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On Blair's Victory

More here. Here on changing England. The most tangible effect of multiracialism is that you are nearly twice as likely to be robbed, assaulted, or have a vehicle stolen in Britain as in the United States. (The U.S. remains ahead on murder and rape, but the gap is narrowing.) Here on Italy.

Techno Coolies and Exporting White Middle-Class Jobs

India is a huge source of cheap white-collar labor. American middle-class white-collar laborers laughed up their sleeves when blue-collar jobs were exported overseas. They also smirked at working-class Whites who fought forced integration while they were cowering in their suburbs. Now the chickens are coming home to roost -- nigs and spics are invading the suburbs, and white collar jobs are being exported to English-speaking India. When will you wake up, White man?

White Genetics: Seven Women Who Founded Europe?

Can it be true? Irish-Americans move away from niggers, as do all Whites. More on false memories and how easily they can be created. Political opinions are largely inborn.

On L.A. Election

Francis safely blames Whites for listening to "liberals" who tell them race isn't real, and in consequence are losing their country. That's Jews, Francis. Here thoughts on splitting L.A. Here California county pays people on welfare to leave. Note they chose to use a White woman for the photo. Typical bias. Anywhere else it would have been a Mexican. Here Washington Post celebrates black racism.

On Ireland Saying 'No' to EU

Good news... More on EU and Euro-commies here. Here the lie that Ireland has always been a melting-pot. Wherever you go in the White West you find exactly the same lie. It is a lie put out by Jews who wish to destroy the White West and kill off the White race. Who is to say that the latest group of arriving Nigerians might not become more Irish than the Irish themselves? This is the voice of the Jewish media: the voice of White genocide. How many Nigerians in Israel, yids? More here on Irish and outsiders coming in.


Ruminated lucubrations on Perry Como and other matters of Great Import. Here a truly odd article about political correctness that shows the uselessness of using economic models to understand things that have nothing to do with economics.


Funny review about the SF writer in his pink-light years turning leftist academologues over to the FBI. "You will be glad to know that in fierce debate we routed the Peter Fitting group, which consisted of four people from four different countries. Their purpose in coming to see me was to get an endorsement from me, recorded on tape, of a Marxist interpretation of my writings. With them, besides a lot of good liquor and a pretty girl, they brought at least three complex Marxist philosophical theses on my novels, one of which they translated from the French aloud, onto tape, for me to agree with. I told them this French doctoral thesis was entirely wrong. We had then a one-hour furious polemical debate in three languages, plus assorted Greek and Latin technical terms, after which they accused my tastes of being 'in favor of God' as well as 'right-wing fascist propaganda' and then departed, leaving their liquor behind (they did take the girl with them, though). "


First, thoughts about Don DeLillo. Here on Plath saga. Here on new system for tracking book sales. Here British book on extremists. Here on Chekhov. Here on Bohemians. Here review of Amis book.

Barry Smacks Pope

For apologizing for church history... Next came His scraping before the Jews -- despite 500 years of papal Bulls, Encyclicals and Interdicts against the "inclusion" of Jews in Christendom. "Ye shall know them by their fruits." And given the flowering of Christendom and Western civilization during the suppression of the Jews, compared now to the moral degeneracy and cultural squalor of the West since the Jews were "emancipated" following the French Revolution, we can only speculate about Wojtyla's motivation.

Media: L.A. Times

New book on its history.... Here on Imus firing, rehiring Jew who called Venus Williams an "animal," said she had more chance of appearing in National Geographic than Playboy. Williams' father had called Irena Spirlea a big, fat, dumb, White turkey, which was ignored by the Jewish media as part of their coloreds-can-say-anything, Whites-best-shut-up policy. Here on more queers on tv.

Jews in Postville, Iowa

This is the town where the vermicious knids moved in and bought slaughterhouse, and filled the nice rural town with Mexican scum to work in it. Jews pollute, Jews destroy, Jews don't care. As long as you pay for it and keep your mouth shut. Jews are the enemy, White men. Don't kid yourself that observant Jews are different from securlarized. The Hasidim are scum by anyone's definition.

Cincy Jigs Remain Uppity

Now they're dancing around city council meetings, making anti-Semitic comments. The papers don't like that. Nigs can drag and beat and smash and loot to their hearts' content, but God forbid they slur Hymie. That just isn't right. It's open season on Whites in Seattle, too. One of these days dancing jigs are going to push some Whites somewhere too far. And the Whites are going to respond by shooting the niggers. And you know what? It's going to feel good. And that's how things are going to begin to change. These ought to be the best of times in the White West -- incredible technical and scientific breakthroughs paving the way for longer, higher-quality lives. Instead they are marred by the near-total Jewish control over thought-organs, combined with swelling numbers of discolored apes making life on the street unbearable. As soon as we decide to change things, these Jews and their monkeys can be swept aside and we can proceed with civilization. Or we can keep on ignoring what's happening and be swept aside ourselves by the sheenie organ grinders and the chimps who collect for them. It's up to you, White man... Here guilty niggy may be set free.

What the Negro Did to Portugal

Blacks are genetically stupid compared to Whites. Where the two races are allowed to mix, guess what? The White race disappears. The bad drives out the good. The superior is driven out by the inferior, just as crabgrass spreads through better grass.

Sharon Show

BBC suggested the war criminal might be treated as a war criminal. Here another Arab kid goes to heaven, courtesy of Sharon's shooters. Here Holocaust claims site. Find out what the Jews in your area are trying to extort from you. Here on lawyers' fees. Here on problems in Egypt, Israel's paid-off friend.

Net Control

Fifty states meet to plot it. Here government can spy on you when, where it will... Here on Carnivore. Here on Pentagon and hackers. But Jewish hackers get special treatment when they break into "ally's" systems. Here you can just say no to drugs, or get beaten and chained to bed if you don't. More here on Euro wish to control Net. Here on Echelon.

Jewish Hate Group ADL Announces New Anti-Gentile Internet Initiative

More cops indoctrinated on your dollar by Jewish racists who want to kill your race, White man. Fight the real haters -- fight the Jews. Here on the reality of false memories; - which could be planted memories. The editor of VNN was unfortunate enough to be rounded up by evil Germans and stuck in four concentration camps back in the forties. I was gassed thirteen (13) times, including twice on a single day, but miraculously came through alive. Geysers of blood, there were. To the skies, they shot. How I survived, only Yahweh knows. Please to for my troubles me pay.

Internet Freedom Threatens Israel

Truth threatens Israel... Just watch what war-criminal Sharon does to the Palestinians, and watch how Cal Thomas and the butt-licking Bible boys oink their approval like the lickspittle swine they are. By their fruits ye shall know them.

What We Owe Our Parasites

Revilo Oliver on what we owe the Jew parasites committing genocide against our race. More thoughts here. And here. Eric Thomson reader, so to speak, here... Here on censorship in Britain.

The Invasion: Connecticut

The sewer people fill every nook and cranny. Here sewer killer may get death penalty commuted.

Return to Spring Island

A short story...

Sewer-People Racism in L.A.

Mexicans are shit-people. Wherever they go becomes a sewer. Here on the NWO and the Bohemian Grove, where the elite meet to eat reheated meaty treats....

Wodehouse in Germany

Was he a fool? Here Russians don't like niggers either.

Anti-EU, -NWO Riots in Sweden

One shot...

Ticks Sue French Railroad

"Holocaust" parasites push their latest extortion.

French-Fried Freedom: On Trial for Being War Crimes Apologist

Historical opinions the French courts don't like? To jail with you, monsieur.... This is what happens when Jews are allowed to roam freely in your country, White man. They are not like us. They are our enemy.

Cal Thomas Out-Brownlips Joe Farah in Suckpoop Finals

At times like this I wish I were a Christian so I could enjoy the thought of lip-curling double- standardmongers like Cal Thomas broiling in Gehenna. Somewhere Joe Farah is crying because he didn't come up with this summa cum laude specimen of suckpoopery first. In a nutshell, Thomas lays the case for Israel killing off, segregating or bulldozing away its Arab problem. Just like that, all the individual-rights cant, all the individual-souls homilies, all the democracy dogma goes out the window. Because Jews are concerned. And Jews are special people. They were not only hand-picked by their very own god, they fill out Cal's paycheck. To say Christian is to say coward is to say cad. That may not always have been the case, but it is today. Today's Christian does nothing but apologize for genocidal yids who hate him and steal from him -- except when our boy's marching into the Arizona desert with water for the invaders. Here a Jew's laughable idea of honesty. Here related story... Here on Jewish genetic diseases. Not a religion, a race; a crime syndicate.

Oliver Explains How Jews Are a Race

1. By the orthodox Jewish definition, only the children of Jewesses are genuine Jews; the race of the father is irrelevant. This is the official and legal definition of Jews in Israel today.

The Invasion and the Idiots

McConnell promotes CDU's Merkel as an immigration reformer.

Media: Salon Losing $20m/Year

Has lost roughly $120m over its few years. What an incredible waste of money. Any of you investors who want to invest in media truly worthwhile, the address is on the donations page. With 1/120th of what's been deep-holed with Salon, VNN could put out a first-rate print companion to our daily online news and commentary, and begin to create an online tv channel. Are you listening, millionaires? And now smart-ass bites the dust. It is claimed that it was the web's "first and longest-running daily publication." It began August 28, 1995, less than five years before us. How about that? I could pretentiously quote Ozymandias here (what Suck's yid-kid eds. would do), but let me merely, humbly and just-a-touch smart-assedly (nothing wrong with that) ask you to read this typically Jewish Washington Post article about how daring, bold, groundbreaking, windbreaking, whatever-breaking suck was -- and consider those claims an excellent example of Establishment framework-setting. Suck knew where to draw the line, oh, me droogies, of that ye may be sure. I can tell. I can always tell. It has a certain smell. Have you got a glorious nose? Can you always smell what they won't say?

Government Hates Fathers

It will take your kids and force you to subsidize its disgusting caring industry full of sick yid psychiatrists, burrocrats, lawyers and social workers.

White History: Slavery

Some good facts about it. Rather silly ending, though. Christian morality may have freed the Negro, who in most cases doesn't benefit from it, but it enslaved the White man. As always, biology is a better guide than religion.

Pierce: Murdering Iowa

Not diverse enough, has to be destroyed by importing Mexican sewer people, to further Jewish interests.


Apologies and time... Here on the decision not to prosecute Horiuchi, the murderer. Here on Confederate flag belt buckle in New Jersey. Here Mumia's latest plot. Here sewer creature rapes girls. Here on individual vs. organization.

Hip-Hop Forum

Affenkultur at its finest...

Now You Too Can Be Tracked Via GPS

How exciting. Just slip this tiny transceiver under your dermis.

New in Oldham

More riots and protests and arrests. More here on clash between National Front and Anti-Nazi League. And more. Here on the physical barrier in Oldham. How nice it would be to have physical barrier keeping non-Whites away from humans. More here. More wogs, less freedom for White men. Here a nasty photo of Bushy being mooned by NWO protesters. Here on growing gap between EU and normal White Europeans.

Click Here!

Nazi Culture Course Canceled at Kennesaw

Thoughtful students might draw the wrong conclusion...

San Francrisco

Jim Goad at his best. Almost down to the very last shaved anus, San Franciscans are a xenophobic breed, If you don't speak, look, and act like a San Franciscan, their policy is one of Zero Tolerance. Here Chicago tries to lure humans to its public schools.

BBC Sharon Comment Angers Israelis

Leave us to commit new war crimes in peace. These events happened twenty years ago, say the monstrously hypocritical yids. There's no business like Shoah business.

Witchy Kitty

Can you guess which posted comment a VNN contributor made re this all-too-typical African horror story?

Race Traitor

Birdman whacks nuts. Here an interview with Jim Goad. More here. We live in a world where women hit men more than men hit women. Where blacks commit more hate crimes than Whites. Where millions more Germans died than Jews in World War II. Where human chattel slavery still exists in Africa but not in America.

White History: Norsemen and the Many Uses of Bog Myrtle

Dressing wounds and more...

White Politics I: The State of the Movement Mid-2001

Sam Francis, Jared Taylor and all the others who won't publicly criticize Jews and openly advocate White interests are wrong. There is no future in philo-Semitic racialism, it must give way to uncompromising White advocacy and perpetual attack on the Jews and their Establishment. History makes clear that courtly ratiocinating won't get the job done -- streetfighters and rabblerousing oraters tip the scales. Part two will investigate propagandist Julius Streicher, and contrast his and the Nazis' strategies and tactics with our Alex Linder

McVeigh and the Others the Gov't Wants You to Forget About

And here on FDR, the lying warmonger... We are living in an age of rule by (Jewish) judge, not law. Idaho will not prosecute Horiuchi. Here latest attack on Fourth Amendment. Here on Jim Goad and Angry White Male tour. Goad's Redneck Manifesto is worth reading, much of the 'white-trash' history he goes into comes from Hoffman. We will review it here at some point. If the tour's males have something in common, besides a lot of tattoos, some petty crime and a few obscenity charges, it's a belief that working-class White men have become the most despised group in America.

Britain Today

Blasted by Taki... Here on the feckless, grinning-idiot Republicans.

Hip-Hop and Farrakhan

You've captured the children of the rich, says Calypso Louie...

Pimpin' in Israel

Nasty practice, nasty people...

Japanese Economy Contracts

Heads up... Here fed admits that moronic immigrants reduce productivity.

Semites in Euro's Clothing?

Historical, cultural and biological evidence shows that Jews are not Europeans, and do not belong in the racialist movement. Are you listening, Semitically Correct racialists? M.X. Rienzi

McVeigh -- Neither Hero Nor Villain

Do you moo on cue? Or are you one of the few?... Reflections on the late Tim McVeigh, the still-unexecuted federal government, and collateral damage... by Angry White Female

Jews Drive Carole Ward Off Libertarian Ezine, Etherzone

This from Etherzone publisher Bob Momenteller: "I'm sorry Carol. It's just not worth it. They are trying to destroy me. I can no longer publish anything by Carolontheweb." And she goes on to make points about the way the truth about Strassmeir and the OKC bombing were hushed up and remain undiscussable at "Free" Republic and other con sites. Only VNN and a handful of others are free.

Revisionist Conference June 15-17

You can hear it on the net... Jews are a race and a crime syndicate, not a religion. Here Ygg's culture wars page, lots of good movie reviews, and a list of must-reads too. Site worth investigating here. Dreams of secession... Here on racist fliers at UC-Davis. Here Fussell on the worst war. Insightful as always, although the war was not necessary, as he insists.

Germans-Are-Evil Wins British Book Prize

Foolish British. Where has your hatred for Germany gotten you, Albion? You aren't free to criticize the Jews who are unmaking your country by importing wogs who set up no-go zones for Whites, but by God you can still hate the krauts in public. Britain Erwache! Here on a British she-gress' bogus claim of "hate" crime. Here a 1939 Mosley speech. How does old Oswald stack up against vodka-teat Winnie today? Here a site on Mosley. Here no buyer found for Burton's ritual-murder document. More on Burton's 1898-published three-in-one book here. Here on BNP and Griffin polling strongly in Oldham. Here BNP video clips (real player) give you a taste of the riots, check out "ethnic cleansing Muslim style."

Hating Whites in Arizona

A panel is "too white" for the tastes of a Mexican... Here on McVeigh. More here. Here on small-town Whites who resent being displaced by feculent Mexicans. Imagine Whites invading a small town in Guadalajara and how the Guadalajara Daily Yidlie would report it. Yes, White flight is occuring in Lexington, Neb. See, Whites can't, CAN'T, live around coloreds. Jews know that. They've agitated for open immigration as long as they've been here, with an eye towards the day when their papers could report just this kind of story: Whites being displaced; their mores and communities broken down by dirty, stupid, disease-carrying animals. Jews entrenched in their positions, Whites on the run -- what could be better? As always, White reader, the Mexican invaders are merely the symptom; Jew is the disease. Selk directed much of his anger at IBP and the city officials who recruited the plant, as did others who share similar views. But his resentment also spread to immigrants, who he said have brought a different language, loud music and more crime to what once was a safe, quiet community. "Sometimes I feel like a foreigner in my own town," said Selk, who has lost all three of his campaigns for City Council. That's the idea. Jews are committing genocide against Whites. What should we do to Jews in return?

Africans Are Apes

Not even the NYT can hide the truth... Here apes in America cut off goat's head, cast it away in park, to appease their jungle gods... Diversity is our greatest strength, say the Jewish indoctrinators. Just repeat that to yourself when you come across a goat's head santeria'd in the park. Here on gooks and their disgusting habits. How many of these dunging slopes live in your town, White man? Where apes dominate, the truth must be withheld for fear they'll fly into a hooting, chest-beating frenzy. Here's a story we heard, no idea whether it's true. The great basketball-playing ape Dikembe walked into a Georgetown bar back when he was in college and said: Who want to sex Mutumbo? The bar emptied. Here on good reasons not to "sex" 70-IQ apes like Mutumbo. Here nuns busted for genocide. If you give an ape a Bible, he doesn't suddenly change into a human. (Now you know something Joe Sobran and Pat Buchanan don't.)

Constructivist Math for Niggers by Jews

There are no right answers. That's constructivist math, and that's what the Jew administrators are teaching the feral coloreds in New York these days. Yet another reason not to live around 'groids and not to allow Jewish warpheads near your kid. Do you think for a minute that "chancellors" Levy and Goldstein would allow their kids to be taught this garbage? One standard for Jews, another standard for the rest of us. Here Chicago kids, like NYC kids and San Francisco kids, are idiots. Partly because they're innately stupid third-worlders, partly because they're indoctrinated using Jewish ideologies aimed at instilling attitudes rather than knowledge. We have Jews to do our thinking for us; our lot is to "learn" to hate those who disagree. That's what public "schools" are for, and why you should home-school your children. Here we see that while the brainless little niggers are too dumb for math, they're evolution-made for sex offenses. Niggers belong in the jungle, and wherever they are allowed to roam, they'll quickly recreate it. The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government -- Thomas Jefferson. He was a racist, just like us, and like you should be too. Here's what goes on when the bad math stops.

Jews Must Apologize to Poles

Jews are a guilty race, though they never apologize for what they do, never even admit that their behavior is a legitimate topic for discussion. Jews are time-tested destroyers of nations; they are loyal only to themselves, and the minute they get the upper hand, woe to the host nationals. As Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine (where they murdered seven or ten million) well know. Of course, none of this is ever discussed, except by people we free, proud citizens of democracies know to be "haters." Here's another thing the yids should apologize for: White slavery. Here old Oliver on where the laws against anti-Semitism lead: the death penalty. Now it is a crime to criticize Jews anywhere; in the Soviet Union, one of the first laws they passed upon taking power was death to anyone who criticized Jews. That shows you where their heart lies. They don't believe they should endure any criticism at all, and they are dead serious about that. They are special people; you aren't even human. That's what their dirty religion tells them.

Zimbabwe: Satellite Photos Show Savage-Wrought Destruction

Color sat pic shows vividly the land destruction that ensues when free-range niggers take land from knowledgeable White farmers. Bigger, slower here. Here on the declining American Great Plains.

See Niggers Gang Rape White Girl?

A couple readers have forwarded the title link, which appears to be totally explicit photo documentation of niggers of the New Black Panther Party gang-raping a White woman. These are enraging, but there is the possibility they are faked or the sex was consensual. But the mentality and hate that inspired these photos are real, whether or not they are. These niggers hate us with the deep hate that Congoids feel for humans. There is no cure for nigger, just distancing it from us and ours. When we hear more on this, we will post it. But whether these are real or not, niggers do stuff like this all the time. Niggers are subhumans, and to allow them to run free and feral among us is to guarantee White genocide. The Jews that make nigger gang-rapes like this inevitable must be dealt with. Remember that White women are raped by niggers every day of the year, and that the Jew and his tv hide that fact from you, White man. What are you going to do about it? Go ahead and forward this link to your non-racist friends and ask them how their wives, girlfriends and daughters are doing these days. The Day of the Rope is coming, Jews and niggers... Here on death of the White race?


Old Sailer on different attitudes between races and sexes... Here on Mexicans and their caderas. Drool, cholos, drool... Are there any ethnics in the whole country who could sustain a single column without reference to their skin, their invaginations, their peepoll? Crazy country we live in, subsidizing the jungle monkeys who will destroy us.

Australia: Illegal Aliens Escape

Like every White country, Australia is being invaded by boat by Chinese, Middle Easterners and other undesirables the Jew-led libs use to denature the country.

Jews and the New World Order

Who's really to blame? Bin Laden gunning for Bush, funding neos in Germany, etc., or is it all planted Mossad propaganda? Here on terrorism and Canada. Here yids win again, getting 'Israel' removed from list of hurricane names. Here some yid-involved weirdness about Czechs and an "18" hockey shirt and a lawsuit. Here on yids' continued harassment of Demjanjuk. Fight the real haters -- fight the Jews. Yiddish is an ugly corruption for ugly criminals. These people are as digusting as the gefilte fish they eat. Here French-Yahoo ban to be revisited by U.S. court. More on Jewish hatred of Christians here. Here on Jews' genetic difference.

Media: FCC, Congressmen Attend Hip-Hop Summit

Monkey nation, salute!... Jewish labels everywhere you look. Here on real art; a Southern writer you might want to read, named Stark Young. Here on Goldwater and history of conservatism.

White Anthropology: Norway Dig Promising

Large Stone Age excavation...

The Mystery Behind The Mysterious Stranger

Twain's story was pulled together from a number of discrete writings, then mis-edited by men intent on softening his attack on Christian clergy. If you haven't read the work, read it. It will be read as long as men are alive, long after hoi polloi have moved on to the next Good Book. Some commentary by Revilo Oliver, from a newly posted essay that appeared originally in the Liberty Bell: When the Bolsheviks under Lenin captured Russia, one of their first acts was to prohibit the study of history in the schools, and to replace it with mind-destroying propaganda called "social science." Dewey and his confederates introduced Marxist "social science," including a lucrative hoax called a "science of education," by which the gang was able to obtain legislation that gave the cunning barbarians dominion over all public schools, but in the 1930s they had not yet succeeded in effacing the general knowledge of the past that alone gives nations a future.

Global Conference on Racism Shapes Up as Anti-White Hatefest

Quibbles over anti-Semitism precede the meeting... Only strenuous efforts by Jewish nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) ensured that preparatory conferences in Santiago, Chile, and Strasbourg, France, made anti-Jewish prejudice a principle agenda item. Of course there will be not one word on Jewish prejudice against non-Jews. Here on Jews and the ethnic bombs they have long worked on. Here Kool Mo Dees and Potok bloviate vapidly on the future of American terrorism.

Canada Welcomes HIV Aliens

Great -- this reversed ban will result in the import of hundreds or thousands of expensive colored medical cases, which Whites will get to pay for. But Caplan and her fellow Jews are happy. Here Collins on Mandela. Here Burdi denies sending threatening e-mail. Here ex-prime minister leads queer parade.

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