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Goys -- Huh! -- What Are They Good For?

Absolutely nothing.

Jews Stuff Pockets with Proceeds from Blood Sport

Goyim are mere cattle, to be used, exploited as Jews see fit. Here, Yid arranges, promotes, profits from people beating each other's brains out. "A member of Johannesburg's Sandton Synagogue, Berman also said he had drawn much support for the event from the Jewish community 'probably because I am Jewish.'" Funny how that'd you like to see Rodney Berman in the ring, up against Lehlohonolo "Hands of Stone" Ledwaba? VNN will make tickets available online as soon as we can arrange the match.

Kikes Profit Off South African Corpse

Here, another howling, bald-faced Jewish lie. "Two Jewish South African businessmen plan to open a museum in Johannesburg to mark the miracle of the peaceful transition from apartheid to a democratic South Africa. 'The motivation came from being a mensch, for humanitarian reasons,' Solly Krok explained." The hell it did. "The museum came about as a result of a casino license issued to a consortium in which the Kroks have a prominent role. The consortium built a major casino on the site next to the museum." A few Yids like these stay to milk the corpse of a country destroyed by Jewish "activism;" many have fled, even "activists." Here's a goodbye letter from one of them. The Jew is a nation-wrecker, White man.

Israel Stinks, Jews Leave

World's Smartest People can't make a tiny little country livable, even with the help of billions and billions of dollars swindled from others. "Israelis...leave because they cant take it any longer. They want to feel safe and secure. They want good jobs and nice homes and safe futures for their children." Can't have that in a place full of Jews, can you? What better lesson do we need?

Afrocentric Education on the White Man's Dime

Your tax dollars at work. "To enter Nomusa Xaba's classroom is to enter another world, which explains why the children speak another language to get in. 'Hodi, hodi, hodi,' a group of 3-year-olds cries out as they ask Xaba for permission to enter. In Swahili the phrase means, 'May I come in?'" Dar Es Salaam? No, Milwaukee.

Jewish Genetics

A veritable strip mine of data, much of which seems to support the conclusions in the just-suppressed paper linking the ancestry of Jews and Palestinians. Question -- If Jews aren't a race, why is there a stack of studies on Jewish genetics reaching to the moon?

Hateful Holidays for Izzy and Zeb

As you burn the Yule log, roast chestnuts, sing carols, VNN is out in the snow with night vision gear, keeping a close eye on the spectacular feud between The Last Two Jews In Afghanistan -- classic wanderers they, rug peddlers and swindlers both. "[Levin] eked out a living prescribing charms and potions for Muslim women hoping to bear a son...Simentov, a carpet merchant, returned to the capital about eight years ago after roving Central Asia for his business." Their battle has gotten worse for Chanukah. "The two could not set aside their enmity on this night. 'He is a bad person -- I am afraid of him,' Levin whispered, locking the door of the tiny, carpet-lined ground-floor room where he lives. 'That man is my enemy,' Simentov said sternly." Stay tuned to VNN for hourly updates!

Jews Run "Largest Espionage Ring Ever Discovered in U.S."

Israel's Attack On America continues. "In the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack, the FBI has stumbled on the largest espionage ring ever discovered inside the United States. The U.S. Justice Department is now holding nearly 100 Israeli citizens with direct ties to foreign military, criminal and intelligence services." Didn't see this on Televitz, did you? Not a word on the radio, either. Israel controls your telephone, too -- as simple as that. Not only are all of your billing records accessible to this hostile foreign power through Amdocs, but the Israeli government has wiretapping computers tied directly into the U.S. telephone system, operated by Comverse. The information gathered is probably being sold -- that primordial Jewish act-- to drug smugglers and other enemies like Russia. Hey, ADL! Explain this away! We're all ears. Another "anti-Semitic canard," another "crackpot racist conspiracy theory," hm? Thanks, Newsmax, for having the courage to run this story about plain-and-simple, unambiguous Jewish evil. ISRAEL IS OUR ENEMY. END AID TO ISRAEL NOW. We are at war, claims the government. PUT THE ISRAELI SPIES BEFORE A MILITARY TRIBUNAL AND THEN SHOOT THEM -- ALL OF THEM. If not, why not? Is there one standard for Jews, and another standard for everybody else?

Jews Pursue Own Foreign Policy

We don't make this up. Here it is again, from Jewish lips. Jews are not Americans. They are parasites, squatters, pursuing their own agenda -- "Is It Good For Jews?" "While Washington renews its push for Mideast peace and Jews and Israel weigh how to respond, American Jewish groups...forge ahead with foreign policy of their own." JEWS FORGE AHEAD WITH FOREIGN POLICY OF THEIR OWN. Got that? "...the aim is to drum up global support for Israel and protect vulnerable Jewish communities [translation -- gnawing tapeworms] throughout the Diaspora." Here, the Yid and his eternal _positioning_ as _middleman_. Jews make sure that a Jew always stands between you and anything you might want. This is true in the corner store, and it's true on a global scale as well. "The nations sitting across the table are seeking...Jewish clout...Jewry is viewed as one of the most influential lobbying forces in Washington...and as an important middleman [!] for improving relations with the world's lone superpower." Jewish influence a "baseless canard," a "conspiracy theory" promulgated by "anti-Semites," you see.

Justice for Jonathan Pollard

No "dual loyalty" here; spy Pollard's only allegiance is to Israel. Here, "official" web site of sleek, shameless, nauseating, long-haired, glabrous rat-Jew, fat and idle on your dime. Note the Israeli flag at the very top of the page. One Jew knows another, though. In typical Mosaic style, Israel tried to wash its hands of embarassing Pollard, shoving a million dollars across the table with a stick. Pollard squeaked, "Hell no, get me out of here!"

"The Greatest Betrayal"

Pierce on Ashcroft and the yanked Cameron reports and more...

Raimondo Details Chosen Evil, Asserts Jew Media Control is Canard

Every fact he adduces says the opposite. When you can get fired from a rural paper for writing an even-handed editorial, there's a big, big problem. It is a fact that the media are controlled by Jews. Just imagine the Mormon Church, the Babtists, the Catholics able to get someone fired from a paper in, say, Oneida, New York. Not thinkable. Jews do it, nobody even discusses it. When the last Jew leaves America, horizontally preferably, that's the day America will be free.

The Jews' War

Sobran makes the point that virtually every war of the 20th and the first of the 21st has been egged on by partisans for other countries, Anglophiles and Jews in particular. Congratulations, traitors. You haven't saved Britain, but you may well have ended the White race. As for German-Americans, your cow-like docility and willingness to do what the Man says unthinkingly has helped leave us in the lurch we're in now. It's time for those of German descent to get involved in pro-White politics. It's time for Celts and Southerns and Wasps who don't place Britain before America to join forces and cashier the jew. Then maybe we can salvage something out of our quickly disappearing nation.

Rubin in Court

The sorry history of the befuddled kike. Don't worry, the kike will get off light, like he always has before. It's not like he posted stickers saying "Save the White Race" or anything.

PLP on NA Rally

When the police finally arrived, the ISO started to verbally attack them for protecting the Nazis. One black cop asked why were we attacking him. He said the police gave us a chance to beat up the Nazis and we passed on it. Kind of like Gerhard said, eh? Their courage waxed with every cop that came between them and the enemy! Poor, pitiful, pulpy puppies. You are right about one thing: The Nazis had maybe 70 people. They'll have more next time.

Media: The Scoop on the Suckpoop

Commander Cave Salamander, coming at you from the bowels of unknown Oregon... The suckpoop does deserve credit for investigating Foster and other government coverups, and we grant that credit unreservedly. But Whites deserve the whole truth, and that includes the truth about the Jews running this country, and they won't get that from Joe Farah or his WorldNetDeli. You know where you will get it? That's right, baby. No Jews. Just Right. How clear does he have to say it, man?

The Nematodes Among Us

First up is Roberte Hartewelle Fiskeee, author of a book on "concise" writing. Not that he can limit himself to two names like a normal person, or keep the ye olde shoppe superfluous 'e' off his surname. Just because he comes accross as a pretentious librarian, we invite you to check out his books-seeking-publishers page.

Did Cop Shoot Columbine Kid?

S.W.A.T. teams are groovy, kill the kid. Remember all the cops cowering behind their riot vehicle? Just what are they paid for? Collecting road taxes and driving up drug prices.

EU to Put Radio-Frequency Chips in Money

By 2005...

Christmas, the Tree, and Our Pagan Roots

Interesting information on Druids and other White woodsters...

Jewish Book-Burners Destroy New Testament

Here, you Falwells and Farahs, you Robertsons and Buchanans, you Holy Land Tour Guides, you pathetic, credulous Judeo-Christians, is your Christmas present, your just reward from God's Chosen People. "It was appropriate to burn the New Testament in private," wrote [Rabbi David] Spector in his ruling. He cited traditional and modern rabbis, including Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, who wrote that he had burned missionary texts, which he called 'books of incitement and brainwashing.'" Your precious Holy Book mere treyf, filth, to Yids. Here, a powerful roar of outrage; "Rev. Ray Lockhart, director of the Jerusalem-based Israel Trust of the Anglican Church, said burning the New Testament so publicly was 'going over the top somewhat.'" Don't strain yourself there, Ray.

Doc Fedgov

I'm from the government - I'm here to, uh, "vaccinate" you. Would you like a vaccine, señor? Here a good example of Berkeley freedom: can't burn logs in your fireplace; illegal, it's. Or, as one of our faithful supporters puts it: Bay area neurotic, anal retentives screwing themselves right down into the ground in an inadvertant self-parody. Another tiresome, tediously missing-the-big-picture "concern for the environment," of course.

One more promo...

Jew-Backed Queers Out to Corrupt Your Kids

Home-school your kids, or risk this -- while you're out earning the taxes that let the judeo-government live high off the hog. If you Christians don't like this, blame yourselves. It's your culture that wouldn't stand up to the Jews. We pro-Whites will. And note the way the kosher conservative publication Insight quotes jewish experts as though jews in general disapprove of this kind of "education" -- when in fact they are at the forefront of promoting it, and in fact it would not exist without the pressure their organized hate groups apply. You can't trust conservative sources any more than liberal ones, for different reasons. Here -- also in Massachusetts -- parents are attacked by the state for failing to submit their lesson plans for their home-schooled kids. The state doesn't want anything interfering with the propaganda it indoctrinates -- anal sex, transsexualism, promiscuity, miscegenation. All the values Jews wish Whites to be instructed in. The Jew must be destroyed. There is no other way.

Sobran on John Walker

Have you noticed that they're all calling him "Lindh" now? That's because they want to tie him to Lindbergh -- you know -- if you care about American interests more than Jewish ones, you're not a loyal American. Too, the Anglophile cowards like Paul Craig Roberts wish to shift the blame off that awfully Tommy-Atkins-sounding "Walker" onto the Nordically safe-to-shit-on "Lindh." Anglophile cowards such as Paul Craig Roberts and Jew-servile Cal Thomas are the real traitors. America does not exist to be used by any other country -- not Israel, not England.

Gun Control in Israel

Contrast with what the sheenies want for you in America...

What the Jews Do with the Dollars You Earned

White slavery in Israel... Disgusting, and yet another reason we say, The only good Jew is Danglestein. Here on the suit against Sharon in Belgium.

Schill: Resurgence of Law-and-Order in Hamburg

His real name is Ronald Schill, a municipal judge who earned his moniker by handing down the harshest possible sentences for minor crimes: One graffiti sprayer, for instance, received a long term in a high-security prison. But Schill is not just your typical law-and-order conservative. He's an extremist who pledges to send "back to Africa" any Africans who cannot produce identity cards. He says that "foreigners" are clogging local jails and that the "same ethnic groups" always commit crimes. He has promised to deport foreigners who commit crimes. He has even floated a plan to chemically castrate sex offenders. According to the jews at New Republic you're an "extremist" if you want to deport illegal aliens. Gee, read more than one article about Israel doing that just the other day -- don't see any mention of it in Jews' Own NR, though. Germany is for Germans. And Jews ain't Germans. They ain't Americans either. Nor are they Englishmen, French, Russians, or Canadians. Kinder statt Inder -- Jawohl! It's coming.

South Africa: Epidemic of Baby-Rape Thanks to the Jews Who Destroyed Apartheid

Baby-rapists are the symptom, Jew the disease. "Babies as young as only a few months old are being raped almost daily." Thanks, Jews. It can't be made any clearer: the Jewish race must be destroyed or else Whites will vanish from the face of the earth. LoBaido is an interesting writer -- he gets out there and talks to people, makes intelligent observations, but his Christianity clouds his judgment. This has nothing to do with pornography and abortion and other ills, it has to do with 70-IQ savages set free to do what comes natural. Christianity clouds this perception by fogging up a sentimental miasma about the individual souls of these heathen. That way lies death. "The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government" -- Thomas Jefferson's words point to the truth. We must focus an intense, white-hot laser of hatred on the Jews who made this baby rape inevitable by destroying civilized South Africa through their media.

What Does Izzy do with the Fifteen Million a Day We Give It?

Humiliates, tortures its apartheid Arabs.

Get Your Hand Out of Our Pocket, Israel

Jews are thieves. "Even the best of the gentiles should be killed," teach their "religious" leaders. And year in, year out we write them checks for tens of billions. What could you do with that money, White man? Could your family use it? After all, you earned it. Why should the jews profit off your labor? Isn't that slavery?

On 'Anti-Semitism'

Arabs don't like the term...

Iced Yid

Oy! A good start, it's!... Stuff bacon in the ventilation shafts, let's...

The Jews' War

Claim that tape shows bin Laden saying he attacked WTC to end American support for Israel.

Between the Lines

"Progressive Hawks"? -- more like "Pro-Hebes"... Protesters become patriots when Izzy's chestnuts hit the Andrei Kievsky

"Suck-Poop Joe"

There's something happening here. And what it is, is pretty goddam clear. Suckpoop Joe's got his head up Izzy's rear! Jack Halliday

New VNN promos are up, and I think you're going to enjoy them. Any female readers who'd like to supply pulchritudinous jpegs for propaganda purposes, forward away. Did you realize we also added a couple new Fitz cartoons last week? Merry Christmas, everybody. God bless you, every one!

Why Academic Philosophy is Dead for White Racialists

Derrida's deconstruction workers dominate the academy, driving traditional philosophers from the field, and grounding the public "liberalism" from which it's all but criminal to dissent. "Good for Jews," bad for Whites like you and Victor Wolzek

Movie Review: 'Vanilla Sky'

Although it is a product of Hollywood and is set in New York City, the only non-whites in the movie are extras! The Cat Lady

Pat Say 'Jew'? No Can Do.

Is there one con commentator not a coward? Joe Sobran. Can't think of any others.

The Evil Jews Do: B'nai B'rith

From Voz de Aztlan, the folks who advocate Mexico in America -- Mexcrementalistas. Note how the BB lies, like all jews. If they're not lying, they're swindling; if they're not swindling, they're demanding reparations for atrocities that never happened. Here Irving posts JTA story of Swindler Central yids crying about Fox reports.

Christianity Is Dying Because Top Christians Are Cowards

If you're Christian and you don't hate Jews, you are betraying Jesus. Your priest or minister won't tell you that, but it's true.

Enabling Jewish Hate

U.S. "sells" 52 F-16s to the murderous kikes of Israel, then scratches its head when Muslims attack it. We must stop empowering the Hate Jews, and start getting back to good old traditional American foreign policy of minding our own business. Who controls the eastern end of the Mediterranean is no business of ours, no matter how many press pollards pule otherwise. The Jew is your enemy, White man. All that is necessary for Jews to fail is for White men to do something. Do it. More here on the French ambassador and his apt criticism of Israel. Note that the same editors who frequent poo-stabber bathhouses after hours are too raffiniert to print "shitty" little country. Here a school in Jewland that you pay for, Christian, publicly burns the New Testament. How about separation of synagogue and state?

WorldNetDaily Smears, Lies

Here, WorldNetDaily blames Arabs for a rumor kicked off by hysterical, sympathy-milking, number-inflating Jews. Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, a story began to circulate that 4,000 Israelis were missing. WND claims that "The report seems to have originated in Jordan's Al Watan newspaper and been spread by Pakistani publications, including Jang." It took VNN about thirty seconds to find the story -- in the Jerusalem Post of Sept. 12! This pulled-from-a-hat "4,000" figure undoubtedly included every Yid in New York City who hadn't called Mama in the last five minutes. They got the attention they wanted...then it got out of Jewish control, and now suckpoops like Farah are needed to stomp on the flames. This is called being "hoist on one's own petard," blown up by one's own bomb. Ha. Jews only happy starting rumors, not being on the receiving end. WND is also knowingly repeating the falsehood that "130 Israelis were killed." The Washington Post said on October 14 that "four Israeli citizens [died] -- two in the World Trade Center and two on hijacked planes -- according to the Israeli Foreign Ministry." Not even a good liar, this Joe Farah. Israel should cashier him, get someone who does a better job of looking out for their repulsive interests.

Click Here!

LRC Inches Toward Jew-Crit with Peirce Column

Note that's "Peirce" not Pierce.

Argentine Jews Always Welcome

Here, Yiddish rats scuttling away from sinking Argentine economy get special handout if they can make it to Israel, a special "absorption" grant and help buying a home. Just like the help you'd get, White man, if you lost your job and fled

Israel, Our Enemy

Comments from Whitaker... Here Jewish national-socialists kick out dirty foreigners. Diversity is good for Israel, right hypocrites?

Jewish Spying Swept Under Rug by Jewish Media

Several VNN readers wrote to us that Fox News pulled its four-part Carl Cameron story detailing Israeli spying on America's phone system. "This story no longer exists." What do you expect from a Jew -- by Jewish law -- like Rupert Murdoch, who controls Fox? "Usually regarded as a 'Gentile', although he has been described as a 'mamzer Jew.' His father, Keith...made a fortuitous marriage to the daughter of a wealthy Jewish family, Elisabeth Joy Greene." Here, a June 2000 piece detaling coverage of the Amdocs/Mossad penetration of the White House -- "Americans have to look and listen very hard to learn the details" -- and speculating about Fox's lack of a followup. "Murdoch is at least as careful not to offend Israel or to carry stories unfavorable to the Jewish state as are the other networks." In 1997, Murdoch got an award from the United Jewish Appeal, and declared "my faith and News Corporation's faith in the integrity and worthiness of the Zionist undertaking." Don't be surprised when material unfavorable to Israel simply vanishes. Murdoch lives by the One Commandment -- Is It Good For Jews?

Incompetent Feebs Were Warned by Flight Instructor

They're real good at murdering kids and women, not so good at catching real crooks or terrorists.

Abboud Book Details Zionist Treachery

The new Israel/Zionist war is a propaganda war, conducted by a foreign nation and its all-too-willing co-conspirators in the United States for the same purpose: to control, by well-focused and broad-based propaganda, billions in American taxpayers money annually transferred to Israel.

White Roots: Galloglaich, Scottish Mercenaries

Battles among Irish, Scottish and English...

Ideas About AIDS

Can a virus produce or modify behavior as a means of transmitting itself?

When Jews Attack

Humor magazine The Onion isn't funny -- but even a labored attempt to jest at God's Chosen People is so very rare in America today that we at VNN felt obligated to bring it to your attention.

Pro-Whites in Portland

Randall Krager and Volksfront... You'd never want to see Krager on the wrong side of happy. He has arms the size of water mains and is 6-foot-2, pushing 240 pounds. On his right knuckles is tattooed FEAR; his neck features a swastika. When the 27-year-old smiles, he curls his lip in the sneer of the perpetual street tough. More here on right-wing database on leftist thugs. Here Dr. Pierce's latest -- is he the terrorist, or is it that nasty jew-state in the Middle East? I think you know the answer. No Jews. Just Right.

White Guilt

As an Indian, I feel it is my sacred honor to save the white man again, this time, from himself, says Yeagley, who holds a divinity degree from Yale. Before he gives this country away, thus defeating me twice, I want to try to save what he built out of my land. Indians saved the white man before, says Yeagley, when they helped the first settlers get established. Now they must save him again, this time from political correctness. "White guilt is the biggest flaw in the American psyche, warns Yeagley. White guilt is inculcated by the jewish ideologues behind the mass media and school system; it is a way to dissolve White defenses and leave the race open to predation by jews and other minorities. This is a reason you should keep your kids out of public schools and encourage them to read VNN daily, where they will learn not only what is wrong with jews, but what is right with Whites. All of our articles may be taken down and printed out and passed around to whomever you think would benefit from reading them. Use us. Print out and read our Chuck Pearson's "White Nigger" here. And his report on the Fifties Deniers here. Let your kids know that things weren't always the way they are now, and they don't have to be this way in the future. Make them proud to be White. Teach them to think and act and take responsibility for what they do and say. Make your kids White. Because if you leave the job to the judeo-governmental schools, your nice white kids will be mixed with pink socks and come out all discolored.

Rigged System

Jew-led feminists split White women from White men, set up a legal system in which White men are presumed guilty. Got Jews? Got problems. No Jews. Just Right. Shoplifting on the rise? Here an SF liberal speaks about Republicans.

Media: Free Speech on Web Too, Says Judge

What judges say doesn't matter. Your right to free speech is inherent, and has nothing to do with the opinions of some robe. Here on James Dobson of Focus on Fundraising and junk-mail truth. Good point: politics is a small part of everything, not the all-in-all it's become today. It's, as Lenin said, "Who? Whom?" For decades it's been Jews-Us. It's time to reverse that.

White History: Dickens Wrote a Cookbook

Mmm -- giblet soup! Somebody forward the link to Belmondo. Tripe was another delicacy, while by far their favourite dish was stewed oysters. The state of the kitchen after these efforts was very disturbing to the cook. Stewed eels and suet dumplings... Here on the discovery of Caravaggio's death certificate. Here's the rare article about the drug war worth reading. What the War on Drugs has done, then, is two things: it has made it easier to smuggle, and it has increased the potency of the drugs! Making drugs illegal has made them more powerful. Exactly the sort of concept that moralizers are unfit to grasp. The problem is that the DEA is really the FEA -- Football player Employment Agency. Not good enuf to make the pros? Come kick in doors and taser people for a living! Vanfuls of gung-ho undersized middle-linebackers, out patrolling the countryside, reporting to HQ on their talkies on any Bad Plants they run across. Get jobs, losers.

White Engineering: Roman Aqueducts

"The Romans were master builders and administrators and they managed to bring water into a city of over one million people from sources as far as 90 kilometres away," says Bruun, who is currently editing a book on historic water technologies.

White Language: English Triumphs

It's what's spoken, at least... Student errors, yeah, very funny, sort of, not really.

Buchanan Afraid to Call a Jew a Jew

Yet another Kon Kristmas Klassic: denouncing the anti-Santa forces without mentioning Semites. Laughable, it's. Buchanan's demons? The politically safe "bigots in black robes"; "multiculturalists." As he well knows, we can sum it up in one word: Jews. Jews are the reason Christmas has become a frowned-on indoor habit, like nosepicking. He caps it all by calling Christians an "intimidated lot" who will "permit themselves to be pushed around" for fear of being "insensitive." No, for fear of being called anti-Semites. In other words, they act just like you, eh, Pat? Safe, clean, non-toxic, non-threatening, non-effective conservatism: fake opposition at its finest.

Fox Yanks Cameron Series on Israeli Spy Network

"This story no longer exists." How's that, Fox?... A reader informs us that servile Sean Hannity needed defibrillation on his radio show when a reader asked him why, brought up the Liberty. Raimondo links to the four-parter here. Many readers have emailed Fox asking why, we haven't heard from anyone's who's received a response. More "shitty little country" fallout. Here some good examples of the "freedom" our army is protecting. People worldwide are beginning to realize that Jews are evil, and not to be trusted, and only out for themselves. As the Romans knew 2,000 years ago, they are the enemy of humanity. Shake your head over the wildly inaccurate, libelous statements by this dumb broad writing for the Guardian. The Jews are digging their own grave. Don't let your White country get dragged down with them. Beyond the left there is a widespread belief in Britain, reinforced by news reporting and comment pieces, that the attack on September 11 would never have happened if it had not been for Israeli brutality in Gaza and the West Bank. Others go further and argue that the existence of Israel and its support by the US is a threat to world peace. Here Suckpoop Joe Farah's WorldNetDeli knowingly repeats the lie that 130 Israelis were killed in WTC -- in the context of denouncing anti-Semitic rumors that 4,000 Izzies didn't show up for work. Produce the list, Suckpoop Joe. Note that Suckpoop's report is from September 22 -- the sole reason he is rerunning this is to suck up to the yids. While there may have been reason to believe 130 izzies were killed back then, there is no such reason today. In the same vein, the report -- with no correction added -- states that 7,000 bodies are missing. Today, under 3,000 are claimed killed, and the number will only drop. Have any readers actually been to New York recently who can verify whether or not the towers are still standing? Radical skepticism is called for in evaluating any Jew-friendly report. It's also time we begin to study who's actually paying the bills for WND, because it's likely some of our White tax-money finds its way back from Israel into Joe's coffers. Farah has never directly denied that his site is funded by Israel, rather he pawned off the question with a joke. Who's paying you to repeat the lie that 130 Israelis were killed in WTC, Farah? Here's what even the jewfag-edited NYT has admitted: For example, the city had somehow received reports of many Israelis feared missing at the site, and President Bush in his address to the country on Thursday night mentioned that about 130 Israelis had died in the attacks. But today, Alon Pinkas, Israel's consul general here, said that lists of the missing included reports from people who had called in because, for instance, relatives in New York had not returned their phone calls from Israel. There were, in fact, only three Israelis who had been confirmed as dead: two on the planes and another who had been visiting the towers on business and who was identified and buried. Article covering missing Izzies here.

White Teen Assaulted by Pack of Niggers

Fifteen to twenty of the animals surrounded him and beat him and stole his wallet and CD. Niggers are good for burning, little else. But nigger crime is only a symptom, Jew is the disease. Before Jews arrived in America, niggers were afraid to act out their instincts because they'd be lynched for this kind of thing. Jewish lawyers destroyed wise segregation. Now it is time for us to destroy Jews.

Monkey Madness in Zimbabwe

The criminal chimp-in-chief hoots against Commonwealth expulsion.

WTC Whining, Profiteering at Your Expense

This story is illustrative of the whining, litigious, resentment-filled, special-pleading society-of-victims which lawyerly Jews have helped create. Here, some (by no means all) relatives of World Trade Center victims spit on $1,650,000 offered by taxpayers -- on top of other help from charities. "Bill Doyle, whose 25-year-old son Joseph worked at Cantor Fitzgerald in the World Trade Center, called the plan a 'disgrace,' suggesting that the average figure was 'incredibly low.'" Your kid got hit by an airplane. Why does that make him special? You'd be lucky to get a sheaf of plastic-wrapped roses if he'd stepped in front of a taxi. "My children should never have to want for anything," insisted another, demanding a Lifetime Guarantee on life itself. Does the government do the same for those who slip in the tub, trip down the stairs? "The money would do nothing to assuage the grief over the loss of her husband," wailed yet another as she snatched the check. What is it you want? There is no Make Everything Alright Machine. Someone has to have the courage to tell you this -- shut up, you assholes! Hundreds of thousands of people are suffering because of this attack, and no one is doing a thing for them this Christmas. 1.65 mil is ten times, one hundred times more money than a lot of your fellow Americans are ever going to see in one place in their entire lives. Your unprecedented windfall of "government compensation" was extracted by force out of another citizen's pocket -- often from those who can ill afford it. Take it, and be grateful. Quit acting like Yids, maneuvering for advantage. What happened to you was a tragedy -- not a Get Rich Quick license at the expense of others. Stop dishonoring the memory of your loved ones, overturning the casket in your unseemly rush to snatch up cash. We've tried to help, tried to say "We're sorry." The least you could do -- as we worry about shoelaces, bus fare, double-check the sale price of a can of pineapple -- is to reply with a muffled "Thank you," instead of a kick in the shins. This disaster is the cost of our "multicultural," disintegrating society, operated as a colonial possession of the tiny State of Israel. Want someone to blame? Moslems, and the Jews who let them in. Be strong. Think White. Don't spend it all in one place.

UN Blasts Illegal Israel

Here, UN passes anti-Israel resolutions. "The assembly...demanded the immediate end to all acts of violence, provocation and destruction and condemned all acts of terror, particularly those targeting civilians, as well as all extra-judicial executions, excessive use of force, and widespread destruction of properties." Those dissenting? "The 'no' votes were from Israel, the Pacific states of the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru and Tuvalu, and the United States." Isn't it time for America to get in step with the rest of the world? END AID TO ISRAEL NOW!

Ashamed to be White

Here, another good column from fellow White racist Paul Craig Roberts, decrying anti-White culture; "Extreme racist criticism of whites as the font of all evil has made many younger whites uneasy with their skin color...I overheard two young women giving a third fits for hanging out with minorities. Forced to explain herself, she said that she didn't want to have white children." Now, Dr. Paul, what's your diagnosis? You've got the symptoms down; what's the disease? What race has done more than any other to promote this White self-hatred? When we at VNN hold the X-rays up to the light, we detect a bad case of Judaism -- which, if left untreated, is terminal for a nation. The principal prophylactic, the proper, purgative prescription? No Jews. Just Right. A powerful preventative!

How Jews Operate

Stories of secretive, vastly rich, powerful Jewish influence groups merely "crackpot conspiracy theories," "anti-Semitic canards." Right? Here, " incalculable power is concentrated in the hands of a handful of billionaires...Insiders in the world of Jewish philanthropy call it the 'mega-group' and quake at its mention. For good reason. Founded a decade ago, the mega-group brings together a shifting collection of a dozen or so of the wealthiest and most powerful individuals in America for twice-yearly meetings to discuss the future of the Jewish community. Members include such familiar names as Bronfman, Tisch, Wexner and Steinhardt. Few outsiders know of the group, which tends to avoid media glare, for obvious reasons." Worrisome? No matter. "Whatever comes of out of it will be good for the Jews."

Another Antheap of Destructive Jews

Here, a dizzying mock-spectacle as the Jewish parasite quivers, divides, engulfs, splits, re-combines, grows. Look! Still Jewish! PJA, AJC, PZA, Americans for Peace Now, the Jewish Labor Committee, Labor Zionist Alliance, Meretz USA -- all Yids, all with only one thing in mind. Is It Good For Jews? If it is, it's Bad For Whites.

Choice Plotting

Back and forth, back and forth. In this disgusting piece, Jews cravenly duck under the wing of the American system they've worked so hard to destroy, and thank their lucky stars that landsmen -- fellow Yids -- Irv Rubin and Earl Krugel have not dragged any Israelis into the JDL bomb-and-assassination plot. They suddenly realize that tough new anti-terror legislation could be applied to God's Chosen People! "Doesn't it seem a little horrifying when those affected are Jews instead of Arabs?" ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE. Rabbi Waskow's suggestion? Jews should set to work to get Arab terror suspects out among us again! Proof once more that you can have either Western civilization or Jews, but not both. No Jews. Just Right.

Jew Noise

Here, another oh-so-typical hand-waving, horn-honking, shrieking, self-promoting Jewish pain-in-the-ass you never heard of, making a big splash in the Yid press. Semite-swarthy, often mistaken for some subspecies of spic, "Wil-Dog's real name is Will Abers, and the 27-year-old is the lone Jewish member of Ozomatli's 10-man collective, a veritable rainbow coalition of musicians of African-American, Japanese, Cuban, Filipino and Mexican descent...Abers is not shy about championing leftist causes. His father, Al Abers, was a community activist and journalist who...wrote for the Revolutionary Worker, the house organ for the cult-like, Maoist, U.S.-based Revolutionary Communist Party." Abers revels in a "grab bag of left-wing causes ranging from speaking out against police brutality and racial profiling to protesting the imprisonment of Mumia Abu-Jamal...has also played benefit concerts for everyone from the United Farm Workers to the Zapatistas of Mexico." The rain forest! He forgot the rain forest! "We're bringing everybody together," he said. Everyone but Whites, it would seem. "If you can't unite for good music, what else is there, man?" How about uniting as a race to drive your tiny, miserable, troublemaking, swindling, self-serving, advantage-seeking, special-pleading tribe from our shores, man? I mean, like, wow, you know?

Rich, Creamy Jews

While you work two jobs -- or, if laid off, none at all -- with Christmas almost upon us, rich, smooth, creamy Jews congregate, coalesce, compliment each other on their oh-so-goodness. "'Your richness is equal to [that of] the Rothschilds and Warburgs,' said Bruce Slovin, chairman of the board of YIVO. He was speaking of Vilna's legendary Strashun family at the dedication of the Strashun Rare Book Collection..." Cavorting, hobnobbing, dropping names right and's America's Jewish Elite! "Writer Erica Jong ("Fear of Flying") told the Forward she is working on a novel set in antiquity. She and Saul Bellow biographer James Atlas were among those attending the Upper East Side book party at Elaine's..." Terrorist attack? Recession? No "slowdown" in sight, not in the Semitic social season -- scarcely a soupçon of shame. Surely, Jews Must Live!

Latest Jew Attempt to Control White Gun-Owners

This never stops. Arabs crashing airliners into buildings? Pester the White man swapping a shotgun. That's "doable." Uzis for Jews, nothing for you. ONE STANDARD FOR JEWS, ANOTHER STANDARD FOR EVERYBODY ELSE. We don't need gun control, we need Jew control.

Technology: Chips Ready for Human Embedding

Here it is; the biblical "Mark of the Beast," finally perfected. "Applied Digital executives said its new product...could serve as a tamper-proof form of identification. Authorities in the prison system have expressed interest in using the chip to better identify prisoners and parolees...airlines, nuclear power plants and other sensitive facilities may want to use the chips for employees...parents may consider embedding chips in young children..." Oh, you won't have to have one. No one's taking away your freedom. If you don't have an implant, you can just find someplace else to live, work, shop, travel, or get medical care -- even though every place you go will require a chip. Your decision. You can live under a bridge -- roasting squirrels on a stick, stuffing newspapers into your clothes to stay warm -- if you like. We won't stop you. Otherwise, roll up your sleeve.

The Last Ditch

Lots of good stuff here... FAEM is very nice too.

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New Animals

Scientists discover ocean depths are lined with Jew-eating squid. Feeding time, it's.

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