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Another Holocaust Tall-Tale Teller

Aging Jewess has retailed her imaginary history to probably hundreds of thousands of your kids over the years, White man. Now even the Jews admit she's a liar. Why do Jews have such a propensity for lying? Here Jews go nuts because Hank Stram refers to the "Jewish organ" (cash register). Ha. My they are a touchy folk. Which other ethnic group is a tenth as sensitive?; which has the need to lie, smear, distort, create bogus scandals, lie about history, doctor photos, prevent others from speaking or publishing, murder -- as everyday acts of suppression.

A Sample of Jewish Hate and Suppression

The JDL tries to force the Serbs off the internet. They aren't interested in someone spreading the truth about the anti-White atrocities committed against the Serbs by Albanians and Americans with the encouragement of the Jew-led State Department. Here are some graphic pictures of those atrocities, if you have the stomach. Once again, Jews cannot make their way honestly; lying and subterfuge and all manner of murder and chicanery are necessary to their purpose. That's the nature of the beast, White man. They are not like you. They are your enemy.

Hush Crimes: Savage Sentenced for Cop-Killing

A story about a cop murdered by a black gang member who hated cops.

Second Altered "Diversity" Photo Yanked

This time it's the University of Idaho... And Harvard holds a candlelight vigial against hate. Tolerant people hate hate, won't tolerate it. And here's an article from Australia, in which the author, not quite getting it, says bland Whites have ethnicity envy... More here from Kansas City about the ad mentioning diversity with a less than holy intonation.

Can It Get More Absurd Than This?

Quite probably...

Hate Crimes Commentary

From Jared Taylor... Here's an arresting stat: 93% of the 800,000 interracial crimes in a recent year were Black-on-White. Here's a story about a " Whites-only" party, and the imprisonment of its holder. Note that the headline suggests just that -- that he was incarcerated for holding the party -- as though it were illegal -- when actually he was jugged for vandalism and other crimes. Apace with the "hate crimes" efforts to make White men Constitutionally guilty, the media engages in a cultural campaign to get the slow-witted reader to think that it is illegal to be pro-White, or racist.

NYT on Bessinger Sauce Ban

Nary a word about diversity.

Lott: Public Schools Are for Government Control

Download his paper...

American Roundup: Court To Review Whether Horiuchi Can Be Tried for Manslaughter

Bullet control in Maryland... Gun restrictions on the ballot in Oregon and Colorado... Article on media bias... Latest on Butler appeal here.

Archaeology: Whites and Jews In China

It's one standard for Jews, another for Whites -- even in China. Jewish heritage there, predating the revolution, will be protected, because someday the Jews will come and visit. On the other hand, the mummies and artifacts attesting to Aryan presence long ago are being left to rot. Here for the transcripts of the PBS show "Mysterious Mummies of China." Plus, news blip on recent Etruscan findings... Why must Whites be physically, culturally and racially expunged? The hatred and jealousy of the non-White is a powerful and real thing, though it seldom be broached.

Buchanan Speaks to Arab Americans

Latest report from McConnell. Note what he says at the bottom about his neocon (read: Jewish) friends who pushed con writers out of journalism who didn't support their ethnic group's demand that immigration reform become a non-issue on the right. Jews and Arabs openly fight for their ethnic interests at the expense of the White man. We are foolish not to do the same. Read between the lines and you see that the Buchanan aid can see that there is no way the bullshit multiculturalism his boss preaches has any chance in the real world. Of course, he would respond that Buchanan isn't preaching multiculturalism. But anyone who preaches non-racialism in an era of open borders is winking at you. Open, explicit pro-White advocacy is the only way left for those who want a civilized country. All "individual rights" positions will fail. Openly pro-White, openly anti-Jew is the path to success. The cons won't tell you it because they're waterbugs, but we at VNN are free to speak the truth.

NA on the Prowl in Boise

Second report here, at very bottom. Here a report from Steven Barry.

Zimbabwe: 80 More Farms

Brings to over 2100 the total number of farms to be seized by the government in the race war against the White the savages and their Jewish media backers are carrying out. Here's a coded view from an Anglo American (the big mining concern) bigwig claiming that SA won't go the way of Zimbabwe where the cliched investor confidence has been shattered.

Hitler's Secretary Speaks

Traudl Junge says Hitler was kind, paternal, but had another face....

France Honors Klarsfeld

He believes anyone opposing the Jews should expect to be beaten. See the photo below the article.

Irving Update

The Cincinnati conference has ended, with approximately 150 attendees... Irving battles with Jew-paid Evans continues. Here more info on the Hayward case, in which New Zealand-based traditional enemies of the truth continue their suppressions... Here's an article auf Deutsch in which the head of the German Jews blames Finkelstein's publisher. Jews don't believe anything critical of them is legitimate, and if published, should be suppressed. Jews can't proceed with their goals openly, and must make their way through darkness by smears. Here an article on Holocaust promoters angry that someone might use a search engine to get the real facts.

Columbus Vs. Montezuma: Quien Es Mas Macho?

If you define macho in terms of torture and brutality and destructiveness, the answer is the latter. Find out why we call them savages... Here's a truly new idea. When we Whites control America, we take the top ten Semitically Correct "white man is the source of all evil" college profs, and kill them in the manner the Aztecs would have, film the whole thing, and make a documentary video about the practices of the savages we have replaced. Excellent conditioning for young White minds, teaching them that we are the civilized, and the people we drove off are the savages, and never forget the difference.

Local Savages Blast Mr. Potato Head Statue As Racist

"East Providence affirmative action" queen Onna Moniz-John said, "If you look at this potato head, the only thing missing is a watermelon." What can you say... The statue, of course, will be removed. And of course, if the statue's skin had been lighter, the town would have been accused of discriminating against Negroes by so coloring their tourist attractions as to draw only White visitors. Blacks and other minorities will never run out of things to bitch about nor special privileges to demand. That's the way they're made.

Denmark Rejects Euro

Despite heavy propaganda from the usual suspects, 53% of Denmark still thinks clearly. All the establishment was behind it.

NWO, Jews, Corrupt Elite: Full Speed Ahead to Destroy Ireland

The deliberate despoliation and dismantling of the White West continue. This writer celebrates the "enormous cultural and culinary benefits" ahead in the discolored future. Those praising diversity always emphasize the culinary benefits, which is odd, since anybody can make ethnic food. They believe if they can misrepresent multiculturalism as a table laden with different ethnic dishes, they can make their case by means of a false metaphor with a fat and gullible public. Here we see the standard lie that "racism" will harm the Irish economy. Here a bishop chips in with the sort of stupidity only a bishop can muster. He calls for a "Racial Equality Commission" to get on with proper discrimination against the Irish in favor of the Gambian savages and other nig-nogs. Corrupt elite destroy a country, and that's what's happened throughout the White West. The men who could fight have been bought off by the Jews.

German Historians Whine About Right-Radicals (auf Deutsch)

Title article in German only; we'll get you the English if/when available. And here more debate in German over Finkelstein's The Holocaust Industry. Plus, Schroeder welcomes American Jewish Committee (AJC) to spread its anti-White, anti-German hate propaganda in his country. And cops bust pro-Germans at German-Austrian border. Here L.A. Times report on Möbus case.

Bundestag Agrees on Need for Stronger Measure to Counter Pro-Germans

And here an editorial in FAZ on debate in Bundestag on tolerance and humanity, in which all the Semitically Correct democrats agreed that anti-Semitism and right-wingism and pro-Germanism are indubitably bad, bad, bad things. Here's a German press release on the Bundestag agreement (auf Deutsch). More debate over status of illegals beat up by neo-Nazis.

Irving on the Decline of Britain

A very interesting speech in which he pinpoints who lost it and where the Empire was lost. The 'who' is Churchill, and the where is 'World War Two.'

Churchill on Jews

Before he sold out to the Jews around 1936, according to Irving, Churchill the journalist made some very apposite remarks about the Chosen and their mission to communize the world. The old drunk's myriad conservative admirers ought to pay attentions to what he said. But cowards and waterbugs that they are, they never will, content to flit over the surface impotently...

Jewish Vampires Suck More Out of Italy

More and more millions blackmailed out of Italy. So far the thick-lipped Semitic leeches have sucked $112 million out of a single insurance company.

Canada: Pipe Bombs

To Zündel and others, possibly the work of so-called 'eco-terrorists.'

Colombia: Early Report from Our Next War?

Just wait and see...

Lincoln and Slavery

His position is not what we're commonly taught. Lincoln believed in sending all Blacks back to Africa, or at least out of the U.S. Briefly mentions one of our relatives, former Illinois attorney general and Stephen Douglas campaign manager, Usher Linder.

Race and Freedom in America

Free license for Negroes and other savages. No license for Whites, though they earn them... Hale goes for license in Montana. Plus, rightists active in Boston. And Coeur d'Alene tries to decide about Aryan Nations parade. Latest Black-on-White attack. But the motive of the five teen savages wasn't race, says Chief Navarre. It never is when the victim's uncolored.

College Columnist Gets It Right on Hate Crimes

Excellent college column on unreported Black-on-White crimes. Plus, Syracuse hosts slanted movie against "hate." Covers Byrd and Shepard; no mention of much more common savage-on-White.

Sobran on Race and Crime

Comments by our best columnist.

Hear Tape of Will Williams Interview with ABC

Will was interviewed for an ABC piece on the Butler case. His remarks weren't included in the broadcast segment, but the techniques of the interview, as well as the story itself, are instructive in understanding the curious and distorted world of mainstream "reporting."

Tyranny Comes to America

Paul Craig Roberts article on the totalitarianism the Jew-led country increasingly feels. You can't say anything that discomfits a liberal Jew.

School Votes to Keep Rebel Flag

A mural was painted over, and the high-schoolers voted to repaint it...

How the Left Works As One

Good example is Million Mom March, lied about as the result of simple housewives on a mission. Try well-connected lobbyists. But when your Jewish friends control the media, you can manipulate perceptions however you think will be most effective.... Here, in rather funny story, ADL goes after Philippines-based phone distributor for advertising Hitler with a cell phone -- your final communications solution.

Lib Hypocrisy On Art

Think of Mapplethorpe and all the righteous indignation against people who don't want to subsidize gay porno with men urinating into other men's mouths. Now read this.

White History: Unearthing The Original Olympics

Plus, new fresco find may force revisions in art history... Here an interesting comparison of modern art and works by Hitler. See which you prefer. Which is leftist and barbarian? Which is normal and civilized?

Analyzing the New York Times

It's gotten more Jewish, more queer, more myopic, more pretentious, more elitist, and more ludicrous over the years...

Controlling What You Read

Horowitz on the suspicious way his books are screwed with by saboteurs in the distribution chain. It's usually Jews and Jew-led minority groups (queer, for example) doing the censoring; even when the writer is a Jew.

H1-B Lies Told by Multinationals

Outrageous double standards for Americans and foreigners. The heads of these companies will one day be punished.

Hispanic Sex Offenders to Be Deported

This is another unreported problem (like drug-resistant tuberculosis) with all those immigrants graciously bringing us that magically beautiful diversity: sex crimes. And here's yet another problem: incredibly overcrowded schools, teeming with ineducable illegals. Here's an interesting compilation of gang-slang terms...

Fedgov Employment Patterns

It discriminates against Whites, no surprise.

Jewish "Conservative" Celebrates Levyathan

The plus-sized managerial state is here to stay. No problem for neocons...

West Nile Virus Claims First American Victim

Has killed more than a few in Israel. No final word about whether Africans spread it here.

First Home-School College Opens

A sign.

Savages Slash Face of Zimbabwe Farmer

Attacked by squatters, led to demonstration of more than 4,000 farm workers and sixty White families. The race war continues, as the Jews in the media ignore it while silently thinking the Whites are getting what they deserve. Blacks are the symptom, Jews the disease, White man. Here a leftist article on the death of diamond magnate Harry Oppenheimer, whose family controls most of the mines in Southern Africa. Good summary of how the Opps built up the diamond industry in America through clever advertising. Article blames the Opps for bad mine-worker treatment, but says nothing about their treachery dating back over 100 years, in terms of angling the British into war against the Boers. Even as their fellow Jews angled the U.S. into both world wars.

A Sample of Liberian Reality

Crazy stories about the military-rebel struggles in this land of freed slaves. Seems the hell they have over there now is worse than slavery. Cannibalism, drugged up 12-year-olds with automatic weapons, hacked-off limbs, etc. Remember that 10,000 Liberians with visas are currently within American borders today... "If visas were available, the whole of Liberia would migrate to America...," says a source.

Hush Crime Update: Yarbrough Found Guilty...

...of murder of two White college students, and on several other counts. You learn that far down this article dedicated to portraying him as a victim of his past. More background on the case here.

Clinton Demands Illegal Mexicans Be Allowed to Stay

The law-breaking brownskins have been here since the eighties, but Clinton won't sign the appropriations bill unless these colored Dems are legalized. Incisive election analysis from Jewish liar Horowitz here. And Sobran's view here. Plus, a very interesting article on the politics of dieting; the government would rather you eat toxic, stultifying grain than energizing meat.

Jewish School Attacked in Russia

Newspaper calls it a pogrom. What was the word applied to the Jew-led murder of millions of Ukrainian farmers? Oh, that's right. No one ever mentioned it...

Click Here!

Canada: Huge Jewish Tax Scam Steals Millions

It's all there in their holy hate book, the Talmud: Anything Jews do to gentiles is justified. And anything we do to protect ourselves from these parasites, thieves and murderers is "anti-Semitism." What do you suppose a leech or tick says, when you pull it off your leg. If you listen real quietly, you can hear it whispering "anti-leechism" or "anti-tickism." Here's an American story of a corrupt Jew getting away all but scot-free. In other action, God's pets up in Canada are going after yet another German-Canadian for deportation. Finally, Jews don't think White Christians should be allowed to pray at football games, but they do support child molestation; yes, they are great defenders, the ACLU Jews, of the infamous NAMBLA. How long should we tolerate Jews in our midst? Until we are totally destroyed?

More Whining About Racism in Ireland

Ireland is a fascinating case study: newly rich and still hugely homogenous, it offers a perfect example of the way the Jew-led libs go about destroying a successful White country. The Irish must do everything in their power to prevent the diversification of their country, and we must help them. The headline story concerns a Cuban granted asylum in Ireland who says he ought to write to Nelson Mandela to protest apartheid in Ireland. Irish don't like Blacks. What's wrong with that? What's good about turning the Emerald Isle into a charcoal briquette?

California Attempts to Buy Off Home-Schoolers

Vouchers equals state control.

White History: The States Preceded and Created the Union

Despite what Gary Wills and other libs say... Good article on the difference between fascism and communism here. More on 5,300-year-old ice-man Oetzi here. He was defrosted, tested, refrosted. And here on the decline of children's literature into self-esteemism. Hilarious ripping of NYT Jews in general and Tom Friedman in specific. Read all the way to the bottom, and see what an inveterate liar and boaster this two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter is.

Concern Over Corporate Media Control

The left media critics never mention Jewish influence, but rely on 'corporate' as their go-to demonization term. These socialists would prefer the airwaves controlled by government flunkies, as though the political message would change. Plus, Buchanan blasts conspiracy to keep him out of debates.

Oxytocin and Hard-Wired Sexual Differences

A Salon report in which the lib writer glumly writes about sex differences that are built in and not the result of cultural conditioning, as the Jewish dogma runs.

Longevity Increased 40%?

Might be possible before long, if tests on rodents are any measure...

Kennewick Man: Bureaucrats Award Bones to Redskins

But eight anthropologists will press their case through the courts for the right to study the bones of a man who may prove that Whites were here before Reds -- who may have killed them off. Indians want to bury the bones immediately, and the US Army Corps of Engineers already dumped tons of dirt atop the find site to prevent further discoveries. A metaphor for the U.S. fedgov's attitude toward the White man, though you've got to wonder who'll pay the taxes when he's gone. A second report here. National Review comments here. And here an article about Columbus Day parade dropping Columbus.

Jews at Wall Street Journal Encourage Italy to Commit Suicide

Europe has a lot to gain from hard-working Muslims say the skullcaps and their tools at the WSJ, deaf, blind and dumb as usual. VNN advises Italy to shoot the next thousand illegal immigrants, withdraw from the EU and UN, and then kick back and relax, maybe even produce a few White babies. Steve Sailer's remarks on WSJ and Italy here. (And commentary on H1B from Brimelow here.) Note what Sailer says: "There are many articulate people around the world who very much want to see German culture overwhelmed and ultimately eradicated by masses of immigrants." Those people are Jews. Jewish hate never makes the news, but it does remake the world. We at VNN emphasize to you who may not be aware, have never worked around Jews, nor dealt directly with their media, that Jews are the enemy of all Whites everywhere, and the preservation and progress of White civilization is contingent on removing their influence. What was it that Roman used to end his speeches with? Carthage must be destroyed.

Germany: Battles Over Passau Irving Video Continue

Plus, Jewish criticism of Lipstadt.

British Queen Helps Relative Flee Zimbabwe

Got beat up by the cops, going back to Scotland. The race war against the Whites continues. Here an article on state-monopoly broadcasting in the country. Plus, a war veteran has been arrested for murdering a White farmer.

Abos and Australia: Astronomical Rates of Social Problems

Some of the most primitive people on earth are the Bushmen, and blaming Whites won't change that.

Tales from the O.H. -- the Original Hood

Quoth a professor re the remarkable and telling "urban legends" circulating in Nigeria, "There is a belief in the efficacy of human flesh in making things happen." Visitors to the darkest continent may want to wear a cup.

10,000 Liberians Face Deportation from America

Liberia was founded by freed slaves. Though immersed in the political culture of the founders, they nevertheless proved incapable of building civilization in the Motherland, contrary to what the individual-rights dogmatists would predict. Today, believe it or not, there are ten thousand floating around the U.S. whose visas are about to expire. Hard to believe all these Democrats will really be returned to sender. An interesting question is, how many of the Africans we've taken in over the past thirty years are cannibals?

Horowitz on State Department's UN Report on Racism

First time we've ever seen him mention "Zimbabwe." Maybe next time he can write about individual rights and how that odd theory is working out for Whites in Africa...

Lesson Number One: Shut Your Piehole

An Ohio story about a construction worker with a gun and the bankers and cops who got him in trouble. Here a Fred Reed story about military reality.

Jewish Hate Group Denounces Mural Attack "Holocaust" Parasites

Arab businessman doesn't like shekel-grubbers. For some reason... Here's a review of a book about cop investigations of Jamaican drug rings in NYC. As you read it, keep in mind that diversity is our greatest strength. And here's an article on "Fiesta Shalom" in SoCal, where Jews are trying to coopt the browns as their political tools for helping advance open immigration, unionizing, and anti-White "hate crimes" and "civil rights" legislation.

Shut Up and Take Your Ritalin

There's been a 700% increase in its use since 1990. Here a school may ban Confederate flag on shirts. And the Texas militia standoff continues... Plus, the Black mayor of the city "too busy to hate" may well be corrupt. No big surprise there, most Black political officials are. And most cry race when they are found out.

Lies, Damned Lies and Polls

Missing no trick, the Jew-controlled media in recent years have turned to dishonestly conducted opinion polls to sway perceptions of reality. The Jews not only lie about history, and lie about the present, and lie about what's possible in the future, they lie that your neighbors don't think the way you do. Lying is instrumental and inescapable for people who don't have the truth on their side.

"Hard Right" at Chronicles

Not really clear what this means, but much bruiting about it from him and his Christian gentlemen, Sir Fleming informs us, adding they neither back down nor fight dirty. And they will have no truck with Marxist/National Socialist "savages." And should they lose here on earth, never doubt that Yahweh will reward them in heaven. Yes, they are Hard Right. Just don't expect the words "Jew" or "race" to come up amid all this hardness. And, of course, they don't hate or blame anybody -- except White males. That's downright liberal, I mean charitable of them, isn't it. And hard. Oh yes, very hard. Plus, more on Gilder buying The American Spectator.

Right-wing Online Posting Forums

Raimondo column that praises their laid-back freewheeling-ness, but neglects to tell you that, when it comes to posting, only Semitically Correct ideas need apply. Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic is the big boy on the block. His site yanked down our Jack Halliday's "Conversation" exposing David Horowitz as a fake conservative in half an hour. Similarly, a comment one of our writers placed on a threat responding to an article about diversity in an upstate New York town was also censored. You can't speak the truth about race and be an upstanding member of the American right. That is, in part, why the American right never wins. And until it recognizes there is No Way Out But Through the Jews, it never will.

Drudge Manifesto Now Available

Review in Washington Post, worth reading. Shows you why the Jews are so intent on clamping down on the Internet.

White History: FDR and Mussolini

And here's an interesting article on critics of Stalinism and how they were ignored by the Jew-run American media.

When Animals Attack: Great Whites and Not-So-Great Blacks

Sometimes they're sharks, as in two recent Australian episodes, and sometimes they're landlubbing Negroes, as in this Denver report in which a Black is using a White woman to lure rape victims.

American Roundup: Indoctrination at San Diego State

Would-be teachers must visit gay bar as part of their training for Education 451, if you appreciate the irony. Plus, Hollywood makes up secret Hitler meeting in upcoming Conspiracy. ...Yet another review of The Holocaust Industry... An interesting article speculating on the number of people out there willing to kill to get the government off their backs... Negroes on the rampage in Maryland... On TV and demographic trends reflected in new Nickelodeon show based on middle-class Mexican family in America... More on Antelope Valley and hate crimes here.

Ideas for Activists

Courtesy of Ms. magazine.

More on Separatism, Separation, Secession

We are starting to see an increasing number of articles pondering or advocating separatism in America. Walter Williams, Charlie Reese, and now this guy. The Semitically Correct con and libt writers try to make a distinction between productive and parasite, but are careful never to mention race, the true fault line.

Canada: Must Confess Racism to UN

So says the secretary of state for multiculturalism. Canada must come clean at next year's United Nations World Conference Against Racism, to be held in South Africa.

Irving's Appeal

A sketch of its grounds...

EU Seeks 230,000-Man Army

More movement toward a Superstate.

Swiss Referendum Limiting Foreigners Defeated

The sixth such referendum, all defeated.

Ireland: Bus Driver Fined, Put on Probation

He told a Gambian nig-nog, "We don't eat on the buses in this country." And got fined more than $1,000. And put on a year's probation. Here's a good Sam Francis column on thought crimes, pointing out that totalitarian control of the minutest acts is important in building the New World Order. Of course, as a Semitically Correct public con, he fails to note the Jewish essence of the problem.

Russia: "Bespredel" In Chechnya

The bloody details of a nasty war. Of course, this article only presents the Russian-committed atrocities.

SLATT: American Thought Police -- Funded By You

Birchers track taxpayer-funded leftist hate groups spying on private Americans.

Big Chocolate Found Guilty

New research reveals Hersheys and fellow confectioners have known for years about the link between their bars and obesity, and a recent judgment means they'll have to pay.

Flight 800 Controversy Continues Despite Report

Yet another dubious government report. The truth will no doubt seep out in another fifteen years.

Privacy Advances: Self-Destructing Email Around the Corner

Feds also worried about digital cash.

The Glories of Multiculturalism: Children Kidnapped As Camel Jockeys

Par for the course in the Middle East.

See the Doctored Wisconsin Photo

The probably Jewish photo doctor says the big picture is packing more coloreds into UW. That explains the little picture (pictured here) he doctored by digitally inserting a Black man. If you go back to the Soviet Union under Lenin and Stalin, Jews have a long history of doctoring photos to distort reality. Jews can never advance their agenda openly, because honest men oppose them. They have to resort to lies and deceit.

Interesting Ideas About Web-Based Education

Alternative media are possible online, why not alternative academics? Here's a story about the August 1999 theft of conservative Yale publication...

U.S. Poisoned Iraqi Water Supply

Breaking the Geneva convention, incidentally. The Jews are murdering people in our name, White man. Stirring up hatred of us around the world to advance their political agenda. What should we do about that?

Hate Crimes Hypocrisy

Imagine if Aryan Nations had done what the feds did in Waco...

White History: Catholicism and the Civil War

Interesting, little-discussed facts... Plus, scholarly debate flares over guns and individual rights.

German Pro-White Music at Vanguard of the Struggle for White Survival

VNN's R. Belser examines what it really is about German nationalist music that makes the thought-police froth at the mouth and carry out the 21st-century equivalent to book-burning (clue: if it were just a lot of loud and raucous name-calling, they wouldn't be so worried)...

Anti-White Hate Goes Global

First report designed to measure U.S. compliance with the UN Convention on Eliminating All Forms of Racial Discrimination. Dropping support for affirmative action is cited as proof that racism still exists. The report cites only White-on-colored crimes in concluding we have a ways to go. No freedom for the White man where globalists hold sway.

Home Schooling Is A Political Act

Good article from a California mother who's dealt with the Berkeley thugs who attempted to outlaw home schooling within the last year. They failed, but they'll try again. The government resents any resistance to its indoctrination of your kids. That's why it's imperative to keep them out of its clutches.

Four Germans Sentenced for Foreigner Attacks

The real question is, what are people from Togo and Sudan doing in Germany? Here a British report on neo-Nazis recruiting in East German jails.

CIA Pressured Denmark to Join EU

America always seems to know what's best, and obtain it by hook or by crook. By the reporter who wrote The Secret Life of Bill Clinton, the best chronicle of his criminal activities and the government crimes and coverups of the last decade.

Irish "Racism" Under the Microscope

Head of Equality Commission claims rise in racist attacks, and that racism is more common than sectarianism...

Israeli Textbooks Explain Why Marxism Failed

Jewish writer for Jewish paper says the country has a laggard economy and is riven by internal strife. It's a third-world country or close to it.

Australia: How Many Abos Were Killed By Whites?

Everywhere White behavior under the 'scope. Never noted that Abos were treated more fairly by Whites than they ever treated one other (companion to the lie that they were noble savages is that they were unified), and in any case never eaten by Whites.

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