

NY Post column...

Criticism of Criticism of Shakespeare

Part of being White is admiring true greatness, not seeking to besmirch it or explain it away or attribute it to "social construction" or monetary incentives as the base Jews do.

VNN Movie Review: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

VNN's H. Becker reviews a great movie that teaches a great lesson: get over your potty little self.

Belgium: Vlaams Blok Hits 33% in Antwerp

"Democrats" are quick to disdain the result. They believe in voting, as long as you vote for the parties on the approved list. VB is now the biggest party in two major Belgian cities. VB advocates repatriation of immigrants, and also the separation of Flanders into its own country.

Guardian Lie: White Gang on Rampage in England

"The latest victim survived physically unscathed," the paper reports in the second to last paragraph. No other "victim" is mentioned. In other words, the Guardian is making this "rampage" up out of whole cloth. But here's a story with a real victim -- a casualty in the gang wars between Africans and Asians in an English neighborhood. Diversity is Britain's greatest strength, too.

Germany: Book in Works About Funny Side of Third Reich

Ribbentrop aide plans to tell amusing anecdotes about Hitler, et al... Here History Channel plans six-hour "documentary" on the Holocaust in conjunction with a German broadcaster. Typical German self-berating garbage intermixed with Jews-as-history's-most-undeserving-victims; more anticoagulant agitprop to ease the flow of blood into the leeches' suckholes.... The federal attorney general himself will investigate the Dusseldorf fire-bombing. Other briefs (same link) talk about need for schools to do more indoctrination against pro-German sentiment. Interesting bit of history here, re FBI picking up ethnic aliens during WWII.

Far Right is Greatest Threat to Democracy, Says German Government, Pushing NPD Ban

Note that 5,000 democracy-lovers in Berlin marched in favor of the ban. You can always tell the tolerant by their intolerance. Here an FAZ opinion, in which the writer correctly notes that a government afraid of a 9,000-man political party lacks confidence in its own foundations.

Ireland: Anti-Racism Education Necessary

Funds must be taken from the Irish to teach them White people are evil and their country will be much better off teeming with nig-nogs.

Jews Whine As Gore Hires Arab-American Zogby

Trot out their paid stooge "terrorism expert" Emerson to claim he's an anti-Semite. Anyone opposing any Jewish plan is an anti-Semite. Emerson was the clown put on TV immediately after the Oklahoma City bombing to blame Arab terrorists in the absence of any evidence.

Dead Evacuate Detroit

Not even the deceased can stand Detroit, and their still-vertical relatives are moving them physically to cemeteries in the suburbs. Call it bone-white flight...

Mad Scientists Create Pigmen

Not saying what they did with the curious hybrids... Here an article on health danger of fluoridated water. Here government hushes study that found no link between breast implants and cancer.

Japan All-White 3,000 Years Ago?

So claims one anthropologist in this article, which discusses Kennewick man...

Latest Spike Lee "Joint" Produces Criticism

Spike's like one of those peanuts you crack open and there's only one nut in it. His movies suck, pretty much across the board. He's another cosseted colored, whining about racism, when were it not for his melanin, he wouldn't be given the money to waste molesting celluloid.

On Danes' Rejection of Euro

Commentary from Justin Raimondo. And here from Wanniski.

150 Arrested at Denver Columbus Parade

It's the Reds vs. the Whites, the Indians vs. the Italians, in a winner- take-all grudge match. This rather uninteresting report doesn't give you much of a picture of what was going on here, as in who was arrested for what. A better report here. Much hand-wringing from Denver's Negro mayor here.

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