Jews, Blacks and Bio-Warfare: Conditioning Whites for Death

by Andrei Kievsky

Both offensive and defensive tactics are employed to condition the White race for death. Overall, these tactics are part of a broad public relations campaign designed to soften up Whites' natural defenses (teenaged White girls' defenses in particular), so that they will be more likely get pregnant by blacks and catch HIV from them. If that sounds absurd, well, statistically, that's what happens. Not all consequences are unintended.

Offensive tactics can be summed up in the massive advertising campaign to convince the American public that blacks and Hispanics are more "cool" and more "hip" than Whites. This offensive has gotten considerably more aggressive recently, as Jewish media bosses like Murray Rothstein (Sumner Redstone), owner of MTV, produce movies such as Save the Last Dance, which was a multimillion-dollar advertisement to teenage White girls to date black males. This despite the fact that Black males are far more sexually aggressive and far less likely to use a condom than White men.

Obeying the "miscegenate now" message has resulted in an explosion of mulatto births to White teenage girls, many of whom are addicted to crack, as well as mini-epidemics of HIV in small towns like Jamestown, New York, where one Negro male, by plying them with crack cocaine, infected at least a dozen teenage White girls with HIV, some as young as 13 years old.

The connection is obvious: young girls watch MTV's constant promotion of degeneracy and miscegenation as cool and hip and they get the genocidal message loud and clear. Of course the results of Rothstein's policies are not widely reported in the mass media, because it is Rothstein and his Self-Chosen people who control the mass media. It only makes sense that they ignore the results their message has produced or, worse yet, pretend they are positive. Where's the outrage, one might ask? As Dr. Pierce said in an American Dissident Voices radio address, "If they don't see it on TV, then it's not real." This is coming to be termed "The Lemming Factor," and the Jewish media bosses are making bolder use of the Lemming Factor every year to further their agenda of genocide against the White race.

Dr. Pierce's American Dissident Voices speeches provide outstanding insight into the offensive tactics used by Sumner Redstone. However, this essay will look at the other end of the spectrum -- the intellectual underpinnings used to defend the genocide of Whites.

A healthy White society would recognize that black males are sexually aggressive and need to be kept away from White females, especially teenage White girls, through segregation, deportation, border controls, and various forms of population control. No healthy society offers up its virgins for rape, exploitation and HIV-infection by other races, but that's just what is happening in America and Europe circa 2001. In all of human history, there is no greater perversion than a race giving up defense of its women and girls, letting the wombs that must bear its descendants to be used as vessels and playthings for the men of other races. And other races, especially Blacks, love to see single White mothers raising mulatto children, to see these symbols of White cowardice and betrayal running around and further discoloring the White gene pool.

Just in case Whites are waking up to the fact that the spread of HIV among blacks is due to black sexual behaviour, Eileen Stillwaggon wrote a "Flat Earth" article for The Nation that attempts to persuade us that somehow, some way, this isn't the case.

Originally, the virus was thought to be spread only among gays and intravenous drug users. However, a heterosexual epidemic has developed in the past five years, and that epidemic has a color. That color is not White. According to a Centers for Disease Control report issued in late 1999, Black heterosexual males are fourteen (14) times more likely than Whites to be HIV positive.

One notorious case was that of Nushawn Williams, a Black rap artist from Brooklyn who went to the small, mostly White town of Jamestown, New York, and whether by malicious intent or simply animalistic mindlessness, single-handedly caused a local HIV epidemic among White schoolgirls. There were at least a dozen confirmed infections of girls between the ages of 13 and 17 years old by Williams, and the investigation showed that Mr. Williams may have had sexual contact with up to 70 girls. Thanks to political correctness and the Jewish led "civil rights" movement (which showed a strange similarity to the American Communist Party platform of 1928), Whites are not allowed to protect their own daughters from a "politically correct" form of Biological Warfare against the White race.

Apparently, Eileen Stillwagon doesn't mind mass infections of White schoolgirls, and she would consider it far worse if Whites adopted "racist" attitudes toward Blacks as a result of knowing that Black sexual behavior was largely responsible for the spread of AIDS. Whites might actually take measures to protect their children from Black sexual predators like Nushawn Williams.

Stillwaggon knows that invoking the great taboo of racism will allow liberals to accept her conclusions without wondering how it is that Whites, who were able to figure out electricity, sewer systems, agriculture, mining, the internal-combustion engine, and so many other things too numerous to mention, could somehow miscalculate that the spread of AIDS among Blacks is due to aggressive sexual behaviour by the same. The fact is that 99% of all interracial rapes in the U.S. are committed by Blacks; the fact is that Black males are 14 times more likely to be HIV positive than Whites, according to the CDC.

In the following quote Stillwaggon makes the absurd claim that not only is AIDS not caused by Black sexual behavior, anybody who ventures that hypothesis is blinded by racism. The justification for a behavioral explanation of African AIDS was found not in careful empirical studies but in hypothetical arguments based on a powerful racial metaphor that portrays Africans as a special case. The literature that formed the basis of AIDS policy is characterized by sweeping generalizations about an imagined pan-African culture of sex as a commodity and fertility as a duty to one's ancestors. Unlike most scientific and social science work, the literature on African sexuality relies on suggestive language, double-entendre and innuendo. This all sounds like very fancy criticism; the problem is Ms. Stillwaggon never even cites the studies that use the "powerful racial metaphor" instead of "careful empirical studies." Perhaps she's hoping we'll take her word for it. At any rate, it's surprising that this article got past the editors and fact checkers at The Nation.

Then Ms. Stillwaggon makes the disingenuous case that "people . . . in Western countries" also participate in multi-partnered sex: There are significant levels of unprotected multi-partnered sex in the United States and Europe, as evidenced by serious epidemics of other STDs, such as herpes-2 and chlamydia. In spite of the level of unprotected sex, there has not been a heterosexual epidemic of AIDS in the rich countries. Among otherwise healthy, well-nourished people in industrialized countries, heterosexual transmission of HIV is relatively rare--about one in 1,000 contacts between an HIV-positive female and an HIV-negative male, and about one in 300 contacts between an HIV-positive male and an HIV-negative female.

Stillwagon is being disingenuous on two counts. First, she does not say "which people" in the rich countries are not having a heterosexual epidemic of AIDS. It sure isn't American blacks that are missing out on this HIV epidemic. Bob Herbert, a black columnist for the New York Times recently wrote a column about the of heterosexual spread of AIDS in the Black community, and urged Blacks to be more open in speaking about it. The CDC published a report in 1999 that Black heterosexual males were 14 times more likely to be HIV positive than Whites. Therefore, there is in fact a heterosexual AIDS epidemic in "rich" countries, and it's among the same kind of people (Blacks) who are experiencing the epidemic in Africa. Stillwaggon no doubt believes that environmental influences are more important than race and genetics, so she had to make the 'rich countries donít have an AIDS epidemic' argument. However, further scrutiny of the facts bears out the opposite of her conclusion: niggers, wherever they are in the world, whether it's South Africa or Jamestown, N.Y., catch and spread HIV like wildfire.

Second, she ignores the fact that particular African sexual practices such as "dry sex" and Black voodoo theories that raping a virgin will cure AIDS contribute to the spread of AIDS in Africa. This would also fall under the category of "black behavior." (See Mark Schoof's series in The Village Voice, "AIDS: The Agony of Africa"). How dumb do you think we are, Ms. Stillwaggon? Or are you only writing to an audience who will take your lies at face value?

If you insist on not believing White racists, then you can take note of the words of Dr. Malegapuru William Makgoba, president of the Medical Research Council of South Africa. Presumably Ms. Stillwagon would not be able to attribute "White racism" as clouding the vision of a Black African health official and medical doctor.

Makgoba said: "What is happening on a societal scale can only be effectively addressed by focusing on the individual, figuring out what exactly the 2,000 South Africans who become infected with HIV daily are doing sexually and why." Attention must be paid to basic behaviors that increase infection risk, "such as polygamous traditions and the fact that only 10% to 15% of all South Africans and only 30% of sex workers use condoms."

So on the offensive end we have Sumner Redstone/Murray Rothstein, whose TV network MTV is being sued for allegedly setting up two teenage girls to have feces sprayed on them. On the defensive end we have a sloppy and deceitful attempt to deny the root cause for the spread of heterosexual AIDS among Blacks in America and Africa, an attempt whose surface barely needed to be scratched to find blatant deceit and failure to cite sources for the claims it makes.

Stillwagon's article lays bare the true nature of the Jewish-controlled mass media, the Jewish controlled government, and the Jewish controlled educational establishment, best summed up by the motto of the Mossad, By deception, ye shall conquer. Jewish lies rely on control of the mass media and censorship of dissenting views. The Jews did it in the Soviet Union (75% of Bolshevik leaders were Jews), and they do it now in Germany and Canada (both countries have outlawed pro-White dissent at the urging of the Jewish lobby including ADL and AJC), Jewish control of information and the forums for political debate (see "Who Rules America" on, control of academia (42% of Harvard professors are Jewish, while Jews are only 2% of the US population, and pro-White voices are harshly censored and hounded out of academic positions), and lastly, control of the government via the media and money. Though Jews are only 2% of the population, 50% of donations to the Republican Party and 75% of all donations to the Democrat Party are from Jews. Jewish and Israeli infiltration of the U.S. government is also a factor. Jonathan Pollard stole millions of secrets from the U.S., and the ADL and Israeli lobby appeal for his release year after year. Jewish corruption of U.S. elected officials is a subject too vast to go into here, but suffice to say that the treasonous fugitive Marc Rich, who did business with Iran during the Iranian conflict with the U.S., was pardoned after Clinton got a letter from Abraham Foxman, the head Jew at the ADL. Treason is no big deal to the Jews, if it's only treason against some goyish country. And genocide against the White race is all in a day's work for the Jews, from Sumner Redstone's promoting of White genocide to Eileen Stillwaggon's sloppy and deceitful defense of the same.

Wake up White people. There is a war being waged against you, and you aren't even aware of it. The facts are right out in the open, you need only the courage to face them. The Jewish 'reasoning' behind their actions and their propaganda is not reasoning of any kind, but simply lies and deceit, as I hope I have demonstrated to you. I will leave you with the 14 words, because they really sum up our struggle against dispossession and extermination:

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

       -- David Lane


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