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Review of Books on Irving-Lipstadt Trial

Evans and Guttenplan...

Media: Ellen's Back!

She'll play a small-town tuna fisherman, something like that. More on l'affair Bart, who released a couple commonplaces about nigs on-air. Here on media lies.

Goldbug, Jews and the Environment

Jews are city people, at home in the cesspool, like all sewer bugs.

Selection: Hitler on Parliamentary Democracy...

....and other things. From chapter three of Mein Kampf. Is this indeed repetitive and stupid, as critics invariably say? Compared to the Jew York Times? Bill Clinton? George Bush? A patriot is a man who will do anything for his country but think.

Acton on Civil War

Supported the South... So maybe he would have called it the 'War of Northern Aggression.' We would too, but it's a mouthful. "Whether the Northern Government succeeds or fails, its character is altered, and its power permanently and enormously increased."

Florida Sharks: Almost as Dangerous as Florida Niggers

Angered about welfare reform, sea sharks have been eating surfers by the boardful lately. Two of the three surfers had actually jumped over a swarm of sharks to ride the Great White Wave. It's good to see the spirit of Spicoli lives on. It's a way of looking at that wave and saying, Hey, Bud, let's party! Refuse to be blocked, and you'll get the job done. We've got White men out there who will literally hop over a swarm of sharks in order to catch a wave, but nobody will stand up to the Jew in public. Unglaublich! Here a girl is grabbed and whirled by a vicious ninety-foot gator, but saved by her 14-year-old friend Amanda. Four other "friends" made a "beeline" to the shore. "Is that you making that cowardly dive into that display of heavily oversalted snacks?" Friends save friends from gators. It's that simple.

Bush Administration Defends Racial Preferences

And we think we know why: Colorado Springs-based Adarand Constructors Inc. had submitted a lower bid for guardrail work in the San Juan National Forest in southern Colorado, but lost out to a Hispanic-owned company because of the system....

Zimbabwe and the U.S.: Naked Envy-Hatred of Whites

No matter how gory and bloody their atrocities against Whites, nor how clearly African savages trumpet their envy-based hatred of Whites, liberals expend enormous amounts of intellectual energy in explaining it all away....just as they do here in the States, where the correlation between dangerous places to live and percentage of non-Whites is ignored and, when not ignored, attributed to "stereotypes." Interesting anti-affirmative action site here.

Barbarians at the Gates of Paris

When the sociobiologic foundations of society have cracked -- a process initiated and expedited by the long, long history of Judafication of Europe as well as the U.S.), one of the late-stage symptoms is predator-packs of "youths" the title link mentions, many of these gangs are the "children of [non-White] immigrants," but some are alienated French teenagers....A strong sense of social solidarity, the very basic sources of identity and self-worth have often been stripped away by the rapid urbanization and globalization of European society.

Hispanics Immune to Holocaustianity

With their own victim status assured, the browns display one behavior worth emulation: not buying Hymie's poor-little-'Israel' dispensation from morality which every 'leader' in the NWO West is scrambling to give him.

Movie Review: Enemy at the Gates

Yet another twisted bit of agitprop about a speck of history from the most recent War of Aryan guest reviewer Toni Brian

Jews, Blacks and Bio-Warfare: Conditioning Whites for Death

Blacks infect one another with AIDS at unprecedented rates, whether here or in Africa. Jews cover up that fact, lying that aggressive black sexual behavior has nothing to do with heterosexual AIDS in America. At the same time their media monsters like Murray Rothstein push on your teenage White girl the idea that fucking niggers is hip and cool. Don't let your child's physical health be endangered by aggressive buck niggers, nor her mental health by the Jewish fecal-sprayers at school or on MTV. Kill the Jew in your living room, White man. Retake control, White guest writer Andrei Kievsky

Germany: Hess Commemoration

Around 800 turn out for march in Wunsiedel...

Niggers Are Savages

Don't wash ashore in Nigeria, whatever you do. Gangs of youths wielding clubs and sticks were forcing a steady stream of scavengers and curious bystanders mainly workers from office blocks in the Victoria Island suburb to pay an "admission charge" to look. Women and boys hawked pieces of the fatty flesh. "The meat is good," said JJ Ibrahim, who offered pieces wrapped in magazine pages. "Most of it is gone, so you better buy fast." What's the difference between nigs and seagulls? Seagulls are marginally cleaner and more intelligent. See pic of nig-looted White farm in Zimby here. Read BBC's profile of Mugabe, ape, here.

Vidal Keeps Pushing: FBI Withheld

Nothing Vidal is saying is new. It is well known that McVeigh was involved with numerous other parties. What matters is that he is breaking through the crust of the Jewish media coverup. And the neocons hate him, call him "evil." He's not. Suckpooping the Jews is. Here on gene modification, doesn't quite work out.

Pierce: To Be, Or To Be Nice

On Zimbabwe this week... Mugabe has, in effect, declared all White Rhodesians to be outlaws. Blacks may attack them and steal their property, and they may not attempt to protect themselves. In order to make things perfectly clear, last Saturday Mugabe's second-in-command, Vice President Joseph Msika, announced, and I quote, "Whites are not human beings." How come none of the Jew networks mention this stuff, White man? Doesn't that make them the extremists and Pierce the moderate? For those of you still taken with the Christian superstition, if you can steel yourself, this address will teach you a lesson. A lesson that others have learned, or failed to learn, at the cost of the complete destruction of their country. And then same thing will happen to America if you don't change your ways. We really have become too civilized and have forgotten one of Mother Nature's most basic rules: Two different types of animal cannot permanently occupy exactly the same ecological niche. One eventually must drive the other into extinction. That is what is happening now in southern Africa. And in fact, it also is happening in America.

Chimp Madness in Zimby

oo-oo-oo-oo-ah-ah-ah-ah...CHIMP POWER! The Affocrats claim Whites are behind the looting of their own farms! That's logic to a chimp. Note the article fails to mention that just a day ago, the government arrested four reporters involved in a planned expose of the role of Zim cops in the robberies. They actually used police vehicles in the looting spree. Even Nyquist is waking up to the White genocide in Zimbabwe. Here on the torture Mugabe and fellow apes carry out. Here on British silence.

Petition to End Aid to Israel

No White subsidies for Jewish racists...

Wetbacks Dictate to Bushy and Republicans

This is what it's come to... More.

Variety Editor "On Leave" for Observing Nigs Accurately

This is America, we pretend nigs are human. Bart, who denies the accuracy of the article's quotes, is alleged to have described what he called "ghetto blacks" as people who "can't even speak, can't get a job and bury themselves in black-itude."

BNP Getaway

Wogs out. Britain for Whites. Dig the cheap shots taken by the Guardian, an exceptionally biased organ. Still: this year's festival does mark a sea change in fortunes for the BNP. The party is riding high on the back of its strongest ever general election results and the public furore over race riots in a string of northern England towns. Even its harshest critics accept the BNP could win a handful of council seats in local elections next year. Cops keep Anti-Nazi League, known as ANAL, away. Here argument over proposed language test for UK invaders. Syrian invader attacked in Scotland. Scotland's not safe for wogs: Get the message? Pro-Whites are hated in Britain, but cops fall over themselves respecting the dignity of queers and transvestites. Here an account of a White who married a Palestinian and now lives among them. Bad marriage, interesting story. Special rights for nogs in Scotland. Here Kill Whitey in Britain page. Henna tattoos spread in Britain as Asians invade. Don't want a tat? Try this book by pedophile serial killer. Did British know about bombing beforehand?

Jews, Hated for Good Reasons

One by one, all the Jews in the American press, which is to say, about 90% of it, are advocating the most extreme violence on the part of Israel. Jews are a race, and a race that is at war with yours, White man. The Palestinians know it -- do you? Holocaust denial is a popular philosophy in the Middle East, as is the fantasy about the Jewish control of the "World Media." It is no coincidence, therefore, that the Iranian government has published the notorious Tsarist forgery, "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion," along with its own illuminating commentary. The Palestinian Authority, meanwhile, has published the Arabic translation of Mein Kampf, which has reached number six on its best-seller list. In the introduction, its translator, Luis Al-Haj, speaks admiringly of Adolf Hitler. The truth is that we are all Palestinians to the Jews. Here Dave Horowitz cries like a baby. Stupid Jew. You Jews are responsible for America's nigger problem, and any tiny problems the nigs cause you yids is cause for celebration. Nigs will never get rid of the "charlatans and knaves" because their IQs are scarcely higher than monkeys', you lying and deluded fool. Queers under pressure in Egypt.

Five Years for 'Nigger': Hey, White Man, Here's Your Country After Jews Have Shit All Over It

This is what we get for allowing Jews to run free among us. No Jews. Just Right. Some of the horrors of gook communism here. The documents refer to "eating people as an after-dinner snack ... barbecuing people's livers ... banqueting on human meat." Several episodes of this are also recounted: "On May 14th, 1968, a group of 11, led by the Wei brothers captured a man named Chen Guorong and killed him with a big knife before cutting out his liver. They shared the human meat with 20 participants." How many of these gooks are living in your neighborhood, White man -- now that the Jews have opened the Asian floodgates. Here evil Jew "Nelson" in O glamorizes a nigger ludicrously named "Odin's" rape of a White virgin. That's the sort of thing Jews find funny and productive. Productive of what? Social decay that furthers their racial interests. The power of the Jews must be destroyed, White man, if you wish to live in peace and freedom. There is no way out but through the Jews. Here Mumia fans pullulate and ululate.

White in Alaska

Married an Asian, but at least he hates niggers. Niggers belong in Africa, if there. Here good Paul Craig Roberts column on utterly corrupt Justice Department, and anti-White activity worldwide. What's wrong even with blacks murdering whites? I mean, after all, in the past some blacks were lynched. Preferred minorities are already beginning to see things this way. Earlier this year in Seattle and in Cincinnati, bands of blacks screaming "kill whitey" brutally attacked whites. In French cities and in Australia, non-white immigrants have taken up the practice of gang-raping white girls as young as 13. Racial motives for the rapes are clear. In France, it is part of gang initiation to inflict humiliation on whitey. The Australian Sun-Herald reports 70 racially motivated gang rapes by non-white immigrants in which humiliation of the white girl is the motive for the attacks.

Palestine's First Lone Wolf

Men who forfeit their lives -- the only thing they truly know they have -- to blow up Israelis who are persecuting them are "cowards" according to editors like Prudence Wesley of the Washington Times who are themselves afraid to criticize Israel in any way, shape, fashion or form and in fact suck their poop like human anteaters. We can only hope there's a special place in hell for yid-trucklers Farah, Thomas and Prudence.

NASA: More Israel Subsidies

We get to pay for their satellites, their spacemen, their export markets. America indeed is "good for Jews." We pay, they play. Why? When do we kick over ZOG, White man?

Germany: Forget the Wall, Only Whining Yid "Victims" Need Apply

Oy! It's the 233rd anniversary of the death of Hymie Weissman's pet goldfish. Collections must be taken! Documentaries filmed! An obelisk installed in every courtyard! Oy, that forget we should!

Dead Takeya: Niggers Are Savages

A 13-year-old he-nigger babysitter and 11-year-old friend beat 8-year-old to death, throw water on it, call 911. Niggers aren't cool, they're 85 IQ Fila-monsters. Niggers belong in the ground or in Africa. Wasting tears over niggers like this is not compassion, White man. It is utterly stupid and extremely dangerous naivete about the way the world works. Fuck your cat. Fuck your compassion for niggers. Find a White man and get married and have kids, White women. Don't let the yids brainwash you with their feminist lies. See, it ain't just the gutter niggers, it's the niggers at the top and in the middle too. Here Spittin' Jesse, Sire of Bastards' babymommy to appear and blab about the master of doggerel and Semen Shooter Nonpareil... Odious, odious niggers. Here Nigger Sharpton's back on the streets. Here West Virginia pays women to marrymybabydaddy.

Ugly Jewish Communistesses We Don't Love: Betty Friedan

Good article that uncovers the lies behind the communists, although doesn't hit the Jewish angle, the deeper truth. Virtually every name he bolds is Jewish, yet he doesn't mention that -- in an article about waking up from naivete! Typical. It is half-ok in the White West to speculate about communism, especially now that the USSR is dead, but it is never ok to speculate openly about Jewish motives and Jewish interests.

White History: Scots and the Mormon Church

Interesting sidelight...

Johnny Law: Another Man's Tool

All cops are K-9 units; just a matter of who trains 'em and which direction they're pointed. Right now they're trained and pointed by the yids at your local ADL office. Here queer sign posted in North Dakota. Here reopened case involving shot black. Nothing further on Schaad.

Click Here!

Another Jew Scammer

It never ends... Mr Rosenblum, 82, now retired from a professorship at Brooklyn College, New York, denied through his lawyer that he created any of the signed 'posthumous prints' and sold them as vintage. But this year he was reported to have reached a confidential settlement out of court with six dealers to create a 690,000 fund to reimburse buyers of between 300 and 500 Hine prints who were unhappy with their purchases. Here women are smuggled into El Paso.

Media: Rock Is Dead

All middle-aged nostalgia tours these days. Alternative music never was; it always stuck to the safe messages Cobain spray painted around Aberdeen: Abort Jesus! Clever, like. Rock is completely run by Jews, and its anti-Establishment pose is ludicrous. Stuff that the Jews try to ban -- now there's your counterculture. Here nice Fontova on Bill Maher and his show. Here Vikings announcer canned for mild comments years ago. Jew studios combine for movies over the computer: "It's not view on demand, but it's as easy as getting in a car and driving to the local video store," said Yair Landau, president of Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment. Another avenue for head pollution, yids teem... Here tiresome middle-of-the-roader O'Reilly on rap, etc. He's shocked, shocked to find that MTV-led teens and nigs live in a completely different world from civilized adults. O'Reilly, self-impressed waterbug. Actually, he's an urban liberal with many of the same anti-White biases of the Jew. Still more proof that the media are liberal. Thank god. I always had a feeling, but I just wasn't sure. Thank god it's been Scientifically Proven. Here on Marilyn Manson, more of the shit the Jews want to clap on your kids' ears.

Media: 'Far Right' Radio

Leftist hate group catalogs, rates... Here White-hater at WSJ advises bringing in boatloads of Mex as the "conservative" course of action. But look down the road and the only way Republicans can be a majority party is if they do better among Hispanics. Here NYT on UN racism conference. Here on the surveillance state.

Feminism, Just Another Species of Jewish Insanity

If it's White and normal, it must be wrong. And it must be destroyed. And we must be subsidized in destroying it. And we must write sitcoms in which good-looking Normal Whites hate it. And movies. And laughing references on game shows. And -- pay attention to this Geller. The quintessential Jew, recurring throughout history, destructive of all it touches.

ADL: Jewish FBI, Waiting to Mop Up Whites After America's Final Disintegration

Imagine the hue and cry if a pro-White or Christian group were allowed to indoctrinate the police the way this Jewish hate group does. One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else. Jews are a racial crime syndicate bent on White genocide. Do you realize that, White man?

Ruff Sex

Queers, pederasts, now -- you guessed it -- Rover-asts... Where will it end? Prepare to hear more about "zoo couples," yeah, no kidding, that's what they're calling it. You begin to see what's in it for PETA: if Phillip and Lady Buble are a recognized couple, going to the Elks Lodge together, dancing cheek to cheek as the band plays Puppy Love, it becomes all but impossible to hunt and eat animals. The law can't recognize Daisy the cow as Peter Singer's significant other but her sister Gertie as merely next week's Double Whoppa with Cheese. Piscataquis County may be holding the line but in other jurisdictions animals have already embarked on the same legal evolution blacks and women underwent. Boulder, Colorado was the first of several municipalities to pass legislation reclassifying "pet owners" as "pet guardians." San Francisco became the first U.S. city to make it illegal to put non-terminal dogs and cats to sleep. A 'Frisco cat now enjoys greater protection from over-zealous euthanasia enthusiasts than an elderly Dutch uncle. And most of the Vermont Supreme Court's arguments in favour of extending the benefits of marriage to gay couples could as easily apply to a spinster and her cat. More of the garbage we tolerate by allowing Jews in our society.

Culture? No. Race

More proof that race is marrow deep, not skin deep.

Ward on Jews

You can't read it at or Etherzone, because "free" men can't handle the truth about Jews. Part of the reason libertarians never get anywhere. Lew Rockwell, to take one among many, has a great mind. Imagine where he'd be if had the balls to go with it. Lew doesn't like that sort of comment, but he knows he deserves it. If you cowards don't like being whipped, step up to the typewriter and write what you know to be true about Jews. You men don't have the courage of women. Pitiful. Shame on you.

Mideast: Psych Profile of the 'Second Intifada'

Sort of thing you don't see reprinted in the Queer York Times. Or the Jew York Times. Israelis are seeing every Palestinian as a potential bomb, because of their military mind and training. They suffer severe anxiety and fear, day and night, and a very high percentage of the population are on anxiolytics, not only to treat anxiety disorders, but also for the treatment of ideological, existential and situational disturbances.

National Alliance Gains in Alaska

No Jews. Just Right. Go to state news for August 15th, AP story.

Color in L.A.

Race-baiting, Maxine Waters... [T]he two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government -- Thomas Jefferson.

Britain: Most Prisoners in EU

Nobody turns up for post-riot talks. Here on queer- and minority-ridden British cops. Here's a cop they want to make an example of. Latest from Zimby here. More here.

Pro-White Cantons?

A strategy.... Here read hatemail to Elena Haskins' Wakeupordie site. Nobody hates like the tolerant. Nobody hates like the Zionist Christian either. What is the iron connection among Zionist Christianity, frothing hatred and intolerance, complete inability to spell/think/pay attention? Is simple stupidity the answer?

Media: Ted Turner Headed to Russia

World is changing in some truly weird ways. Maybe Turner's gotten sick of what the Jews he sold out to have done to CNN and is going to join forces with David Duke and test out the White movement's mantra that media control is political control. Note that this article claims Turner was once conservative, which is something I have never seen written before. Also note that LeBoutillier says he couldn't buy one of the big three networks because they were "liberal." You mean 'Jewish,' don't you? I have never heard of anybody calling Turner a conservative in the time he tried to buy CBS. What are hot young girls up to these days? Queer comix. Nothing funnier than drowning in your own lungs from AIDS.

Canadian Jigs Want Recompense

Nigs. They're like stupid, violent Jews, always wanting something for nothing. Hymie has trained them well. Here natives battle pipeline.

Jewish Murder We Subsidize

Time for Jews to go. British, too. Jews protest parole for murderer of Jew. One standard for Jews, another standard for the rest of us. More proof that Jews are a race. Isn't it odd that the race that preaches human plasticity and "culture" as the explain-all changes its tune when it comes to its own group? Picture of Palestinian hero here. How many Alan Dershowitzes was the world spared because of his selfless action? Jews whine about mocking of "Holocaust," whatever that is. No laughing in church! Just shut up and feed the extortion plate...

NEA: Leftist Hate Group

All it ever does is pule for more money to indoctrinate your kids in the latest Jewish line.


Loss of population... Fat-faced, stupid browns filter in, like everywhere. More here. Here firemen take sensitivity classes. Here the 'gringo' article in San Antonio paper that has Resist Def up in arms. The writer comes across like a stupid White liberal broad, to my ear.

Media: Buckwheat Trouble for Rather

Nigs have learned to whine, yid-style... Here nappies may boycott tv for nig deficiency. More here. Here Congoids bein' Congoids. Savages belong in the jungle. Here's a typical "nigger disorderly," the term that was used back when America was controlled by civilized Whites. Slurs were used when America was civilized. Semitically Correct evasions are used when yids run things. Decent conspiracy stuff here.

Jews Celebrate Anniversary

Every day is Jewish persecution day. Maybe they ought to cut off one of the 365 lachrymose celebrations and reserve it for pondering what it is about them the rest of the world disdains. Here Chosen cast eyes on Israeli-occupied territory. "With Congress and the President in our hands," as the Jewish writers say... Being Jewish means never letting up, because anti-Jewish sentiment is out there, even in the tiniest decisions. Why are you hated, Jew? Raise the mirror! Raise the mirror! All Judea should raise the mirror!

California and the Tan-Colored Dopes

As usual, IQ is taboo. They'll correlate by zip code and "socioeconomic level" but never by race or IQ. In fact, I believe it's against the law in California for the state to give a kid an IQ test. They must have not liked the results they were getting. Gay car lot. Tailgaters welcome!

Ayn Rand, Jew

A typewriter for a father, and a Jew for a mother...

Mexico Is Conquering the United States

The sewermen are having their revenge. "The common people the poor, the dirty, the lice-ridden, the cockroaches are advancing on the United States, a country that needs to speak Spanish because it has 33.5 million Hispanics who are imposing their culture," said Elena Poniatowska, author of La Piel del Cielo, a new novel release last month in Caracas, Venezuela. Couldn't have said it better ourself: Mexicans are vermin. Their invasion should be repulsed by whatever means necessary. And it would be if our country weren't controlled by Jews. Guess what Mexican truckers will deposit inside our borders if Bushy Jr. has his way. White interests? "The exits are clearly marked," said that cool guy Bob Dole. Mexican truck interests? Now we're talking. Bushy doesn't care about your rights, White man, he cares about Mexican trucks' right of way. Here El Grande Septic Tank del Sur deports Europeans. Yes, you read that right. Here feds fine for not paying illegals. Get that, White man? Gee, it's almost like the country's being run in somebody else's interest, isn't it? Now who could that be? Here more garbage about guest-worker program. Drawling dunce Phil Gramm, with his gook wife and slant-Kinder, wants more Mexican invaders. Move to Korea, dope. Here long one, definitely not a must-read, on GOP attracting Latinos. Throw a sweaty shirt and some corn kernels in the corner. It's called spontaneous generation.

Zimby: Chimps Throw Four Reporters in Jail

Imagine the outcry were the jailers White South Africans... Jews laugh, enjoy, as monkey Mugabe closes in on the remaining Whites. All that is necessary for Jew-led chimps to reenact Planet of the Apes is for White men to do nothing. Here on a private security company defending Whites in New South Africa.

NATO Ready to Create Problems in Macedonia

They'll just be there thirty days -- pause for laughter. Thirty days after the end of time...

Yes to Sobran, No to Jew Jaffa

Pretty good article by Kopold, which is German for 'Smurf.'

Russia Projects Mid-East War within Six Months

More on Zionism-is-racism debate. One standard for evil, hate-filled Jews, another standard for innocent White folk. More here in overtly Jewish Forward. What's up? Sky, inflation and the nigger population, as the old folk saying goes.... Jewish ethics? Oy! Shortest page on the web, it's! Here on occupied territories. Here on Jewish loyalty. For all the criticism we give Jews, the truth is...they deserve ten times more. More Zionism=Racism battles.

Multiculturalism, A Self-Refuting Concept

Some worth to this article, some stupidity and leftist cant, too. Here on the invasion of the sewermen. Unions have come to love sewermen. Here monkey Al Sharpton makes a comeback. Here Sailer on Bush's amnesty plan. A tad optimistic, wethinks... Here on nigs in Boston, many of which are foreign born. Here a black attacks Jew Jacoby who attacked Tony Martin, who once wrote a review about the attack he was subjected to by Jews after writing about the Jewish role in importing negro slaves. Martin will speak at the upcoming Irving show in Cincinnati, and his book about Jewish hate will be reviewed here soon. There's something appealing about the Nation of Islam's approach to Jews, if you can get past their ludicrous teaching that Whites were nig-lites bred White on an island by an evil black scientist. We can swallow it all except the part about the black scientist. Meanwhile, as always, Jews rage, rage against the truth. Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you flee, eh, Jew Jacoby? Here sewerkids performing poorly on tests. More good news: sewermen dropping like flies in Houston. "Houston -- we don't have a problem!"

Media: NAACP Complains Only 92% of TV Judges are Black

Article and complaint are complete joke if you've ever watched five minutes of televitz. Here conflicting report says more dusky actors found work than ever. Here apes, condoms, Africa. You make the connection. Here girls are dressing like Britney Spears. Just what we need -- "sexy" five-year-olds. Do you realize that sexual looseness, encouraged by the Jewish media, is a way to break down gentile society by filling it with disease and bad marriages and destroyed families? Jews aren't harmed by the social breakdown they encourage because they mostly ignore the bait they lay for the Whitemice. Here CBS and CNN sniff each other like two mangy curs. Here on fake reality shows. Surprise, surprise. Spielberg up to his old tricks in Britain. Close ties to Blair's government.

Israel: Free Rides Never End

We are all Palestinians to the Jews. But they are getting tired of being blown to bits. Backlash, and the bully-boys don't like it a bit. What goes around comes around, eh, Shmuel? Here an interesting list of journalists and their Israel stories. Here Danes protest Israeli ambassador, ex-head of Shin Bet and admitted torturer of Palestinians. We're all Palestinians to the Jews. Did you ever think about that? How about this timeless truth: The Jews are our misfortune. How unfortunate we are to have Jews in our country. What a curse they are to us. How much better our nations would be without their presence. What do they do but whine and extort us? And indoctrinate our kids, and swindle our banks? And cry. Always with the crying, these Jews. More here. Here freeper nitwit-stooglings celebrate Jewish murders of Arabs. JimBoob kicks back, folds hands contentedly over paunch, smiles at ADL operative sitting next to him. As Mark Twain said: Hain't we got all the freepers in town on our side? And ain't that a big enough majority in any town? Or maybe he said fools, I can't remember. Here Israeli busted for ecstasy. Here the greedy Jews whine about exchange rate on their extorted money. We don't make these things up, folks, we just report 'em. These Jews would steal the nickels off a dead charwoman's eyes.

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